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Constitution and Homoeopathy

- BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory
There is nothing more significant to a patient's deep nature than a particular
cough (Charles Dickens).
This is to say how important it is for the homeopath to have a good ear for
By tickling in root of throat, teasing cough
-- agg. by inspiring the least cold air; agg. at night; preventing sleep :
3 granules, as needed : RUMEX 4C
-- amel. by drinking cold water; agg. by bed warmth; sore hoarseness :
3 granules, as needed : CAUSTICUM 4C
Extremely teasing; when the coryza stops; frontal sinusitis
3 granules, as needed : STICTA PULMONARIA 4C

Cough Homeopathy

Extremely dry and painful

-- agg. by the least movement; extremely dry and thirsty :
3 granules, as needed : BRYONIA 4C
-- chest burning; exhaustion, pneumonia; hemoptysis :
3 granules, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 5C
Painful hoarseness; suffocation
-- before midnight; high fever without sweat; fearful :
3 granules, as needed : ACONITUM 4C
-- before midnight; barking; main remedy of acute laryngitis :
3 granules, as needed : SPONGIA 4C
-- spasmodic; every inspiration provokes cough; amel. at seaside :
3 granules, as needed : BROMUM 4C
-- burning throat and chest; burning nose discharge :
3 granules, as needed : ARUM TRIPHYLLUM 4C
Throat constriction; agg. at night;amel. sitting up; jealousy
3 granules, as needed : HYOSCYAMUS 4C
In restless and capricious child; agg. at night
-- teething; sudden high fever; diarrhea; profuse night sweat :
3 granules, as needed : CHAMOMILLA 5C
-- dry; related to parasitism; periodical (lunar months); capricious :

3 granules, as needed : CINA 4C

Vomiting copious mucus
-- postnasal catarrh; agg. during sleep and when waking up; whooping
cough :
3 granules, as needed : CORALLIUM RUBRUM 4C
-- thick; viscid; agg. around 11 : 30 P.M. and early in the morning :
3 granules, as needed : COCCUS CACTI 4C
Whooping cough
(See :whooping cough)
-- after midnight; repeated paroxysms; feather in larynx; hoarseness :
3 granules, as needed : DROSERA 4C
-- a few paroxysms in day; many at night; severe whooping cough :
3 granules, as needed : MEPHITIS 3X
-- amel. by drinking cold water; sudden attack of dry asthma; cyanosis :
3 granules, as needed : CUPRUM METAL 4C
Copious mucous difficult to expectorate
-- great rattling of mucus; agg. when lying down at night; asthma :
3 granules, as needed : ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM 4C
-- constriction in chest; vomiting; haemoptysis; agg. periodically; hayfever;
asthma :
3 granules, as needed : IPECA 4C
-- cough often ends in a sneeze; sore chest walls; elderly people; chronic
bronchitis :
3 granules, as needed : SENEGA 4C
Copious mucous, extremely painful cough, accelerates drainage of infected
3 granules, as needed : HEPAR SULFUR 5C
Expectorates copious mucus
-- thick, viscous, difficult to come out, lasting secretions :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : HYDRASTIS 4C
-- yellow; in beginning and the ending of an acute disease; agg. by heat :
3 granules, as needed : PULSATILLA 4C
-- agg. by least damp cold; hoarseness; whooping or teasing; alternates with
skin and digestive eliminations :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : DULCAMARA 5C
Lasting bronchitis, exhausting cough
-- chronic hoarseness; every cold turns to bronchitis; amel. lying :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : MANGANUM ACETICUM 5C
-- chest and larynx feel weak and sore; agg. in the evening till midnight,
talking, singing :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : STANNUM IODATUM 5C
-- suffocating cough agg. by cold air; severe pneumonopathy :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : CARBO ANIMALIS 4C
Chronic emphysema
-- cough with raw sore feeling in chest; weak and irregular pulse; dilated
heart and liver; palpitations; atrial fibrillation :

20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day : DIGITALIS 3X

-- cardiopulmonary insufficiency in old people :
3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day :
-- chest and epigastrium oppression; nausea; vomiting :
20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day : LOBELIA 3X
See : adenoids, air, allergy, anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, cold, coryza,
emphysema, expectoration, eye, hayfever, heart, heat, infections, itching,
laryngitis, nervousness, nodes, nose obstruction, odors, otitis, pains,
parasitism, rhinopharyngitis, sensations, since, sinusitis, sneezing, tetany,
vaccination, weeping, whooping cough.