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Shuja Tahir
Faisalabad, Pakistan. IR-001


T he above verses were the first ever

message received by Muhammad
(S.A.W). These changed him to
formed the availability of required
knowledge with minimum effort and at
reasonably fast speed.
Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In fact,
these changed the whole society and This humble effort of continuous
world for years to come. The human medical education and learning needs
beings were blessed to be chosen to lot of encouragement and guidance
follow the orders of Allah almighty. from all peers. The topics of this issue
have been chosen very objectively.
Reading, understanding, analyzing
and communicating verbally or in The journal will be useful to medical
writing is divine order. The social students, young and old doctors,
system and the progress of intellectual trainers and trainees.
world of human beings, is based on
reading and writing. The status of the Various interesting subjects and
whole world have been very clearly sections are published in “Independent
defined by Allah Almighty and it is Reviews”. History and development of
based on reading & writing. various modalities is likely to add flavor
to dull scientific information.
This Journal is a very humble effort to
Read! In the Name of your Lord,
encourage colleagues in medical field Islamic history is full of legends who
Who has created (all that exists), have contributed vast knowledge in
to write in various fields of medicine
Has created man from a clot (a and spread up to date knowledge of various fields of medical sciences.
piece of thick coagulated blood). their specialities. It not only helps the
reader to achieve the most updated I hope the editorial team will try its best
Read! And your Lord is the Most
Generous, knowledge but the author also gets to provide most useful learning
advanced understanding of the material to its readers.
Who has taught (the writing) by the
pen [the first person to write was We shall be anxiously waiting for the
Prophet Idrees (Enoch)],
The combination of peers helps to filter criticism and suggestions for the
Has taught man that which he knew and organize information into improvement of journal. I hope we will
productive knowledge. achieve success and general accep-
tance. Ameen !
There have been revolutionary
developments in medical science and
technology during past few decades. Shuja Tahir
The computer & internet has trans-

1 Jan to March, 2010 INDEPENDENT REVIEWS