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Caleb McKusick

Facility Type
SpinCycle is a premiere spinning facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis is a beautiful
city filled with citizens who are passionate about fitness and are looking for new opportunities and
challenges, even during the long winters. Indoor cycling allows participants to train during the winter
or the off-season while still getting an effective workout. Spinning is an excellent low-impact exercise
option for all ability levels, and the interval training format provides satisfying results. Energetic lights
and music motivate participants, who are led by certified and experienced instructors that encourage
each person to reach their full potential. Spin workouts are individualized, because each member has
complete control over the intensity and resistance level of their own bike, guided by the expertise of a
professional trainer. Varied routines and current music provide guaranteed excitement every workout,
and all that is needed for a class is workout clothes, a small towel, and plenty of water no helmet

The facility will feature two spinning studios and numerous instructors in order to provide members
with a large variety of class times, training styles, and music. Located just minutes from downtown,
SpinCycle is easily accessible by residents of the city and the suburbs. In addition to spinning studios,
the facility also offers convenient locker rooms, free water bottle filling stations, complimentary fresh
hand towels, large televisions with visual cues to match programming, and a state-of-the-art sound
system. Supervised lockers are available to members behind the front desk, where the desk attendant
will monitor belongings placed in these lockers to assure their safety.

Music is a big part of spinning culture, and classes feature a vast variety of motivating beats and
tunes. SpinCycle works directly with local DJs to create custom dance mixes, and also features many
other styles of music from classic rock to upbeat indie. SpinCycle classes range in duration from 30
minutes to 2 hours, and are geared towards all types of customers. From cyclists and triathletes to
fitness enthusiasts, or for cross-training or weight loss, SpinCycle programming matches the needs of
clients. Spin classes range from moderate to high intensity, with a strong focus on fun, community,
and results! Membership packages are affordable and offered with a variety of options. Swing by
SpinCycle today to start a free trial week!

Spinning is all we do, and we do it right! Come along for the ride!

Caleb McKusick
Founder, SpinCycle Minneapolis


1. TriSpin
Geared towards athletes, TriSpin is a 90-minute sport-specific spin session for
triathletes and cyclists. This program is offered several times per week, and
participants are encouraged to attend at least two sessions weekly. The class has a
competitive atmosphere and a small class size, perfect for motivation during the offseason or long winter months. The class will be offered in the Club Studio.

This 45-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) spin session is fast-paced and
results-oriented. Interval training increases metabolic rate, and is an ideal training
method for weight loss and building lower body strength. This session typically
features a larger class-size, participants control their own pace, and instructors
promote an encouraging group dynamic. This class is offered in the Large Studio.

3. QuickSpin
The perfect class for parents on-the-run or busy professionals on a lunch break,
QuickSpin is a 30-minute spin session at a high intensity. QuickSpin is not for the faint
of heart it will get sweaty! The sessions are offered throughout the day at
convenient times, including early morning and over the lunch hour. This fast-paced
class is a popular program that is offered in the Large Studio.

4. Weekend Warriors
This class is for dedicated spinners who want to kick off the weekend with a 2-hour
calorie-burning party. Offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Large Studio,
Weekend Warriors draws spin enthusiasts from all backgrounds from cyclists to
soccer moms. The format features progressive peaks and valleys of intensity, and
exciting music keeps the ride interesting.

5. ClubSpin
Arguably the most fun you will ever have on a bike, ClubSpin features the best in
music and exercise. SpinCycle partners with local DJs to make ClubSpin a one-of-akind exercise experience. Offered in the Club Studio, the class features coordinated
audio, visual, and lighting displays to enhance the 60-minute nighttime spin.

Marketing Plan
SpinCycle welcomes all types of clients from all backgrounds and age ranges, but marketing
is geared towards the Uptown Minneapolis clientele, a demographic of primarily young
adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Uptown features a hip, trendy, and athletic population,
and SpinCycle matches this atmosphere with its modern dcor, current music, and up-todate promotions and advertising.
Five proposed marketing strategies for SpinCycle:
1. External Marketing
SpinCycle Minneapolis will promote their grand opening with a beautifully designed
promotional billboard in the center of Uptown. This will appeal to all residents of
Uptown, and will be visible 24/7 to shoppers, drivers in traffic, nearby residents, and
other business owners.

2. Internal Marketing
When guests do not return to SpinCycle within three weeks of their first visit, a missed
guest mailer will be sent to their home address. Guests provide their home address
when they fill out an informed consent document, but have the option to go paperfree and provide an email address. A discount voucher will be included in mailer.

3. Guerrilla Marketing
In order to bring in new members, lead boxes will be placed in health food stores
throughout the area. This will draw in customers already interested in health and
wellness, who are more likely to be interested in new fitness opportunities.

4. Community Outreach
SpinCycle Minneapolis is committed to being actively involved in the local community,
and staff will volunteer at local outreach events monthly (e.g. community clean-up,
homeless shelter volunteering, speaking opportunities, etc.).

5. Corporate Outreach
In order to promote continued health education, SpinCycle proposes to hold an
annual health fair and conference for local fitness professionals to network and discuss
current research. This will benefit SpinCycle employees and the Uptown fitness culture.

Job Postings
Facility Manager
SpinCycle Minneapolis is seeking a full-time Facility Manager to oversee operations and
facilitate growth. Become a part of an exciting community and culture in the workplace by
joining the SpinCycle team! SpinCycle is committed to being a leader in the health and
wellness culture of Minneapolis, and the Facility Manager will have a large part in promoting
that goal. Qualified candidates will have strong communication and organizational skills, and
a passion for fitness, servant leadership, and building relationships.
Responsibilities include:

Requirements include:

o Developing and implementing

marketing strategies
o Budgeting monthly/yearly expenses
o Establishing goals for growth and
o Training staff and holding meetings
o Teaching group spinning classes
o Developing exercise programs
o Equipment orientations

o Bachelors degree in Exercise

Science, Marketing, or Business
(Masters degree preferred)
o Group Exercise Certification (within
60 days of hire)
o Spinning Instructor Certification &
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
o 2-4 yrs. of management experience
o ACSM C-EP Certification preferred

Spinning Instructor
Become a part of a culture that is passionate about changing lives through fitness by
applying with SpinCycle! SpinCycle is seeking qualified candidates to lead group exercise spin
sessions. SpinCycle is seeking goal-orientated instructors with personality, leadership skills, a
strong desire to succeed, and a client-centered approach for part-time hire.
Responsibilities include:
Teaching group spinning classes
Developing exercise programs
Client consultations/assessments
Working with management to
provide coordinated training
o Facility maintenance and cleaning
o Assisting with special events

Requirements include:
o Bachelors degree in Exercise
Science or related field
o Group Exercise Certification (within
60 days of hire)
o Spinning Instructor Certification &
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
o ACSM C-EP Certification preferred
o Some experience preferred

Equipment/Start-Up Budget
Keiser M3+ Cycle
Sound Tower 2000B Sound System
Sound Tower 1000B Sound System
Vizio P-Series 50 LED Smart TV
Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 8-Pk & Controller
Riegel Cam Collection Hotel Hand Towels 12 pk
Oasis M8CREBF Bi-Level Water Cooler & Bottle Station
Rubbermaid Commercial 29gal Waste Receptacle
MacroAir AirVolution-D Fitness Center Ceiling Fan
Custom Artwork/Paint/Murals
21.5-inch: 1.4GHz iMac Computer + HP ENVY Printer
Wichita Contemporary Reception Desk
Staples Vocazo Mesh Managers Chair
Polder XL Sofa (Green)
Noel Stainless Steel Square Coffee Table
Glaro Coat Tree w/ 4 Double Hooks 69 Satin
6 x 8 Mirror
3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls Flooring (Green)
Salsbury Industries 2-Tier 3-Wide Designer Lockers
RSC Hardwood Locker Room Benches
Afwall 1.6 gpf EverClean Toilet w/ Selectronic Flush
Grand Total:


# Needed

Total Cost

With a total start-up budget of $1,000,000 and a furnishing cost of $182,086.45, there is
$817,913.55 remaining for salaries, growth, investment, promotion, emergencies, operating
costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. High-end furnishings and equipment were
intentionally selected for the SpinCycle facility because of the large budget and to provide an
extremely welcoming atmosphere for members and guests.


This standing caution sign will be placed on the floor when it has been recently mopped, or if
there is a spill or excessive sweat present in the area.


To be placed on the stereo receiver in both spin studios to prevent tampering, accidental
damage, technical difficulties, and malfunctioning.


Free Water sign will be posted to the water bottle filling station, allowing both members
and guests to stay hydrated at no extra cost.


When classes are in session, this Do Not Enter sign will be posted on the doors to the spin
studios, allowing instructors to teach classes undisturbed.

Pre-Activity Risk Form

Date: ___________
Name: ____________________________________ Phone: ________________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _____ Zip: ________ Email: ________________________________
Emergency Contact Name: __________________________________ Phone: ______________________
I desire to participate voluntarily in a spinning exercise program offered by SpinCycle Minneapolis in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. I understand that the fitness activities are designed to place a progressively increasing workload on
the body in order to improve overall health and fitness. I understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for
monitoring my own condition throughout all exercise bouts, and should any unfamiliar or unusual symptoms occur, I
will cease participation and alert the staff of the symptoms.
By signing this informed consent form, I affirm that I have read this form in its entirety, understand and accept this
form in its entirety, and that I understand the nature of physical exercise. I understand that there are potential risks
associated with fitness classes and willingly accept those possibilities. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to
ensure my own safety and wellbeing. I take full responsibility for my own personal health and safety while participating
in the fitness class and to the extent I deem advisable, I will consult a medical doctor before participating in any
activities or fitness classes. I agree to pay all reasonable costs related to the classes, including any medical expenses I


In consideration for being permitted to participate in this activity, which I do freely and voluntarily for my own
personal benefit, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns to:
1. Waive, release and exonerate from any and all liability to SpinCycle Minneapolis, their elected or appointed officials,
employees, members, guests, instructors, agents, and volunteers for my personal injury, disability, death, property
damage, property theft, or any other actions which may hereafter accrue to me.
2. Indemnify and hold innocent SpinCycle Minneapolis, their elected or appointed officials, employees, members,
guests, instructors, agents, and volunteers from any and all liabilities and/or claims made by other individuals or
entities as a consequence of or relating to my involvement in this activity.
Therefore, intending to be bound and as a requirement of being allowed to participate in any fitness class, I have
freely signed this waiver on the date shown.

Participant Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ___________

Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18 years old): ___________________________________________

Maintenance Checklist

Daily Maintenance Checklist Initial

Refill Water Cooler
Sweep/Mop Floors
Clean Wall & Bathroom Mirrors
Sanitize Locker Room Scales
Empty Trash Receptacles
Wipe Down/Sanitize Bikes
Empty Lockers
Sanitize Lockers
Clean Toilets & Sinks
Replace Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
Clean Windows & Doors
Vacuum Lobby
Collect Towels for Laundering
Check Bikes for Safety
Sanitize Instructor Audio Headgear
Shut Down Computer
Turn Off Lights/Sound Equipment
Facility Closing Walk Through
Lock Studios