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with Daniel Odier and Parvathi Nanda Nath

SEPTEMBER 1 - 5, 2006


Discover your innate capacity for freedom as you allow the universe to dance through you. Leading tantric scholar Daniel Odier
teaches the sacred practice of Kashmiri tantra, an ancient form of
yoga that has all but disappeared. Called tandava, it is a very slow,
mystical dance that leads to the perception of the cosmic body, or attunement to the infinite. It is a three-part practice that unites sitting
meditation with movement.

Daniel Odier is a
tantric teacher who has received
the Mahamudra transmission
from several masters, including
Lalita Devi, who also gave him
some of the most profound mystical teachings of the Pratyabhijna
and Spanda schools of the Kaula
tradition. Daniel taught tantrism
and Buddhism in several American universities before founding
the Tantra/Chan Center in Paris,
France, in 1995. He closed the
center in 2000 in order to encourage independent practice, and
today he gives workshops and
seminars throughout the world.

Sri Radha Mandir
305 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

In Stage One, you learn to meditate by allowing the body

to be present in space, using gentle, free, and non-directed
movements. These movements are connected to abdominal
breathing and follow the pattern of infinity. In Stage Two,
you allow the arms to discover the spherical space surrounding the body, which also participates fully and fluidly. Stage
Three is the sacred dance of Shiva, or tandava. It is a dance
with spontaneous and extremely slow movements that gradually eliminate any sense of volition or muscular tension.
Author of Tantric Quest and Desire: The Tantric Path to
Awakening, Daniel teaches tandava in accordance with the
transmission he received from the yogi Lalita Devi. This
workshop intensive will be dedicated primarily to practice,
with ample time for questions and answers. Certain visualizations are added to complement the spatial awareness experienced through the dance of Shiva.
This workshop is non-residential, see last page for
accommodation recommendations.
Daily Schedule:
September 1 - 5
Morning sessions:
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Afternoon sessions:
3:30PM - 6:30PM

Pricing (for workshop only):

$575.00 early bird before August 1
$650.00 after August 1
$250 deposit to hold your space
balance due for early bird August 1
balance due for regular August 30

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with Daniel Odier and Parvathi Nanda Nath

Registration: (*if you prefer to register ONLINE, you may access online registration after July
20 at
Payment information:
Check here for Early Bird (paid in full by August 1, 2006)
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Yogadventures Events - Daniel Odier
Mailing Address: 15332 Antioch Suite 85, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
FAX: 310-459-2379

Yogadventures Events - 888-254-9642 (toll free) - 310-459-2370 (local) - 310-459-2379(fax)

This is a non-residential workshop and we recommend accommodations within walking distance of the venue.
Housing in LA (Venice/Santa Monica, CA)
We recommend housing in Venice and Santa Monica.
The following 2 hotels are in walking distance:
Venice Beach Suites
Venice Suites (special rates for
Shiva/Yogadventures students ask for Randy)
For those on a budget:
Santa Monica Hostel (only $26 a night and about 10 minutes away from Venice by car/bus).
You may also check out various hotels in the area that are luxury hotels (all in Santa Monica and Venice) on at

Also, check out for discount hotels and flights to LAX.
Click here for map to venue (Sri Radha Govinda Mandir):,+venice+beach,+ca+90291&ll=3
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*If you are a student or teacher studying with Shiva Rea, you may apply all hours from Daniel and
Shankardevs workshops to her 200 or 500 hour teacher training program with Yoga Alliance.

Yogadventures Events - 888-254-9642 (toll free) - 310-459-2370 (local) - 310-459-2379(fax)