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Mobilink is started to work in the Sukkur in 1999. And it

started to work in Pakistan in 1994
Mobilink Company is the first largest networking company
in the Pakistan. Mobilinks pricing strategies depends
upon own companies goal. There are two services
Postpaid and Pre-paid services. The pricing strategies for
these both services is different. For post-paid pricing
strategy is different and for pre-paid pricing strategy is
different. Because both of these are different target
market. There are two major competitors of the Mobil ink
at first is Telenor and second is Zong. We launces the
packages depends the issues in which market. If in the
ruler areas the competitor reducing price then we also
have to decrease the price of packages in that market. For
example if the mob link users started to left the network
and started to use the other network then we will started
to change pricing strategies in that market. If we have to
capture the local market then we will launch the Local
packages like (Sukkur package). And if we wanted to
capture national level market then we will launch the
packages at national level. Whenever we find the flaws in
any market then first we find problem after that we build
one suitable solution and implemented that solution.

For the promotion we use the mass media, print media
and other ways. In the promotion we use the celebrity like
Ali Zafar , Shahid Afridi etc. The celebrity which we use
that is in the contract base for the 5 years. We use the
celebrity that Pakistani culture people likes because the

people always wanted to use that service in which best

celebrity is associated.

Marketing mix;
In the marketing mix we always use the two most
important elements of the marketing mix Price and
Promotion. We often use the pricing strategies by
reducing the price as compare to the competitors. And the
other strategy we use of the promotion strategy by doing
a lot of the promotion by using celebrity.

Issues in the mobilink

The issue which often happen of the
networking issues. Because in the Pakistan in the
rainy weather the issue often come in the network is
not working properly. Customers often come to us to
tell that the network did not work during the rain or
after few hour after rain. Because if any problem
occur during rain and the network will not work then
it became bad experience with customer. It is also
notice that the mobilink network is not working in the
ruler areas as good as in the urban areas. The
mobilink network is not working in the mountain
areas like Gorakh hills station.
The second issue is that the mobilink is not
providing that service which customer are needed.
Because the company can capture that market full in
which it is satisfying the customers need. Every
companys performance depends upon the customer
The third problem is that the mobilink is not
getting the feedback from customers because if they
will take the feedback then they can cope up from the
problems which customers are facing.
Moblink is now a days started to get survey
about their company and wanted to know more about

the customers. They get the survey that in which new

market we have to launch our service. As we
estimated then almost 65% customers demand meet
by the Mobil ink.
Along with the inernal issues ther are also some
external issues that affect in the revenue

Oil prices
Tax rates etc.
Less salaried people less knowledge.

In the franchise the employees are working like the

professionals. In the franchise it looks like that the
employees are trained. But when we went to other
franchise then there is not trained employees. The high
salaried employees are working better that the low
salaried employee.
There are many cities in which the Zong is performing
well like Hyderabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur etc. Now a
days we are trying to capture that markets.
Whenever competitor decrease the price then we will
decrease 4 to 5 rupees more than the competitors. In
the decrease in the price we capture the market the
market of the competitor in the respect of the revenue
which will give help us to maintain same revenue.

When related to the training we also give the training to
the employees who are new and who are currently
working. We give the training to the managers by
sending them to the Harvard of oxford. And the reaming
employees is given training by through online classes.

As compare to the quality, the quality of our network is

some low than the competitor.
There are three level of the distribution
(1) Company to the franchise.
(2) Franchise to Customers.
(3) Company to Direct Customer.
The company has given the lowest packages to the
customers now company cannot more reduce the price of
the packages.
In the ruler areas where the network is not working, there
we are expanding our networks.

Effect of the authorization:

As the process of the authorization increase, the number
of the customer started to decrease because the people
before the authorization were using more than the after
the authorization. After the authorization until the people
are miss using the networks.

Mobicash is started ten five to ten years after the easy
paisa. As the easy paisa the leader and mobicash is the
follower. Mobicash require more time to become its
Mobicash is charging the less price as compare to the
easypaisa. It is covering the 200 cities and 6500 retailors
total in the Pakistan. We are getting the revenue from the
transactions mobicash. We will not charge any price
against the Utility bill payments, Donation and other
Social welfares. There is limit of the 15000 one person can
sent in one NIC in one month. That amount is limited by

the state bank. We gave training to the retailors in the

starting but after that we have not given them any
training. We gave them training that how to behave with
the customers.

The major issue which Mobicash is facing of the security
issues. The retailors are not giving the amount more than
the 10000 because they do not keep such amount of
money in cash in the shop because there are the robbery
issues which is common in the Pakistan. Customer always
come in our franchise and tell us that retailors have not
given us the amount which is 12000.
The mobicash is the cash cow in the present day while the
voice has become the dog for the company.
We are generating the more revenue from the Mobicash.

Mobile Account:
We have introduce the mobile account in the mobicash .
Through which you have not to give your NIC to the
retailors. Through Mobile account you can collect or sent
money easily.