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/Portfolio 2010
logo : : type a
re Language Centre
logo : : type b et beet LANGUAGE
logo : : type c beet
Logo overview: Logo overview: Logo overview:
Taking inspiration directly from Bournemouth’s coastal surroundings, Type B is a potent logo based on the essence of language - speech. Its is Type C is a fresh and modern take on the classic ideal
Type A connotes a unique energy without compromising on also a call-to-action and encompasses the energy and enthusiasm of BEET. of bold typography and an interesting colour gradient
the quality and experience BEET have accumulated. simultaneously evoking feeling of quality and trust.
Logotype: Here we have a very modern and fresh san serif font; Logotype:
Juxtaposing a classic serif font with the clean geometry of a visually arresting and instantly identifiable. An architectural, modern and striking font used with
modern san serif creates a visually interesting relationship. an intriguing combination of bold capitals and lighter
Icon: title case acts as the main focus of the logo.
Icon: The shape is an abstraction of a speech bubble though the
The swirl motif is an expressive abstraction of a few key ideas: the sea, development of the shape also derives from simplified images of Icon:
a shell, punctuation (namely, quotation marks) and growth. Together, the ear, the page of an opened book and punctuation (namely This shape is an abstraction of a petal connoting growth,
this imagergy encompasses the enthusiasm of the identity. quotation marks); therefore connoting all the aspects of language. individuality and communication. The icon also evokes
and reflects mental imagery of the spoken word.

be bette

_accent colours _accent colours
be inspir _accent colours

t beet ed
_steel _haze _melon
be energ _leaf

 confidenc ised
_coastal LANGUAGE
_coal _tangerine
Language Centre

Learn with od massa Language


_main colour _main colour _main colour

_enigma _torch Centre _tropic
tortor euism

b e et
Fusce luctus at.
identity : : type a po r vo
identity : : type b identity : : type c
te m e ipsum prim
is in faucibu
s orci luctus
sellus lacus.
eros. Vestibu
lum ant libero. Pha ,
r commodo tempor nisl
Donec elem
ultrices pos
entum ornare
uere cubilia
Curae; Pellent
esque porttito
gna a egestas
e viverra, ma condimentum, enim vita
gna massa
aliquam, ma pulvinar blandit,
tristique prepare to beet
itant morbi
blossom with
. Qui squ
tibulum . Pellentesq
entesque hab Vivamus
Aliquam ves non felis nib h. Pell in mo llis. Language
m arcu erat in ante. Pro
a eleifend lore a porttitor est turpis egestas. Integer per incepto
uam lectus,
elit turpis aliq us et malesuada fames
ac ubia nostra,
uent per con uent per conubia
senectus et
net u ad litora torq torq
taciti sociosq taciti sociosqu ad litora um dolor.
leo. Class aptent aptent ue. Maecenas rutr
Colour palette: *UPDATED*
_secondary colour
laor eet
. Quisque por
ta. Cla ss
la bibendum
diam et neq Colour palette : *UPDATED*
_secondary colour Learn En Colour palette:
_secondary colour
The palette is a vibrant, individual palette with a strong and himenaeos enaeos. Nul
inceptos him Morbi gravida. The palette is a collection of contrasting pastel accents, a glish This palette, inspired by BEET’s floral display, has an
_coal nostra, per entum _cinder with con _berry
or. abitur elem
bold purple at the helm, evoking confidence and interest. odio vel dol id pede. Cur us, contemporary grey and a strong, hot scarlet. An inviting and exciting
fidence. eye-catching richness - which has been selected to make the
Nam mattis ue massa lect

experience Lan
sod ales arcu. Nullam . Pellentesq ta, palette; reflective of BEET’s fun and friendly atmosphere. most of the graduated tonal essence of this identity.
la. Quisque
bibendum . Donec id dui t. Nunc por Vesti
Type: Duis sed ligu ittis lacinia nisl a pharetra veli quis leo.
bulum guage
Phasellus sag e et, dolor. Proin pharetr et ultrices ante ipsum primi
3 fonts suggested include:
Plantagenet Cherokee Regular for headings auctor nec,
ma ssa.
enim pulvina idunt lobortis, tristiqu
egestas, ma
uris dui pul
vinar neque,
sit amet ves
tibulum sem
tincidunt veli
t.sit amet libe
ro. Type:
3 fonts suggested include:
vestibulum mmodo libero.
cubilia Cu in faucibus orci
rae; Pelle
3 fonts suggested include:
the bu Centre
velit et mollis is. Phasellus . Phasellu
Myriad Semibold for sub-headings tesque turp Neo Tech Family (Medium, Light & Alts) for headings and displays egestas ali Quisque viverra, s lacus. Ali Meta Normal for headings and displays
erdiet pellen quam
Myriad Light/Light Italic for main text Nullam imp Rockwell Regular for sub-headings quam. magna a
Meta Plus Book Caps for sub-headings
Stone Sans Medium/Italic for main text Meta Plus Book Roman/Italic for main text
persona b
growthl Laengeutage
Graphic elements: *UPDATED*
The swirl of the logo is echoed with bold abstracted brush strokes. Graphic elements: Graphic elements:
Cultured and expressive whilst remaining fun and individual. The speech device, stating ‘be’ can be used in conjuction with The petal motif can be used as the basis for a ‘personal
inspirational statements - again creating an engergised call-to- growth’ concept, allowing for intelligent wordplay as Centre
action. The feel of this identity is modern, considered and unique. well as rich visual/typographic development.

Early development submissions


/Logo and Identity Development
Language Centre
Nortoft Road t +44 (0)1202 397 721
Bournemouth BH8 8PY f +44 (0)1202 309 662
United Kingdom e

Language Centre
Clive Barrow Nortoft Road
Managing Director Bournemouth BH8 8PY
United Kingdom

email tel. +44 (0)1202 397 721

skype clivebarrow fax. +44 (0)1202 309 662

Language Centre
Nortoft Road t +44 (0)1202 397 721 Language Centre
Bournemouth BH8 8PY f +44 (0)1202 309 662
United Kingdom e

�������� ������
with compliments
date time date time

BEET logo

Clive Barrow Managing Director

Guy Wellman Principal & Director
A special interest group of English UK

Mark Long Director of Studies

Directors: Clive Barrow (Managing), Guy Wellman, Judith Barrow (Company Secretary)
Registered in England No. 4341526 | VAT Registration Number 787 4545 75 | Registered Office: Nortoft Road, Bournemouth BH8 8PY Rhona Blair Asst. Director of Studies

Samples of headed paper, compliments slip and business card [with alternate reverse design]


/Identity and Company Stationery

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������� ��������


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Logo development with early in situ samples

����������� ����������� ���������
�� �����
�� ����

�������� ��������
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����� ���

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/Identity Development

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�� � ��������

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������������ �� �������������
� � �������������������������

Final business card design

N7 Scooters logo

/Logo and Business Card
Communications Consultant
Angus Malcolm +44 (0)7905 038 884

[address] [email]
Unit 2
259 Liverpool Road
London [skype]
N1 1LX angusmalcolm

‘Stylised Shutter’ logo

Angus Malcolm
Barnsbury Studio +44 (0)7905 038 884

[address] [email]
Unit 2
259 Liverpool Road
London [web]
N1 1LX

Business cards for seperate endevours,

with reverse designs

‘Radiating Punctuation’ logo

/Logo Design and Business Card
4th floor
25 copthall avenue
london ec2r 7bp
tel +44 (0)20 7664 4202
fax +44 (0)20 7664 4272


4th floor
25 copthall avenue
london ec2r 7bp
tel +44 (0)20 7664 4231
direct +44 (0)20 7664 4288
fax +44 (0)20 7664 4272

senior partner

mobile +44 (0)7973 729 979


Trinity logo

registered in england: oc338905 registered office: 4th floor, 25 copthall avenue, london ec2r 7bp

Headed paper and business cards, with reverse design

/Logo and Company Stationery
52 Upper Street Islington London N10QH /tel/+44 (0) 20 7288 6041 /fax/+44 (0) 20 7288 6043 /email/ /web/

/with compliments/

how/why/when logo
52 Upper Street Islington London N10QH /tel/+44 (0) 20 7288 6041 /fax/+44 (0) 20 7288 6043 /email/ /web/

/registered address/as above /company registration number/8888 8888 /vat registration number/8888 8888

Samples of identity in situ

/Logo and Company Stationery [Pitch]

Bringing Cities to life ���������������������

if you care about what you �������������������
eat and

want to help the environment

yourown ���������

no time? no space? no know-how?
no excuse!
sprout logo
from pot to plate ���������
can help you every step of �������������������
the way
t. 020 7278 6111 e.
A5 flyer

/Logo and Promo Flyer ����������������
/Portfolio 2010
Camden School for Girls

Welcome Student life

Subjects offered at AS / A2 level and taught

at Camden School include:

Art & Design Latin

Biology Maths
Business Studies Further Maths
Chemistry Media Studies
Classical Civilisation Music
Critical Thinking* Music Technology

Contents We have high expectations of our students and

want them to become talented, resourceful,
confident and creative individuals. Through
“Provision in the sixth form is outstanding.
Because of excellent teaching, a stimulating
curriculum and their own positive attitudes
D & T - 3D Design
D & T - Textiles*
their Sixth Form experience we endeavour to to learning, students attain very high Economics Politics
Welcome 3 ensure that they leave qualified, stimulated and standards and make excellent progress in
English Literature Psychology
well-prepared for the challenges of life. their achievement and personal development.
Student Life 4-7 Standards are consistently well above local French Sociology
Student Support 8-9 Our school has a reputation for academic and national averages and are improving year- Geography Spanish
excellence balanced with a rich programme on-year at the highest levels. Teaching allows Greek Theology & Philosophy
Enrichment Studies 10-13 of extra curricular activities delivered in a students to develop their own creativity with
welcoming environment. We respect our appropriate support.”
Activities 14-15 students and treat them as individuals. We try History of Art *AS level only
Exam Results 16 to involve everyone in taking an active part in “Effective leadership and management of
the community thereby enriching the Sixth the sixth form can be seen in the exemplary
Destinations 17-21 Form experience. monitoring of students’ academic progress, The number of Sixth Formers varies from year Advice and guidance will be given to help and responsibilities. The social benefits are also
and the care and guidance they provide so that to year. This year there are 225 in the upper make final decisions about courses at this stage great. Students make friends very quickly.
Admissions 22-23 We believe that the Sixth Form should be a students leave as confident and well-rounded sixth and 225 in the lower sixth. as well as at the beginning of Year 12. Year 12 students can expect their first week at
pivotal two years in the lives of our students young people. Parents and students, including Camden School for Girls to be full of activities
– a time for maturing as well as academic those who join from other schools, speak very Students are organised into tutor groups; In addition an ‘AS’ Extended Project Level that are designed to help them make new
development with many opportunities for highly of the induction programme, which there are fourteen in each year. Students 3 is offered to all students to encourage friends and settle in quickly. Team building
rich and varied new experiences. We aim to helps from early on to welcome them into a are expected to attend the school for the independent, researched learning. and ice breaking exercises are followed by a
develop in our students both self confidence vibrant and supportive community.” sessions in which they are taught and for lively Friday BBQ where students and staff get
and an independence of mind so that they tutorial, assembly and enrichment studies (if The ‘A’ level course has proved a successful to know each other in an informal setting. In
can approach their learning with vigour and “Students respond well to this and make their selected by the student). Enrichment studies route to Higher Education for the majority September Year 12 students go on a residential
enthusiasm. We feel the success of our aims is own significant contribution to the ethos and are voluntary; they comprise Critical Thinking of our students. This year 13 of our students trip to Skern in Devon for five days of further
reflected in our excellent exam results and rate management of the school. They develop the (which is an ‘AS’ course), externally certificated obtained the necessary grades to take up team building and outdoor activities. This trip
of progression to Higher Education. confidence which enables them, including the courses such as Duke of Edinburgh Award and their Oxbridge offers. In addition 22 students is hugely popular with our students who learn
young men, to speak of belonging to ‘Camden internally certificated courses such as Creative obtained places on Art Foundation and/or to work together and trust their peers whilst
The Camden Sixth Form offers a wide range of Girls’ with pride.” Writing and Film Studies. Degree courses at Art School. having a large amount of fun.
successful academic courses.
Students have a broad range of subjects At Camden School for Girls we aim to include
In the 2007 OFSTED report stated: “What to choose from and normally choose to do everyone in the school community and
makes this school outstanding are exceptional four ‘AS’ level subjects in Year 12 (and an foster a sense of belonging and pride. Our
leadership, and strong teaching and learning enrichment study). While in Year 13 the focus is Induction Programme ensures that students
enhanced by a top class curriculum and caring on a three ‘A2’ level programme. are relaxed and feel at home from day one,
ethos. However, students themselves are also key so they can concentrate on working and
contributors because of their own attitudes, hard At the end of the first year, students will have learning to their full potential. A thorough
work and determination to excel.” completed ‘AS’ level in each subject. In June Induction Programme gives our students
they will then start on the full ‘A’ level (‘A2’) an important grounding in the ethos of the
which they sit at the end of the second year. school and an understanding of their rights

Camden School for Girls | SIXTH FORM | 2010-2011 | 3 4 | Camden School for Girls | SIXTH FORM | 2010-2011 Camden School for Girls | SIXTH FORM | 2010-2011 | 5

Camden School for Girls

The Admissions System

Each year the school admits up to 225 students 2009 2008 2007
into Year 12 of the Sixth Form for ‘AS’ and ‘A’
CSG Students transferring to
level courses. The actual number of these places 55 62 61
Year 12
available to external students depends on the
Number of external
number of internal students continuing into the applicants in Year 12
170 165 160

Front cover Sixth Form. In addition 30 students will be put on

the waiting list. All applicants must complete and Total 225 227 221
return an application form; the closing date for
receipt of this is 1pm on Monday, 11th January 2010. Total number of applications
704 620 837

HOW PLACES ARE ALLOCATED 5. Applicants who can provide evidence of CONDITIONS The process for candidates will be as follows: essential to confirm acceptance of a place
Apply online by visiting: All applicants must have an academic reference an exceptional social or medical need that All places are subject to the following and agree course choices. Proof of address from their current school supporting their Camden School for Girls is specifically requirements post acceptance: • Application forms will be available from 2nd in the form of a Council Tax Bill is required at L e i gh t o n R o ad
suitability for ‘A’ level study and stating their able to meet. Applications will only be November 2009. Music applicants must also these meetings. Kentish
predicted grades, which must include 5 GCSEs considered on this basis if the case is made 1. Applicants must provide documentary complete an additional music application

To r
at grade B level including English language known to the school and supported by proof of five or more GCSE level passes at form. The school is willing to consider applications

I s l i p S t re
and Maths. Applicants’ predicted grades must appropriate evidence at the time of the grade B or above (with B grades or above in • Open Day will be held on 1st December to exam boards for concessions where such

also meet the additional grade requirements original application. English language and Maths). 2009. applications can be supported by an EP report or

for individual subjects as specified in the 6. Other applicants are selected on the 2. Applications for particular subjects must • Deadline for completed applications is 1pm documentation from an appropriately qualified

, 214

course handbook. basis of their academic school reference meet the entry grade requirement of that 11th January 2010. teacher. All documentation needs to be dated G a i s fo rd

S t re e t

Kentish Town Road (Buses C2, 134

regarding their suitability for A Level subject as specified in the course handbook. • On receipt of applications academic within two years of the examination series.

Pa t s h u l l de

Road n Pa
Places will be offered in the following order study and their predicted GCSE grades 3. Successful applicants must attend a pre- references are sought by the school for all


subject to the availability of places on courses at time of application. In the event of admission induction meeting. applicants from their current school. If a It is a recommendation of the Camden LA S a nd (B



as specified on the application form: oversubscription, priority will be given to 4. Successful applicants must provide proof reference has not arrived within 10 days, that concessions are unlikely to be given at 3)


Ba rth olo
mew Ro

qualifying applicants who live closest to of address with a copy of a current Council the school will inform parents of the delay GCE Advanced level that were not considered
1. Applicants who are ‘looked-after’ by the school measured in a straight line (‘as Tax Bill. in order that they can contact their son’s/ necessary at GCSE unless there are exceptional
a local authority, i.e. children either in the crow flies’) between the home and the daughter’s school. The final date for receipt circumstances. Camden School for Girls
Sixth Form Centre

care or provided with certain forms of school. (The permanent address given must DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE AND of reference is Monday, 8th February 2010.

Sandall Road

accommodation by that authority. be the one at which the child normally FALSE STATEMENTS • Conditional offer letters will be sent to 150

o lle
2. Existing students of the school who are resides at the time of application). The The governors reserve the right to demand students on Wednesday, 10th March 2010, London NW5 2DB

continuing their studies from Year 11. school will carefully verify the permanent the production of any documentary evidence requesting confirmation by 24th March


3. Applicants having a sister or brother living address of applicants. to prove any claim. The provision of false 2010. Road
Tel 020 7485 3414 Fax 020 7482 0291


at the same address and attending the evidence will lead to the withdrawal of an offer; • 30 students will be put on the waiting list.


school at the time of admission. neither will any offer be made if copies of the • Pre-admission induction meetings will take


Wa y
St re
Buses C2, 29, 134, 214, 253, 393

4. Applicants offered one of 15 specially documents requested are not provided by the place between 17th March and 29th March

awarded music places. dates as below. 2010. Attendance at such a meeting is Underground Camden Town, Kentish Town
Camden Town
Overground Camden Road, Kentish Town
22 | Camden School for Girls | SIXTH FORM | 2010-2011 Camden School for Girls | SIXTH FORM | 2010-2011 | 23

Samples of internal pages and back cover


/Identity Extention & Brochure Layout
4 | Acco
mmoda School

10  | Options 11
tion De Rules
Student tails 1.
Hou se Smoking
From: Sund is perm
itted in
ay (DD 2. the car

Yes MM YY) Mobile
park only.

No D D To: Satu s must

rday (DD 3. be turne
Homestay M M Only Engli d off comp

MM YY) sh to be
Y Y spoken letely whils
t in a scho

O V E R 3 0 Y E A R S O F E X C E L L E N C E
in the scho
From: Satu D D 4. The scho ol. ol build
Yes rday (DD M M Single room
tudent H
ouse ol reser
ves the ing.
MM YY) Y Y tay and S
from the right to
es .uk
tes & Fe
No Shared course. refuse an
D D To: Satu double
odation me, Executive Ho
mes enrolmen
M M rday (DD
| Accomm Notes t, or in the

Executive MM YY) Shared
Y Y twin room
 & Privat
e Ho
rson event of
Homestay From: Satu D D H0mestay Cost/pe Not es tory attendanc Nortoft
th BH8 8PY
rday (DD
MM YY) M M Single room e, work Bournemou om
Y Y Shared vate Ho
me* 1. or cond
uct, to dism United Kingd
No D D To: Satu double y & Pri £100 /week Included
in iss a stude 397 721
M M rday (DD room access centrthe Registratio (0)1202
you Y Y MM YY) Shared
twin room Homesta of Bour es inclu n and Tuitio nt t +44
309 662
nemouth, ding internet, f +44
Choose 1 option for 24-lesson (A) courses. The Options Programme is available to students studying 24 or 28 lessons per week:- accept... smokers
in the Hom D D
M M (low seas
k is payable 2. Lesso Student game
n fees are:
Guide, Certi s, social even ns as specified es e admin
Single room fee of £35 ns are 45 Programm
children estay? Y Y retention ings, for the all Core Preparation) are
Choose 2 options for 28-lesson (AA) courses. in the Hom
estay? Yes August
28) k A weekly the room
whilst 3. (a)
ficate of
Studies, course-book(s) relative prog
town tour , ring-bind ramm tes. Less
ons on
on, IELTS minutes.
(July 3 -
dogs in to keep BEET reser er, phot e, welfare servi
the Hom £84/wee and priva (on prefe 45 minu Preparati “hour” is 60 r
if you wish
weekend. ses are
All options are subject to availability. Total lessons Monday-Friday Tuesday-Friday Evening Is there cats in the estay? Yes No Single room
on holid
locating If you wish to
te hom
share a
e accommo
ves the
right to comb
ine lesso
rred cours ocop y ces,
e starting materials, stude lectures, use
dates only) of self- Lessons
for all cour bridge Exam
ns each
day. An
| 2010 C
you cann food If yes,
Homestay No prefe on)** k away, for an admi
and arran room withdation include ns to form nt ident
ity card, English, inute lesso
please spec ? Yes No rence (low seas £98/wee nistration ging homestay a friend breakfast 90-minute .
map (General to form two 90-m
ot eat?
+ 4 lessons on Yes ify Yes No No prefe
(July 3 -
to midd 28). This
August fee for homestay private hom partner, pleas
of £3 (inclu
e acco
and even
e infor
ing meal
d Februa ry

No August week only ay Satur is
day. Canc included in the ding VAT) mmodation, BEETm us at least 6 Monday to Frida W T
(July 3 -
Do you M T

General English University Entrance Core programme the Options have

condition any medical
No No prefe
room £30 Xmas week’s
notice is ellation above rates per week acts week
in the low as an agent s before the start full board at
y, and
5 6

24 ion Fee
Special lement not given or M T 3 3 4
, compensachange of acco . (b) Homestay
1 2
Programme 4. (a) 1 2 13 14
requests s (e.g. aller No prefe season, on of the
ay Supp £5 (inclu behalf of the studeyour course.
11 12

| Registrat
Student 8 9 10
20 lessons Programme rence mmo and priva 8 9 10 21
Please spec Yes gies)? If yes, plea Year Holid rson notified House Accommo tion equa £75 6 7 19 20
Cost/pe l to one dation must be ding In 4 5 17 18
• Speaking and Pronunciation Practice • IELTS Preparation te hom 17
and New e accommo VAT) per week nt. NOTE: We 15 16 15 16 28
ify se spec to 13 14 26 27
from the the school at week’s
available to all No dation accommo notified to the
11 12 24 24 25
ify Christmas in the charge 22 23 22 23
least six is from 1600 dation are 20 21
1 subject date paid from high season 18 19 31
dation is scho 29 30
administra of notice. weeks in hours on payable. ol at least one 27 28
• Reading, Writing and Listening Skills • Pre-Masters students ve Hom
estay £195/wee
a deposit tion fee of £10
In locat
ing and advance. If less
than six 1100 hours on
week in midday
advance. Saturday lme nt
25 26

on enro
Executi of £100 (including S
week If one F S
once only
damage per perso student Satur
+ 8 lessons on VAT) per W T
is house acco s’ notice is given day. Cancellati M T 3 4
5 | Paym one perso verifiably attrib n is payable in week is charg Payable
March S 1 2
) rson ed. This mmodation BEET , the school will on or curtailmen
F S 9 10 11
ent  Detail (all year students n is invol utable to the scho
ol on is M T 5 6
5 6
7 8 18

Core programme the Options Single room

ved, the one perso inclu retain rent t must be
acts 3 4 16 17
s dence are asked cost will n and wilfuthe first day of ded in the abov as an agent 1 2 13 14 14 15

Normally 4
12 13
on beha paid for six
11 12 25
1 23 24
28 Through ering Resi to auth be the cours 8 9 10 21 22
orise credi shared equa lly cause e
e. This will rates. (b) For stude lf of the studeweeks
19 20 19 20
an agen
 Self-Cat £100 w s. lly. d, the mm e) 15 16
17 18 28 28 29

20 lessons Programme form to cy: t card paym 26 27

e is 18 year
This does cost
t House
26 27
4b belo
ns Progra
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Language Centre
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| Gener cialised Engl e Fees/we
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• Tourism, Hotel & Hospitality n

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Please comp e card: Deposit fees
course, are payable at
in cash. damage. than
  with Spe nd Extra
 Intensiv May M T
3 4
5 6

• Cambridge: PET, FCE, CAE and CPE

S 1 2
Ideally, F S 12 13
school enrol lete the W T
enrolment will send you ment form to following total fees least 30 ensive a M T 1 2 9 10 11
k s/week
7 8
• Business
Please debi on) are paya days befor Main, Int s £199 18 19
section: (low seas £110/wee Lesson
16 17
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ish 15 hour
7 8
instruction and either an ble imm e 14 15 27
ediately. the start of the
5 6 25 26
• Business English Certificates s or a recei invoice and of your
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the follo t my course fees
wing card Single room
start on is closed on Engli course. Code ns Gene
ral Engl s 3 4
10 11
12 13
14 15
21 22
23 24

• Media credit 23
pt paym from 28) January Where 20 lesso ures 2 hour
21 22 28 29
c Total or charge card. if you have paid ent sh Publi 19 20
Visa account: August k 3, 2011 registratio
Course ing Lect
17 18 30
(July 4 - c Holidays: s 28 29
payment by £86/wee 3. Neith
er the scho
. April n is made
B + 2 Even ish 15 hour s £224 24 25
26 27
before the of fees shou
Eurocard Masterca Single room factors ol nor its
2, 5, May
3 and 31,
less than
30 days ral Engl e 3 hour 31
days befor start of the cours be made at least rd ns Gene
20 lesso Options Programm
outside before
their contrrepresentatives
Card Num American on)** k
August the start Main W T
e the e. 30 days Diners Club (low seas £93/wee 4. Neith 30 and s M T 1
start of If you enrol ber: ol. Refun are of the ns
ures 2 hour
Express for two July
double ds cann liable for loss + 4 lesso
d Paym immediately. the course, total less than 30 weeks from 8
Twin or caused, Lang ot be made of tuitio A ing Lect s M T
3 4 4 5
6 7
ent can fees are 28)** except uage Centre nor under any n or other servi
r 20. New + 2 Even ish 15 hour s £243 1 2 2 3
12 13
14 15
i Bank be by: August course wher
cancellati e such liabil its representa e ral Engl e 6 hour
9 10 11 9 10 11 22
(July 4 - of these ces courses 7 8 20 21
er’s draft circumsta due to public Intensiv ns Gene 5 6 18 19
Expiry Date 20 lesso Options Programm
16 17
double ity is statu tives 16 17 27 28

IELTS Preparation
, made on or curta 14 15
Centre”, tory. Stud are liable for
| General English Twin or
25 26

| University Entrance
5. Canc nces. disturban 12 13 25
paya : ilment. ns s 23 24 23 24
ii Bank in pounds sterli ble to “BEET Cardhold ellation ents are any ce, indu + 8 lesso ures 2 hour 19 20
21 22
advised loss, damage,
30 31 30 31
-to-b ng. Language er nam than 4 week must be notifi strial actio
ing Lect 28 29
38 Blue ank transfer, to
26 27
e: as show e. to take illness, n or AA + 2 Even
Boar the hous e. the unde s before the ed in writing to out perso or injur
Lloyds TSB, n on card ents in ents in the hous
Sort Code Row, Salisbury y to perso
Extra Inte
rstanding cours the nal insur Octobe S
PO Box : to 3 stud before that the e starts, 4 week school at least ance to ns or prop F S
estay: 1
Centre”. 30-97-41, accou SP1 1DB, Engla 22, 3 stud les etc. the cover these erty, ber M T 1 2
Signature * Hom Home: more than ied coup Reduced end of the spec student will rema s’ fees or a pro-r 4 weeks befor
Available: All year
risks and however
Swift Code nt “BEET nd. F S 8 9 10
Account :
numbers: LOYDGB21063
Language Address: :
Private ds, marr fees as ified cours in ata e the start also M T
3 4
5 6 7
for frien unless the applied e period, for the dura equiv alent will of the cours to cove 1 2 4 5 15 16
s are only
Pounds to tion of r 11 12 13 14
be recal circumstances the Internatio fees are be 8 9 10 11 12 24

Levels: Lower Intermediate e. 22 23

IBAN Num ng: 2823988, ed room culated are excep nal Acad not refun the course as charged. Acce For cancellati 6 7 17 18
18 19
20 21 31
** Shar dable. specified. ptance ons recei 15 16 27 28
29 30

Speaking & Reading, Writing &

ber: no refun at the full emic Year 13 14 26
tional and 24 25
and IELTS Four weeks’ notic In the even of an enrolmen ved less
GB90 LOYD 22 23 25 26

US dolla ds weekly
then only for Cambridge then only 20 21
to Advanced rs:
IBAN Num 11127101,
Euros: 8602 GB14 LOYD
3097 4102
8239 88 SIGN &
DAT curtailmenat the discretion
Examinatio as applied to
n Courses
at the Preparatio
B, A and discretion of the n (24 and 34
e must t of
be given a student being made on
to curta
t is
dismissed ferred S
tart Da
tes  27 28
29 30

I have read E
Pronunciation Practice Listening Skills Pre
t the regis of the Mana AA cours Mana weeks) il a cours ur) ber
 Town To
Decem S
from 4
IBAN Num 9144,
3097 4111 Signature 6. Visas tration weeks befor es and 4 week ging Director. courses are not e. IMPO W T

ber: GB84 1271 01 accept the and : : In the fee and ging Director. e the cours s’ notice Should refundable RTANT: (includes 4 Novem
1 2
3 4
any irreco All a refund F S
LOYD 3097 expenses event that fees verable fees refunded e starts of curta W T 8 9 10
11 12

Available: All year be made M T

IELTS is now the standard requirement
Condition will be expenses will be unless the ilment will January 1 5 6 6 7 19
4186 0291 refunded. have been paid , fees will 3 4 17 18
s subje circu apply day 1 2 13 14 15 16
Cost 7. In will be
charged. ct to a 15% charg mstances are . There can be
13 14
11 12 26
of Enrolmen
t any Mon
prior to 24 25
exceptiona ay) 8 9 10 21 22 23
19 20
a visa appli 1, 29 ic holid 20 21
Available: All year Available: All year Upper Intermediate
t D D exceptiona
can star
17 18
Levels: for entry into a British university. e. In all 31
l circumsta
is a publ 15 16 29 30
cation whic cases of 26 27 27 28
Students when Monday
8. No
M M £105 fees are nces there h is subs cancellati l and 22 23
24 25

Y Y From refundable may be

students equently on or March 26 day, 29 30
Levels: Elementary Levels: Elementary to Advanced (DD MM
YY) Airport £115
9. Late
may be
in the case
of late-
under 17
years old
those fees
less any April 24
(or Tues
Heathrow 10. Any accepted or non-
arrival for in class irrecoverab
to Advanced to Advanced The result of the examination is Nortoft n
Airport £140
wilful dama
ge to scho
on all cours
es, but
a cours
le May 21, 28 m level: under the
All date
s highlight n
Road r One-w
ay te car. Whe 11. The ol, stude only by
the agree Minimu ry. This is level A2 rence (CEFR) and
last 5 indicate
Length: Max. 8 wks per level Length: Max. 8 wks per level The course divides into two main areas: determined by a points scheme. You Language Bournem Transfe to run transfer
by priva Airport
lly. London £30
above Note
s and Cond
nt hous
e, homestay ment with June 5, 12, 19,
Elementa Framework of
n within
the (above) is closed.
Centre ANTEED s for the cost of, thea cost will bePart-
one-way shared equa Central or priva the scho the scho
hours’ tuitio are STRONGLY
itions apply 31
outh BH8 t +44 (0)1 where te hom ol. 2, 9, 16, European
refunds, | Cambrid
ort July
Academic Writing, which focuses on should confirm with your chosen university are GUAR These are price about 40
to all stude
United 8PY 202 397 outh Airp nts regar
e property ents
equal to entary level stud Start Date.