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Assalamuallaikum Wr.Wb.

The honourable,
The judge of English speech contest,
The teacher, brother and sister, and all of the participants of English Speech contest, good morning.
May I tell you, first of all how pleased Im to have an opportunity to stand here and deliver a speech
in front of you. My speech title is
Teenagers are the most important part of the growth of the country. They are the new generation.
However there are many teenagers have been depraved. They run to drugs, commit suicide free sex,
drink alcohol, smoking, etc. Those are spreading in teenagers life. And the most popular problem is
free sex. Many teenagers think that sex before married is proper. We know that it is very bad for
them. There are many bad effect of free sex. Such as, we can suffer from HIV/AIDS and then the
pregnancy for the girls. It will damage their future.
Teenagers must be given sex education especially at school. The need of comprehension about
human sexuality in teenagers life must be fulfilled. They must know about free sex life and the sex
crime that often happened. They must aware about responsibility of their self. They should get
much information about sexuality rightly for them. The information can be given by sex education
at school. The teachers can describe sex for the students in order that the teenagers will avoid sex
before married.
School is good mediator in giving sex education for the teenagers. School has good condusif
situation. School and the teachers are the second circle after the family. It will be better if the
teachers hold an event like seminar with a doctor as the speaker. In order that the teenagers can get
sex education deeply and give them the aim of sexual activity correctly. With sex education, the
teenagers will be careful in doing something about sex. Although they know about how to avoid the
pregnancy, put virginity is very important for the woman. Sex before married just makes us fall into
a trap. There are some aims of sex education for the teenagers. Which are they can understand that
sexuality as the part of life. They also know about the consequences of un-responsible sex activity.
So, sex education is very needed for the teenagers. Starting now, sex education must be given to
them. And for sure, the teenagers that fall into free sex. Drugs, alcohol, etc just a few part of many
teenagers that want to study hard, and avoiding free sex.
Finally, I would like to convoy my highest appreciation. And heart felt thanks to the distinguished
participants and the speakers of English speech contest today. Thank you for your kind attention,
Wassalamuallaikum Wr.Wb