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Evaluation Activity 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop, or

challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (I.e. music videos)

1. This image shows the male artist playing the guitar at the beginning of the
song. This is accompanied by the instrumental which therefore showing a link
between the artist and the music. As the male artist we used was able to play
Photograph on the guitar already, the chords are also synchronised to the
2. This image typifies the way a record company would want an artist to be
represented as it portrays the male as a normal man, exaggerated with the
casual jumper, and also talented due to singing and playing the guitar
therefore suggesting he is relatable but also admired.
3. This shot of the dancers gives a clear representation of the romance and love
between the male and female which is stereotypical in love pop songs,
especially under the original artists style, Ed Sheeran.
4. The dancing segment of the video is typical to feature in most videos whether
it be romantic or street. Due to genre of the music video being romantic pop,
the dance used throughout the video is contemporary including close body
language between the male and female. This is also shown in Ed Sheeran
music video Thinking out Loud.

5. This shot clearly demonstrates the use of cameras throughout the video as
we realised that the conventions of a music video is mainly close ups and due
to the genre we believed that frequent close ups will be effective to show the
artists emotions. Additionally, the shot was hand held so we had to practice
and ensure that the shot was steady and there was no movement.
6. This shot shows our use of lighting in the video. We made the room pitch
black and only had a spotlight on our artist to further exaggerate his
importance and make the lyrics he is singing more meaningful. This is shown
through the dark background and light surrounding the guitar.
7. This shot of the male artist shows the mise en scene through the clothing of
the artist being casual and thus connects to the audience to the artist as he is
seen as an ordinary male. Additionally, the lighting of the shot portrays a
neutral and natural setting which is frequent in this genre.
8. This shot was an idea from Ed Sheerans music video of Thinking out Loud
where a male and female have a romantic dance and portray their love and
narrative through the dance. This is what we wanted to achieve when we
created our music video.
9. Before filming our music video, I frequently looked for live performances
which were intense and emotional to recreate for our music video. Ed
Sheerans music video for One is of Sheeran singing to an empty room and
therefore expresses his full emotion within the performance. This is what we
hoped to achieve when making a music video.

1. This is a shot from the music video One by Ed Sheeran, similar to our music
video, the beginning of the song has a guitar instrumental so therefore the
establishing shot is of Sheeran playing the guitar simultaneously to this piece.
2. This shot is from Taylor Swifts music video Mine. This typifies the way the
record label wants to portray the artist because she is seen as an attractive,
natural beauty which is reinforced through the repeated close up shots.
3. This shot also from the Mine music video reflects the genre of the romantic
country pop style of Swift as the narrative is about a teenager girl and boy
falling in love which is exaggerated through the body language of each
4. This shot of a romantic scene between a male and female is common in a
romantic country pop genre. The boat on a lake scene portrayed in this shot is
similar to the scene in the Notebook which is also extremely romantic.
5. The long shot of the two dancers in Ed Sheerans music video Thinking out
Loud shows good use of camera technique as the two dancers are perfectly
centralised to the side lights making them the focus of the shot and reinforces
their love as the main essence of the video.
6. This shot demonstrates a good use of lighting as the male and female
dancers are the focus of the shot and the lighting is exaggerating this by the
bright lighting which stereotypically used in romantic scenes to portray a
happy atmosphere.

7. This shot demonstrates mise en scene as the clothing and hairstyle of the
artist presents him as a casual, down to earth male which presents the
character of Sheeran. Additionally, the prop of the guitar links the artist with
the instrumental of the music.
8. This shot of the dance between the male and female dancers expresses the
romance and love between them and the narrative revolves around this
dance. We wanted to recreate this in our music video and used this idea as
inspiration for this.
9. This shot of the main artist in the One music video was used as inspiration
throughout our filming of our artist as it creates an identity of the artist yet
the lighting is also a focus which we believed would link well to the dance
sequence in our own video.