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Bahay Kubo operates a waiting list and, as a matter

of policy, it gives priority to those in the Filipino

community in greater housing need. By greater
housing need we mean the following, in order of
n those who are homeless and in priority need but

for some reason cannot be helped by the Council,

n those who are homeless but do not fall under the

priority list of local authorities. This includes

couples without children, and single persons in
tied accommodation.

How to find us

Housing Association

Nearest Underground Station:

Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line)
Bahay Kubo Housing Association Limited
Ground Floor Unit 1.1 Broadband House
Broad Lane, London N15 4AG
T: 0208 801 1117

How to apply?

ny Filipinos in housing need can apply to Bahay

Kubo for housing. All you have to do is contact
us and fill in an application form.
We may have to visit and interview you and you may
have to provide references.
For more information about Bahay Kubo Housing
Association and the services we offer, please phone
or make an appointment to visit our office at:
Bahay Kubo Housing Association
1st Floor, Caxton House Community Centre
129 St. John's Way, London N19 3RQ
Tel/Fax: 020 7281 4477
Emma Bibal - Co-ordinator

If you are
Filipino and in
housing need...

If you are Filipino and in housing need...

BAHAY KUBO Housing Association was
established in 1989 in response to the housing
needs of many Filipinos living and working in
Britain. Our objective is to help Filipinos in Britain
gain access to quality, affordable housing to
help them lead fuller and more independent

n You receive relatively low income but are being asked

to pay too high a rent by your landlord and are

unable to qualify for housing benefit to cover this.
n You are presently living in tied accommodation or

accommodation provided by your employer and you

now want to live independently.
n You are presently negotiating to bring your family

from the Philippines for settlement in Britain but you

Are you homeless?

enerally, you are considered homeless if you are

in any of the following situations:

n You have nowhere to stay the night.

n You are being told to leave your present

do not have suitable accommodation for them.

Ordinarily, you cannot be considered homeless if you
currently have a mortgage or have an income that would
be sufficient to enable you to buy your own house.

Do you qualify for Council


accommodation and have no legal right to remain.

n You do not have access to your present

n You are being harassed by someone living in or

near your present accommodation.

n You have a place to stay but none for the people

who should normally live with you.

Apart from the above Bahay Kubo will also consider
that you are in housing need if:

he Council or local authority in your area may have a

duty to provide you with accommodation if you are
homeless and come under their list of priority need.
Generally, you will be in priority need if:
n You have children under 16 (18 if in full time


standard conditions.

Bahay Kubo can also give you advice on how to claim

housing benefit, as well as other social security
benefits such as income support and family credit. If
you want to get advice on other areas as well, for
example on your rights as an immigrant, migrant or
refugee, Bahay Kubo can refer you to other people or
agencies who may be able to help you.

If you do not qualify for Council


f you are homeless but do not come under the

Council's priority list e.g. you are here as a single
person or are a couple without children, or do not
suffer from any disability or mental ill health.
Bahay Kubo will try to help you by either of the
n provide you with shortlife accommodation if there

is a vacancy in any of the properties that Bahay

n You are pregnant (at any stage of pregnancy).
n You suffer from a clear disadvantage that makes it

difficult for you to find accommodation. This

n You are currently living in overcrowded and sub-

If you are homeless and come under the priority list

of the local authority in your area, Bahay Kubo may
be able to help you by giving you advice on your
rights or on how to approach your local Council for

includes people over retirement age as well as those

suffering from a physical disability or mental ill

Kubo manages, or
n nominate you to another housing association or

some other specialist agency which may be able to

provide you with housing whether temporary or