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General Information

EF Tours Rep:
Alex Haggarty
Nicaragua (June 16 to June 23, 2016)

Gets increasingly more expensive. First by a little, then by more as it gets closer to departure.
(This price is -$100 if enrolled by February 28th)
Encourage to enroll ASAP in order to get the most of your money.
o Personal Group Enrollment link is :
$195 a month/15 months
o Once enrolled, parents will have online accounts for students to pay for the trip. All
money goes straight to EF Tours, no money goes through the school.
o Can arrange payments themselves. (2 payments a month, all at once, etc.)
o There is a non-refundable $95 deposit upon enrollment as well as insurance.
Insurance highly recommended
o If due to medical problems in the family or job loss in the family, cancellation is covered.
o Anywhere before 110 days of trip has to be negotiated with EF Tours due to the extent
of booking that they arrange on the trip.

Enrollment Covers:

Lodging Arrangements
Service work
Everything covered once you leave Cincinnati to when you return.

Enrollment does not cover:

o Visa NOT necessary unless not a US citizen.
Souvenir money for spending in Nicaragua.
Field director tips (not forced but recommended)

-There are no vaccinations required/recommended for the 8 day culture and service in Nicaragua trip.

Access to clean drinking water

o Have a field director at all times who is aware of safety standards and protects this

Safe lodging
o Simple arrangements
o Clean
o Doors that lock
o Private bathrooms
We will have a field director, Mr. Vanags, and one female advisor (to be decided) accompanying
students at all times.

Why Nicaragua?

Yearly income is $3,000 dollars

Most of the population will not make it through elementary school.
The need for service and aid is necessary.

Sample Itinerary:

4 days Me-to-WE/Free the Children non-profit service learning projects

In Managua
o Will not know full project until 3 weeks prior to departure
o Some activities in the past include:
Building schools
Tutoring/teaching English/working at schools
Helping with the clean water sanitation and filtration process
Working with women and helping support a sustainable future
3 days on a culture based excursion (all still included in the enrollment fee)
o All based in the more urban part of Nicaragua, Granada
o 1 day visiting and looking through the local markets, speaking with natives, seeing and
immersing in the culture
o 1 day going to Lake Nicaragua (the only freshwater lake with freshwater sharks!!) and
going to a non-profit caf that is run by only hearing impaired individuals
o 1 day hiking the Mambacho Volcano and exploring the geographical landscape of

Before and During the Trip:

o Learn about important issues facing Nicaragua and why our service is important.
Discover more about Nicaragua and the true culture/life that takes place there.
Fully aware of surroundings and mentally prepared for the experiences there
Knowledgeable and willing to be immersed in new place
o Take time at the end of the days to reflect on the activities
Learn leadership
Develop service learning skills
Learn about taking these ideas back to our own community

Nicaraguas language is Spanish. Although Spanish is not required to be spoken since the
field director will be fluent and serve as help with the language barrier, it is
recommended that students try to speak and converse with the people for an academic
aspect to the service learning. The goal is to learn from others and to continue
experiencing another part of the world.

Any other questions regarding Service Projects Abroad, contact Mr. Vanags, Grace Haffner, AnnaClaire
Lackney, or Alex Haggarty from EF Tours with questions regarding enrollment, payment, etc.

We hope to see all sophomores in Nicaragua next year!