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Inspire Consciousness

Excerpts from Adamus channels at the
Kauai Mystery School, March 2011

Adamus Saint-Germain
channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe
assisted by Linda Hoppe

2011 Geoffrey Hoppe

Golden, Colorado. All rights reserved.
Do not duplicate, copy or distribute without written permission from the
copyright owner.
AdamusTM is a trademark of Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, Colorado USA
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Adamus on Japan

This earthquake in Japan, whats that about? I ask you in the highest form of
compassion to feel the true value of what is happening. Theres a loss of life and a
loss of property, but ultimately nothing dies. Ultimately, all property goes back to
its original energy. So go beyond.
First of all, please dont feel a responsibility that you have to feel bad. Some of
you think that in order to be good humans beings, you have to feel traumatized by
these events or you have to feel bad. Not necessarily. I invite you to feel into it, but
that doesnt necessarily mean just sorrow. Feel into whats really happening. Yes,
obviously, many souls crossing over to our side, but they are being met by those
who are trained to work with those crossing over, by family members, loved ones,
angelic beings. Allow yourself to feel into the entire energy of whats happening.
There will continue to be these types of nature events storms, hurricanes,
earthquakes over the next couple of years. Everyone knows it. When this event
happened, it was releasing a tremendous amount of energy was released Old
Energy. The tsunami was a tremendous amount of energy going from Japan all the
way to the United States, up and down the entire coast, and of course, coming right
through here another Lemurian center. The energy is still right here. The energy
from the earthquake is still in the area of Japan and actually all over the world, but
particularly focused there. The energies are still waiting and still available.
The question is what do you do with them? Do you heal them? Do you process
them? No. Bless them and release them, because some of these energies are you.

Adamus on Japan

Some of them are from other beings, but they are going to be attracted to you for
release, for transmutation, for return back to their natural energy state.
As you bless these energies and invite them to be released, to transmute, it puts them
back into this field of energy, but in a little bit different way. Its now becoming a
different energy field, a different reservoir, much more accessible and much more
prone to bring in the elements of New Energy with it.
Everything is energy
Some of you are already concerned about radioactive fallout from this reactor in
Japan. Some of you are already wondering what to do. Dear friends, you breathe
it in. Breathe it in, its just energy. They want to tell you its toxic and its going to
kill you; its got all of these dynamics to it. Its just energy. It really is. Some of you
are worried if these emissions are going to get in the air and the water. See, youre
already setting up a very interesting experience. You can actually just breathe it in.
You can convert anything or transmute it back into its pure energy state.
What Happened?
Many of you have asked questions about Japan. Whats happened there? Whats
going on? Good question, and there are many, many different layers and levels to
this. First of all, it is not punishment from God. Oh, youll hear it, and you might
even laugh, but you know, I would say about 50 percent of the Earths population
believes that right now, that this is some sort of divine punishment or divine
intervention. Why? Because humans do bad things. Why? Because of all of these
reasons God would punish the humans. Its not.
Actually, whats happening is an experience of mass consciousness evolution. Its
been prophesized for thousands and thousands of years, and now youre in the
middle of that experience. Youre right in the middle of it. Earth, humans, are right
in the middle of it.
There are large shifts that are occurring right now. There was a call from humans,
but also from all of the angelic realms, for this shift. Its been asked for, prayed
for, demanded, for a long time. So this shift is occurring, and there are many,
many different layers of this shift. Gaia gently, slowly leaving, humans opening
up and expanding.

Adamus on Japan

The shift thats occurring reaches far out into the galactic realms. Its not just about
whats happening on this little planet right now. Its affecting other life forms, other
beings, your spiritual families. It wasnt just an earthquake on Earth. It had its
effects throughout the cosmos.
New Potentials
An incident like the earthquake and the tsunamis in Japan certainly brought global
attention. And actually, in a wonderful way, in many cases brought out the best of
humans. They dont necessarily publish this in the newspapers or on television,
because its not dramatic enough. But feeling into it and looking into it, we see tens
of thousands, hundreds of thousands, actually, of stories of humans helping each
other; stories of humans actually stopping for a moment and wondering about life,
wondering what they truly treasure in life.
So with the potential that you put out, maybe, just maybe other humans will start
embracing that the potential for graceful changes, beautiful changes or maybe
not. With your own life, with your own adventure into this, you dont have to put
yourself in harms way. You dont have to have a negative impact on your life.
You dont have to have it destroy your property, take your life, not at all. You can
be in the experience of it, right in the middle of it, like many of you were the other
night here, right in the middle of a huge energy wave. Im not talking about the
physical ocean, but the energy wave that came through. It doesnt have to burn out
your Body of Consciousness. It doesnt have to throw you out of balance. Those of
you who were here actually breathed it in, brought it into your lives, a tremendous
amount of energy thats serving you right now.
QUESTION: Okay, whats happening in Japan is on a shift, in a much broader
perspective, intergalactic almost, and yet, it did happen in a specific location in
Japan. Why? And what is the role of us Japanese Shaumbra who are living there?
ADAMUS: Good question. So the event did occur and it affected Japan. It wasnt a
punishment. Thats the important thing, because is this right now, this huge swing
or this huge belief amongst the Japanese that they had done something wrong, that
some karma or there is some negative divine reason for itthere wasnt. There was
a lot of stuck energies there, but they arent necessarily even from contemporary
Japan. They go way, way back. It just happens to be there.
The benefit, I guess you could say, the outcome of this is the Japanese people, as you

Adamus on Japan

know, are extremely resourceful. They are going to rebuild a new model for society.
They are going to rebuild very quickly. Other nations, had they been hit with this
type of catastrophe, would not be able to rebuild. So there are a lot of issues that are
coming up right now. How do we rebuild society? Its a big consciousness question
right now. Japanese Shaumbra who are there, just by being there add a potential that
will be considered. So you add your consciousness to that.
It would be amazing to watch the changes that take place in Japan, and my feeling
is these ultimately are not going to be based on fear and drama. It will be based on
spirit and human compassion and good common sense.
It brings up a bigger issue, and obviously these things are symbolic and synchronistic,
but now you have a worldwide issue about power once again. So when these things
hit, it tends to hit a weak link in the chain, not geographically but from an issue
standpoint. What is this world going to do about energy? Were shifting into a
New Energy era. The Old Energies just dont work anymore. So theres going to
be a concerted effort to do things like wind energy and solar, but those are not
going to solve humanitys issues. Its going to be New Energy sources that weve
been talking about for a while. Its going to be light energy, finally, with scientists
learning how to work with it and a variety of other things.
So the big issue, the big aftermath of this, of course, is going to be energy. So what
you can do is just be there. Radiate your light there. Add to the potentials.

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