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Division of City Schools

School District V
Quezon City, Metro Manila



I. Name of the Council
II. Objective:
• The Council aims to involve the community/stakeholders in the
management of the school to improve the school performance.
Key objectives

• The Governing Council will work with the School's management team to develop the
high quality all-round education.
• To work with the school on planning, developing policies to achieve students’ full potential.
• To set high standards for all children and clear targets for improvement
• To help the school be responsive to the needs of parents and the community.
I. Membership Guidelines
1. Members of the Council are either elected by the sectors they belong or by
appointment by the Council or School Head
2. Te council will have a term of office of one school year
3. Council members are eligible for re-election or reappointment.
4. Members of the Council shall be elected/appointed from the following sectors
2 students
2 staff
2 parents
2 community members
2 alumni
2 church representatives
2 LGU officials
2 government organizations
2 non-government organizations
2 private institutions/business sectors
1 school head

I. Core Values of the SGC Members

➢ Wholesome -promotes health and well-being of mind and spirit.
➢ Empowered -exercises leadership guided by its constitutions and by –laws,
operating procedures, and code of conduct.
➢ Collaborative -works together towards improving learning outcomes.
➢ Accountable - assumes responsibility for all actions, decisions, policies, outputs
and outcomes.
➢ Respectful - recognizes differences among its members and constituents and
appreciates all viewpoints.
➢ Effective- continuously makes a difference in their students’ learning.

I. Code of Conduct of SGC Members

➢ Must not take improper advantage of the position of an SGC member.
➢ Must not let personal interests conflict with the interests of the school.
➢ Has an obligation to ensure that sound decisions are made by the School
Governing Council.
➢ Must treat confidential information appropriately.
➢ Must not dishonour upon the school.

I. Roles and Powers of the School Governing Council

II. Accountabilities of the SGC

III. Limitations of the SGC in the Exercise of its Authority

IV. Role of the Principal in the Council

2.7 Chair the first meeting of the Council held for the purpose of
and electing new officers
2.8 Contribute or be consulted for the formulation of the agenda of the
Council meeting.
V. Officers of the SGC and their Duties
1. Officers of the Council elected by among themselves:
1.1 Chairperson
1.2 Vice-Chairperson
1.3 Secretary
1.4 Treasurer
1.5 Auditor
1.6 Chief Executive Officer (School Head)
2. Duty Statements
2.1 Chairperson
2.1.1 Act as a presiding officer of the Council
2.1.2 Chairs all the meeting of the Council
2.1.3 Initiates and responds to all communications which are
for the attention of the Council.
2.1.4 Ascertain that in all meetings, a quorum is present
2.1.5 Presents any report for which the Chairman is
2.1.6 In consultation with the principal, prepares the agenda
for meetings.
2.1.7 Is available to the wider school community for
consultation and information sharing.
2.1.8 Works with the principal regarding direction of the
School Governing Council.
2.2 Vice-Chairperson
2.2.1 Be prepared at all meetings and acts as proxy of any
function as required in absence of the Chair.
2.2.2 Be aware of the duties of the Chair in the event of that
person’s absence.
2.2.3 Be prepared to assist the Chair when requested.
2.2.4 Assists in publishing the work of the Council
2.3 Secretary
2.3.1 assists with the writing of reports and correspondence
when necessary
2.3.2 files paper works into governing council files

2.3.3 Assists in publicizing the works of the School
Governing Council
2.3.4 assists in the preparation and circulation of the Council
2.3.5 assists the Chair in the gathering of additional otems for
the Council agenda
2.3.6 Records and documents accurately minutes of all
Council meetings
2.3.7 Provides all Council members legible copies of the
minutes at least seven (7) days prior to the next
2.3.8 Sends and does follow up of notice of meeting to all
2.3.9 Takes the attendance and apologies of the Council
during the meeting.
2.4 Treasurer
2.4.1 takes charge of the funds receipts and disbursements of
the Governing Council
2.4.2 Keeps the money and the valuables of the Council on a
book that the Council designates
2.4.3 Keeps and have a charge of book of accounts.
2.5 Auditor
2.5.1 Assists the treasurer in the processing of all financial
transactions and records
2.5.2 Audits funds, receipts, and disbursements for
submission to the Council
2.5.3 Assists the treasurer in keeping the clear record book of
2.5.4 Prepares an audits report of all school Governing
Council funds and disbursements
2.6 Principal (Chief Executive Officer)
2.6.1 Plans meeting, time and format
2.6.2 Arranges for information to be communicated to all
Council members before and after meetings
2.6.3 Prepares Council meeting agenda in coordination of the
2.6.4 Provides the Council accurate and clear information
necessary for decision making.
2.6.5 Arranges report to be available to all members of the
2.6.6 Keeps the Council up-to-date with new initiatives that
are undertaken.
I. Vacancies
Members of the Council ceases when the member
1. Dies
2. Resigns by written notice to the Council
3. Is removed by the Council because of violation of the Code of Conduct
4. Has been convicted of any grave offense.
5. Is absent for three (3) consecutive Council meetings without leave of absence
approved by the Council. Acceptance of an apology at a Council meeting will be
deemed a grant of such leave.
I. Meetings

1. Council Meeting
1.1 The Council shall meet once a month, the time and date shall be agrees
upon by the members during the first meeting
1.2 Notice of the meeting must be given at the previous Council meeting or by
at least 7 days written notice distributed to all members.

2. Special or Emergency Meetings

2.1 The Chairperson of the Council may call a special or emergency meeting
as the need arises.
2.2 Notice of meeting must be given by written notice to all members within
reasonable time, setting out of time, date, place and given object of the
I. Proceedings of the Council
1. Meetings
1.1 The quorum for the Council meeting is a majority of the filled positions of
the Council.
1.2 If the expiration of thirty (30) minutes after the appointed time for meeting
there is no quorum arrived at, the meeting must stand adjourned.
1.3 Except in the case of a special resolution, a decision of majority of those
members present and eligible to vote is decision of the Council.
2. Minutes
2.1 Minutes of any Council meeting must be properly recorded and kept for
future reference.
2.2 The minutes must be read at the next Council Meeting and signed by the
2.3 Upon reasonable notice, the books containing the minutes of any meetings
must be made available for inspection by any member.
I. Committees
The council may appoint committees, composed of members which will meet as
directed by the Council.
1. Ways and Means Committee
Ways and Means Committee will take charge of the methods of raising money of
sources out funds to support school improvement based on School Improvement
2. Student Discipline Committee
Students discipline committee is organized to support the existing school
committee on discipline headed by the guidance teachers.
3. Staff Development Committee
This committee will take charge of teachers’ in-service trainings and annual
search for outstanding teachers.
4. Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee shall manage the Adopt –a – Scholar Program. It is
responsible in scouting for benefactors and beneficiaries and in the disbursing and
liquidation of scholarship funds.
5. Spiritual Development Committee
This committee plans and recommends programs and activities to train students to
become God-fearing individuals.
6. Academic Achievement and Student Development Committee
This committee shall monitor and evaluate the implementation of various
intervention programs to raise the achievement level of the students including
extra curricular activities.
7. Environmental Protection and Waste Management Committee

This committee shall plan and recommend activities to promote proper waste
management and environmental protection and related projects.
8. Documentation Committee
This committee shall be responsible for the documentation of all meetings and
other activities of the Council.
9. Committee on Consultation and By-Laws
This committee shall draft the Constitution and By-Laws and present it to the
Council for comments, suggestions and approval.
Adopted this___th day of January, 2010 at Project 6 Elementary
School, Quezon City by the affirmative votes of the undersigned members
representing a majority of the members of the Council in a special meeting
duly held for the purpose.

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Division of City Schools

School District V
Quezon City, Metro Manila

SY 2009-2010

STUDENT Nikolai S. Bacabac - School Pupil Government Mayor

Kaithreen Cruz - School Pupil Government Vice Mayor

TEACHER Clarita B. Gutierrez Teachers’ Club Vice-President

MASTER TEACHER Mrs. Normelita S. Bacabac Teachers’ Club President

Mrs. Theresa C. de Vera -School Pupil Government Adviser

HEAD TEACHER _______________________________________


PARENT Hon. Roberto G. Fortuno Brgy. Capt., Brgy. VASRA


ALUMNI Mrs. Aurora B. Mison

Mrs. Leonora Salvador

COMMUNITY Hon. Elizabeth “Tita Beth” Delarmente Former City Councilor

CHURCH Ptr. Mike Rucio -P.T.A. President

Rev. Fr. Enrique “Aloy” Aliño Parish Priest-Mt. Carmel Church

LOCAL OFFICIALS Hon. Mario Nuñez Brgy. Capt. Project 6

Hon. Fermin Bilaos Brgy. Capt. Bagong Pag-asa

NON-GOVT’ ORGANIZATION Mr. Bing Quinte Rotary Club of Q.C. Circle

Mr. Butch Madarang Rotary Club of Q.C. Circle

GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION Hon. Dorothy “Doray” Delarmente City

Councilor-CD I

Hon. Roderick “Mike” Castañeda

Brgy. Kagawad-Education Committee

INFO. & Comm. OFFICER Mr. Dexter Tindoc - P.T.A. Vice-President

Mr. Elpidio Leones Former Principal-Brgy Lupon

PRINCIPAL Mrs. Paulina Platon


Quezon City, Metro Manila


SY 2009-2010

Chairman _______________________________________

Vice-Chairman _______________________________________

Internal _______________________________________

External _______________________________________

Secretary _______________________________________

Treasurer _______________________________________

Asst. Treasurer _______________________________________

Auditor _______________________________________

Chief Executive Officer _______________________________________