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Selection Criteria for the position

1. Demonstrated written and interpersonal skills including an ability to liaise

with a diverse group of clients using a variety of communication methods
(i.e. face-to-face, phone and email).

Responsible for engaging or communicating with students via Phone,

email, webinar (skype / go2meetings)

Drafted Invitation for Course Orientation & Induction letter sent out to

the students.
Drafted the templates for Course progress letters (Unsatisfactory
Course progress, Letter of Concern & Final Warning Intention to

Assisted the technical course writer in drafting the training material
( Assessment booklet, Participant Guide, Work books & TAS while
working as document administrators

2. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively in a team

based work environment with minimal supervision and maintaining

Always worked in a team & Contributed extensively to team work and

always displayed a willing and helpful manner when resolving,
analysing various discrepancies.
Able to work autonomously even being in a team environment with

minimal supervision.
Proved ability as a Team Leader when required.

3. Demonstrated ability to plan and manage time, meet deadlines and

resolve problems without minimal supervision including contributing to the
planning and organisation of events, projects, and meetings.

Attention to Detail & Time management Project: ASQA Audit RGIT

Australia, Duration: 4 Working Days

Conducted admin & Academic file audits for 130 students and ensuring

the compliance of the files as the standards

Analysing & reporting of unit Feed surveys of 285 students
Preparing files for presenting to the Auditor
At HIA, my previous employment it was project for rectification of the
training material after the RTO has gone through an ASQA Audit. The
contract for the project was for 4 months, I ensured deadlines were met

and successfully completed in the time given.

Organised events like orientation days & Open days in the current role
& also represented the organization at marketing and recruitment

4. Ability to effectively operate University software and operating systems,

for example TRIM, MS Office Suite, and Employee Self Services Online

Learned various student management systems (Ebecas, VetTrack, RTO

Manager, Moodle Learning management system, Library

Cataloguing software)
Well equipped with MS Office, Use it extensively for Reporting (Excel),
Analysis (Excel), templates (Word) Presentations (PPT) etc.

5. Knowledge of or the ability to acquire knowledge of university policies and


My Work experience gave me the ability & scope to deal with various
programmes in VET sector such as International students, Vet Fee help
Assistance, Skills Funding Program. I believe, if given chance can prove
my ability of quick learning & understanding of University policies &

Well aware of the ASQA & AQF standards.