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I Know

My Sheep
Know Me

St. Rita of Cascia

A Catholic Faith Community Since 1908

April 26, 2015

SUNDAYS: Sat. 5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 10 am & 12 N
WEEKDAYS: Mon., Tues., Fri, and Sat. 8 am
(Wed. & Thurs. 8 am Communion Service)
HOLY DAYS: (eve of) 5:30 pm; (day of) 8 am & 6:30 pm

(Confession) Saturdays 4 - 5 pm or by appointment
Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Saturday 7:50 am
First Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm, Rectory Oratory

Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V.F.Pastor

Deacon Manuel Valencia Deacon John Hull
318 North Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre
Mailing Address: 50 East Alegria Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Phone: 626/355-1292 FAX: 626/355-2290


Parish Ministries and Organizations

How to Contact Us
Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V. F.Pastor
626.355.1292 x. 228
Dcn. Manuel & Chela Valencia 355.1292
Dcn. John 355.1292
Weekend Presider:
10 am MassFr. Chris Thiel, OFM Capuchin
Parish Office/Mailing Address
50 East Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:15 am to 6pm; Sat. 9 am to 1 pm.
Office Email:
Director of Administration
Mary Lou Butler: 355.1292

Pastoral Council
Parish Office: 355.1292

Finance Council Chair

Bill Sullivan: 355.3707

St. Rita SchoolOffice: 626.355.6114

Principal: Joanne Harabedian

Director of Liturgy & Music

Paul Puccinelli:

Liturgy & Worship

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers: David & Jill Muhs
Altar Servers, Youth: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Altar Servers, Adult: Bill Cosso 355.5656
Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302
Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Group: Susan Day 355-3835
Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary Fidone/Stephen Bollman
Sunday Masses: 7:30-Bill Cosso/David Banis;
10:00-David Muhs/Paula Garavaglia, Terri Eliassen;
12N-Bernie Grace
Weekdays: John Bigley
Porter: (Evening Church Lockup) Sheila Palazzolo
Environment: Denise Villalovos/Gil Lazo 355.1292

Ministries & Organizations

Bereavement Ministry: 355.1292
Christian Family: Ana Ptasinski 355.3146
Greeters & Ushers: Erny Henry 626.289.3504 626.327.9480
Mens Club: Dave Loera
New Members/Welcome: Contact the Parish Office
St. Rita Guild: Patty Sullivan 355.3707
Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan
Shawl Ministry: Mary Taillac 355.3179 Marilyn Delgatto 355.8717

Director of Religious Education

Other Contacts

Cristina Cullen: 355.1292

Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation

Theresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

Team: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia; and
Susan Blakeslee:

Archivist: Marilyn McKernan

Bulletin Submissions: or drop off at Office
Public Relations:
Registration Information: 355.1292
Webmaster: Ralph Seymour:

Let Saint Rita Be There For You . . .

Communion for Sick and Homebound Parishioners

St. Rita Eucharistic Ministers provide Communion home visits. Contact the Parish Office 355.1292 or Jill Muhs 355.9810

Anointing of the Sick

Please notify us (355.1292) for the Anointing of the Sick, the sacrament intended for the seriously ill or dying and Our Lords special presence
and companionship in serious time of need. Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere and as often as once a month.
If someone should die without anointing, remember that the desire to receive is sufficient.

If You Should Experience the Loss of a Loved One Please call us at 355.1292

If you feel you will be in need, or your loved one has passed, we will assist in making arrangements with your chosen funeral director; refer you
to our Bereavement Ministry and Music Ministry; and offer you helpful guidelines that will aid in the selection of readings for a Mass or
Memorial Service. We know this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is there for you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND we
only have one resident priest; sometimes arrangements for another priest may be needed.

For Information about the Sacraments

BaptismPlease contact the Parish Office for further information on the Baptism process and requirements.
Reconciliation and First EucharistPreparation for children who have attained the age of reason (usually during 2nd grade) is
arranged either through the Office of Religious Education or St. Rita Elementary School.

MatrimonyContact the Parish Office upon engagement; at least six months is needed for preparation of this joyous sacrament!
ConfirmationA two-year program for freshman/sophomore age teens. Apply through the Office of Youth Ministry.





Dear Parishioners and Visitors,

The Risen Life

SUNDAY and the Good Shepherd
declares that he lays down his life on
his own and that I have the

power to lay it down and the

power to take it up again. We

do not often consider these words

and this claim made by the Good
Shepherd; rather we are drawn more
to the pastoral image of his tending
the flock, carrying the strayed lamb on
his shoulders and returning it to the
flock, and seeking out the lost sheep.
And yet it is ultimately the Good
Shepherds power to lay down life and
take it up again that really counts the
most and gives meaning to all else that
he does as a good shepherd. The
laying down and taking up again is his
power to promise us and give to us
the risen life.
Remember that the easy formula for
living the risen life is simply to have
enough faith and enough hope to
meet the challenges of the day
with enough love. Jesus himself
used that formula to complete his
mission of redemption. He had
enough faith for the cross, enough

hope to endure it, and enough love

to die.
Having acknowledged that it always
has been and always will be all about
Jesus resurrection, then it is more
than worthwhile that we consider
the qualities of his good
shepherding. Number one, he risks
his own life freely to protect his
flock and without counting the cost.
This is truly an amazing self-giving
for the sake of others that flows
from pure generosity of heart. Can
we recall the last time we did
something of an unselfish nature
out of pure generosity of heart?
Something for the neighbor, the
spouse, the kids, anybody?
The Good Shepherd knows his own
and they know him. Thats how
connected he is to those whom he
serves. This is a hard one for me. I
cant even remember the names of
all of the altar servers when I want
to, let alone 1200 families. Yet I
know how good I feel when
someone recognizes me and says my
name without hesitation; of course
that just embarrasses me all the

more when I cant recall his or her

name. [Lord, help me with this one! Its
really important to the flock and Im
terrible at it. Oh yes, help me with
remembering appointments and events,
while youre at it.]
All of us were baptized into Jesus
Christ, priest, prophet and servant
king; that means we were baptized
(and confirmed) into the life and
identity of the Good Shepherd.
Today let us seek the Easter Season
blessing and grace of being good
shepherds in whatever life situation
God might place us. We cannot be
sure of what comes tomorrow for
each of uswhat might be required
of usbut let us pray that we will
bring to today and tomorrow the
generous heart of the Good
Shepherda heart that gives freely,
not counting the cost, a heart that
desires to know and make real
connection, a heart that protects
from the wolves that scatter. We
can do this! Not all by ourselves,
but with the help of the one who
shepherds us stillthe one who has
power to lay down life and the
power to take it up again.

Msgr. Richard



8:00 AM Luisa Claro RIP

5:30 PM For All Parishioners


7:30 AM Hannah Nolan RIP

10:00 AM Madeline Franco RIP
12 NOON Robert Behrens RIP


8:00 AM John Sweeney RIP


8:00 AM Noreen Kozak RIP

8:00 AM

Communion Service

8:00 AM

Communion Service

8:00 AM

Larry Twedell RIP



8:00 AM Lawrence Breslin RIP

5:30 PM Joan Rita French RIP


7:30 AM For All Parishioners

10:00 AM Jack Heany RIP
12 NOON Esther Sulli RIP

TuesdaySt. Peter Chanel;
St. Louis Grignion de Montfort
WednesdaySt. Catherine of Siena
ThursdaySt. Pius V
SaturdaySt. Joseph the Worker
SaturdaySt. Athanasius

First ReadingThere is no salvation
through anyone else (Acts 4:8-12).
PsalmThe stone rejected by the
builders has become the cornerstone
(Psalm 118).
Second ReadingSee what love the
Father has bestowed on us that we may
be called the children of God
(1 John 3:1-2).
GospelThe good shepherd lays down
his life for the sheep (John 10:11-18).

This Sunday


Celia Merritt, Garvin Stanislawski, Gary
Inocente, Ethan Sandoval, Adam Throop,
Janet Watson-Contreras, Barbara Jean
Wood, Arthur Little, Ernest Kopka, Vera
Delgatto, JF Mahoney, Kelly Solomon,
Linda Theriault, Heather Hagan, Mike
Wolf, Jean Wood, Jos Colayco, Mario de
la Torre, Barbara Vanni, Freya Sheasby
Bailey, Anna Schube, Aubrey Randolph,
Joseph Malvin, Randy Graff, Toni
Navarro, Susan Watson, Juanito &
Marilou Pe, Margaret Duran, Guia
Canizales, Anne Frealy, Eva Shammon,
Margie Schubert, Mary Zuckerburg, Emily
Young, JoAnn Douglass, Mary McColl,
Evelyn Tres, Barbara Hester, Gerald
Drean, Charlotte Bollman Fuchs,
Raymond Payne, Peter Delgatto, Jr.,
Montserrat Marti, Jordan Alabart, Susan
Skousen, Brooke Manning, Arthur
Contreras, Jr., Robert Quinonez, Jean
Mansour, Jacob Bigley, Maria Carmen
Marti, Clare Marquardt, Kathleen Ramsey,
Tonyja Blakeslee, Addie Marshall, Jackie
Bagnuolo, Mary Ellen Isoard, Rose Mary
Taquino, Paul Viger, Hal Finney, Ailey
Gardner-Ybarra, Eva Bernejo, Edith Olah,
Fred Mycroft, Joseph Moore.

Willard Bochte

Long-time parishioner

Are You Being Called

to Be a Deacon?
The Diaconate Formation Office is
hosting an information meeting for all
men interested in finding out more
about becoming a permanent deacon
in the Archdiocese. Members of the
Office will be present to explain the
role of the deacon in the Church; to
explain the Diaconate Formation
Program; and to answer any questions
that participants might have. Men
must be between the ages of 30 and
60 years to enter the formation
program. It is important for married
men to attend with their wives. The
next information meeting is
Sunday, May 31, from 2 until 4 pm
St. Raphael Church
5444 Hollister, Santa Barbara 93111

For further information, please

contact Mrs. Claudia Ortiz

Diaconate Formation Office


They are rich enough who

are poor in Christ.
St. Jerome

Would you like to know more about your Catholic Faith?

Would you like to be better trained to serve as a Liturgical Minister?
Would you like to become a Certified Catechist with the
California Catholic Conference of Bishops?
The Office of Religious Education and the Office for Worship of the
Archdiocese of Los Angeles invite you to attend a Basic Ministry Formation
and Specialization Center which will be held at Azusa Pacific University and
St. Francis of Rome Catholic Church. Classes will be held on Wednesdays
and Saturdays, beginning Wednesday, May 13.
Online registration and information can be found at
Or contact the Regional Office at 626/960-9344


Youth Ministry
EDGE Middle School Ministry
Monday, April 27, 4-5:15 pm, Gara
Next Youth Nite
Wed., May 13, 7-8:30 pm, OMalley
Theresa Costanzo

Religious Education
Classes for 1st-5th Graders

Monday, April 27, 4-5:15 pm, Gara

Preschool Sunday School

During the 10 am Mass for children

ages 3-5. Above Gara Hall in the
Pre-K Classroom. No registration is
Cristina Cullen

Young Adult Ministry

This new group is in the formation
process. Be involved in the planning
and fun! Open to all St. Rita young
adults (ages 18-35) and friends, both
single and married.
Priya Tharayil

St. Rita School

Register for Raider Adventure
Camp 2015

June 15 thru July 31

Open to: school-age children, TK (4

years of age as of March 2015)
through 6th grade. The Adventure
Camp is 7 weeks of summer fun!
Campers break into small groups by
grade level for hands-on learning
experiences. Summer homework can
be brought to Camp and we will
work with your child.
Register for Sports Camp

June 15 thru July 24

4th thru 8th gradesall schools

welcome. A perfect Camp for the
beginner as well as the experienced
athlete that wants to perfect their
For more information on either of
the above summer programs, please
contact the School Office or visit our
School Office (626) 355-6114

Together in Mission (TIM)

Annual Appeal2015

Mothers Day
Spiritual Bouquet Cards
Watch the
Vestibule for a
supply of these
special cards for
your motheror
any mother. The 10 am Mass on
Mothers Day, May 10, will be
celebrated for the intention of all

Knit for Kids

Letter received from World Vision
Thank you for the beautiful
handmade items you made for
children in our country and around
the world. We received your
wonderful gift and appreciate all the
love and effort that went into the
sweaters you made. Our most recent
shipments have gone to Central
African Republic, Lesotho, Rwanda,
New York, and the Pacific
Northwest. Thank you for
supporting the Knit for Kids
Want to know more about our St. Rita
group? Give us a call.
Julie Savage 355-4472
Ana Ptasinksi 355-3146

TIM is unique in that all donations

are used only for the support of

parishes and parish schools. Your

Bulletin Submissions
Articles are due by Thursday, 10 days
in advance of publication weekend
desired. Be sure to send pictures (jpeg
format) from your events also! You
may submit your information either to
the Parish Office or send to

Questions? Please contact

Rosemary Hagerott 355-1292 x226

tax-deductible gift will help keep the

Catholic faith flourishing in our

Child Abuse
Prevention Month

St. Ritas assessed goal this year is

$59,200. Will you help us increase our
parish family participation percentage
(only 19%) from last year? Please
consider making a donation of $25 or
more. TIM envelopes are available in
the Vestibule.

The Archdiocese of Los

Angeles remains
committed to helping
survivors and their families heal and
find peace. If you believe you or
someone you know is a victim of
sexual abuse by a Church employee or
volunteer, please call the Victim
Assistance Coordinator,

It is not how much you give,

but that you give.

Suzanne Healy 213/637-7650


This Week at St. Rita

Hospitality after all the Sunday Masses
This week sponsored by: St. Rita Boy Scouts

This Sunday, April 26Confirmation

5:30 pm In the Church All are welcome
See Page 7 for names of the Confirmandi.

Monday, April 27Baptism Preparation Class

In the Parish Office 7-8 pm For May 3 Baptisms
Please call the Parish Office (355-1292) to register in advance.

Thursday, April 30Liturgy of the Hours

Evening Prayer
5 pm Meditation 5:30 Prayers In the Parish Office Oratory
Friday, May 1First Friday Adoration
After the 8 am Mass until 5 pm.
In the Parish Office Oratory.

Saturday, May 2First Holy Communion

For children attending St. Rita School.
10 am In the Church

Save the Date

Capital Campaign
In last weeks Bulletin, we looked at our call to be good
stewards by discerning what God is calling us to do. This
week, we received the following letter from a parish family.
It is a great example of discernment and responding to the
call to be good stewards.
We have been married parishioners at St. Rita for 10 years and my
wife has been a part of St. Rita for 34 years. St. Rita is a
cornerstone in our life, a centering force that we visit several times a
week. Between Mass, Religious Education and Community events,
St. Rita has been the guiding focus for us for the past 10 years. We
were married here, baptized our children here, and I have little doubt
I will be spending the rest of my time on earth coming to this place I
call my spiritual home.
We have discerned what we could give to our parish. Since we recently
moved, it seemed daunting to give to another cause. But I know how
generous God has been with our family, so I knew we needed to make
sure we made St. Rita a large focus of our weekly and monthly life.
We are committing to give $___ (left blank for privacy) over the next
3 years. Our hope is that this is merely a jumping off point and we
can increase this, but we wanted to make sure we gave something to
budget and hopefully it will increase from here.
I pray as our finances settle, we can focus more of our financial
attention on things that matter to us and be able to increase this
amount. Until then, know that we are devoted to making this parish
sustainable, welcoming and ready for the generations to come who will
call St. Rita their spiritual home.
The letter was signed by each member of the family.
Note: Names and amounts have been omitted to honor their anonymity.

Sunday, May 3Baptism

In the Church 1:30 pm Deacon Manuel


Sunday, May 17Grief Support Group

A newly offered 6-week program here at St. Rita.

More details in next weeks Bulletin.

Saturday, June 13Summer Luncheon

Sponsored by the St. Rita Senior Ministry and open to all.
Guest Speaker: A representative from the Sierra Madre Police
Department will speak about fraud, scams, safety,
Neighborhood Watch, and more.
Further details in future Bulletins.

Wednesday, April 29Fingerprinting. All Souls Church, 1500 W.

Main, Alhambra 91801. 12 pm - 3:40 pm & 5:00 pm - 7:20 pm

For appointment: 626/281-0466

Saturday, May 2Mass with Healing Service. Rev. Bill Delaney, SJ,
celebrant. Mass at 9 am at St. Luke Catholic Church, 945 Broadway,
Temple City. Plenty of parking and disabled facilities available.
Saturday, May 9Alumni Dance. For alumni, friends, and families of
Cantwell High School and Sacred Heart of Mary. From 7:30 pm until 12
am. Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School Cafeteria, 329 N.
Garfield Montebello. 90640. Information/tickets: 323/887-2066 x515
June & July Summer CampsFamily Camps & Girls Camp.
Sacred Heart Retreat Camp, Big Bear Lake. Your donations to help send
needy children to camp are also requested.

For information:



Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2015 at St. Rita for their

faithfulness and commitment during two years of preparation to
receive this Sacrament. Thank you to their parents, the Youth Ministry
Team, our Pastor, the sponsors, and all those who helped support and
guide them.
Sarah Elizabeth Adams
Joshua John Paul Aguilar
Cesar Martin Arroyo
Sarah Joan Bacio
Gabriel Dymphna Bernardi
Kathleen Kathleen Brady
Sophia Wisdom Calabretta
Aisa Kateri Castro
Sophia Balthasar Cimino
Wyatt Paul Cimino
Jonathan Vincent Clarizio
Nicholas Francis Conti
Sara Theresa Cotto

Ethan Vincent Cruz

Christopher Christopher De La Mora
Michelle Sebastian Encinas
Sean Patrick Eustace
Steven James Froio
Rachel Mary Gonzalez
Alex Patrick Gruber
Owen Thomas Hart
Trevor Anthony Houck
Catherine Bernadette Johnson
Emily Maria Johnson
Harrison Paul MacDonald
Madeline Catherine Martinez

Caitlin Christina Mispagel

Nicole Christina Monk
Sarah Cecilia Moore
Daniel Daniel Mora
Daniel William Navarette
Natalie Emma O'Brien
Matthew Maximilian Patterson
Sarah Iluminata Perret
Phoeby Lucy Poplar
Thomas John Radle
Jacob Titus Rose
Ryan Barsanuphius Sparks
Dylan Cornelius Stover

Congratulations to the following adults who attended RCIA for 9 months in preparation for Confirmation.
Jan Francis of Assisi Drenthe
Paul Anthony Hanson

Andew Heller
Kristin Mary Di Rosa McNeal

Christopher Miller
Michael Joseph Ochniak