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A Resolution Creating a Sanggunian Constitutional Commission

The Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo,

Having examined the current Sanggunian Constitution and its previous revisions in detail,
Realizing that the current Sanggunian Constitution is out-dated in form, structure, and content, particularly with regard to its
implementation vis--vis the Ateneo de Manila School of Arts and Sciences restructuring into the Loyola Schools,
Fully aware that there is a need for the Sanggunian to redefine its organizational structure while taking into account past and
possible future amendments,
Convinced that constitutional changes are needed in order for the Sanggunian to more effectively and more efficiently fulfill its
duties and responsibilities,
Recognizing the expediency of addressing this issue,
Be it resolved that the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral establishes a Constitutional Commission,
Whereby the commission shall count the following as its members:
1. One representative from among the Sanggunians Top Five officers,
2. A Year-School Representative to represent each of the Year Levels,
3. One representative from each of the sectoral councils,
4. A representative to speak for the Sanggunians Departments,
5. One magistrate from the Judicial Council, and
6. A commissioner from the Commission on Elections,
Whereby the commission shall elect a chairperson and establish a working structure to facilitate orderly proceedings,
Whereby the Commission shall conduct sufficient student consultations, forums and dialogues regarding revisions to the
Whereby the commission, taking into account the results of student consultations, shall be authorized to propose revisions to
the constitution considering all necessary changes while foreseeing future needs as well,
Whereby the commission shall be provided all relevant documents and assistance by all units of the Sanggunian,
Whereby the commission shall update the Central Board, through its chairperson, on the progress of the commission at every
Whereby the commission shall be expected to complete the revised constitution by the first official Central Board meeting in
January 2005,
Whereby the commission, in cooperation with the Sanggunian, shall present the revised constitution to the student body
through forums and discussions before the plebiscite to ratify the revisions,
Whereby the entire Sanggunian shall be tasked to lead the campaign for the passage of the proposed revisions to the
constitution during the next general Sanggunian elections, and
Whereby all the abovementioned shall take effect immediately after the passage of this resolution.