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Personal Interview Repository (2013-15)

Interview Experience 1
Q1- Case studies based on cost-benefit analysis (related to my job description)
Q2- Question to check my views on social issues

Interview Experience 2
Q1- Questions from my work experience.
Q2- I had data warehouse exp, so how data warehousing can have nonconventional applications etc.
Q3- Questions on DAF
Q4- Family back ground
Q5- Questions related to CSR of the company (IT company)
Q6- What are your Strengths?
Q7- Why HR and why TISS?

Interview Experience 3
Q1- Questions about my subjects in under graduation (Graduation in
Q2- Why HR?
Q3 -Why TISS?
Q4- A question on compensation- choose between monetary benefits and nonmonetary benefits to be given to an employee in a particular situation of shifting
from one city to another, and why (justify).

Q5- Why transition from microbiology to HR?

Interview Experience 4
Q1- Tell about yourself.
Q2- Why TISS, Why HR?
Q3- What would you bring in as an individual to the quality of TISS HR
Q4- Tell us about companys HR policies. Are they good?
Q5- Where they should improve?
Q6- Practical applications of HR in industry?
Q7- You were a line manager - did you come across HR as an essential body in
Q9- Relate your hobbies to you as an individual - what change have it brought in
Q10- Why not other B-schools - Your factory experience would be of better use
Q11- What if you don't get a salary as they pay in a PSU when you finish the
course? Are you ready to face that scenario?
Q12- Finally, what do you know about the HR course.
Q13- Can you tell us about a few application of laws which you have encountered
in an industry - like a few HR related laws.

Interview Experience 5
Q1- Tell me about yourself,

Q2- Politics - a lot of questions on Indian politics. My whole interview revolved

around Politics.

Interview Experience 6
Q1- Mostly related to my companys HR policies (3 years of work ex in IT
Q2- Analyze company's HR policies. Asked me to comment on one of the policy
of the company.
Q3- There was one scenario based question-You are the HR at your company
which allots people to different streams without taking their preferences into
consideration. Suppose a guy comes up to you and asks you for a transfer from
Testing to Development what will you do?
Q4- Why HR (after IT and ECE in Engineering)?
Q5- Tell me something about yourself?

Interview Experience 7
Q1- Why TISS?
Q2- Why HR?
Q3- Define policies?
Q4- Relate your father work experience with HR?
Q5- Why should we select you?

Interview Experience 8
Q1- Application of HR in Economics

Q2- Main headlines of that day's newspaper

Q3- My Extracurricular activities and its application in HR
Q4- Challenges faced by me in my roles of responsibility, key learning and the

Interview Experience 9
Q1- What are the important qualities you think that a HR professional should
Q2- Who do you think make better managers? Men or Women?
Q3- Have you heard of the iRaise program at Infosys?
Q4- Should line managers do HR or should there be a separate HR department in
the organization?
Justify your answer

Interview Experience 10
Q1- Tell us about yourself?
Q2- Why TISS and HRM & LR?
Q3- Why Chemical Engineering?
Q4- Job responsibilities?
Q5- Your Ares of Interests?
Q6- Your Hobbies (My 3-4 questions were on hobby only)
Q7- Any books read related to HR?
Q8- Simple case problem on women working conditions in manufacturing plant?

Interview Experience 11
Q1- How would you deal with the problem of fewer women at the top
Q2- A case study on maternity policies of two companies.

Interview Experience 12
Q1- Why HR?
Q2- Apart from TISSNET which other exams you have written?
Q3- Being a Civil Engineer, why HR (management) now?
Q4- Being a Civil Engineer, what solution you give to the overpopulation problem
in India? How will you Take care of their shelter?
Q5- How Earth Quake resistant buildings are made?
Q6- You are not from Arts background, you dont have a base of sociology and
psychology, how will you understand things here?
Q7-What have gained from your hobbies (Theatre and Lawn Tennis)?

Interview Experience 13
Q1- Since I am B.Pharma so why not research?
Q2- Case study based on Pharma, ethics and people.
Q3- Situation based on talent retention and engagement.
Q4- Favorite subject in HR you would like to specialize in?

Q5- How would you add diversity to the batch?

Q6- Tell me something about yourself
Q7- Why should we select you?

Interview Experience 14
Q1- Introduce yourself
Q2- Why HR?
Q3- Why TISS?
Q4- Given two case studies to analyze.(Compensation based)
Q5- Are you aware of the subjects being taught here?
Q7- Basics of Labor Law.

Interview Experience 15
Q1- Details about Infosys Leadership Institute (star certification)
Q2- HR policies of Infosys-Merits and demerits of iRace

Interview Experience 16
Q1- Tell me about yourself?
Q2- Why HR?
Q3- Why TISS?
Q4- Questions related to Biotechnology (my UG specialization)
Q5- Social movements in Tamil Nadu(my Home state)

Q6- Questions related to Village Administration based on my native place

Q7- Socio economic status of Village

Interview Experience 17
Q1- Why HR?
Q2- Why TISS?
Q3- Why Masters degree after 30 months of work experience?
Q4- Importance of HR in IT industry?
Q5- Subjects related to HR studied in under graduation
Interview Experience 18
Q1- Introduce yourself.
Q2- During your training period (in TCS), what was the role of the HR?
Q3- What is this TCOC? (Tata Code of Conduct)
Q4- What are the 3 qualities that an HR must possess? For each of these, how do
you rate yourself?
Give me one instance where you have displayed this quality.
Q5- One on-the-spot case based question. (How will I react/respond?)
Q6- A question on the bell curve and another case-based question.

Interview Experience 19
Q1- Why Indian IT industry is limited to Service only, why not manufacturing (I

am from IT background)
Q2- What's your view on reservation system?
Q3- What was your job in your organization?
Q4- No question on 'Why HR and Why TISS'.

Interview Experience 20
Q1- Why do you want to join HR?
Q2- What do you think is your priority sequence from these: University,
Placements, Course Type, and Brand Name?
Q3- Do you think HR practices at your place (Current employer) are fair?
Q4- Comment on sexual harassment in your workplace. Did you notice any
complain regarding same and
How was it tackled?
Interview Experience 21
Q1- Politics in Uttar Pradesh, questions on Mayawati.
Q2- Given a free choice which political party would you join and why?
Q3- Questions on reservations, (difference between a SC and a OBC)
Q4- Questions on religion (whether I follow Buddhism , my last name being
"Siddharth" )
Q5- Why HR
Q6- Why do you want to quit a PSU job that pays you well and join TISS where
you would hardly get a
job of around 20-25 [ yes I was told this :)]
Q7- Questions on my Long term goals.

Q8- Questions about the best HR practices of my company

Q9- Some basic questions about my company.

Interview Experience 22
Q1- Where you from? What you do (my job profile).
Q2- They said you look so tailor made for tech stuff then why you want to join us?
Q3- There were few questions about FDI, Nuclear Technology (I have no
background in this but they wanted to check how will I fare in unseen situations)
Q4- Use of IT in governance
Q5- What so special about TISS (Please go through the brochure seriously)
Q6- What you want to unlearn in life?
Q7- Few more like how can add value to this batch?

Interview Experience 23
Q1- WHY do you want to move from Social work to HRM
Q2- What are the principles of community organization explain any one.
Q3- Do you smoke
Q4- Give a brief intro about yourself
Q5- Do you think Social work and HRM contradict each other?
Q6- Few related to Social Rural Development which is what I studied in UG.

Interview Experience 24

Q1- Why HRM?

Q2- Was asked couple of labor laws.
Q3- Was given a situation based case to solve(What would a manager do to
minimize internal tussle between different departments?)

Interview Experience 25
Q1- Three things I learned while playing basketball which I can implement in an
organization? (My whole interview was around this only).
Q2- Why HR?
Q3- Why TISS?

Interview Experience 26
Q1- Why TISS?
Q2- Why is there high attrition rate in the software Industry?
Q3- Which was the most recent movie you watched and the learning from it (As I
had mentioned watching
movies as my hobby)
Q4- What is the root cause of the problems in society?
Q5- What day is today (My interview was on women`s day)
Q6- Who is the HRD minister?
Q7- What are some of the HR changes which you would like to bring in your

Interview Experience 27

Q1- Tell me something about yourself.

Q2- Questions directed to my family business (builders and developers)
Q3- what are the current issues that the construction labor is currently facing ?
Q4- Do you propose to do anything about it?
Q5- So how can this program help you with that?
Q6- Random questions about the Telangana turmoil (just facts. did not force me to
take a stand and argue my point.)

Interview Experience 28
Background : Senior Software Engineer with 1.5 years experience(iGATE)
Q1- Rapid fire questions of quick mathematical calculations (Psychology Prof ,
For rest of interview he was just an observant)
Q2- Why HR , What is HR ( HRM professor)
Q3- What is a Data center in an IT based setup(HRM professor)
Q4- Which area are you coming from and what are the pressing social issues
there(School of Education)
Q5- As a HR what intervention you think should be made in iGATE? (HRM
Q6- What is the Outcome based pricing model at iGATE?
Q7- Do you have anything to say?
Overall the Interview went on for 30 minutes. The Interviewers were looking for
detailed answers to the questions and there were interruptions then and there.

Interview Experience 29
Q1- About Myself. Why HR, Why TISS
Q2- Current Affairs and opinions on the same (Controversy in Wharton over
inviting Narendra Modi as one of the keynote speakers)
Q3- HR Related: Comparing motivational aspects of a DRDO scientist with an
employee working in Tobacco/Liquor Industry, Building a Collaborative Culture
in organizations
Interview Experience 30
Q1- Panel wanted to know my thoughts / opinion on cast based reservation in
India. This went for 25 minutes.
Q2- Little about my work experience
Q3- Lot about my upbringing, schooling
Q4- Panel tried to understand how well I understand social issues in my hometown
Q5- Management questions: Strategy for rural housing scheme for whole of India

Interview Experience 31
1. Introduce yourself
2. Why are you shifting from Law to HR?
Said I see it as a logical progression and also told them I studied Law and now
want to study HR so that I can become a professionally competent and socially
useful Civil Servant in the future.
3. What do you mean by Jurisprudence?
Had mentioned in the DAF that am interested in Jurisprudence. Explained.
4. What is analytical Jurisprudence?
Explained in detail going to the root of analytical-continental divide in Philosophy.
5. What is the difference between Natural Law Theory (NLT) and Legal Positivism
6. Which school you agree with, NLT OR LP?
Neither. Told them I agree with Ronald Dworkin and Interpretative Jurisprudence.
7. What is the process of amending the constitution of India? How should it be?
Explained with the help of line of cases leading to the landmark decision of the
Supreme Court on the Basic Structure Doctrine.
8. You want to do something useful for the society, why don't you do it in your
field i.e. Law?
9. So you think others like us are not doing anything socially useful?

Said every one has their role in the society and within the relationship of
production and this is what I think I would able to do.
10. So then it becomes a question of your convenience and not merely being useful
to the society?
Said both are not mutually exclusive. Also if I don't go to the bed satisfied, I might
not be able to serve and satisfy the people.
11. Was told that there are many public Universities who don't implement the
reservation quotas, then why no legal action are being taken against them?
Said I wasn't aware of this but I shall research on this especially in my state
(Odisha) and if this is true; will file a PIL. (The panel smiles)
12. What is doctrine of notional extension? (related to labour law)
I don' know.
13. But you should know?
Yes sir.
14. What is the difference between horizontal reservation and vertical reservation?
Explained but he disagreed and himself explained (I think he was wrong here)
15. What are the various vertical reservations in India?
Said we mainly have caste based reservation in India.
16. What are they?
SC : 15%, ST : 7.5%, OBC : 27%
17. Why 15% for SC
Told them it was the proportion of their population to the total population at the
time when reservations were introduced.
18. Is there a law that protects women in the workplace?

19. Are you sure, they are bringing in a new law?
Yes I am. The new law is a comprehensive criminal law amendment which deals
with various aspects of crime against women.
20. Tell me which is one law you would want to amend?
Laws dealing with age of consent, child marriage, marital rape, sexual offences
against children etc overlap and gives conflicting positions which is creating a lot
of trouble; so I would want to bring in a comprehensive legislation which clears
these problems.
21. What is the difference between Law, Legislation, Bill and Act.
22. You have talked a lot about intending to work for the society; if you make it to
TISS and get a good placement salary won't you change your mind?
Said I was really glad to be asked this question. Told them that NLSIU (I
graduated from this place) has 100% placement and the average package is 15
Lakhs p.a. and that I was a decent student, in fact a Gold Medalist, but I opted out
of the placement process. (The interviewer said he was glad to know this)
Any other comment : I couldn't answer a couple of questions. Also at times I
think I was a bit fast. The interview panel is not interested in one's achievements
but wants to know who we really are and most importantly why we are interested
in studying HR. All the best to all of you.