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Test Description
Click on Sign up/Login link on Home page.

Enter Email id and password in the log in page.

Expected Result
Login page will open with two sections: Create Your Account and Registered Customers.
The registered customer section should contain the following details at RHS of the page
a. Email ID (Text box)
b. Password ( Text box) with encrypted format.
c. Forget password link.
d. Remember me. ( Check box)
e. Login button.
Password should be in encrypted format.
Email field should allow accepted format of emails only or else throw an error message.
The Remember me check box should be by default unchecked for new user.
The Email id will be auto display for the existing users, if the user checked the remember me option earlier.

The create you account section should contains the following details at LHS side of the page.
a. First name.(Text box- mandatory field)
b. Last name. (Text box- mandatory field)
c. Email id. (Text box)
d. Mobile no(Optional)
e. Password (Text box- mandatory field)
f. Confirm password (Text box- mandatory field)
g. Signup for Newsletter check box.
h. Generate OTP
i. Create Account button

a. All fields are mandatory(*). There should be an error message if any field left blank.
b. Password and confirm password should be in encrypted format.
c. Error message should display if password and confirm password data not match.
d. Validation check on password length and characters should be met.
e. Email field should allow accepted format of emails only or else throw an error message.
f. Mobile number should accept only digits or else throw an error message.
g. First name and Last name should accepts characters only or else throw an error message.
h. By default the "Sing Up for Newsletter" check box should be unchecked.
i. Once the user clicks the "Generate OTP" button an OTP number will send as SMS to his given mobile number.
j. "Thank you,OTP number has been sent to your registered mobile number Via SMS" message should displayed once th
click the "generate OTP" button.
k. If user enter the wrong OTP number in the OTP number box then " Entered OTP number is not valid, Please try again"
message should display.
l. There should be an error message if user click the "create account" button with invalid data.
m. After creation of successful account one thank you message will open and the user should navigate to the home pag
error message will display and the create account page will remain exists.
n. After successful creation of user account, One create account mail should be sent to the respected user's mail id with
you message.

If user enters valid email id and password it should redirect to the home page.
If user enters invalid email id and valid password it should show error message that "Please enter valid email id"

If user enters valid email id and invalid password it should show error message that "Please enter correct Password"

Create account page should be display if guest user clicks either your account, your order, your wish list, your purchase h

If the user clicks on the forgot password link a pop up widnow should open with having following features:1. Email address (Text box)
2. Send button
3. Back to Log In button.
4. Close icon in the rig
If the users enter email id and clicks on Send button
- if that Email id is in the database then "password sent to your email id
- If the Email id does not exist then it should show the error message likes this "The Email is not Found in our database"

The user will receive his/her username and last password.

If the user put invalid email id then it should show an error message like "Invalid email" or else the user can successfully

Actual Result

Pass/Fail/Not Tested Remarks