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Statement on the Decisions of the 10th Annual Meeting of Restoration Council of the Shan

State (RCSS)
January, 18, 2010, Loi Tai Leng, Headquarters

The 10th annual meeting of Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS) was held on
January15-18, 2010 at Loi Tai Leng, Headquarters, Shan State, which was attended by
Advisory Board, Central Executive Committee, Headquarters Executive Committee, members
of Headquarters Committee, regional commanders, brigade commanders, heads of
departments and the responsible officers who reported the tasks made within one year’s time.

The agreement and decision made during the meeting:

1. The objectives of Restoration Council of the Shan State

1.1. To restore the rights of the Shan State.

1.2. To promote peace and living conditions of the people of the Shan State.
1.3 To solve the political conflict with any political organization through
political means.

2. Policy of RCSS
2.1. To make the people of Shan State understand the policies and objectives of
RCSS and uplift the Four Noble Principles, the Nation, the State, the Social
Culture and the Religion.
2.2. To make the people of Shan State understand about the oppression and
brutality made by the Burmese army to the people of the Shan State.
2.3. To cooperate with the alliance and help one another.
2.4. To enter the discussion with each and every political organization in Burma.
2.5. To run the organization and govern the country through parliament
2.6. To implement the Six Policies step by step.
2.7. To make the neighboring countries, Thailand, China and Lao know about the
policy and objectives of RCSS and the oppression and the human rights
abuses caused by the Burmese army in Shan State.
2.8. To cooperate with the Thailand, China, Laos and the world community in
narcotic drugs eradication in Golden Triangle area:

2.8.1. To work for the unity of all the ethnics and the understanding of the
danger of narcotic drugs

2.82. To promote the living condition of our people, support them with
other crops to substitute for poppy cultivation and create markets for
the crops to be sold
2.8.3. To solve the problems with the invading Burmese army who violates
the human rights of Shan State people, by discussion, peaceful
means. The military means will be the final option.

2.8.4. To prevent the trading of narcotic drugs both inside and outside of
the Shan State through the international law in cooperation with the
world communities.

2.9. The Burmese army is regarded as the army for the Burmese people only and
not the army of the Union.

2.10. Those who commit treason and aid in the disintegration of our nation are
designated as our enemy.
2.11. Those who subscribe and endorse our policy and objectives and also share
RCSS’ enemy as theirs, are regarded as our allies.
2.12. To establish the reliable army for the people of the Shan State.
2.13. To maintain the forest and protect the environment.
2.14. To provide better education for the youth of the Shan State.
2.15. To provide better health care for the people of the Shan State.

Central Executive Committee

Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS)