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1st Video: (Headlines)

1. Tomas Osmena
2. Robbers took P1.3 million.
3. Taxi operators requested to suspend the implementation of the
issuance of receipts by taxi drivers to the passengers.
4. electricity consumers advised to ask a refund
2nd Video:
Anchor (male): consumers asked to demand a refund on the payments
of their electricity bills because 40% of the electricity charges is not
the actual cost of their electricity consumption.
Reporter(female): because of the refusal of the management of SPC
Power Corp formerly SalCon Power of to heed to the demand of the
rank and file employees union, the said overcharging was discovered.
According to Dr. Giovanni Tapang, President of the coalition of
Engineers and Scientist Agham, 40% of what the consumers are
paying in their electricity bill is not really their actual electricity
consumption but due to the ipp contract, ipira, and 12% VAT.
Included in the IPP is how much the employees should be receiving
within 15 year contract which is also the basis of the amount they
charge in the electricity bill. However, according to Tapang, the
management did not comply with terms of the employment contract
including its hiring of more than 354 employees of NPC thats is why it
is just right that the SPC should give a refund to its customers.
Tapang: (English)
Reporter: According to Tapang, in order to get a refund, the consumers
may: demand for an external audit, file a case before the energy
regulatory commission, go to court, or have a congressional house
Tapang: (Taglish)
Reporter: Its been more than a year since the negotiations between
management and union was terminated pursuant to their Collective
Bargaining Agreement. However, according to union president Dondon
Isso, the management has not yet complied with several provisions in
the CBA, like the the equal work, equal pay.
Union President: A very simple scenario to illustrate equal work, equal
pay. In your household, you buy bread for one child and you buy cake
for the other, the former will definitely complain of favoritism. So if
you have the same type of work, same amount of time worked, the pay
should not be different.

Reporter: This Friday, the result of the survey conducted by the union
among its members as to the course of action to be taken, will come
out. According to Isso, The survey has only 3 options. 1st, To end the
negotiation and accept the managements offer; 2nd, to declare a
deadlock in the negotiation; and 3rd, to continue with the negotiation
until a favorable agreement is reached.
Union President: (I cant really hear what this guy is saying here)
Reporter: According to Isso, he will follow the voice of the majority and
the decision of man is to declare a deadlock in the negotiations.