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Brown Engineering Alumni Medal Nomination

1. Name of nominee: Francis C. W. Fung, Ph.D.

2. Nominee's Brown degree(s) and date(s) awarded: Sc.B., 1960
3. Nominee's current affiliation and address: Director General, World
Harmony Organization
CEO, Genei, Inc.
514 Arballo Drive, San Francisco, CA
4. Name and address of nominator: James C. Townsend, Ph.D.
5. Nominator's graduating class and degree(s): Sc.B., 1960
6. Statement of nominee's achievements:
I nominate Dr. Francis C. W. Fung for the Brown Engineering Alumni Medal as:
• An engineer recognized as a leader in Stirling-cycle engine technology, holder
of innovative PPAs in the solar and green energy field, and founder of the
Aerophysics Company in Washington, D.C. and later of Genei, Inc. in San
Francisco, working on large-scale solar-Stirling utility-grade electric power
• The Founder and Director General of the World Harmony Organization,
working for a Harmony Renaissance to bring harmony within individuals;
harmony relations between people, within family, and between citizens and
nations; harmony among nations; and harmony between humanity and
• A thinker and activist characterized by his statement, “Fluid mechanics is my
career, Harmony Consensus between these two great nations [China and the
U.S.] is my passion.”
Supporting this nomination are Dr. Fung’s other accomplishments since
graduating from Brown:
• Publication by Physics of Fluids of his first paper on Magneto-Hydrodynamics
at the age of 20
• His Master of Science in Fluid Mechanics from Johns Hopkins University
• His Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering from University of Notre
• His work on the commercialization of Stirling engines with the U.S.
Department of Energy, leading to transfer of MTI Stirling engine technology to
China’s Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute
• His authorship of over 200 essays, papers, inventions, and five books, broadly
including Engineering Research, national energy planning, Stirling Engine
Renaissance, international relations, Harmony Faith, and Harmony
• His delivery of the keynote speech, “The Promising Future of Stirling Engines
in China”, at the 2nd International Conference on Stirling Engines
• His delivery of the keynote speech at the United Nations Staff Day in April
2008, presenting the Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration of the
World Harmony Organization (see the attached invitation letter and speech)
1. Biographical Sketch
2. Current CV
3. Recent Books
4. Recent Patents
5. News Articles
6. Professional and Trade Articles
7. Internet Information
8. Supporting Letters
a. The United Nations invitation (with the speech)
b. Rene Wadlow (review with additional comments from others)
c. Benjosh Management Corp.

Attachment 1 – Biographical Sketch

Dr. Fung’s statement for the Class of 1960’s 50th Reunion Yearbook

From Brown, I went to Johns Hopkins for my M.S. in Fluid Mechanics and then to
Notre Dame for a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. During the energy crisis of the
1970s, I was active in energy commercialization projects with the U.S. Department
of Energy and the Chinese government and wrote articles in Energy User News and
other journals.

In 2008, I formed Genei, Inc. with Jim Townsend, Ph.D., my class of 1960 roommate,
working on state-of-the-art Stirling engine and solar concentrator inventions. Sigma
Xi published our paper on one solar concentrator invention on the Society’s Year of
Energy 2009 Website, <>.

My principal activity now is Director General of World Harmony Organization, for

which I gave the keynote address at the United Nations Spring Festival in April
2008. Through my continuing research, applying industry experience and
connections developed over a lifetime of scientific endeavors, and providing the
theoretical foundation for United Nations to carry on its mission for world harmony, I
pursue my dream of green energy harmony. Jim Townsend and I welcome
participation in advocating Harmony Renaissance as a class of ‘60 project for world
Attachment 2 – Current CV
Francis C. W. Fung
CEO, Genei, Inc.

Education: BS Aeronautical Engineering, Brown University; MS Fluid Mechanics,

Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, University of Notre Dame.
Dr. Fung holds numerous provisional patent applications on electricity
generation and solar thermal concentrator inventions that can revolutionize
the solar thermal industry. During the energy crisis of the 1970s, Dr. Fung
was active in energy commercialization projects with the U.S. Department of
Energy and the Chinese government, ranging from waste heat recovery,
Stirling engine, and solar power to district heating. His articles were a regular
feature in the U.S. journal Energy User News.
As CEO of Genei Inc., a technology licensing start up, he oversees R&D on
innovative, highest efficiency, lowest cost, and easy to assembly solar concentrator
dishes for all solar thermal energy applications. These include solar
concentrator/Stirling engine, solar trough, and high temperature thin-film
photovoltaic generator applications. For the first time, the industry can take
advantage of Genei’s highly efficient, load-bearing, glassless mirror elements, which
do not require costly and heavy supporting super-structures.
Dr. Fung also is founder of the World Harmony Organization and guides it in the
application of its harmony principle, which is fundamental to natural and social
sciences. Through his research, dedicated industry focus, and high-level
connections developed over a lifetime career of scientific endeavors, and his
position as Harmony Renaissance Platform spokesman with the United Nations, he
pursues his dream of green energy harmony.
Dr. Fung is a leading scholar and had his first paper, on magneto-hydrodynamics,
published by “Physics of Fluids” at the age of 20. He was an early publisher on
Stirling engines some 20 years ago and is responsible for the transfer of Stirling
engine technology to China. His milestone publications include, “A Plan to Achieve
National Energy Independence,” November, 1979; “The Promising Future of Stirling
Engines in China,” July, 1984; “China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must
Know,” November, 2006; “Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule of Global
Governance,” December, 2007; “Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration,”
the keynote speech at United Nations Staff Day, April 25, 2008; “Stirling Engine
Alliance Grand Strategy,” national energy independence proposal submitted to the
Ministry of Energy, China, August, 2008. In evidence of his respect, Dr. Steven Chu,
US Secretary of Energy, during his first month in office, answered Dr. Fung’s e-mail
within five days.
Dr. Fung is a major asset and resource person to any organization involved in solar
or renewable energy undertakings. He brings with him years of experience and
diverse discipline expertise to innovate, monitor and evaluate new technology in
the renewable energy revolution.
Attachment 3 – Recent Books
Dr. Fung’s Books on Harmony Theory (available at include:

World Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century (in English and Chinese) , Francis C.
W. Fung, Ph.D. and Lin Guang Qian, published by World Harmony Organization,
ISBN-13: 978-1605853840, March 2008.

China's Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century (in English and Chinese), Francis C.
W. Fung, Ph.D. and Lin Guang Qian, published by World Harmony Organization,
ISBN-13: 978-1605853833, March 2008.
1. Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule for Global Governance, Francis C. W. Fung,
Ph.D., published by World Harmony Organization, December 2007.
2. World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World?, Francis C. W. Fung,
Ph.D., published by World Harmony Organization, March 2007.
3. China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know, Francis C. W.
Fung, Ph.D., published by World Harmony Organization, December 2006.

Attachment 4 – Recent Patents

Provisional Patent Applications (PPAs) owned by Genei, Inc., filed by Dr. Francis C.
W. Fung (first four jointly with John E. Orava):
1. “Business Method to Increase Gold Utilization in the Solar Industry”,
2. "Means & Methods for Increasing EMF Concentrator Efficiency", 11/28/2008
3. “Retrofit Spray Regenerator for Solar Stirling Engine Dish”, 11/12/2008
4. “Efficient Reflective Array Concentrator”, 10/6/2008
5. “Multi-Use Electromagnetic Energy Concentrator and Converter”, 9/26/2008

Attachment 5 –News Articles

1. Chinese harmony and American democracy in 21st century, China View,
November 11, 2006 (see
2. It important to cover good examples of harmony diplomacy, China View, June
25, 2007, (see
Attachment 6 – Professional and Trade Articles
1. “Combined Thin Film Photovoltaic and Reflective 3D Parabolic Panels for
Utility-Scale Solar Dishes”, (with James C. Townsend), Sigma Xi Energy 2009
Website, October 29, 2009
2. “Stirling Engine Alliance Grand Strategy,” national energy independence
proposal submitted to the Ministry of Energy, China, August, 2008
3. Green Energy for Electricity Initiative (GENEI) Alternative to Nuclear and
Fossil Energy. Francis C. W. Fung, Ph.D., World Harmony Organization, July
18, 2008 (see and also doc/4012048/Green-Energy-for-Electricity-Initiative-
4. “Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration,” the keynote speech at
United Nations Staff Day, April 25, 2008
5. “Chinese Harmony and American Democracy in 21st Century” and “U.S. –
China Harmony Consensus”, National Association for Bilingual Education
(NABE) Conference on One Nation: Many Languages, Many Cultures In a
Changing World, San Jose, CA, Feb. 7-10, 2007.
6. Chinese Harmony and American Democracy in 21st Century, Parts I, II, and III:
[excerpts available at Xinhuanet Opinion,] Nov. 1, 2006.
7. Chinese Harmony Renaissance: Can World Ignore It? : Xinhuanet Overseas
Opinion,, Nov. 2, 2006.
8. The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China. Francis C. W. Fung Ph.D.,
Visiting Consultant, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese
Academy of Sciences, 2nd International Conference on Stirling engines,
Shanghai, China, June 21-24, 1984.
9. “A Plan to Achieve National Energy Independence”, November, 1979.
10.Numerous articles published at .
11.Several articles on Stirling engines some 20 years ago

Attachment 7 – Internet Information

World Harmony Organization:
Genei, Inc.:
Attachment 8a – Supporting Letter from the United Nations (and U.N.
By Francis C. W. Fung. Ph.D. on April 25, 2008

Honorary Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, distinguished U N officials, ladies and


I, Francis C W Fung, am honored to be here to represent World Harmony

Organization (WHO). World Harmony Organization pursues and also advocates
Harmony Renaissance. Harmony is mankind’s highest common value and
Renaissance is action. Together Harmony Renaissance has new life. Our vision and
mission is to provide the Harmony Renaissance theoretical foundation for United
Nations to carry on its mission for world harmony.

I am here to share with you our Harmony Renaissance Preamble and Declaration.
So without much ado here is our slide. I will talk around our Harmony Renaissance
Preamble and Declaration, give you my explanations and answer questions at the

In the East, Harmony as a social science was evolved from natural science
observation by Laozi. Human in harmony with the universe is called “Tian Ren He
Yi.” Laozi left us with his 5000 words treatise Dao De Jing. It is the most translated
Chinese book on way of life. The Chinese practice Feng Shui which is a way to
harmonize with nature and the environment. In the West, Einstein was also quoted
as saying the order of nature is not accidental. In his words “Mother Nature does
not play dice”. Harmony is the order of nature. Harmony belongs to the world and
to the universe.

Harmony is the order of natural science and the fundamental law of the universe.
Harmony is not passive. It advocates action and dynamic balance. Most people
have the fallacy of thinking of harmony as static. We must think of harmony in
terms of fluid dynamics, like the movement of air and water. It can be soft and it
can be strong. It is in constant movement and influx for sure. Harmony is dynamic
energy balance and is also the principle of universe creation. Through harmony
interaction the universe is created. Without harmony our universe cannot be

From the very beginning, the universe is created by the infinite invisible energy in
the firmament. The invisible energy that created the universe can also be called
Dao. The word Dao in Chinese has two parts, one stands for the head, the other
part for motion. Together they mean primal force that leads the way. Laozi said
“Dao created one, one created two, two created three, three created all things. All
things carry Yin and embrace Yang. Dynamic balance creates harmony”. Laozi’s
harmony theory of universe is in unison with modern quantum physics. If we have
time I can go into more detail about Laozi’s theory of universe creation.
Harmony Renaissance is the guiding principle to be applied to all natural and social
sciences. Harmony governs all human relations from within us, between people, in
the family, in the society, between citizens and government, among governments
and among all people in this global village. It can be applied to ecology, green
energy inventions, and green energy developments for example. Harmony includes
all the important virtues to make the world harmonious. These include among
others, forgiveness, humility, equity, patience, tolerance and acceptance.

Harmony Renaissance is the break through that will take us to the next level of
human creativity and accomplishment beyond European Renaissance. European
Renaissance brought us democracy and modern science. Harmony Renaissance
includes democracy, and it unshackles us from all bondage and baggage of human
distrust. It resolves hostilities and reduces rich and poor disparity. Harmony
Renaissance is the inevitable tide we are waiting for. It will allow nations on this
global village really moving towards win-win mutual development. It the second
creative wave after European renaissance that will bring all mankind to the next
level of accomplishment.

You can ask me questions on harmony renaissance, Harmony Faith. Harmony Faith
is the 21st Century faith to prepare ourselves for self fulfillment and world harmony
renaissance. The first global World Harmony City is our joint project proposal with
Sungroup USA and Future Trends International. It is a grand mission for the United
Nations and all of us in green energy depository, inventions, solutions and
demonstrations and harmonious energy distribution.

May Harmony Renaissance Prevail in the World!

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization

Dear U. N. Friends in Harmony

World Harmony Organization is putting together a brochure on "Harmony
Renaissance" announcing the mission to support United Nations in pursuing World
Harmony. Harmony Renaissance is the momentum and inevitable tide we are
waiting for following the U N Staff Day Forum. We earnestly seek your feedback on
"Harmony Renaissance" as a harmony theoretical foundation for the United Nations,
as called by Dr. Noel Brown on U.N. Staff Day. The following is enclosed for your
review and comment. Your comments, articles in English and Chinese and photos
will be published and distributed worldwide.
Attachment 8b – Rene Wadlow (review with additional comments from

A Harmony Renaissance
Rene Wadlow*

At a time when humanity is increasingly working together to meet ecological challenges

and to overcome ideologically-led strife, Dr Francis C.W. Fung has presented an important call
for a cultural renaissance based on the concept of harmony. Rather than concentrating primarily
on conflicts, struggles and suffering, Francis Fung suggests that the focus should be on
cooperation, coexistence and visions of a better future. Harmony includes tolerance, acceptance,
equality and forgiveness of past pains and conflicts. It leads to gentleness, patience, kindness, to
inner peace and outward to relations based on respect.

Fung draws his framework for a harmony-based renaissance from the classical
philosophies of China : Confucianism, the teachings of ‘Master Kong’ (551-478 BCE) and
Daoism, associated with Lao Zi who lived at the same time. Both put their emphasis on the Dao
(the Way) and the working of the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang. (1).

As Fung stresses “Harmony is a universal common value. In harmony we can find true
belief that transcends all cultures and religions. The meaning of life is to seek harmony within
our inner self. Humans are born with a spiritual soul that develops to seek self-fulfilment. Our
soul has a conscience that elevates us. As our soul grows to its maturity, we achieve our own
harmony. A person at the end of his journey reconciles with his own soul to achieve harmony
and peace of mind. Each soul attaining its own harmony with itself is the meaning of life.”

However harmony is not only a personal goal of inner peace but a guideline for political,
social and world affairs. As Fung notes “Specifically at this moment in history, our action
should enhance peace, reduce conflict and activate a harmony culture. The 21st century is the
beginning of a Harmony Renaissance. Our world mission is to be ready for human’s next
creative wave to lead us to a higher level of common accomplishment. The World Harmony
Renaissance will bring the whole world into action for this new millennium of peace and
prosperity with unfettered collective energy.”

There was an earlier period in Chinese thought when there was an important Harmony
Renaissance. This was during the Sung dynasty (960-1279) which reunited China after a period
of division and confusion. This was a period of an interest in science — “the extension of
knowledge through the investigation of things”. It was a period when there was a conscious
effort to bring together into a harmonious framework currents of thought that existed in China
but often as separate and sometimes hostile schools of thought: Confucianism, Buddhism,
philosophical Daoism and religious Daoism. These efforts were called Tao hsuch — the Study
of the Tao” — an effort later called by Westerns “Neo-Confucianism”.
Chou Tun-yi (1017-1073), often better known as the Master of Lien-hsi, was a leading
figure of this effort. He developed a philosophy based on the alternation of Yin and Yang, each
becoming the source of the other. (2)
Thus today, after decades of conflict when the emphasis of the countries of the world
both in policy and practice was upon competition, conflict and individual enrichment, there is a
need for an emphasis on harmony, cooperation, mutual respect, and working for the welfare of
the community with a respect for nature of which humans are a part. When one aspect, either
Yin or Yang, becomes too dominant, then there needs to be a re-equilibrium. This Yin/Yang
alternation is best represented by the double fish symbol, often used by Daoists.

We see this shift most dramatically in the policy of the Chinese government. After
decades when Marxist “class struggle” was the dominant internal policy and world politics was
seen as a “class struggle” on a world scale, in 2006, Chinese President Hu Jintao adopted
building a harmonious society at home and promoting a harmonious world abroad as the guiding
State philosophy.

Obviously it takes time for a harmonious society at home and a harmonious world abroad
to be put into place. The re-equilibrium of the energies of Yin and Yang do not take place
overnight. Nor is this re-equilibrium only the task of the Chinese. The cultivation of harmony
must become the operational goal for many. As Mencius (372 – 289 BCE), a follower of
Confucius said “ A trail through the mountains, if used, becomes a path in a short time, but, if
unused, becomes blocked by grass in an equally short time.”

That is why Francis Fung’s call for a Harmony Renaissance is a call to each of us. (3)

1) See Arthur Waley. Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China (London: Allen &
Unwin, 1939);
2) See Fung Yu-Lan A Short History of Chinese Philosophy ( New York : The
Macmillan Co. 1950).
3) See Francis C W Fung, China’s Harmony Renaissance, What the World Must Know
(San Francisco: World Harmony Organization 2006, available at )

*Rene Wadlow, Representative to the United Nations, Geneva , Association of World Citizens


Excerpt from “Harmony in Contemporary New Confucianism and in Socialism

with Chinese Characteristics” 2008 by Jesus Sole-Farras

“It has been asserted (Fung, 2006) that the 2006 Sixth CPC Plenum Session will be
remembered as the most important milestone of China’s Harmony Renaissance,” since, “by
discovering harmony culture, China is discovering its own rich ancient cultural harmony
traditions. It is of similar in importance to Europe’s Renaissance after the rediscovery of
ancient Greek culture” (p. 8). Jesus Sole-Farras

Excerpt from Jan 2007 speech by Hon. John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister and
First Secretary of State, United Kingdom:

There's been a great deal of talk about harmony in recent times. In fact, the academic, Francis
Fung, has argued in his recent paper "Chinese Harmony Culture: Old and New - Promise for a
Less Confrontational World" that China is witnessing a harmony renaissance. He claims that great
debates are happening today in China over whether Socialism with Chinese characteristics can be Socialism
with harmony. And Fung maintains that China's harmony socialism will provide an alternative model, as the
leading system of governance in the 21st Century.

Morgan Steacy, York University, Department of East Asian Studies, Canada

I have been reading professor Fung's letters and articles on harmony renaissance, and have
become completely enraptured by the hope of future possibility that they bring. My main area of
study lies squarely within Dr. Fung’s realm of thought insofar as ascertaining the facets of
Chinese thought that may be able to ameliorate the social situation of my country and the world at
large. I am certain that I would be able to contribute to your organization with great success.

Peter Neumann, Partner Faegre Benson, Shanghai, China

It is wonderful to see the concept of a "harmony" paradigm being promoted in the media So much of
Western cultural history has been based on a conflict paradigm (crusades, competition for scarce resources,
clash of civilizations, political struggle, etc.). It is extremely important to open people's minds to unity,
universal love and harmony as governing principles of society, the world and the universe.

Eric Chipps, Chipps Management Consultants, San Francisco, CA, USA

In today’s world of international conflicts, religious strife, North and South disparities, terrorism,
extremism and unilateralism, harmony renaissance is the only common value universal solution.
The tide of Harmony Renaissance is inevitable. All present will become pioneers of Harmony
Renaissance. Harmony advocates non-violence. Its’ premises are tolerance, acceptance, respect,
equity, patience and humility. As powerful as we are we will not have nobility and hope unless we
practice humility. This is the new global awareness. Harmony is the conduit to facilitate multi-
directional cultural flow not just from West to East and North to South. Harmony is the all-
embracing unifying force for unity in diversity.
Dr. Fung has initiated the World Harmony Organization in North America and has already
attracted interest and support. It is a growing influence in North America, Europe and China from
important figures in academic and social circles, economics and politics, as well as a growing
number of concerned citizens in many countries.
Attachment 8c – Supporting Letter from Benjosh Management