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POSITION: Deputy Vice President,

Institute for Hispanic Health
LOCATION: Washington, DC
CONTACT: Loretta Rodriguez, Director
of Human Resources




Until filled


Commensurate with

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR)the largest national Hispanic civil rights and
advocacy organization in the United Statesworks to improve opportunities for Hispanic
Americans. Through its network of nearly 300 affiliated community-based organizations, NCLR
reaches millions of Hispanics each year in 41 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.
To achieve its mission, NCLR conducts applied research, policy analysis, and advocacy,
providing a Latino perspective in five key areasassets/investments, civil rights/immigration,
education, employment and economic status, and health. In addition, it provides capacitybuilding assistance to its Affiliates who work at the state and local level to advance opportunities
for individuals and families.
Founded in 1968, NCLR is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization
headquartered in Washington, DC, serving all Hispanic subgroups in all regions of the country. It
has state and regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San
NCLR is seeking a Deputy Vice President to join the Institute for Hispanic Health which is
dedicated to reducing the incidence, burden, and impact of health problems on Hispanic
Americans. IHH works in close partnership with NCLR Affiliates, government partners, private
funders, and other Hispanic-serving organizations to deliver quality health interventions. These
interventions focus on the improvement of access to and utilization of health promotion and
disease prevention programs. IHH is committed to providing technical assistance and sciencebased approaches that are culturally competent and linguistically appropriate.


Enhance and implement organizational vision as established in NCLR Strategic Plan.

Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence.
Demonstrate consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising,
communications and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the
program goals.
Attract, develop, coach, and retain high-performance team members.
Empower team to elevate their level of responsibility, span of control, and overall
Work with staff to develop systems to ensure consistent, high-quality project
Provide leadership in development of inter-team communication and cohesiveness,
sustaining culture and supporting staff during organizational growth.
Expand fundraising and revenue-generating activities to support existing programs and
the growth of IHH.
Cultivate existing relationships and develop new funder relationships.
Represent NCLR as an officer of the organization and be an external national presence in
the field of Hispanic health that publishes and communicates results of program impact in
professional publications and other forums/arenas.
Manage relationships with partner organizations.
Design and implement programs that advance state-of-the-art community-based, Latinofocused health promotions and interventions.
Develop the necessary systems, processes, and tools to better support the facilitation,
collection, and sharing of knowledge that is generated by IHH programs.
Develop dissemination system to share organizational learning with a broad range of
Work closely with NCLRs Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation (ORAL) to
ensure that key project outcomes and/or policy, advocacy, and legislation that are
developed by ORAL are evaluated and leveraged for maximum community and
organizational impact.
Work closely with Affiliate Member Services team to manage relationships with Affiliate
program partners and ensure compliance with data collection and other program partner
Work collaboratively with the senior management team to integrate cross-program
activities and functions.


Advanced degree (MPH, PhD, or MD), with at least 10 years of management experience
in the public health sector
Qualified candidates will have backgrounds that include running health programs or
clinics, or individuals who have been executive directors or senior managers of
community-based health organizations.

Demonstrated leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience; strong

demonstrated success managing funder relationships; a passion for public health
Unwavering commitment to quality programs and excellence in organization and project
management with the ability to achieve strategic objectives and manage a budget
Strong demonstrated fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of
stakeholders including advisory groups, coalitions, forums, trade associations,
foundations, corporate sponsors, and practitioner groups
Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people
Integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed with demonstrated passion
for NCLRs mission and community-based Affiliate strategy, beyond health
Demonstrated commitment to working collaboratively with a management team of
senior professionals
Fluency in Spanish preferred
Solid judgment and apparent leadership skills
Able to form a strong connection with NCLRs public service and advocacy mission
A team player who can interrelate and operate effectively with peers and other associates
within a collegial, yet demanding, work environment
An individual who is able to handle a variety of constituencies, manage multiple tasks
simultaneously, and thrive in a complex environment with multiple priorities
Impeccable integrity
Strong analytical skills, basic business intuition, and common sense
Strong work ethic

Please note: Only those applicants who submit a cover letter along with a rsum will be
considered for this opportunity. Please include Deputy VP in the subject line of any email
National Council of La Raza
Raul Yzaguirre Building
Attn: Loretta Rodriguez
1126 16th Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
No phone calls please!
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. All qualified applicants will receive consideration
without regard to race, color, national origin, marital status, religion, gender, age, disability,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, personal appearance, family responsibilities,
political affiliation, or enrollment in a college, university, technical school, or adult education.