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Infinite Self : 33 Steps To Reclaiming Your Inner Power

Stuart Wilde

1. I am Infinite. I am one with the God Force.

2. My inner awareness begins with the God Force in me and

expands outward.

3. I have the courage to go beyond my ordinary, limited


4. I listen for and accept inner guidance from Spirit.

5. I accept negativity as a learning experience and transmute it

into an opportunity for growth.

6. What I know about the world I’ve learned from prevalent belief
patterns. I now look beyond those patterns for my own infinite

7. I commit myself to building my highest wisdom and power

beyond the weakness of the ego.

8. I am master of my own destiny.

9. I reclaim my power from the world and return it to the God

Force. My personal power grows through this discipline.

10. My mind is centered.

11. What I believe I am, I am.

12. My word is law unto me.

13. I find freedom through acceptance and detachment.

14. I judge nothing. I quantify nothing.

15. By holding onto nothing, I actually have everything.

16. I have no need to defend my will or force my views.

17. I continuously purify myself of ego-based limitations.

18. I respect all living things -- including myself -- and I

acknowledge their beauty and magnificence.

19. My power rises from within. I don’t need to push a situation,

the appropriate outcome is drawn to me.

20. My most powerful action can be non-action (non-judgment,

non-involvement), where I operate from a state of “clear being”
rather than “hectic doing.”

21. I dedicate my life to the sacred way.

22. I have an abundance of inspiration and creative expression.

23. I maintain a fresh, energized attitude toward life. I observe

nature and align myself to it.

24. I do not fear death, but rather accept it and get on with

25. My energy is my message. I don’t preach, I don’t seek


26. I am physically disciplined. I provide my body’s requirements

for optimal condition.
27. I am emotionally disciplined. I experience emotions, but I
release them.

28. I am mentally disciplined. I don’t let negativity and “logic”

dominate my life and direction. My higher self shines through.

29. I do not invest energy in things that don’t resonate for me. I
live my truth and let the rest go.

30. I am spiritually disciplined. I acknowledge the source of my

light and power regularly and often.

31. The energy of the quest uplifts me and carries me forward on

my path.

32. A beneficent fusion of energies takes my beyond fear and

difficulty into the realm of limitlessness.

33. I accept for myself the ever-evolving, ever-unfolding path of

the Initiate -- which I travel with inner poise, power, and