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Courier Hub
Thursday, May 7, 2015 Vol. 133, No. 41 Stoughton, WI

Pet Section
Meet Rocky Mandt
the office cat $1

Pages 8-11

Nepal quake
get local help

Norwegian Heritage Center

Stoughton womans
GoFundMe has
collected nearly $19K
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

genuine residents.
She had formed the Bryant Foundation to
honor her late husband, Edwin, one of the
founders of Nelson Muffler Corp (later Nelson Industries and now Cummins). She and
her husband were dedicated to the Stoughton
community, and after her death, Bunting and
Gryttenholm felt a strong desire to honor her

Two weeks ago, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated

A country where people
already are so poor, said
Stoughton resident Beth Tomczyk, is now much worse off.
A lot of those poor people
have now lost everything they
worked their whole lives for,
Tomczyk said.
The disaster led her to start
a fundraising account to help
the people of Nepal get food,
shelter and water. Tomczyks
sister has served as a missionary in the country for 12
years, and Tomczyk said she
simply wanted to find a way
herself to help the people her
sister had grown so close to in
the country.
According to the GoFundMe page, Tomczyks sister
and brother-in-laws house
was spared, though their
neighborhood was hit hard.
Their house has no electricity or water, all broken
pipes and windows, the entry
reads. Many of their close
(Nepali) friends have serious damage or have lost their
homes, as most of them are
made of mud.
When she started the page,
her sister had more than 100
people camping in her yard.
As we sit here in our safe
homes and have clean water,
we want to help, Tomczyk
Tomczyk also visited the
country herself two years
ago, and said the earthquake,
which killed more than 7,300,
according to the Associated
Press, has left people there
with even less than the little
they had.
I know (firsthand) how
poor these people are, she
said. It was a life-changing
trip for me.
Tomczyk said the money
goes straight to her sisters
bank account in Nepal, and
her sister has used the money
to help pay for food and other

Turn to Heritage/Page 20

Turn to Nepal/Page 19

Photos by Jeremy Jones

Shown above is the entryway to the Stoughton Norwegian Heritage Centers exhibition hall. Jerry Gryttenholm, right, gave reporter Bill Livick a tour of the building on
April 30. The public is invited to the grand opening of Livsreise, 277 W. Main St., at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 16.

Following lifes journey

Livsreise rises to tell Norwegian-American history in time for Syttende Mai

Bill Livick

Opening info

Unified Newspaper Group

Its a tribute to the late Janet Bryant and a

gift to the Stoughton community.
The new Norwegian heritage center, Livsreise in downtown Stoughton, is the culmination of three-and-a-half years of work, and its
ready for a May 16 grand opening.
Norwegian for lifes journey, Livsreise
(Lifs-rye-sa) is the brainchild of Bryant Foundation managers Jerry Gryttenholm and June
Bunting, who took the project from a concept
on a blank sheet of paper in 2011 to the
realization of a 15,000-square-foot education center that tells the stories of Norwegian
emigrants who arrived in Wisconsin between
1825 and 1910.
Its been under construction for more than a
year and has been the source of much anticipation in the community, both for what will be
inside and the effect some people hope it will
have on downtown, bringing in new visitors.
While some reporters and community leaders have taken tours of the facility, whats
inside has been largely a mystery for the rest
of Stoughton. Thats been saved for the Syttende Mai week grand opening.
The bright, open interior consists of an
exhibition hall, a small seating lounge and

Visitors to the Stoughton Norwegian Heritage Center can explore

music, folkdress and leisure as they interact with the Map your
Journey exhibit.

a genealogy center with about half-a-dozen

computers, along with a special exhibits room
and a 68-seat auditorium thats notable for a
clean, sleek look.
While it focuses on history, theres already
planning for a second phase, which will bring
new exhibits and fresh stories.
That fits the legacy of Bryant, who before
her death in 2010 at age 91 was recognized
as one of the communitys most generous and

The Stoughton
Norwegian Heritage
Center will host
a grand opening
program at 2 p.m.
Saturday, May 16.
Norwegian for lifes
journey, Livsreise
(as the center is
named) is located at
277 W. Main St.


Courier Hub

May 7, 2015

Courier Hub

Photos by Scott Girard

The Stoughton High School
band brought concert-goers
through a dragon-fighting
experience at its 47th variety
show Saturday, May 2. The
Digital Escape show at the
SHS Performing Arts Center had
a video-game theme, including songs and skits from video
games like Halo and Super
Mario Brothers.
Connor Schlegel plays the baritone saxophone during a small
ensemble performance.

Above, band director Dan

Schmidt conducts during Suite
from World of Warcraft.
Top right and below, band
members wore costumes for the
skits and while they played.
Lower right, Leo Endres plays
his Guitar Hero guitar, with no
hands necessary.

Morning Class
Monday through Friday
2, 3 or 5 days a week
15 Student Maximum
Afternoon Class
Monday & Wednesday
10 Student Maximum

On the web
See more photos from the SHS
band variety show:

More info at:

or call 608-877-5650




Call or Email today!


SHS teacher, senior win awards

Benedict, Wendt
honored by Kohl
Scott De Laruelle
Unified Newspaper Group

Stoughton High School has

both an educator and scholar
who were among the best in
Wisconsin this school year.
SHS chemistry teacher
Eric Benedict and senior Jessica Wendt were among those
honored when 2015 Herb
Kohl Foundation awards for
students and teachers were
awarded last month. The
foundation provided $3,000
to 101 teachers and their
schools in the form of fellowships, and to 163 graduating high school students as
excellence scholarships.
Award recipients are selected
by a statewide committee
composed of civil leaders,
representatives of educationrelated associations and the
programs co-sponsors.
Education is the key to
the future of Wisconsin and
our nation, Kohl said in
the news release. I am very
proud of the accomplishments of these students and
teachers, and look forward to
the great contributions they
will make in the future.

The educator

The scholar
According to the release
from the Kohl Foundation, excellence scholarship
recipients demonstrated
excellence in the academic
arena and high motivation
to achieve, have displayed a
broad range of activity and
leadership outside the academic setting, and have
shown strong promise for

Kohl Foundation scholarships

The Kohl Foundation Scholarship and Fellowship
program was established by retired U.S. Sen. Herb
Kohl in 1990 and in recognition of the foundations
25th anniversary, Kohl has increased awards to
each scholar and fellow to $3,000, and $3,000
to each fellows school. Previously each award
recipient received $1,000. To date, the foundation
has awarded $9 million to Wisconsin educators,
students and schools.
succeeding in college and
That description certainly
applies to the industrious
Wendt, who is planning to
attend UW-Madison this fall
to pursue a degree in agribusiness management.
She said she knew about
the Kohl program from her
father, Jerry, a long-time SHS
teacher, who was a past recipient. But she was pleasantly
surprised to hear there was
also an award for students.
Wendt has held plenty of
offices in the FFA and 4-H
clubs, and also served as a
class officer at SHS, including two stints as class president. She is also involved in
the Fellowship of Christian
Athletes and the National
Honor Society, and a variety
of local clubs and community
service organizations.
Wendt said shes still
shocked she won the award,
considering all the other
deserving students.
Im very blessed to be
given the opportunity to participate in these organizations, she said.
Wendt said shes looking
forward to next month, when
she and her father whos
retiring from teaching in the
district will be retiring
together. He served as her
FFA adviser and a teacher at
We really got to work
close together and experience all of my FFA successes
together, she said.
After graduation, Wendt
said she would like to work in
the field of agriculture, either

business or economics, where

she can use her knowledge to
help others.
I would like to develop
more efficient ways to produce and distribute food to
Third World countries, she
said. There's nothing more
gratifying then working
towards a goal to provide better quality of life for people
all around the world.

Teenager arrested at
the scene
A Stoughton man was
hospitalized last week after
being stabbed in his home on
North Page Street.
Stoughton Police chief
Greg Leck said Monday that
the victim, a 42-year-old
man, was treated for nonlife threatening injuries and
The Stoughton Police
Department said in a news
release that it arrested a
17-year-old suspect around
1 a.m. Thursday, April 30,
after being called to a home
on the 600 block of North
Page Street. According to
the release, police and EMS
responded to a report of a
homeowner who had apprehended a prowler.
Police found the homeowner had been stabbed multiple times.
The victim was transported to Stoughton Hospital
by the Stoughton EMS, and
later transferred to a Madison Hospital by Med-Flight

Courier Hub

for further treatment, police

The suspect who was
identified by The McFarland
Thistle and WKOW as Tyler
Bexson of McFarland was
apprehended at the scene and
booked into the Dane County
Jail on felony charges related
to the stabbing. News outlets reported that Bexson
was released from jail on a
$10,000 bond.
The stabbing allegedly
took place after a disagreement about payment for a
$500 prom dress belonging
to the homeowners daughter after plans to attend the
McFarland High School
prom changed last week,
WKOW reported.
Leck told the Hub Monday that no charges had been
filed against the teen, but that
17-year-olds can be charged
as adults in Wisconsin.
Police said the investigation was ongoing. Police said
the incident was not random
and there is no danger to the
public at this time.
Mark Ignatowski

Custom Built With Cleary Pride!


Munchkey Apples Mt. Horeb, WI


According to the release,

fellowship recipients are chosen for their superior ability
to inspire a love of learning
in their students, their ability
to motivate others, and their
leadership and service within
and outside the classroom.
For Benedict, a Lawrence
University graduate in his
10th year teaching at SHS,
teaching is in his blood. His
grandfather and grandmother, both of his parents and a
brother are all fellow teachers. His father also was a
recipient of a Kohl Fellowship award.
Growing up, I loved helping others and knew from
watching my parents that I
wanted to be just like them,
Benedict said. I really
enjoyed school and wanted
to share the knowledge that I
gained during my educational
years with others.
When it came time to
choose a favorite subject,
Benedict said science and
specifically chemistry just
seemed to make sense and
click for him in school.
My father told me that science teachers would always
be in need, so I chose chemistry as a major, he said, noting he also considered medical school.
After college, Benedict taught chemistry at

Photos by Derek Spellman

SHS chemistry teacher Eric Benedict, center, and SHS senior Jessica Wendt, right, were honored by
the Kohl Foundation last month.

Mukwonago High School for

two years before enrolling in
a PhD program in Organic
Chemistry at UW-Madison.
But during his second year,
he found he missed teaching
and didnt enjoy the research,
so he left with his Masters Degree to teach math
at McFarland High School
before coming to Stoughton.
I like the smaller high
school environment compared with Mukwonago,
he said. I also really enjoy
working with the phenomenal science department at
SHS. I learn so much from all
of them.
Benedict said the best thing
about teaching chemistry
and science in general is the
excitement in being able to
see students actually observe
or create chemical reactions.
I really enjoy doing
demonstrations so students
can witness how amazing
chemistry can be, he said.
I really enjoy teaching high
school students we can
joke around and have a lot
of fun in the classroom while
working through challenging
As he continues his teaching career, Benedict is trying
to follow in the footsteps of
his father, an educator for 36
years who he calls his main
role model in life.
What impresses me still
about his teaching is that he
was constantly innovating
and keeping up with the latest
technology until the last day
of his career, Benedict said.
His approach to teaching
inspires me every day.

Stoughton father stabbed
May 7, 2015

We have a solid
building that
looks great, and
it really helps our



VERONA, WI 608-845-9700


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May 7, 2015

Courier Hub


Letters to the editor

New developers agreement for

KPW should be dead on arrival
If the KPW development has
been on your mind, make sure you
stay tuned because the times they
are a changin.
The referendum results showed
a lack of public support for the
Kettle Park West development so
now the developer has decided to
renegotiate the agreement to keep
it alive.
The people have spoken, they
do NOT want the project and
more importantly they do NOT
want the city giving any TIF
money for the project. It should
be DOA - dead on arrival, no bait
and switch scheme to fund it differently should be accepted to circumvent the voice of the people.
The developer had been adamant about needing $5.1 million
in TIF to get this project off the
ground. But now he says can come
up with private funds to complete
the infrastructure 100 percent up
front and then get the TIF money
on a pay as you go schedule. I
dont think so. The people have
spoken, they dont want this project and they dont want to fund it
with tax dollars.
Mayor Olson made comments
in a WSJ article about the people
of Stoughton not really understanding TIF and that may have
led to the results of the election. Well TIF, Tax Incremented
Financing has the word tax in it

and taxes are paid by the people,

whether it is up front or over a 20
year period, taxes are paid by people and the people dont want to
give tax money toward a development anchored by the largest and
richest corporation in the world
to build a ghetto strip mall in the
middle of a corn field on the outskirts of town!
When Wal-Mart tried to build
a SuperCenter here in 2003, there
was large community dissension which resulted in a Big Box
Ordinance that would hold the
big box store accountable for any
infrastructure costs so that the
people of Stoughton would NOT
be financially burdened by the
cost. Former Mayor Johnson was
adamant about the city not subsidizing that project. However,
Mayor Olson and 6 alders agreed
to deviate from that ordinance and
offer TIF so the people of Stoughton will be stuck with the burden
of $5.1 million in infrastructure
We already have a Wal-Mart
and most of the other stores that
are proposed to go in that development. The KPW project is the
tail end of a trend, like selling
pagers in the world of cell phones,
it needs to be dead on arrival.

Hub editorial

KPW or not, we
need to look ahead

Terry Parisi
Whether Kettle Park West conTown of Dunn tinues as planned or flames out
because of financing issues, it is
now essentially out of our hands
and up to the marketplace.
Ald. Eric Hohol made that
clear April 21, when he vowed
See something wrong?
not to vote for any new agreeThe Courier Hub does not sweep errors under the rug. If you see ment that includes taxpayer fundsomething you know or even think is in error, please contact editor Jim ing. With the developer admitting
Ferolie at 845-9559 or at so we can get its having trouble meeting its
it right.
requirements including bankguaranteed letters of credit and
a June 30 deadline to start the
Wal-Mart Supercenter-anchored
development could be doomed
to the same fate as the Linnerud
plan several years ago, fading
Thursday, May 7, 2015 Vol. 133, No. 41
away amid controversy.
USPS No. 1049-0655
Either way, with or without
Periodical Postage Paid, Stoughton, WI and additional offices.
KPW, its time for Stoughton to
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group,
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
turn its focus to other forms of
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
The Stoughton Courier Hub, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
Most people seem to agree the
downtown area including the
Office Location: 135 W. Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589
nearby industrial riverfront
Phone: 608-873-6671 FAX: 608-873-3473
needs attention. The strong yes
vote April 7 on the second refCirculation customer service: (800) 355-1892
erendum question showed that,
and members of the Hubs comThis newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
munity editorial board, regardless of political persuasion, have
General Manager
generally agreed its worth city
David J. Enstad
Jim Ferolie
But we cant just throw money
at it. It has to be carefully
planned, and an investment as
Catherine Stang
Jeremy Jones
large and important as that needs
some expertise behind it.
Classifieds/Inside Sales
There are many ways to
Kathy Woods
Scott Girard
accomplish this. The simplest
would be hiring an economic
Sandy Opsal
development firm to help plan


Carolyn Schultz

Samantha Christian, Bill Livick,

Anthony Iozzo, Mark Ignatowski,
Scott De Laruelle, Jacob Bielanski

Unified Newspaper Group, a division of

Woodward Communications,Inc.
A dynamic, employee-owned media company
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results.
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville

and market it.

That would still leave decisions in the hands of the Common Council and it would keep
its recommendations independent
of political struggles.
A more complex solution, but
one worth exploring nonetheless, is making adjustments to the
citys staffing structure, much
like Stoughton did less than two
years ago with its clerks office.
After years of struggling to keep
overloaded clerks, city leaders
finally agreed homegrown staff
brought in to do other functions
did not have the needed expertise
to handle human resources.
Similarly, there are no positions in city government truly
suited for economic development.
The planner takes some of
those duties, the mayor takes
some and the finance director
takes some. But civil engineering
and finance backgrounds arent
ideal for grabbing the attention of
developers and expanding businesses, and an elected official
should never be counted on for
that sort of expertise, because
that job is providing vision and
direction, not advanced analysis
and marketing skills.
Either way, this summer is a
good time to take action.
The most obvious reason is
that KPW has run its course
politically. Its also a good time
in terms of the economy, with
developers all over the area looking for good opportunities.

Spruce Up Your Yard!

Submit a letter

Softscapes to Hardscapes,
Firepits to Ponds, Mulch,
Rocks and Grass We Do It All


Stoughton Courier Hub

Oregon Observer Verona Press


w w w. g r e e n s c a p e s m a d i s o n . c o m ( 6 0 8 ) 8 3 5 - 1 7 7 7


One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45

Taking quick action would

also allow the city to combine its
efforts directly or indirectly with
the school districts update of its
visioning plan, the 21C: Creating
our Future Conference.
The original plan was built
nearly four years ago, when
the district brought almost 100
community members together
to discuss Stoughtons identity
and plan for the future, and its
planning a smaller review of that
conference later this year. City
leaders should take what theyve
learned from the referendums and
either be part of that discussion
or pay careful attention to what
comes from it.
Hohol, a previously ardent supporter of KPW, deserves credit
for taking the referendums seriously and adhering to the votes
of his constituents, who said yes
to KPW in his district but no to
tax-increment financing of it.
And members of the Redevelopment Authority ought to be commended for continuing to move
ahead on redevelopment plans
quietly while the cacophony of
KPW disagreements grabbed the
But buying and redeveloping Millfab and the area around
it will take years, and the city
should now be able to discuss
growth without a debate about
which side has more support. Its
time to make our priorities clear
and get professional help.

The Courier Hub encourages citizens to

engage in discussion through letters to the editor. We take submissions online, on email and
by hard copy. All letters should be signed and
include addresses and phone numbers for verification. Anonymous letters will not be printed.
Special rules apply during election season or
other times of high letter volume, and the editorial staff reserves the right not to print any letter,
including those with libelous or obscene content. We can accept multiple submissions from
local authors, but other letters will take priority
over submissions from recently printed authors.
Please keep submissions under 400 words.
Deadline is noon Monday the week of publication. For questions on our editorial policy,
call editor Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 or email

May 7, 2015

What: St. Ann School

drama club presents The
Lion King, Jr.
When: 7 p.m. Friday,
May 8 and 1 p.m.
Saturday, May 9.
Where: Stoughton Opera
House, 381 E. Main Street
Info: 873-3343

Photo submitted

Scar (Jackson Talbert) is up to no good with his band of hyena

helpers (Zach Wahlin, Chloe Neumeyer, and Joey Waldorf).

surrounding communities.
The productions of The
Lion King, Jr. will be held
at the Stoughton Opera
House (381 East Main
Street - top floor of the
Stoughton City Hall) at 7
p.m. Friday, May 8 and 1
p.m. Saturday, May 9.

All seats are reserved.

Advance tickets are on sale
now or can be purchased at
the door $7 for adults and
$4 for seniors and children
ages 10 and under.
For tickets, call 8733343.

City of Stoughton

Board approves plan for

teacher compensation

Commission reviews Millfab

rezone, dog boarding laws

The Stoughton School

Board approved an alternative compensation system for educators Monday
night that will allow the
district to recognize professional growth while living
within its financial means.
The alternative compensation system, passed by a 7-2
vote, will be implemented
beginning in the 2015-16
school year and is a product of a year-and-a-half of
work by a committee of educators, administrators and
school board members.
When implemented, no
educator will make less than
they now receive through
contracted pay, although
their future raises will be
based on district-approved
professional learning that
strengthens classroom
instructional practices.
By the 2016-17 school
year, each educator will be
placed in one of four levels,
depending on characteristics
they have already demonstrated as an educator.
Each level will have its
own salary range, although
the ranges will overlap.
Every year, the school board
will determine a general

increase in employee pay

based on the districts budget and collective bargaining requirements.
An educator has an opportunity to move levels when
they are evaluated under the
states new Educator Effectiveness system (standardized evaluations). An educator can move into a higher
salary range if he or she has
demonstrated a set of characteristics and expectations
for an educator in that level.
Characteristics that affect
an educators placement in
a level include the extent
to which the educator:
shares effective educational
practices with colleagues,
conducts research into better instructional methods,
participates in professional
development opportunities, analyzes student performance data, implements
goals for individual schools
and for student learning,
assumes leadership roles
within their respective
schools and fosters a general
school climate conducive to
student achievement.
Derek Spellman, SASD
communications director

Public hearings are planned for the Monday, May 11

City of Stoughton Planning Commission.
The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers inside the Public Safety Building, 321, S. Fourth
Potential agenda items include:
A public hearing to rezone the vacant Millfab
property from heavy industrial use to a more redevelopment-friendly multi-family residential use. The
zoning could be changed again should a developer purchase the property and want a mixed-use development
on the site.
Ordinance changes to allow for a doggy day care in
the central business district. The commission will have
to clarify that while dog boarding would be allowed, a
commercial horse stables would not be allowed in the
city limits.
A public hearing to allow a seven-unit residential
building at 2301 Lincoln Ave. The commission will
also review the site plan and make a recommendation
to the Common Council.
A meeting packet will be uploaded to the citys agenda website when the agenda
is finalized.
Mark Ignatowski

A shoreline trash and aquatic debris pickup from

piers on the Yahara chain of lakes will take place starting the week of May 18.
Shoreline residents are asked to have all items ready
for pickup and at the end of their piers by 7 a.m. on
their scheduled pickup day.
For a complete list of Take a Stake in Our Waters
events, or to post your volunteer or educational project
and invite others to join you, visit

The parking lot will also

be lined with classic cars.
The classic car show promWhat: Sock Hop
ises the muscle cars your
grandparents talk about.
When: 5-8 p.m.,
With prom season in full
Saturday, May 9
swing, the classic cars will
Where: Christ Lutheran
also be offered as a backChurch, 700 Cty. Hwy. B
drop for photos.
Cost: $4
Entry to the sock hop
is $4 for individuals and
in contests, including a $15 for a whole family.
twist dance competition Ticket price include unlimand a karaoke contest with ited dance floor and bounce
house time.
over $400 in cash prizes.

If you go

second floor later this

year, installing stronger
shelving, more power outlets, new carpeting, chairs,
tables and desks, and
enlarging several areas.
Also, the single-entry
front door will be replaced
with double-doors, restroom and circulation areas
on the first floor will be
expanded, and a security
camera system will be

Monroe, Wisconsin
Tickets & information:

Free Concerts & Workshops on Saturday

VFW Badger Post 328 Inc.

200 Veterans Rd., Stoughton

Friday Night
All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry

Also serving BBQ Ribs Dinner Special

Dine-in only. Regular menu also available

Juke Box Night

Every Friday Night Meat Raffle starts at 5-ish
Every Thursday night Bingo starting at 7:00 p.m.
Serving Lunch Tuesday-Friday 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Open to the Public

Like us on Facebook

Attention!! Attention!!!

Vidalia onion
Kegonsa cleanup May 18 May 8

Christ Lutheran sock hop set for Saturday

Christ Lutheran Church
will host a Happy Days
Sock Hop at its location at
700 Cty. Hwy. B. on Saturday, May 9.
The event begins at 5 p.m.
with DJ Scott Newman providing music. The Soda Jerk
Diner and Dairy Bar will
offer a wide menu of classic foods for kids and adults,
including shakes, burgers,
chili dogs and sundaes.
In addition to the food
and music, visitors will
also be able to partake

What: Stoughton Public

Library silent auction
When: Through May 18
Where: Library, 304 S.
Fourth St.
Info: 873-6281

Where music comes alive!

May 14,15,162015

Wisconsin Music
Arts Festival

Stoughton area School District

If you go

1 to 7 p.m.

May 9

7 a.m. to 7 p.m..
Where: American Legion Back Parkking Lot

803 N. Page St., Stoughton WI


Bouzek is assisted by
student directors Leo
Endres, Kristen Nett,
Keaton Read, Connor
Roisum, Gabe Ross and
Abby Wicks.
The St. Ann drama club
has been putting on shows
in the community for over
35 years. Previously under
the direction of Sister Gertrude Hennessey, DeeDee
Bouzek has been directing the shows since 2007.
This year there are 49 students from grades 4-8 acting, singing and dancing
in the production. St. Ann
School serves students
(PK3 - eighth grade) from
Stoughton, Oregon, Evansville, Edgerton and the

Efforts to renovate
the second floor of the
Stoughton Public Library
are nearing completion,
and the library is holding a
silent auction to help in the
final fundraising push.
Library director Richard MacDonald said there
are 12 items available for
the auction; all donated
by area businesses and
people. All the items are
on display at the library,
and each have a bidding
clipboard behind the front
Bidding will continue
through Monday, May 18.
The items include gift certificates to area businesses,
a canvas print commemorating the Badgers Final
Four run and a variety of
handcrafted items.
Library officials are
hoping to renovate the


If you go

Silent auction to help

library renovation



Sat., May 9 5:008:00 p.m.

Christ Lutheran Church
700 County Highway B Stoughton, WI.
Singing Contest and Twist Contest with over $400 in cash prizes
Bounce Houses and Hoola Hoops and Moms Homemade Pies


As students at St. Ann

School gear up for their
May 8-9 drama club production of The Lion King,
Jr., afternoons in Healy
Hall sound more like life
on the African Savanna
than life in Stoughton.
DeeDee Bouzek, director of the St. Anns drama
program, said there is extra
excitement as the school is
one of the first in the country to put on the musical,
the rights of which were
released in January.
Its very exciting for
the kids and all of us, she
The Lion King, Jr. is
closely based on the 1997
Broadway musical and
1994 Disney film. Bouzek
said staging a show for the
first time presents a lot
of challenges, like creating new costumes, sets,
and choreography, but this
musical has its own unique
One of the hardest
things about this particular show is learning some
of the chants, which are
actually sung in Zulu, she
said. The kids are doing
an amazing job with it.


St. Ann to present The Lion King, Jr.

Courier Hub

May 7, 2015

Courier Hub

Coming up
Stamp Out Hunger
The 23rd annual National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out
Hunger Food Drive is Saturday,
May 9.
Customers are asked to place nonperishable food items in a sturdy bag
in or by their mailboxes that Saturday, and their carriers will pick
up the food. The food will then be
donated to local food pantries.
For more information, visit nalc.

Library play auditions

Community calendar
resident Ethel Kvalheim, presented
by her family members. The program
will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday,
May 13.
Kvalheim was born in the town of
Pleasant Springs on March 5, 1912.
She passed away at the age of 99 on
Nov. 16, 2011.
She was a member of the Wisconsin State Rosemaling Association,
First Lutheran Church and the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.
Kvalheim received many awards
in her lifetime, including medals for
Rosemaling. In 1981 she received the
Stoughton Community Appreciation
Award, and in 1990 she was inducted
into the Stoughton Hall of Fame.
For more information, call 8737209 or email arnesonfamily5@

Auditions for the Stoughton Public Library summer play, The Wind
in the Willows, will be held from
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday,
May 9, at the library.
All students currently in fifth grade
and up are invited to attend.
Honors program
The performance dates will be July
Stoughton High School, 600 Lin28-29 at the Stoughton Opera House. coln Ave., will be hosting the annuFor more information, call 873- al Honors Program for graduating
seniors at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May
13, in the high school auditorium.
Secret to meditation
The public is invited to attend this
Join yoga therapist and acupunc- free event. Use the west parking lot
turist Anne Adametz to learn about for entrance to the auditorium.
the secret to successful and enjoyable
For more information, call 877meditation at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, 5618.
May 12, at Stoughton Hospital.
To register, contact Sonja at 873- Nutrition program
2356 or The preThe senior center will host a UW
sentation is free.
Nutrition Education Program at
11:30 a.m. Thursday, May 14.
Talk about Ethel Kvalheim
Want flavor without sodium? Join
The Sons of Norway - Mandt the discussion about how to enhance
Lodge, 317 S. Page St., will host the flavor of your food by using fresh
a program about Stoughtons late herbs and spices. Take home your
Bahai Faith

For information: Alfred Skerpan, 877-0911

or Gail and Greg Gagnon, 873-9225 Stoughton study classes.

Bible Baptist Church

2095 Hwy. W, Utica

873-7077 423-3033
Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship; 6 p.m. - Worship

Christ Lutheran Church

Covenant Lutheran Church

1525 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton 873-7494
Saturday: 5:30 p.m. Worship
Sunday: 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Worship
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Ezra Church

129 E Main St, Stoughton 834-9050

Sunday: 9 and 10:30 a.m.

700 Hwy. B, Stoughton

873-9353 e-mail:
Sunday: 8 a.m. Traditional Worship
9:10 a.m. Family Express followed by Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Traditional Worship

First Lutheran Church

Christ the King Community Church

9209 Fulton St., Edgerton

Worship services 8, 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Varsity (for teams) 12:07 p.m. - AWANA 3-5 p.m.

401 W. Main St., Stoughton 877-0303 Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship

Christian Assembly Church

1844 Williams Drive, Stoughton 873-9106

Saturday: 6 p.m. worship; Sunday: 10 a.m. worship

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints

825 S. Van Buren, Stoughton

877-0439 Missionaries 877-0696
Sunday: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday school and Primary

Cooksville Lutheran Church

11927 W. Church St., Evansville
Interim Pastor Karla Brekke
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship and Sunday School

A Life
Celebration Center


1358 Hwy 51, Stoughton

Mike Smits Dale Holzhuter
Martha Paton, Administrative Manager
Sara Paton, Administrative Assistant
Paul Selbo, Funeral Assistant

Place your ad
here weekly!
Call 873-6671
to advertise on the
Courier Hub
Church Page.

310 E. Washington, Stoughton

Sunday: 8:30 & 10 a.m. worship

Fulton Church

Good Shepherd By The Lake

Lutheran Church

1860 Hwy. 51 at Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton 873-5924

Sunday Worship: 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Education Hour for all ages: 9:15 a.m.

LakeView Church

2200 Lincoln Ave., Stoughton

Sunday: 9 and 11 a.m. worship

Observe the Sabbath

Even God had to rest after six days of
labor, and the observance of the Sabbath,
besides commemorating that day of divine
rest, is instituted to give all who labor a rest
from their toil. Notice how in the formulation
from Exodus, the requirement is extended
even to ones servants and animals:
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it
holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your
work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the
Lord your God. On it you shall not do any
work, neither you, nor your son or daughter,
nor your male or female servant, nor your
animals, nor any foreigner residing in your
towns. (Exodus 20:8-10) For those of us
who are inclined to work seven days a week,
this is surely a good rule. Everyone needs
rest, and with work taken out of the picture
we have time to worship, time to spend with
family and friends, and time to recharge lifes
batteries. Throughout the Old Testament, we
see unequivocal statements commanding
us to observe the Sabbath, with plenty of
warnings from the prophets if we dont. In
the New Testament, however, we see a loosening of the particular rules governing the
Sabbath, in essence saying that the Sabbath
was instituted for us and should be observed
as each person or church sees fit.
Christopher Simon
Then he said to them, The Sabbath was
made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
So the Son of Man is Lord even of the
Mark 2:27-28

own spiced oatmeal mix.

Genealogy fair
A genealogy fair and tour will be
held at The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, 825 S. Van Buren
St., from 2-6 p.m. Saturday, May 16.
The free community event, held
during the citys Syttende Mai festival, will include a presentation about
a wood carving created by Don Rorvig, a short film about genealogy
websites and a tour of the local Family History Resource Center.
For more information, call 8770439.

Lunch and Learn

The next Lunch and Learn program will be held at noon Thursday,
May 21, at the senior center. The
topic is pre-planning a funeral. Plan
today and avoid family conflicts.
Claudia Murray, advanced planning consultant from Cress Funeral
Home, will discuss all costs to a
funeral, in addition to the funeral
home expense.

Essay luncheon
May is Older Americans Month.
To honor the importance of older
adults in the community, the senior
center sponsors an annual essay contest among area sixth grade students.
The topic of the essay is My
Grandparents or My Best Older
Friend. The contest winner will be
honored during this event. Following the event at 2 p.m., there will be
a special program entitled A Visit
with Mark Twain.
Seventh Day Baptist
Church of Albion

616 Albion Rd., Edgerton

Worship Saturday 11- Sabbath School 10
Fellowship Meal follows service on first Sabbath

Stoughton Baptist Church

Corner of Williams Dr. & Cty. B, Stoughton

Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship;
6 p.m. - Evening Service

St. Ann Catholic Church

323 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton

873-6448 873-7633
Weekday Mass: Nazareth House and St. Anns Church
Weekend Mass: Saturday - 5:15 p.m.;
Sunday - 8 and 10:30 a.m.

United Methodist of Stoughton

525 Lincoln Avenue, Stoughton
Sunday: 8 a.m. - Short Service; 10 a.m. - Full Worship

West Koshkonong Lutheran Church

1911 Koshkonong, Stoughton
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship

Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church
2633 Church St., Cottage Grove
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. worship
11 a.m. Bible study

Doctors Park
Dental Office
Dr. Richard Albright
Dr. Phillip Oinonen
Dr. Thor Anderson
Dr. Thane Anderson

1520 Vernon St.

Stoughton, WI

Thursday, May 7

1-5 p.m., Personal Essentials Pantry, 129 E. Main

3:15-4 p.m., Teen Chess Club (ages 10 and up),
4:30-6:30 p.m., Stoughton Art Educators Are Artists
Show opening and reception, Hometown Gifts and
More, 168 W. Main St., 877-5661
6:30-8 p.m., Adult Craft Club: Mosaic Garden Stones
(register), library, 873-6281
7 p.m., National Day of Prayer and Night of Worship,
LakeView Church, 2200 Lincoln Ave., 873-9838
7 p.m. River Bluff orchestra concert, River Bluff
Middle School, 235 N. Forest St.

Friday, May 8

7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Farmers Market, Stoughton Plaza,

9:30 a.m., Coffee with the Mayor, senior center
11 a.m., Lunch Bunch Group, Green Lantern, 8738585
5-7:30 p.m., Lakeland Shrine Fish Boil, Stoughton
Conservation Club, 984 Collins Road, 445-8925
7 p.m., St. Ann School presents The Lion King, Jr.
($7, $4), Stoughton Opera House, 381 E. Main St.,

Saturday, May 9

Stamp Out Hunger food drive

10-11 a.m., LEGO Club, library
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Library play auditions (fifthgraders and up), library, 873-6281
1 p.m., St. Ann School presents The Lion King, Jr.
($7, $4), Stoughton Opera House, 381 E. Main St.,

Monday, May 11

6 p.m., City of Stoughton Planning Commission,

Public Safety Building
7 p.m., Town of Dunn Plan Commission meeting,
Town Hall

Tuesday, May 12

6 p.m., City of Stoughton Finance committee, Public

Safety Building
6:15 p.m., The Secret to Successful Meditation,
Stoughton Hospital, 873-2356
7 p.m., City of Stoughton Common Council, Public
Safety Building
7 p.m., Elementary 5-6 orchestra concert, SHS

Wednesday, May 13

6:30 p.m., Sandhill Elementary concert, 1920 Lincoln

7 p.m., An evening about Ethel Kvalheim, Sons of
Norway-Mandt Lodge, 317 S. Page St., 873-7209
7 p.m., Honors Program for graduating seniors,
SHS, 877-5618

Thursday, May 14

11:30 a.m., UW Nutrition Education Program, senior

1 p.m., Healthy Aging: Stroke Prevention with Dr.
Harkin, senior center
6:30 p.m., Thursdays with Murder Book Discussion,
6:30 p.m., Syttende Mai Hall of Fame Induction
Ceremony, senior center

Friday, May 15

Syttende Mai weekend

7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Farmers Market, Stoughton Plaza,
1 p.m., Classic Movie: Midway, senior center
5:30 p.m., Pie Place, Division Street Park at the
canoe portage
6:30-7:15 p.m., Stoughton City Band Concert,
Division Street Park, 873-6711

Saturday, May 16

Syttende Mai weekend

9 a.m. to 1 p.m., (or until pies are gone) Pie Place,
1:15 p.m., Open for youth parade, senior center
2 p.m., Livsreise (Norwegian Heritage Center) Grand
Opening, 277 W. Main St., 873-4378
2-6 p.m., Genealogy Fair with wood carving presentation, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, 825 S. Van Buren St.

Support groups
Diabetic Support Group
Parkinson Group
6 p.m., second Monday,
1:30-2:30 p.m., fourth
Stoughton Hospital, 628- Wednesday, senior center,

221 Kings Lynn Rd.

Stoughton, WI 53589
(608) 873-8888

Grief Support Groups

Multiple Sclerosis Group
3 p.m., third Tuesday,
10-11:30 a.m., second
senior center, 873-8585
Tuesday, senior center,
Low Vision Support
Older Adult Alcoholics
1-2:30 p.m., third
Thursday, senior center,
2 p.m., Tuesdays, senior
center, 246-7606 ext. 1182

May 7, 2015




Gary Allen Sproul


Richard F. Meier

Gary Allen Sproul

Richard F. Meier, age 85,

passed away on Sunday,
May 3, 2015, at the Skaalen
Nursing and Rehabilitation
Center with his daughters at
his side.
He was born on Nov. 28,
1929, in Beaver Dam, the
son of Richard C. and Laura (Martin) Meier. Richard graduated from Beaver
Dam High School with
the class of
continued his
education at
UW-Madison and received
a degree from Madison
Area Technical College.
Richard proudly served
in the U.S. Navy during
the Korean Conflict. He
was looking forward to the
Badger Honor Flight he was
selected to attend this fall.
Upon returning from his
service, Richard began his
long career within the printing industry. He worked for
many companies over the
years, and retired from the
State of Wisconsin in 1994.
During his career he shared
his knowledge by teaching
Printing Estimating class at
MATC for over 10 years.
Richard was very active
within the Town of Madison, holding the Town
Clerk and Town Supervisor
positions and also was on
the Silver Springs School
Board. He was very proud
to have been a volunteer
firefighter with the Town of
Madison for many years.
Richard enjoyed golfing, fishing, traveling and
was an active member of
the Madison Packer Backers since 1992. He was also
a member of the Stoughton
American Legion Post No.
Richard is survived by
his daughters, Karen (Russ)
Wealti and Janice (David
Hook) Meier; sons, Dale
(Sandra) Meier and Craig
Meier (Tammy Byrne); nine
grandchildren; nine greatgrandchildren; sister, Edna
Mae Parisi; step-children,
Stephenie (Marc) Meister
and Valerie (Randy) Bultman; and five step-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death
by his parents; former wife
and mother of his children,
Donna Meier on Jan. 23,
2015; and sister, Blanche
A memorial service was
held at Skaalen Chapel
Wednesday, May 6, with the
Rev. James Koza presiding.
A special thank you to
the staff at Skaalen Nursing
Online condolences may
be made at gundersonfh.

Gary Allen Sproul, age

69, of Stoughton, passed
away on Monday, April 27,
Gary was born in Stoughton Aug. 31, 1945. He was
confirmed at Our Savior's









1250' D




Hospital and
the Stoughton
PROJECT I.D. 1007-10-86
Senior Center andIH-39
animals for
society. She was
Rendering courtesy 147
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
January 6, 2015
being a grandmother.
SCALE: 1 INCH = 100 FEET The Hwy. N interchange at Interstate 39/90 will feature three roundabouts and is anticipated to be
Connie is survived by her
built in 2017. Design details could change as the department of transportation works through the
daughter, Brenda France;
EXHIBITand design processes.
real estate acquisition
son, Jason
(Annie) Zut- OVERVIEW
ter; grandchildren, Miranda, Samantha, Emma and
Abbigail; brother, Sonny
(Polly) Stout; and nieces
The project is anticiwanted state officials to
and nephews.
collaborate with the busi- pated for construction in
She was preceded in
in the area to make 2017 as part of the expananticipated in 2017 nesses
death by her parents; hussure the design would pro- sion of I-39/90 between
band; and sisters, Ina and
Construction of a new vide access while main- Illinois and Dane County.
Connie R. Zutter
Funding changes could
at County taining safety.
Funeral services were
The latest plan calls affect the actual construcHwy.
held at Gunderson Stough39/90 in the Town of for the BP gas station to tion timeline. For projConnie R. Zutter, age 67, ton Funeral Home, 1358
Pleasant Springs is still have access from Hwy. N ect updates, visit i39-90.
of Stoughton, passed away Hwy. 51 at Jackson St.,
almost two years away, via an adjacent property.
on Wednesday, April 29, Stoughton, on Saturday,
but plans continue to be The Road Ranger station
2015, at Meriter Hospital, May 2. Burial took place at
would have access from
Mark Ignatowski
in Madison. She was born Lutheran South Cemetery.
Wison Feb. 26, 1948. Connie Special thanks to the staff
consin Department of intersection south of the
married Bradley Zutter on at Agrace HospiceCare.
Transportation have been interchange.
June 8, 1968, in Madison. Online condolences may be
WisDOT project manworking to acquire real
He passed away on Nov. 8, made at
Craig Pringle told
estate along the proposed
the Hub in an email the
Connie was a long-time
Gunderson Stoughton
for three roundabouts that basic design concept is
resident of Stoughton, a Funeral & Cremation Care
will provide access to unchanged from last year,
member of the American
1358 Highway 51
local businesses and the but he added some slight
Legion Ladies Auxillary,
revisions could be made
a volunteer at Stoughton
T o w n o f P l e a s a n t as the planning process
Springs officials last year continues.
spendJeff A. Kraut Lechten
ing time with his family.
He is survived by his
Community Care Resources, Inc.
wife; children, Hallie (Kyle
Story Ideas?
Raasch), Kellie (Andrew
Let us know how
Shanklin) and Trevar Lechten; brother, Kirk (Gwyn
were doing.
Padden); sister, Leslee
Your opinion is something
(Lori) Spatola; nephews,
Sebastian and Rowan Padwe always want to hear.
den Lechten and Bobby,
Call 873-6671 or at
Quinton and Michal
tola; and his second mother,
Jean Hodge.
Call Today 800-799-0450
He was preceded in death
by his mother; maternal
Jeff A. Lechten
grandparents, Nana Josephine and Bumpy Don
Massari; paternal grandparJeff A. Kraut Lech- ents, Margaret and Adolph
ten, age 46, of Stoughton, Lechten; and his dogs, Spirpassed away on Sunday, it and Oreo.
May 3, 2015.
A memorial gathering
He was born on March 1, celebrating Jeffs life will
1969, in Madison, the son be held at McGaw Park,
of Karl and Mary (Massari) 5265 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg,
Lechten. He married Les- from 3-6 p.m., Tuesday,
lea C. McGaw on Sept. 8, May 12.
1990, in Fitchburg.
Online condolences may
Jeff worked as a body be made at gundersonfh.
s h o p t e c h n i c i a n , m o s t com.
recently for Stark Automotive Group. He loved cars,
Gunderson Stoughton
cakes, chocolate, hiking, Funeral & Cremation Care
climbing the mountains in
1358 Highway 51
Wales and restoring old
muscle cars, but the most

Connie R. Zutter

Roundabouts likely at Hwy. N interchange





Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

WisConsin MonuMent & Vault Co.
159 W. Main St. 873-5513
Serving Stoughton since 1989.

We said that 33 times

last year, each time we
awarded a Rotary Scholarship
to a Stoughton Senior.
A total of $33,000 was awarded.
Were looking forward to doing it again.
For details please contact Peter Wilson
or 608-877-5041


Gunderson Stoughton
Funeral & Cremation Care
1358 Highway 51

Lutheran Church. He graduated from Stoughton High

School in 1963.
Gary was
in the U.S.
Army and
was a driver
in the motorpool.
Survivors include his
mother Ruthann Stach of
Stoughton; two daughter's,
Denise and Lauren, three
grandchildren; eleven siblings, Steve, Dean, Diane,
David, Kathy, Jeff, Sally,
Connie, Jayne, Paul and
Kevin, nieces, nephews and
Favorite pastimes of
Gary's were playing the
guitar, singing, garage sales
and collecting.
A graveside service was
held Monday, May 4. Pastor
Jerry Tews officiated.


Richard F. Meier

Courier Hub

8 - The Stoughton Courier Hub - PETS - May 7, 2015

Pet Profiles Paws in the workplace

Owners share stories of
their beloved pets

Employees, customers find joy in Mandt Sandfill office cat

Samantha Christian
Unified Newspaper Group

After your dog or cat wakes you up

in the middle of the night wanting a
snack or potty break, the last thing you
might think of doing is bringing them
along with you to work. Yet thats
exactly what some local businesses are
allowing their employees to do.
Depending on the breed and temperament, animals can actually help
reduce stress and increase productivity at work, making the daily grind
more enjoyable.
Dr. Brian Hoelscher, associate veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of
Verona, said animals can be a stress
reliever for employees, as long as the
pet is comfortable, safe and at ease in
the workplace.
While most pets who come to work
go home at night with their owners,
thats not the case at a business in
Fitchburg, where a cat has made an
office his permanent home.
Jim Mandt, owner of Mandt Sandfill, said three years ago, his daughters found a cat they wanted on Craigslist, but he didnt last long in their
house because of his shedding. Now
weighing in at 27 pounds, give or take
a treat, Rocky Mandt is the full-time
office feline at the trucking and excavating company.
Since the office is also open on Saturdays, Rocky spends every day and
night there. He will jump (or roll) off
the counter and greet you at the door,
if he feels like it. Jims sister-in-law,
Debbie Mandt, enjoys working in the
office with Rocky. She believes that
he helps reduce stress in the workplace.
I look forward to having him in
the office every day, she said. All
of our employees love him. Hes kind
of like a permanent fixture here. This
is his home.
Debbie is also responsible for


Owner name: Scott and
Sara Nachreiner
City/Town of Residence: Stoughton
Pet name: Zoey
Pets age: 4 years old
Breed: Yorkipoo
How long have you
had your pet? Almost
four years. We got her
when she was 8 weeks old.
What makes your
pet special? Zoey is an
8-pound bundle of energy.
She is so tiny yet has more
energy than any dog Ive
ever seen. Whenever she
gets excited about something, she spins around in
circles. She especially gets
excited about trips to the
dog park.
People at the dog park
always comment about
how much energy she has
and how fast she runs.
Shes even been referred
to as a wind-up toy.

When shes not running

around, she loves to cuddle.
Zoey likes people more
than she likes other dogs.
Shell run up to everyone at the dog park or on
walks. Shes also very particular about things and
has to have things a certain way. Shes a creature
of habit.
Funny story about
my pet: Zoey loves to
lie underneath the blankets either on the couch
or in bed. She has learned
that if she paws at either
myself or my husband, we
will let her underneath the
blanket. If you dont let
her under right away, she
will paw at you until you
do. In a last ditch effort,
shell try to nuzzle her
way in but usually cant
get all the way under until
you help her.

Turn to Pages 9-10

Photos by Samantha Christian

Noah Schreiber of Lakeside Landscaping in Oregon scratches Rocky Mandt the cats head
inside the office at Mandt Sandfill along Hwy. MM in Fitchburg. Below, Rocky wears a
Badgers jersey and sheriff hat while propped up by his Packers cheesehead.

On the web
See more photos of Rocky Mandts outfits:

dressing him up in a variety of outfits,

including scarves, sunglasses, sports
team jerseys, bunny ears and numerous hats and not just for holidays.
They are still searching for a construction hat in his size. In fact, a
friend from Tennessee sent a package
addressed directly to Rocky Mandt
with a Packers cheesehead inside.
His ever-changing wardrobe and
go-with-the-flow disposition have
gained him more than 170 followers on his Rocky Mandt Facebook
page, which is populated by photos

Your Hometown
Hardware Store

At Lakeland Veterinary Care

Your pets health is important to us!

In honor of National Pet Health Week
Mention ad for free initial exam!


Shop our excellent selection of gifts

while we fill your prescription

Yes, we have pet supplies!


119 W. Verona Avenue

M-F 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-1pm


Family Owned for 44 Years

Turn your To-Do list into a To-Done list!



Not Just a Pharmacy


2125 McComb Road Suite 106 Stoughton, WI 53589

of the 8-year-old gentle giant and his

friends who come to visit.
According to his bio, If Rocky is
not cat napping, you will find him
wandering around outside the office
(when weather permits). Some of his
hobbies consist of eating, passing out
in his catnip dish, begging for treats
and looking for a nice belly rub.
Burly, bearded men with cracked,
dirty hands immediately soften when
they come into contact with Rocky.
(Rocky) kind of brings out their
personalities, Debbie said.

Crabtree & Evelyn Products

Milkhouse Creamery
Caren Soaps & Lotions
Willow Tree and More
(HSA cards accepted)

202 S. Main Street, Verona 848-8020

Check out


Saturday, May 30 9 am-6 pm both locations

All Pet Food 10% off!
Tabby & Jacks Cookies 10% off
Storewide Sales!
FREE playgroups! (Must show current vaccination)
Vendor Giveaways
Free Samples!

(608) 835-0551
Oregon, WI

2970 Cahill Main, Ste. 102

Fitchburg 608-277-5900

6925 University Ave.

Middleton 608-841-1133

May 7, 2015 - PETS - The Stoughton Courier Hub - 9

Try taking your pet camping this summer

For those who enjoy the
great outdoors, camping
during the springtime can be
a perfect weekend getaway.
However, if you dont want
to leave your four-legged
friends behind while setting
out on your adventure, try
bringing them along.
Many campgrounds
allow pets, with certain
rules and regulations, said
Dr. Mark Stickney, clinical associate professor at
the Texas A&M College
of Veterinary Medicine &
Biomedical Sciences.
Often, the rules regarding pets can be seen posted
on their website, and if not,
questions can be easily
answered over the phone.
However, it is not advised
that you show up with your
pet without prior research
and consent.
Most rules will include
things such as having your
pet on a leash, making sure
they are supervised at all
times, and requiring proof
of vaccinations, Stickney
said. Even if they dont
require health records or
vaccination certificates, its
a good idea to bring them
along just in case.

Photo courtesy Metro Creative

Many campgrounds allow pets, with certain rules and regulations.

Just as you need to pack

food and other essentials
for yourself, dont forget
to pack necessities for your
pets as well. Some items
youll need to bring are
plenty of food, a pet first-aid
kit, a harness, and a leash.
Even if the campsite has natural water resources, such as
streams or lakes, you must
still bring plenty of water for
your pet to drink throughout

your stay. There are many

different diseases they can
catch by drinking from a
pond or lake.
Coming into contact with
wild animals is a definite
risk when you are out in
a national forest or grassland. Although most of the
wildlife you run into wants
to keep away from you as
well, you should have a
way of containing your pet

Stoughton Veterinary Service

Animal Hospital

1900 U.S. Hwy. 51/138 Next to Wal-Mart 608-873-8022 Stoughton, WI

- Submitted by College of
Veterinary Medicine &
Biomedical Sciences,
Texas A&M University


Preventative Care Medical Examinations Surgery

Dentistry X-rays including OFA In-House Laboratory Diagnostics
Chiropractic Treatment & Boarding
** In-House Pharmacy

just in case.
If your pet does get into
a tussle with a wild animal,
you do not want to get into
the middle of it, Stickney
said. There is a very good
chance you will be bitten or
harmed. Your best method
of action is calling off your
pet or to try scaring away
the wild animal.
In order to prevent such
situations in the first place,
it is a good idea to keep
your pets close to you
throughout your camping
expedition and to have a
leash or harness available at
all times.
Before setting off on your
camping adventure, make
sure your pets are up-to-date
on all of their vaccinations,
especially rabies. Depending on the campsites location, you may consult with
your veterinarian about any
other vaccinations that your
pet may need, as well as
discuss appropriate flea and
tick control.
To make camping with
your pet an exciting experience for the both of you, be
sure to research the campsite ahead of time, take note
of any restrictions or regulations, and bring the essentials along with you.

Mon.- Fri. 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat. 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Sun. Boarding Pickups


How long have you had
Owner name: Jay and your pet? Since he was a
Sonja Goldbeck
C i t y / T o w n o f R e s iWhat makes your pet
dence: Stoughton
special? He loves carrying
P e t n a m e : H o o l e y his toys around a couple
(Houligans Holiday)
of car-shaped pillows, his
Pets age: 3 years old
stuffed rabbit and football.
Breed: German


Chalet Veterinary Clinic

Family Pet Care at its Best
1621 E. Main St.
(608) 873-8112
7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Sat. 7 a.m.- p.m.


Old Stone Pet Lodge

We make our guests feel at home.
For reservations, call 608.455.2324 or
visit us online at

Services Include...

Pet Boarding, Doggy Daycare & Training

Daily personal care with home like accommodations
Family friendly atmosphere
Large indoor dog kennels and private suite
Cat condos
Large indoor and outdoor play yards

Where your
loved one
receives our


Guest Amenities Include...

4353 Old Stone Road, Oregon

Ron & Teri Paltz, on-site owners/operators

purrrrrsonal matchmaking for every family!

There are many aspects to caring for others.

At Four Winds we recognize that health care is multifaceted.
Sometimes the best therapists have four legs.

Four Winds isnt just about care. Its about living.

Better Care. Better Living.

309 Schweitzer Drive . Verona

(608) 845-6154


Pet Adoption Microchipping Retail Store
Educational Resources Volunteer Opportunities
Pet Adoption and Resource Center, 161 Horizon Drive, Verona

10 - The Stoughton Courier Hub - PETS - May 7, 2015

Adopt A Pet From

Angels Wish

Animal Hospital of Verona

Miller & Sons Supermarket

2 year old male
Outgoing and affectionate

The Sows Ear

210 S. Main St., Verona


Conant Automotive

125 S. Main St., Verona




1 year old male
Gives kisses

1324 Hwy. 51-138, Stoughton


7 year old female
Loves kids and playtime


2 year old male
Laid-back and friendly
203 W. Verona Ave., Verona




Additional information about these animals available for

adoption can be found online at:
161 Horizon Drive, Verona, WI 53593 (608) 848-4174
These pets are sponsored by the following businesses:


Owner name: Brett and
April Topp
City/Town of Residence: Stoughton
Pet name: Kona Topp
Pets age: 11 1/2 years
Breed: Border collie/
black lab
How long have you had
your pet? 10 1/2 years.
What makes your pet
special? Kona is a very wellbehaved dog. Sometimes
we think she is human and
understands everything we
say to her or ask her to do.
She is very affectionate
and always wants her belly
rubbed or takes her nose
and nudges your hand to pet

Her grandparents live
across the street and she
gets very excited when we
ask if she wants to go to
Grandma and Grandpas
house; she sits on the curb
and waits until we tell her
its OK to cross the road.
On April 7, Kona became
a big sister to a very precious, adorable baby girl
,and she has become very
protective of her. Kona constantly wants to be around
the baby and also very close
to whoever is holding her or
laying right next to her bassinet.
As you can see by her
picture, she is a very proud
big furry sister.

Little Bear
Male 6 years old
Great Office Cat
Gerlach Wholesale Flooring, Inc.
112 Janesville St., Oregon

Female 2 years old
Playful and Cuddly

3 year old male
Shy and gentle

Goochi Poochi

Verona Hometown Pharmacy

105 S. Main Street, Verona


5 year old female
Loves other cats
Verona Ace

202 S. Main St., Verona


119 W. Verona Ace, Verona


We Have


for Your Other Kids Too!


Monday-Saturday 6:30 am-9 pm

Sunday 6:30 am-7 pm




210 South Main Street, Verona


Owner name: Jody

City/Town of Residence: Stoughton
Pet name: Hailey
Pets age: 13 years old
Breed: Miniature Dachshund
How long have you had

your pet? Six years.

What makes your pet
special? She had a mastectomy last year. She had
cancer. She had surgery 3
weeks ago. Shes one tough
German. Most of all, she
loves me unconditionally.
Funny story about my
pet: She snores so loud we
have to turn the TV up.



May 7, 2015 - PETS - The Stoughton Courier Hub - 11

Mammary cancer is aggressive in feline friends

Breast cancer is unfortunately
prevalent not only among humans,
but also in our feline friends. Just
like with people, mammary cancer
is very aggressive in cats, and they
have the best chance of survival if
caught early.
Eighty-five percent of mammary
tumors found in cats are malignant,
and more that 80 percent will eventually spread to other locations in
the body, such as the lymph nodes,
lungs, bone and internal organs,
said Dr. Jacqueline Bloch, medical oncology resident at the Texas
A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

It is found that Siamese and

domestic shorthair cats are more at
risk for mammary tumors. However,
it is a risk for any cat to develop a
mammary tumor, and like with
other cancers, it is important to get a
proper diagnosis.
Mammary tumors in cats are
best diagnosed by a biopsy; this
helps us to give prognostic information to the owners as well as diagnosis, Bloch said. Sometimes we can
obtain diagnosis by a relatively noninvasive needle biopsy.
Similar to dealing with other
tumors, the best treatment option
is to surgically remove them.

Veterinarians generally recommend

a staged bilateral mastectomy, or the
removal of all the mammary glands
in a staged manner.
Cats have four pairs of mammary glands, and they are intimately associated and share lymphatic
drainage, which is why we recommend removing them all, Bloch
Before executing such an extreme
surgery, Bloch explains that they
will perform what is called staging
tests to look for evidence of cancer
that has spread to other parts of the
This normally means an

abdominal ultrasound to look for

spread to regional lymph nodes or
liver and spleen, and chest radiographs to look for evidence of
spread to the lungs, Bloch said. If
these show no evidence of disease,
we recommend going forward with
the surgery.
Depending on the case, chemotherapy may be recommend following surgery if the tumor is very
aggressive and the patient proves to
be a good candidate.
Although it is impossible to completely prevent mammary cancer,
the early spaying of cats is very
protective against developing these

tumors. Spaying a kitten before six

months of age can ultimately reduce
the risk of developing breast cancer
by 91 percent. Bloch said.
Regularly examining your cats
by rubbing their belly and gently
squeezing the mammary glands,
as well as taking them in for regular check-ups at the veterinarian,
is effective for early detection and
catching the cancer in time, for the
best possible outcome.
- Submitted by College of
Veterinary Medicine &
Biomedical Sciences,
Texas A&M University

Adopt A Pet From

Dane County
Humane Society
View all of our animals and detailed descriptions at

Animal Hospital of Verona

Miller & Sons Supermarket

125 S. Main St., Verona




Tabby & Jacks

2970 Cahill Main, Fitchburg


The Sows Ear

210 S. Main St., Verona


Samuel - 25338185
Male, Pig
Located: Dane County
Humane Society
Keith & Kinsey Schulz, Real Estate Team
Great Rock Realty, LLC

Bentley - 20321998
Male, Labrador Retriever
Located: Dane County
Humane Society


3097 Sunnyside St., Stoughton



Joey - 25306217
Male, Guinea Pig
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

Mollie - 24395727
Female, White/Black Dwarf
Located: Dane County
Humane Society
Diamonds Direct LLC
139 E. Main St., Stoughton

203 W. Verona Ave., Verona


McFarland State Bank

207 S. Forrest St., Stoughton 873-6681
3162 Cty. B, Stoughton 873-2010

210 S. Main St., Verona


Forrest - 16592492
Male, Brown/white Domestic Shorthair
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

Animal Hospital of Verona

Doodle Bug - 25332813

Female, Orange/white Domestic Shorthair
Located: Dane County
Humane Society



Miller & Sons Supermarket

Chalet Veterinary Clinic

1621 E. Main St., Stoughton



Kathy Bartels
Coldwell Banker Success

Atticus - 27680451
Male, Labrador/Hound mix
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

The Sows Ear

125 S. Main St., Verona





Trix - 25241156
Male, Rabbit
Located: DCHS Mounds Fitchburg

Carlos - 26970006
Male, Boston Terrier
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

203 W. Verona Ave., Verona


The Larson Family

Oregon, WI


In Loving Memory of Sammy

Ramses - 27680564
Male, Labrador mix
Located: Dane County
Humane Society


Conant Automotive

1324 Hwy. 51-138, Stoughton


Victoria - 27680659
Female, Labrador mix
Located: Dane County
Humane Society


Sahara - 27680090
Female, Hound Mix
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

Blanche - 25210882
Female, B/W Domestic Shorthair
Located: Dane County
Humane Society



Helena - 27680756
Female, Labrador mix
Located: Dane County
Humane Society


The Sows Ear

125 S. Main St., Verona


Fido - 25061197
Male, Chihuahua
Located: Dane County
Humane Society


Herman - 26876866
Male, Pit Bull Terrier
Located: Dane County
Humane Society




These pets are sponsored by the following businesses:

Taylor - 25332490
Male, German Shepherd
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

Loki - 27682016
Male, Parakeet
Located: Dane County
Humane Society

The Sows Ear

Radio Shack of Stoughton

125 S. Main St., Verona


*Some animals may have already been adopted by the time of print.


DCHS Main Shelter 5132 Voges Rd., Madison, WI 53718 838-0413

2384 Jackson St., Stoughton


12 - The Courier Hub - May 7, 2015

Locally ownedin Stoughton

May 7, 2015 - The Courier Hub - 13

Create a Backyard Getaway with the Help of

Moyers Landscape Services and Hometown Nurseries, Inc.!
The anticipation of full-on spring bloom can be very
exciting, as we walk around our yards and watch the
buds of various perennials and shrubs play peek-aboo with one another. Then the thoughts of how we
can further improve our outdoor surroundings come to
the forefront of our minds. Why squeeze into an airline
seat this summer for that vacation? Why not instead,
walk to a staycation in your own backyard? When
that time of making changes does arrive, Moyers can
assist in making the dream a reality.
Founded in 1986, by Dave Moyer, Moyers Landscape
Services & Hometown Nurseries, Inc., is now located on
a former dairy and tobacco farm, and has been proudly serving Stoughton and surrounding communities
since 1990. The second generation of family ownership
is continuing with Jeff (a graduate of Stoughton High
School) and wife, Emily Moyer. The father/son team,
both hold B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture.
Moyers is truly a one stop shop for the maintenance
and beautification of your yard and landscape. They
have hundreds of varieties of shrubs and trees to a
wide selection of pavers and stones to build an outdoor
patio or serene waterfall. The Moyers staff know what
plants will thrive in the harsh elements of the Wisconsin climate too. As you peruse the grounds, the staff
will be right there to answer possible questions about

an emphasis on outdoor hardscapes, or patios that

double as kitchens or gathering places. Many people
are continuing to invest money back into their homes,
Jeff Moyer states. Homeowners often ask the Moyers
staff, were not traveling as much now, so what can
we do to make our home a vacation spot? The process of making that backyard a vacation wonderland
is not that difficult to realize. After deciding on the
types of materials you prefer, our experienced design
staff will create a professional two or three dimensional plan for you. We also prepare a detailed proposal
estimate, broken into convenient phases for your reference. Moyer explains. Then after final approval, our
professional, experienced crews start your project to
make your dreams finally a reality!
Moyers Inc., is celebrating its 29th year in business. Along the way, the hard work and dedication of
the Moyers staff and company as a whole has indeed
paid off. Most recently in 2014, one of the Landscape
Designers was nominated for and won the Wisconsin
Masonry Alliance-Excellence in Hardscaping; Designer of the Year Award (among small to large sale landscaped design/build firms in Wisconsin). For 2015,
types of plants, mulches and hardscape you are interested in using at your home. Moyers Inc. employs
some of the best Green Industry Staff in the Madison
Market! We heavily invest in further training, certification and development of the full-time team. Jeff
Moyer states. We have three wonderfully thoughtful
and professional individuals on our landscape design

team: Matt Hanna, Kevin

Smits, and Brit McCoy. In the
retail nursery, garden center
and landscape supply, customers can rely on the educational and professional guidance of Jeff Wood and Dave

Mothers Day Week Super Sale

Now - Ma
ay 10th

25% 25%

ls &
on.-Fri. ... 8am
m - 5pm
turday ... 8am
m - 4pm
Sunday ... 10am
a m - 4pm


All In-Stock
es, Tre

Moyer. In fact, Dave Moyer

is the President of the WGIF
(Wisconsin Green Industry Federation) and of the
WNLA (Wisconsin Nursery
and Landscape Association.
There continues to be

very a
nd Instal
ation not Incl
luded in Sal
le, Cash an
nd Car

(608) 873-9141

936 Starr School Road Stoughton

Stoughton, WI

Moyers Inc., won the Bronze Award for the designing

and installation of the Stoughton Rotary Park for Best
Commercial Design-Concrete Paver Projects under
2,500 sq. ft, at the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance-Excellence in Hardscaping. As well, the business was just
nominated for the prestigious Wisconsin Family Business of The Year Award. Jeff Moyer further explains,

We have been informed that

we are a finalist and have
since been invited to the
awards ceremony, held at the
Edgewater Hotel in Madison
on May 14th. We are not sure
what our final award is yet
The Moyers Inc. family
knows that none of this would
be possible without the clients
and the community. Jeff Moyer graciously explains, All of
these awards are possible due
to the thoughtful, caring and
professional approach of every
team member at Moyers Inc.,
and of course only possible
from our greatly appreciated clientele!
Moyers Landscape Services & Hometown Nurseries, Inc. prides our professional existence on being a
locally and family owned operation thoughtfully providing the highest quality products and services for
our valued customers. Moyer says. We have been
proudly creating and supplying products for beautiful
outdoor living spaces since 1986, and strive to be at the
forefront of the Green Industry by aiming for continued
innovative excellence within the Landscape Design,
Installation, and Horticultural Supply marketplace.

Now is the time to start realizing that ultimate,

dreamy yard, as well as replacing a perennial or shrub
that did not make it through the winter. In fact, now
is the perfect time to visit Moyers for a Mothers
Day gift. They are hosting their HUGE Mothers
Day Weekend Sale & Open House! See ads for great
savings and more details. Give a gift that will emit
beauty for years to come. Moyers Inc., is open now
through mid-November. Hours are: Monday - Friday
8am-5pm, Sat. 8am-4pm & Sun. 10am-4pm. You can
also go to their Facebook page or visit their website: .


Shower/Bath Aids
Toilet Aids
Bubble Packing

Receive Results Like These:


Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm; Sat 8 am-5 pm; Sun 8 am-12 noon



206 W Prospect Ave

100 E. Main Street
Downtown Stoughton

168 E. Main Street Stoughton

Flower Phone: 873-6173 or 866-595-6800
Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm; Saturday, May 9, 8 am-5 pm

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Affordable One-on-One Training

We provide a unique program for men and women designed specifically for the
de-conditioned or first-time exerciser in a safe and comfortable environment
with ISSA Certified trainers.

Call us at (608) 873-3244 with

questions or stop in. Were happy to help!

Hours: 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri., Closed Sat.

Visit McGlynn Pharmacy for all of

your health care needs.


To Make Sure The Family

Stays Smiling . . .
Schedule a Service Appointment
BEFORE the Summer Road Trip
Across Country!

Theres no better time than now to get into

the best shape of your life.



Wish Mom a Happy Mothers Day

with a Little Pink Me Up!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Courier Hub
For more sports coverage, visit:


Jeremy Jones, sports editor

845-9559 x226

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor

845-9559 x237
Fax: 845-9550


Girls golf

to Team
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Photo by Joe Koshollek

Stoughton High School head football coach and assistant wrestling coach Jason Thiry stepped down from his positions on April 28 after accepting an offer on the
Prairie du Chien board of education. Thiry coached the Vikings football team to its first playoff appearance in 16 years this past fall, and he helped coach two state
wrestling champions the past two seasons.

Other opportunities
Thiry helped Vikings end
16-year playoff drought
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

In two seasons as the Stoughton High School football coach

Jason Thiry led the Vikings to a
7-12 record, but more importantly
helped the program end a 16-year
playoff drought last fall.
Thiry, however, wont be back
for a third season at reins after
announcing his resignation late last
Citing a desire to pursue a new
career opportunity, Thiry officially announced his resignation
Tuesday, April 28, following the
approval of his hiring by the Prairie du Chien board of education.
Thiry, who moved to Stoughton
from Morton, Ill., said he wont be
coaching in Prairie du Chien where
he was hired as Dean of Students.
His wife, who is also an educator, had been a stay-at-home

mother, who was looking to return

to the classroom.
This was a great opportunity
for me to move up in the educational world and for my wife and
me to both have a teaching job
in the same town, Thiry said.
Teaching and education is what
pays the bills. I have goals Id like
to reach professionally and this
seemed like the right opportunity
and the right fit for us.
Thiry said as Dean of Students,
hell oversee day-to-day discipline
similar to an assistant principal in
the Prairie du Chien intermediate
school (2-8 grade).
The Thirys have three children and are expecting another in
The timing was probably
appropriate for me to put my whistle down for awhile, Thiry said.
Being from northeast Iowa,
Thiry is very familiar with the
Prairie du Chien area. He said the
decision to move one wasnt based
on being closer to his hometown,

He and his family will do just

fine, they have a great opportunity as a family, Stoughton athletic director and Prairie du Chien
almunus Mel Dow said. The role
he was hired for he will continue
to teach the same lessons yet to a
different group of kids in a new
Thiry said since the announcement a lot of the community has
reached out to thank him for the
relationships, time spent and
what was accomplished in a short
amount of time.
Without a doubt Jasons
strength was his relationship with
his student-athletes, Dow said.
The lessons he taught them on
character, leadership, and belief
was valued by the kids and the parents of those kids. He was a players coach, yet had expectations of
the throwback coach of following
Thiry said while several of his
players were a little shocked to
hear he wouldnt be coming back,
theyve come around over the last

couple of days.
They understand that in life
your family comes first and thats
what this decision was based off,
he said. We have nothing but
great memories from Stoughton.
Dow said the posting for the
SHS head football coach closes
May 12 with the district looking to
start interviews by the end of the
week and finalize things the week
of the 18th.
Whoever fills the vacancy is
going to be fortunate enough to
have an outstanding senior class
with lots of experience.
Ive had a chance to meet
some great people and coach with
great coaches, Thiry said. Ive
coached great players that Im
lucky to be able to call friends for
the rest of my life. Thats what
football is all about developing
Ultimately, thats what lifes
about, surrending yourself with
good people. I know Ive done that
here, and Im fortunate for that.


Vikings lacrosse improve to 8-1 overall on the season

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

The Stoughton High School

lacrosse team improved to 8-1
overall (7-0 in the Madison Area
Lacrosse Association White
Division) with wins over La
Crosse Central and DeForest last

Stoughton 17, Lax. Central 4

Senior Dylan Wenker scored
seven goals and added an assist
in the Vikings 17-4 drubbing of
La Crosse Central on April 28.
Sophomores Tanner Gutche
and Sam Onsager also picked
up multiple goals. Gutche had
three goals and two assists, and
Onsager collected two goals and

two assists.
Sophomore Dylan Gross had
a goal and an assist, while junior
Ethan Olsen collected a goal and
two assists.
Senior Rob Volk, sophomore
Zach Scheel and freshman Quinn
Link all added goals.
Junior Jack Anderson finished
with 10 saves.

Stoughton 7, DeForest 3
Gutche led Stoughton with
three goals and an assist, and
Onsager added two goals in a 7-3
win over DeForest on Friday.
Gross and Wenker both added
goals, and Volk and Link picked
up assists.
Anderson finished with nine

Stoughton High School senior

Ashli Stolen will
have a busy offseason of golf this
summer before she
heads off to Cardinal Stritch University in the fall to
play collegiately at
the National Asso- Stolen
ciation of Intercollegiate Athletics
Stolen, who was ranked in the
top 10 in 2014 in the Wisconsin
Junior PGA tour, was selected to
be a part of Team Wisconsin in
the annual Ryder Cup type event
against Team Minnesota June
28-29 at StoneRidge Golf Course
in Stillwater, Minn.
Stolen said she watched
Stoughton graduate Becky
Klongland play on the team
and a few other friends over the
years, and it is a big accomplishment for her to finally be able to
play for Team Wisconsin.
Stolen collected 587.17 points
during the 2014 tour, which was
10th best in the state. Since that
time, she qualified for the WIAA
Division 1 state girls golf tournament in October where she
finished tied for 12th place and
has signed a National Letter of
Intent at Cardinal Stritch.
This summer, she will be trying to help Team Wisconsin
retain the Junior Cup against
Team Minnesota. Last year,
Team Wisconsin won 21- 15.
It is going to be a super cool
experience. I hope that we can
keep the cup in Wisconsin, Stolen said. We are a great group
that can work together. Hopefully, I will be one to contribute
to the win.
Besides the pride of playing for
Team Wisconsin, Stolen is also
excited to team up with some of
the best golfers in the state.
Most of the girls on the team,
I have become super close with
them as the years went on, so
being able to be on the team
with them and working together
should be really fun, she said.
Stolen said she will play in
a few tournaments before the
Junior Cup and will also try
and get in a practice round
with another girl on the team at
StoneRidge before the event.
All of that experience should
help her as she gets ready to play
for Cardinal Stritch, Stolen added.
Tournaments really help you
prepare for competition because
you are playing against other
people. So I think as long as I
keep my concentration and I do
well in the tournaments, I think
that should help with the competition I will see at college golf,
she said.
The Junior Cup started in 1998
and has switched from Minnesota and Wisconsin golf courses
every year since.

May 7, 2015

Courier Hub



Track and field

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Sophomore Mya Lonnebotn participates in the triple jump at the

Panther Relay on Friday. The Vikings triple jump team of Kassidy
McMillin and Marissa won with a distance of 980 feet.

Girls take Oregon

Relays title, boys
finish runner-up
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

The Stoughton High

School boys and girls track
and field team both had
success Friday at the Oregon Relays at Oregon High
The girls went on to win
the five-team event 9266 over Oregon, while the
boys finished second to
Oregon 86-78.

The 4x800 relay (Aly
Weum, Nikki Staffen,
Megan Reese and Emily
Reese), the 3300 shuttle hurdle (Kiley Lynch,
Alexa Deutsch and Shelby
Orcutt), the pole vault team
(Hannah Posick, Deutsch
and Lynch), the long jump
team (Mya Lonnebotn,
Megan Reese and Lynch),
the triple jump team (Kassidy McMillin, Megan
Robson and Lonnebotn),
the shot put team (Alexus

Crockett, Allie Niemeyer

and Savanna Smith) and
the discus team (Kennedy
Silbaugh, Smith and Niemeyer) all took first for the
The 4x800 relay won in
9 minutes, 58.42 seconds,
while the 3x300 hurdle
relay won in 2:40.55.
The pole vault team
reached 22 feet, and the
long jump team reached
172 1/4.
The triple jump team won
with a distance of 98 feet,
and the shot put team took
first with a distance of 997
1/2. The discus team won
with a distance of 311-6.
The 4x100 relay team
(52.07), the 4x200 relay
team (1:49.59), the 4x400
relay team (4:05.24) and
the 3x100 shuttle hurdle
team (52.58) all finished
The high jump team
(Payton Kahl, Bronwynn
Ziemann and Posick) also

Stoughton courtesy runner Raven Poirier (6) scores in the top of the fourth inning as Madison Edgewood catcher Sophia Cannarella
drops the throw at the plate. The run put the Vikings ahead 2-1 before Edgewood knotted the game 2-all in the bottom of the inning.
Stoughton prevailed 4-2 thanks to the 2-run single of Liz Auby.

Vikings slide into second place in Badger Conference

Jeremy Jones

Theres a lot of pressure on any given

night in the Badger South with one of
the tightest races in recent years.
Its a very equal playing field this
year. Anytime you step out on the field,
youve got to be ready to go, Stoughton
head coach Kristin Siget said.
We had slow bats to start the game,
but it was good to see the girls fight back
for the victory.

Badger South

Sports editor

After starting the Badger South Conference season behind the eight ball,
Stoughton softball has really picked up
its play over the last month.
The Vikings knocked off frontrunner
Monroe two weeks ago and ran their
conference win streak to six games with
three more wins last week to move into
second place.

Stoughton 4, Edgewood 2
Liz Auby lined a two-run single
back up the box and Sarah Seaton had
command of her pitches on the mound
Monday as Stoughton held off Madison Edgewood 4-2 at Goodman Park in
Its always nice to help your team get
the win, said Auby, who connected on
an inside fastball to seal the Crusaders

Team W-L
Monroe 7-1
Stoughton 5-3
Fort Atkinson
Monona Grove
Milton 3-6
Oregon 3-6
Madison Edgewood

Stoughton, Edgewood (ppd.)

fate in the top of the sixth. She was

pitching inside all night, so I looking for
that inside fastball.
Seaton, in addition to pitching all
seven innings, picked up two hits for the
Vikings (5-3, 8-5). Kaitlyn Harrington
threw six strikeouts for the Crusaders
(2-6, 7-6).

Playing back-to-back games continued to be a challenge for local teams

as Mother Nature forced the rainout of
Stoughtons game against Edgewood at
home on Tuesday.
The game was reschuled for May 6.
See connectstoughton or next weeks
Courier Hub for results.

Turn to Softball/Page 17

In the future

Banks will do more than

just hold your money.

Turn to Track/Page 17

The future is now

at River Valley.

Business Center
Mobile Banking
Internet Caf
Free WiFi

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Payton Kahl led the girls high jump team of Bronwynn Ziemann and
Hannah Posick to victory Friday at the Panther Relay meet with a
height of 13-10 in Oregon.

8329 Murphy Dr. Middleton

(Near Costco) 608.661.3560




May 7, 2015

Courier Hub


Vikings still searching for consistency

Anthony Iozzo

Badger South

Assistant sports editor

It was an up and d
week for the Stoughton
High School baseball
team, which split four
g a m e s t o m o v e t o 8 -9
overall (5-2 Badger South
With expectations high
after a top-20 preseason
ranking, the Vikings have
shown signs of how good
they can be at times, but
there have been other
days with uncharacteristic
Stoughton knocked off
conference foe Fort Atkinson 9- 1 Thursday, but it
dropped Mondays game
to Madison Edgewood,
5- 3. The Vikings defeated
DeForest 8- 2 in first game
of a doubleheader Saturday but followed it up with
a 13-3 loss to Madison
What we want to see is
motivation from our players, head coach Jeremy
Dunnihoo said. The guys
came into the season with
a high ranking and havent
lived up to it at this point.
They showed flashes of it,
but at other times, we have
looked like we shouldnt
win any games.
We have to find, as
individuals and as a team,
what is going to motivate
us and carry us the rest of
the season.
Despite the inconsistent
play, the Vikings are still
only a game back of first
place Oregon, which lost
to Stoughton earlier this
season, and is still a team
with a high ceiling when it
comes to the section, head
coach Jeremy Dunnihoo
Stoughton, Madison
Edgewood and Oregon all
control their own destiny

Team W-L
Oregon 6-1
Stoughton 5-2
Madison Edgewood 4-1
Milton 4-2
Monroe 2-5
Monona Grove
Fort Atkinson
RBI. Zacharias and Showers also had doubles.
Zacharias went the distance for the win. He
allowed an earned run on
five hits and two walks,
while striking out five.

Madison West 13,

Stoughton 3

Photo by Evan Halpop

The Stoughton High School baseball infield gathers to regroup as relief pitcher Jake Kissling (19) warms up against Madison West
Saturday at Stoughton High School. The Vikings dropped the game 13-3.

still this season.

There is time, and the
most important thing the
way the spring baseball
season is set up is you
want to play your best
baseball at the right time,
Dunnihoo said. There
is a good feeling that we
havent put it all together
yet and are still a game
back of Oregon.
Stoughton had its Tuesday game against Madison
Edgewood at Mansfield

rout, which included five

runs in the first inning.
Senior Alec Showers
collected two RBIs, while
senior Alex Zacharias was
2-for-4 with a triple.
Tim Johnson was 2- for3 with an RBI, and senior
S a m R i p p w a s 2 -f o r - 3
with a double and an RBI.
Brady Wanninger added a
Stoughton 9, Fort 1
double and an RBI.
Ripp picked up the win.
Stoughton took advantage of six Fort Atkinson He pitched five innings
errors Thursday in a 9- 1 and allowed an earned run

Stadium postponed.
That game was made up
Wednesday after the Courier Hubs Tuesday deadline.
The Vikings travel to
nonconference Reedsburg
at 5 p.m. Friday and host
Oregon at 5 p.m. Tuesday,
May 12.

on four hits and two walks,

while striking out two.

Stoughton 8, DeForest 2
The Vikings hosted
DeForest Saturday and
picked up an 8-2 win.
Senior Cade Bunnell was
3- for- 4 with a home run, a
double and three RBIs, and
Jack Nelson was 2-f or-2
with a triple and two RBIs.
Jake Kissling had a double and an RBI, and Tim
Johnson also collected an

Stoughton struggled early, allowing nine runs in

three innings in a 13-3 loss
to Madison West on Saturday.
Zach Kirby was 2-f or- 3
with two RBIs and a triple, while freshman Dillon
Nowicki added a double.
Ethan Genter took the
loss. He allowed five
earned runs on five hits
in 2 1/3 innings. Genter
walked two and struck out

Edgewood 5,
Stoughton 3
The Vikings scored all
of their runs in the first
inning Monday in a 5-3
loss to Madison Edge wood.
Bunnell was 2-for-3,
while Zacharias added a
double and an RBI. Wanninger also had an RBI.
Nowicki took the loss.
He allowed four earned
runs on four hits and five
walks in five innings,
striking out four.

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Utica pounds McFarland

Merchants blast Lake Mills

The Utica Association saw Kevin

ODonnell hit a base-clearing double in
the third inning Sunday en route to a 9-2
victory at Jefferson.
Andy Martin (2-for-3), Brad Ashmore (2-for-5), Kyle Bates (2-for-3) and
ODonnell (2-for-5) all collected multiple
hits in the Southeast Section victory.
Bates tossed six innings, striking out
seven and walking one for the victory. He
allowed one earned runs.
Jeff Klug took the loss for Jefferson,
allowing seven earned runs on two walks
and eight hits in 5 1/3. He struck out two.
Utica now travels to McFarland at 1
p.m. Sunday.

The Merchants opened the season Sunday with a 6-2 win in Lake Mills.
T.J. Diprizio led the way with four hits
and three RBIs, while Kris Rosholt and
Brad Knickmeier, who joined the team
from Utica this season, each added two
Max Fuller and Rosholt both homered
in the win.
Jeremy Dunnihoo pitched seven strong
innings, allowing two runs on four hits
while striking out eight to pick up the
win. Rosholt came on in the eighth. He
gave up one hit and struck out five.
The Merchants travel to Deerfield at 1
p.m. Sunday.

May 7, 2015

Courier Hub


Girls soccer

Offense connects against Poynette

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Badger South

The Stoughton High

School girls soccer team
dominated Poynette/Portage
6-1 Friday in a nonconference game.
Freshman Cassidy Bach
scored twice and added an
assist, while senior Celia
Holtan and freshman Paige
Halverson both picked up a
goal and an assist.
Junior Leah Olson and
freshman Jackie Smith also
scored goals, while sophomore Emma Holtan collected two assists.
Junior Hannah Wood finished with one save, while
Karlie Schwingel had 24 for
The Vikings travel to

Team W-L-T
Monona Grove 3-0-0
Oregon 2-0-0
Fort Atkinson 1-1-1
Milton 1-2-0
Stoughton 0-2-1
Madison Edgewood 0-1-0
Monroe 0-1-0

MG 2, Stoughton 0
The Vikings hosted
Monona Grove on Tuesday
and fell 2-0.
Senior Aly Karls scored
in the first half and junior
Savanah Cruz added a header goal in the 69th minute.
Wood finished with nine
saves, while MG senior
Samantha Kinsler finished
with three.
Stoughton head coach
Chelsea Kittleson said the
girls started this game a lot
stronger than some earlier
It was definitely a good
game for us, finishing a
90-minute game from start
to finish by creating opportunities, Kittleson said.

Reddan Soccer Park at 7

p.m. Friday for a Badger
South Conference game
against Madison Edgewood.
Stoughton finishes the
week at 7 p.m. Tuesday,
May 12, at nonconference
Janesville Parker.

Boys golf

Vikings take care of Milton on the road

Goetz finished the scoring
with a 92.

8:30 a.m. Saturday for

an invite and then travel
to Yahara Golf Course at
T h e S t o u g h t o n H i g h 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, May
School boys golf team 12, to take on Madison
traveled to Oak Ridge Edgewood.
Golf Course Monday and
knocked off Milton 163- Portage invite
Stoughton took eighth
174 in a Badger South
out of 11 teams Friday at
Conference dual.
Sam Anderson led the Portage Country Club in
way with a 38, while Aus- the Portage invite.
The Vikings shot a
tin Kotlowski followed
with a 40. Drew Belle- 355, which was 10 strokes
feuille was next with a 42, behind third-place Verona.
Jack Buckles led with an
and Gunnar Goetz finished
86, while Kotlowski shot
the scoring with a 43.
The Vikings travel to an 87.
Anderson was third on
Whistling Straits Golf
Course in Sheboygan at the team with a 90, and
Anthony Iozzo

Assistant sports editor

Monroe 163, Monroe 168

Stoughton hosted Monroe on Tuesday at Stoughton Country Club and lost
a close match, 163-168.
Anderson finished with
a 38, while Kotlowski followed with a 41.
Goetz was next with a
44, and Buckles finished
the scoring with a 45.
Nick Baumann led Monroe with a 38.
The Stoughton JV won
176-207. Ian Sutton and
Daniel Howell both shot
42s to lead the JV.

Boys tennis

McMullin earns pair of wins at quad

Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Junior Asher McMullin

picked up a pair of victories
over the weekend to pace the
Stoughton boys tennis team
at its annual quadrangular
meet. He and senior Robbie Mueller earned Stoughtons lone wins in a 5-2 loss
against La Crosse Logan on
McMullin took the first
set, but needed to serve a tiebreaker to win 6-4, 3-6 (7)
atop the lineup against Sam
Deetz. Mueller cruised to a

6-3, 6-2 victory against fellow senior Jay Harrison at

No. 3 singles.
Junior Sam Michel and
sophomore Adam McCune
added a 6-3, 7-6 (4) victory
in an exhibition match at No.
4 doubles.
McMullin earned the
Vikings final victory, taking
his No. 1 singles match 2-6,
7-5 (9) against McFarland
junior Zach Witt. Stoughton
fell 6-1 against the Spartans
before being swept 7-0 by
tournament champion Sun
Prairie, which won titles at
the top three singles spots

and No. 1 doubles. McFarland took the other four


Stoughton, Fort (ppd.)

The Vikings conference
dual meet Tuesday in Fort
Atkinson was rescheduled
to 4:30 p.m. May 11 at Rock
River Park.

Waunakee, Stoughton
The Vikings traveled to
Waunakee last Thursday.
Results were unavailable
as the Courier Hub went to
press on Tuesday.

Softball: Vikings move into second place

Continued from page 15

Seaton went the distance River Valley 10-1.

for Stoughton striking out
No stats were available
the Courier Hub went to
Stoughton 5, Fort Atk. 2
seven innings. Both runs press on Tuesday.
The Vikings opened last were earned.
week a 5-2 victory over Fort
Atkinson on Thursday.
Poynette Jamboree
Auby was 2-for-3 in the
Stoughton traveled to the
game with a double. Madi Poynette Jamboree on SatNew
Sehmer, Maddy Beske and urday, defeating WisconOwNer
Seaton also doubled.
sin Dells 15-4 and losing to

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Max Quale (pictured) Derek Schultz and Jake Deutsch led the Vikings to a second-place finish in the
pole vault competition at Fridays Oregon Panther relay meet with a combined height of 29 feet.

Track: Field events strong in Oregon Relays

The 4x100 relay (46.57),

the 4x200 relay (1:35.87),
finished runner-u p with a the 1600 sprint medley
(3:57.89), the 3x110 shutheight of 13-10.
The 4x1000 relay team tle hurdle (1:01.14) and
the 3x300 shuttle hurdle
took third in 14:10.52.
(2:20.87) also took third.
Continued from page 15


The 4x1000 team (Owen

Roe, Nathan Moll, Jackson Hampton and John
McCune), the triple jump
team (Sean McLaury, Jakob
Benson and Adam Krumholz) and the discus team
(Ben Brandt, Buck Krueger
and Joe Nelson) all took
first for the boys.
The 4x1000 team won in
11:12.93, while the triple
jump team reached a distance of 117-6 1/2.
The discus team reached a
distance of 3832.
The shot put team of
Brandt, Krueger and Nelson (126-8 3/4), the high
jump team of Eric Woods,
Darvell Peeples and Krumholz (120) and the pole vault
team of Derek Schultz, Max
Quale and Jake Deutsch (29
0) all finished second.
The 4x400 relay (3:32.80)
and the 4x800 relay
(8:44.93) were also runner
The long jump team of
Krumholz, Benson and Peeples were third with a distance of 56-5 3/4.

MG triple dual
The boys and girls team
traveled to Monona Grove
High School on Tuesday to
take on Fort Atkinson and
Monona Grove in a triple
The girls won the meet
with 75.5 points. Fort
Atkinson finished with 59,
and Monona Grove had
Deutsch won the 100
high hurdles in 16.34, while
Aly Weum took the 200 in
Katie Roe won the 800 in
2:37.08, and the 4x100 team
of Hannah Posick, Maddie
Posick, Kendra Halverson
and Maren Gryttenholm
won in 52.65.
In the field events, Crockett won the shot put with a
distance of 37-8 1/2.
McMillin took the triple
jump title with a distance
of 32-2 1/4, and Hannah
Posick took first in the pole
vault with a height of 10-0.

The athletes are continuing to improve every meet,

girls head coach Eric Benedict said. We are training
really hard right now to get
ready for the conference
meet in a few weeks.
On the boys side, the
Vikings won with 66 points.
Monona Grove finished
with 63, and Fort Atkinson
had 30.
Collin Kraus won the 300
hurdles in 44:29, and he
also joined Garrett Model,
McLaury and Hampton in
the 4x800 to take first in
Krumholz added a first
place in the 400 in 52.72.
In the field events,
Krueger took the discus title
with a distance of 128-1,
and Brandt won the shot put
with a distance of 43-8.
Quale rounded our the
winners by taking the pole
vault title with a height of
The annual Stoughton
invite is at 4:30 p.m. Friday
at Stoughton High School.
The boys and girls also
host Madison Edgewood
and Oregon at 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday, May 12, in a triple

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May 7, 2015

Courier Hub

LaVerne F. Slinde

Case No. 2015PR306

1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
May 22, 1922 and date of death June 5,
2009, was domiciled in Dane County,
State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of 1308 Vernon Street, Stoughton,
WI 53589.
3. All interested persons waived
4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is July 31,
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000
Lisa Chandler
Probate Registrar
April 21, 2015
David. M. Houser
318 S. Gjertson Street
Stoughton, WI 53589
(608) 873-7781
Bar Number: 1013777
Published: April 30, May 7 and 14, 2015


The Common Council of the City of

Stoughton, Dane County, Wisconsin, will
hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May
26, 2015 at 7:00 oclock p.m., or as soon
hereafter as the matter may be heard,
in the Council Chambers, Public Safety
Building, 2nd Floor, 321 South Fourth
Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin, to consider special assessments for sidewalks,
driveways, aprons, carriage walks, roof
drain piping, drainage flumes, sanitary
sewer laterals, water service laterals
and curb and gutter for the Washington/
Fifth Street Project, the South Alley Project between Division Street and Forrest
Street, and the 2015 Street Pulverization
Project, within the City of Stoughton and
levying of special assessments to pay
for same.
Please Note: If you have any questions regarding this notice and/or special assessments, please contact Director of Planning & Development Rodney
Scheel at 873-6619
Lana Kropf, City Clerk
Published May 7, 2015


2015 Jefferson
Street Storm Sewer
Stoughton, WI

Sealed bids for the 2015 Jefferson

Street Storm Sewer Construction project
will be received by the City of Stoughton,
381 E. Main St., Stoughton, WI 53589, un-

til 1:00 PM local time, May 14, 2015, and

then at said office publicly opened and
read aloud. The project consists of the
Storm sewer removal & replacement and street construction on S Gjertson St. and on an easement between
S. Gjertson St. & S. Van Buren Street to
include: unclassified excavation, RCP
storm sewer, crushed aggregate base
course, asphaltic pavement, concrete
sidewalk & driveway aprons, curb & gutter, restoration of the work area, erosion
control measures, and other miscellaneous items in conformance with the
Contract Documents.
All Bids shall be placed in an
opaque envelope addressed to City of
Stoughton, 381 E. Main St., Stoughton,
WI 53589, and shall be labeled Bid for
2015 Jefferson Street Storm Sewer Construction and incorporate the name and
address of the Bidder on the outside of
the envelope.
All Bids shall be accompanied by
a certified check or Bid Bond equal to
five percent (5%) of the Bid payable to
the OWNER.
The Bidding Documents may be examined at the offices of Vierbicher Associates, Inc., 999 Fourier Drive, Suite 201,
Madison, WI 53717.
Complete digital project bidding
documents are available at or You
may download the digital plan documents for $20.00 by inputting Quest project #3334118 on the websites Project
Search Page. Please contact QuestCDN.
com at 952-233-1632 or info@questcdn.
com for assistance in free membership
registration, downloading, and working
with this digital project information. An
optional paper set of project documents
is also available for a non-refundable
price of $75.00 per set. Please make your
check payable to Vierbicher and send it
to the below address. Please contact us
at 608-826-0532 if you have any questions.
The CONTRACTOR shall be required to pay not less than the prevailing
wage rate as established by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.
Attention of bidders is particularly
called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and
minimum wage rates to be paid under
the contract, Section 3, Segregated Facility, Section 109 and E.O. 11246.
The City of Stoughton reserves
the right to waive any informalities and
to reject any or all Bids. The letting of
the work described herein is subject to
the provisions of Sections 61.54, 61.55,
66.0901 and 66.0903, Wisconsin Statutes.
Date: April 20, 2015
Vierbicher Associates, Inc.
999 Fourier Drive, Suite 201
Madison, Wisconsin 53717
City of Stoughton
381 E. Main St.
Stoughton, WI 53589
Published: April 30 and May 7, 2015


and suffered internal bleeding, hemorrhaging,
required hospitalization or a loved one died while
taking Xarelto between 2011 and the present
time, you may be entitled to compensation.

Students attend Norwegian cultural event

Sons of Norway - Mandt
Lodge welcomed over 200
third-graders to its eighth
annual Norwegian Heritage Event on April 21.
Lodge president Darlene
Arneson and youth director
Sandy Fleming said thirdgraders from Fox Prairie,
Yahara and Kegonsa elementary schools, St. Ann
Catholic School and Martin Luther Christian School
and Child Development
Center came to the lodge as
part of a series of stations
on Norwegian culture.
Students arrived at different times and rotated
every 15 minutes to four
different cultural tables.
The tables were staffed
nearly 40 volunteers sharing their knowledge of
Norwegian heritage, culture and culinary skills and
helping with the logistics
of the day.
Tables featured discus- Stoughton fire chief Scott Wegner shows students how to make krumkake.
sions and demonstrations
of lefse, krumkake, Norwegian cheese, animals
and songs, vikings, bunads,
Christmas traditions, Syttende Mai, Rosemaling,
Hardanger and genealogy
The Stoughton Historical
Society also gave a short
presentation on the Stoughton Historical Museum.
Lodge musician David
Nelson led the group in
the Norwegian national
anthem, and the Syttende
Mai King and Queen, Dan
and Jodi Hanson, greeted
the students in the morning session. This year the
lodge also hosted a poster
design contest for thirdgraders.
The event was coordinated through the lodges
Adopt a School Program.
To learn more about
Sons of Norway, visit
Carol Skavlen and Susan Slinde help students learn the basic stitches of Hardanger.

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May 9, 2015

Richland Center, WI Fairgrounds

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9am - Loudpipe Contest &

Mad Dog and Merrill TV
Commercial Filming
11am - ATV/Dirtbike/
Snowmobile Drags
12pm - Pedal Pull, Remote
Control Truck Pull, and Test
& Tune Tractor/Truck Pull
1pm - Demo Derby
6pm - Truck/Tractor Pull - 3
Pulling Tracks
10pm - Truck and Car Drags / 608-604-8811

Photo by Scott De Laruelle

Grillin good times


Our Metal
Roof Lasts a

Don Schmidt and Tom Shepherd of the Town of Dunn Parks

Commission keep a watchful eye over the grill at a Town of Dunn
Arbor Day celebration April 25 at the Town Hall.

Courier Hub

May 7, 2015


Stoughton Brownie Troop 2057
recently donated 45 boxes of
cookies to the Stoughton Food
Pantry through the Cookie Share
Program. From left, Carly Haas,
Nevaeh Smithson and Emerson
Hubert unpack cases in preparation for stocking the shelves at
the pantry.

Photo submitted

Heather and Maika Takavesi, the sister and brother-in-law

of Stoughton resident Beth Tomczyk, are helping to rebuild
Nepal after the devastating earthquake in late April. Tomczyks
GoFundMe campaign to provide funding for them has raised
more than $18,500.

Photo submitted

Nepal: Sister helps natives

1940 75 years ago

A surprising turnout of
1,854 voters the secondlargest in spring election
history descended on the
polls here Tuesday to return
the five city officers to their
present position, endorse
nearly four-to-one the
proposed National Guard
armory, school gymnasium and community building, and unseat three of
four aldermen seeking reelection. Only Mayor G.C.
Siggelko had a close race,
receiving 991 votes to 831
for Jiram Nelson, alderman
of the Second Ward, who
also opposed Mayor Siggelko unsuccessfully in 1936.
John H. Holtan, 76,
former Stoughton mayor
and prominent tobacco
dealer, died at his home,
1001 E. Main St., at 11 a.m.
Monday, following a six
months illness.
Stoughton was more
than concerned about Germanys ruthless invasion
of Norway and Denmark
on Tuesday. It would be

1965 50 years ago

Plans for the new senior
high school are reaching
completion. The building
consists of two rectangles
joined together by two wide
corridors. The taller portion
of the building on the left
contains the gymnasium,
the cafeteria and commons
or dining area, the band
and vocal music rooms, the
multi-use auditorium which
can be divided into three
lecture rooms, and adequate
shop areas to provide a wider and more varied vocational program.
The long and sometimes discouraging struggle
of Stoughton area residents to resolve the current junior and senior high
school problem ended in
victory Tuesday, when
electors voted 1,725 to
1,495 to approve bonds for
a new building. Tuesdays
vote was the third attempt
to secure approval of the
necessary bonds. The vote
reflected the growing concern of parents for the critical lack of classroom space
in the junior and senior high
Rock County road
crews were out early Monday clearing debris and
fallen trees from the areas
battered by the Palm Sunday tornado, which struck
southeast of Stoughton in
the Cooksville area.
George Schefelker, veteran first ward alderman,
was elected president of
the Stoughton City Council
at its organizational meeting held Tuesday evening.

Before his retirement,

Schefelker was head of the
Vocational School. He succeeds Franz Holm, who has
served in that post for the
past year.

1990 25 years ago

There are landslides,
and then there are avalanches. Tuesdays mayoral balloting in Stoughton
produced an avalanche of
support for Helen Johnson.
Johnson, 54, city clerk for
the last eight years, will
take the oath of office as
Stoughtons 21st mayor
April 17 after swamping
Chamber of Commerce
executive secretary Myron
Wilcox 1,776 to 289 in the
race to succeed outgoing
mayor Doug Pfundheller.
Police have not made
an arrest in the murder of
Kimberly McConnell-Luer
as of press time, but the
Town of Dunn womans
estranged husband, Steven
McConnell-Luer, appears
to be their top suspect. Mrs.
McConnell-Luer, 24, the
mother of two, was found
dead in her Bay View
Heights mobile home Sunday, March 25, by a neighbor who told police she
hadnt seen the victim all
day. Authorities later ruled
she died of strangulation.
Steven McConnell-Luer,
30, has been separated from
his wife since October. He
told police he was at a wedding reception the night of
March 24, when his wife
was apparently murdered.

For the second straight

meeting, the Greig Warehouse east of the railroad
tracks commanded the
attention of the Stoughton
City Council Tuesday. Ald.
James Donnelly reiterated
his call for a solution to
chronic parking problems
near the warehouse, at least
until a use for the structure
is found or until a moratorium expires in April 1991.
The old tobacco warehouse,
owned by Stoughton Trailers, was undergoing demolition to make way for a
parking lot last year, but
owner Don Wahlin halted the demolition to give
members of the Downtown
Revitalization Association
a chance to find a re-adaptive use for the structure.
The pictures of his
grandchildren were gone
from the office wall Tuesday afternoon, and Doug
Pfundheller was spending
his last hours as mayor of
Stoughton. Im looking
forward to having it done,
he said. But Im looking
back with a lot of nostalgia and emotion. It really
has been fun. Some of the
changes in the city during
his eight years were headline-makers: Page Street
reconstruction, City Hall
renovation and restoration of the auditorium and
clock tower, Industrial Park
Compiled by Scott De

She is helping rebuild

homes, and feeding people, and giving them clean
water, Tomczyk said.
Thats included having
5,000 liters of water delivered to her well, Tomczyk
said, helping to overcome
the biggest fear of having no water.
The most recent update
on the page, written Sunday, included a note from
Tomczyks sister.
Today I bought the
neighborhood more water,
ordered some tents and
water purification tablets
for them, and arranged
the land next to me to be
where they can live while
their houses are being
built, she said. They
keep acting amazed that I
would want to help them
so much.
The campaign has
raised more than $18,500
to date, and Tomczyks
efforts have been noted
by media in Ripon, where
she and her sister grew up
and in Grand Island, Neb.,
where the family lived in

To donate to Tomczyks
GoFundMe, visit:

the 1970s.
She said the support has
been amazing and shes
glad to provide a way to
help for those who cannot
go and help rebuild homes
like her sister.
Bless those people that
go and help, but know
that 100 percent of your
money except for what
GoFundMe is charging
is going straight to these
Nepali people, she said.
She said her sister
plans to stay in the country, helping to rebuild the
place shes called home.
They keep saying to
her, When are you leaving us? Tomczyk said.
And shes like, Im not
leaving you.
To donate to Tomczyks
GoFundMe, visit gofund

Search public notices published by the

State of Wisconsin in the Official State Newspaper,
The Wisconsin State Journal,
as well as public notices from
all Wisconsin communities online at is a public service

made possible by the members of
the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.



way to reach visitors in

Rock, Dane, Jefferson
and Walworth Counties


We have a proven track
record of reaching summer
residents and tourists!
Contact Diane at: The Edgerton Reporter 884-3367


No saloons, no druggists permits, no billiard or pool table licenses Stoughton will have
a whole years rest. It is
reported that Joseph Hausman, the Madison brewer,
will board up the front of
his two buildings in the
city about the first of May
when the license expires.
Of course it wont be done
with any desire to add or
subtract from the beauty of
the place but to protect the
Nearly every freight
train brings in half a dozen
or more cases of bottled
beer from Milwaukee, consigned to different individuals. The boys are stocking
up for the coming dry year.
Lake Kegonsa shook
off her icy fetters on the
3rd, the earliest opening in
many years.
That charming resort,
Camp Collins, will be
opened up and ready for
visitors by the first of May.
The Stoughton Blues
are ready for business. At a
meeting of the base-ballists,
held last Friday evening, an
organization was affected
and other preliminaries
arranged. The club is made
up of good ball players, and
the boys say they are in the
field to win.

conservative to say the

citizens of Stoughton were
enraged. While the predominant percentage of
the Stoughton population
is Norwegian, it mattered
little whether one contacted
a Norwegian or an Irishman
or some other nationality;
the move which Germany
made without warning,
bringing her supposedly
friendly merchant ships,
which turned out to be troop
boats, into the Norwegian
ports that the German people could feed upon Danish and Norwegian fish and
butter, had all the earmarks
of piracy, in the opinion of
Stoughton citizens contacted by the Courier Hub.
Vernon Humberg is
the 1940 Stoughton marble
champ and Robert Johnson
is the runner-up.


1890 125 years ago

On the web


Stoughton April History

Continued from page 1


May 7, 2015

Courier Hub

Photos by Jeremy Jones

A view of the Stoughton Heritage Center from Page Street. The center will host a grand opening at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 16, during the Syttende Mai weekend celebrations.

Heritage: Many Norwegian immigrants arrived in the Stoughton area between 1825-1910
Continued from page 1
We thought the heritage
center would be appropriate, Gryttenholm said.
Janet and the foundation
have done so much for the
community, but always
very quietly.
When they started, Gryttenholm and Bunting envisioned a facility that would
tell stories of actual families in the Stoughton area.
They focused on the southern third of Dane County
the Koshkonong prairie
where thousands of Norwegians settled in the 19th
and 20th centuries.
Gryttenholm noted the
city of Stoughton was at
one time 90 percent Norwegian. And although Janet
Bryant was of German
ancestry, she chose to live
her life here and, near the
end of it, to stay at Skaalen
He and Bunting didnt
want the center to compete
with existing businesses or
other educational projects.
Instead, their focus was on
complementing the good
things that are already here
in the city.
Were not about making money, Gryttenholm
stressed. We want to make
sure that the business community understands that.
Were about telling the
Norwegian story the heritage.

Designing an
Gryttenholm and Bunting
began planning the heritage
center in 2011 by researching similar institutions
around Wisconsin and the
They research took them
to the prestigious Vesterheim Norwegian-American
Museum in Decorah, Iowa,
but also to places closer
to home such as the Swiss
Center in New Glarus.
Their first task was to educate themselves.
We spent about a yearand-a-half wrapping our
arms around what other
people were doing, he
said. We looked at a number of facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa to
find out what other groups
are doing and what they
may have wanted to do differently if they could step
back in time.

genealogy area allows it to

partner with the Naeseth
Library in Madison.
Partnering with the
library and other Norwegian heritage entities such
as the Sons of Norway
Mandt Lodge will be a
big part of the centers mission in fostering knowledge
and appreciation of that

About the
Location: 277 W. Main St.,
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30
p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
Contact: 873-7567
Admission: Free to the
Closed on holidays
Mission of Livsreise
lifes jouney:
To create an experience
that allows visitors to
explore Stoughtons
Norwegian identity and
relate it to the culture
that Stoughton and
surrounding area have
long embraced.
He compared that early
research to going to school
to find out what was going
on out there and learn from
their mistakes.
Once they had a good
sense of what they wanted
the heritage center to be,
the pair began thinking
about building design.
Gryttenholm said in looking around, one architectural firm kept popping up
The Kubala Washatko
Architects Inc. in Cedarburg.
The firm was responsible
for reinventing the Madison
Childrens Museum in 2010
and seemed like it would
be a good fit with what the
Bryant Foundation was
looking for.
In his typically quiet,
methodical fashion, Gryttenholm felt the parties
needed to learn about each
other before we could get
into the building design.
We didnt settle on what
we wanted to do with the
first try, he noted. We
went back and forth three
or four times. While we
wanted it to be Norwegian,
we didnt want it to be like
modern Oslo, which has a
lot of glass and steel.
By the same token, he
added, we didnt want it to
look like a log cabin. Architecturally, we wanted it to
fit into the community.
Gryttenholm praised the
architects for putting their
imaginations into the red
building, which features

Community impact

Jerry Gryttenholm discusses one of several pieces at the Norwegian Heritage Center. The center will
have some semi-permanent displays, as well as rotating items.

gabled roofs with steep

lines and a spacious appearance.
That uncluttered, polished look is retained in the
2,200-square-foot exhibition hall. The room leaves
a lasting impression with its
43-foot-high vaulted ceiling
and timber trusses. At the
far end of exhibition hall is
an 800-square-foot special
exhibits room, where temporary exhibits will be on

A lifes journey
Exhibition Hall features
semi-permanent displays
designed to tell individual
stories of Norwegian emigrants.
The bright, airy room is
tastefully arranged with
Norwegian artifacts some
acquired from Little Norway in Mount Horeb after it
went out of business, others
donated by families with an
interest in history and heritage.
Bunting and Gryttenholm
contracted with Zebradog
of Madison, a collaborative
group of high-tech designers, strategists and storytellers to build computerized vignettes and wall art.
There, condensed immigration stories and images
seem to spring to life with
the touch of a screen.
We had the vision,
Gryttenholm said. Their
job was to help us do it.
The hall has four distinct
stations that combine to

accomplish the mission of

One station, Emigration
Movement, allows visitors to discover the history
behind the emigration that
brought thousands of Norwegians to American at the
turn of the 20th century.
The mixed-media exhibit
examines the social and
economic conditions that
contributed to the mass
A second station, Emigrant Storybooks, immerses
guests in the stories of personal journeys compiled
from first-hand accounts,
letters and family interviews.
The Cultural Heritage
station explores the cultural
roots of Norwegian-American heritage, including the
performing arts and traditional customs at interactive
The final station, Map

Your Journey, allows visitors to virtually create a

scenario and travel from
Norway to the U.S. The
station includes images of
Norwegian landscapes and
maps your route across the
Atlantic in a vessel of your
choosing. Many emigrants
to Wisconsin traveled up
the St. Lawrence Seaway to
the Great Lakes and then on
to Milwaukee or Chicago,
from where they traveled
overland to their destinations.
An exhibit called Sacred
Symbols is on display in
the Special Exhibits room.
On loan from the Vesterheim Norwegian-American
Museum, the exhibit features artifacts including
hand-painted trunks, intricately decorated musical
instruments such as a hardanger fiddle, tools and linens.
The centers small

Gryttenholm said theres

more work to accomplish at
the heritage center.
In what he calls the second phase of the project,
well start on the future
because as people come
and see the stories through
the technology, we want to
have fresh stories available
in the permanent exhibit
area and also start working on what were going to
have for the extemporary
Theres no timeline for
the secondary exhibit, and
it will be a learning experience, but were going to
start working on it right
away, he said.
He sees that has his longterm role at the center.
I wont be there working with the employees on
a day-to-day basis with
people coming through,he
said. My place will be to
make sure that the exhibits or the genealogy or the
auditorium with the media
player with the videos and
all that Ill continue to
work on all of that.
His hope is that the
heritage center will help
Stoughton to become a destination for visitors instead
of a place they simply pass
through on their way to
He said Stoughtons businesses can help accomplish
that goal, as well.
I hope the downtown
business community realizes that they have a part to
play in this, too, Gryttenholm said. Part of our success will come from them
stepping up and doing more
Thats what weve done
here. Weve stepped up to
the plate in terms of helping the community become
more of a destination place.
But were not the answer
the community itself is the

May 7, 2015

Courier Hub


Kiwanis disc golf tourney

Advanced Female (18 holes) Score
1. Haven Polick
2. Carrie Aide
3. Julia Olson
Advanced Male (18 holes)
1. Barry Flesch
2. Chris Derr
3. Jason Scherck, Peter Herman 55
Beginner 19+ (9 holes)
1. Brian Klimek
2. Sean Klimek, Mike DeVries 30
Beginner 13-18 (9 holes)
1. Kyle DeVries
2. Alex Pigarelli
3. James Edgington Jr.
Beginner 12 and under (9 holes)
1. Conner Derr

Twenty-five people
participated in
Stoughtons Kiwanis
Clubs annual Disc
Golf Tournament
Saturday, May 2, at its
course off the Yahara
River Trail.
Left, James Edgington
of Stoughton attempts
to throw a disc over
the trees on the sixth
Right, Sean Klimeck
of Stoughton putts it
in on the ninth hole.
Photos by Scott Girard

On the web
See more photos
from the disc golf




May 10, 8:30am-1:30pm

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Multi-family sale. Junior, women's and
men's clothing; new chairs/bar stools;
home decor; pictures; shelves; collectibles; comforter sets; brand new Lexmark
printer; stunt bike AND MORE.
THEY SAY people dont read those little
ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or


Call for a FREE application

LIKE NEW 1975 through 2009 Syttende

Mai Plate collection 873-0371

STOUGHTON 2177 Fallen Oak Trail,

5/8-5/9, 9am-6pm 5/10 9am-12pm Tools,
lawn & garden, household, kitchen, furniture, neon beer signs, 1950's board
games, much misc.

652 Garage Sales

586 TV, VCR & Electronics


A Better Way
of Living


8:00am-2:00pm only. Girls/teens/womens clothes; rubber stamps; bunk bed,
day bed, tv armoire; misc. household and
more! See craigslist for more information.

SYTTENDE MAI COINS. Years 19741989. 608.873.5246.


Entertainment for your party.
Nickey Fynn 608-501-8273

Professional, Interior,
Exterior, Repairs.
Free Estimates. Insured.

Wisconsin Management Company is an

equal opportunity provider and employer.


"Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall"
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF
200 Dealers in 400 Booths
Third floor furniture, locked cases
Location: 239 Whitney St
Columbus, WI 53925

632 Clothing: Formalwear

576 Special Services

$560 all utilities included!

Eligibility includes Seniors 62 (or better) or those with
a disability. Some income restrictions apply and rent
assistance may be available!

STOUGHTON 1531 Lincoln Avenue

Thurs 2:00pm-7:00pm, Fri/Sat 8:00am.
MOVING SALE Beds, Futon, Mower,
Bicycles, Clothing, Holiday Decor, Maple
table/chairs, Patio Set. We have EVERYTHING. See Craigslist.


Part-time. Excellent Wages
20+ hours/wk. CDL bonus program
Paid training/testing. Signing bonus.
5501 Femrite Dr. Madison
Call Paul at 608-310-4870 or email

676 Plants & Flowers

3'-12' EVERGREEN & Shade Trees.
Pick Up or Delivery! Planting available!
Detlor Tree Farms
715-335-4444 (wcan)
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.

688 Sporting Goods

& Recreational
FISH CANADA Kingfisher Resort! Cottage-Boat-Motor-Gas. $75 per person/
day. Call for SPECIALS! 800-452-8824 (wcan)
WE BUY Boats/RVs/Pontoons/Sleds/
ATV's & Motorcycles! "Cash Paid" now.
American Marine & Motorsports Super
Center, Shawano 866-955-2628 www. (wcan)

692 Electronics
DIRECTV'S BIG DEAL special. Only
$19.99 per month. Free premium channels HBO, Starz, Cinemax and Showtime
for 3 months & FREE receiver upgrade!
NFL 2014 Season included. Call now!
800-320-2429 (wcan)

696 Wanted To Buy

WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

705 Rentals

OREGON 3-BDRM duplex for rent 6/1.

Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and single garage included. $950/mo.+utilities.
NO PETS. 608-209-3583
STOUGHTON- 105 West St, 2
bedroom, appliances, water, heat,
A/C, ceiling fan included, on site
laundry. Well kept and maintained. On
site manager. Next to Park. 2nd Floor.
Available 6/5. $745 per month.
STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.
Large 2-BR apts available now.
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood
laminate flooring.
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4036
$740-$780- includes heat, water/sewer.
608-222-1981 x2 or 3. No dogs, 1 cat
ok. EHO.
STOUGHTON 2-BR Duplex/Condo.
Garage, appliances, A/C, washer/dryer
hook ups. Full basement for storage,
yard work provided. Just move in and
enjoy! No pets, no smoking. $850. plus
utilities. 920-723-6535

2 BEDROOM Townhouse apartment w/

full basement on Racetrack Rd-Stoughton $775/mo includes utilities. No Pets.
Security deposit and references are
required. Available 6/1 for an approved
applicant. Call 608-241-6609


of two-flat, near downtown, River Bluff
School. Newly renovated. Central air.
W/D, water included. No pets. $895/
month+security deposit. 608-873-7655
or 608-225-9033.

BLANCHARDVILLE 1-2BR apartments.

Nice rentals in historic building. Walk
to grocery store, bank, post office
and restaurants. Pecatonica River
and Canoe Boat Launch 1 block from
property. Village Park along river 1
block. 35 minutes to Madison, 25 to
Verona, Stoughton, and Oregon. 1BR
from $390, 2BR $520. Flexible lease
on select units. BAAL Real Estate, LLC
Broker/owner. Keith Call/text
608-575-2143 or email kbaal@earthlink.

STOUGHTON 514 S Academy Lower of

2 flat. 3 Bedroom. Hardwoods, Air, W/D
in apt., large deck off of kitchen. Garage,
large fenced backyard, Dog/Cats O.K.
$1220 includes heat and electric. Available June 1. Call Bill 608-437-7626.

Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $725 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
pays to read the fine print.


apartment. Hardwood floors, full kitchen/
bath. Off street parking. $595 includes
utilities. Available 5/1. 608-220-8697
Chalet Dr. Private laundry and garage.
Great price! 608-221-8146

720 Apartments
2 BEDROOM Upper 708 Ridge,
Stougthon. Off Street Parking. $500/mo
+ gas and electric. Available 6/1. 815885-3583
The Courier Hub Classifieds. Call 8736671 or 835-6677.

Careers That Positively Impact Lives

Helping Individuals Live Their Best Lives

Community Living Connections is a local Non-Profit organization that provides

residential and community-based support to adults with developmental disabilities
who live independently throughout Dane County.
We believe that every individual can make a unique contribution to our society
and will promote the active community partnership between the agency,
the employees and the individuals supported.

Join Community Living Connections!

Progressive Organization - Casual Work Environment - Mileage Reimbursement
Paid Training with Competitive Wages - Excellent Full-Time Benefits
Flexible Scheduling! Variety of Hours Available: Weekends, Early Morning,
Afternoon/Evening and Paid Overnight Shifts
Contact Community Living Connections Today For Career Opportunities!
Email your resume and cover letter to

6515 Watts Road Suite 100, Madison | | AA/EOE


453 Volunteer Wanted

Office/inside sales


Increase Your sales opportunities

reach over 1.2 million households!
Advertise in our
Wisconsin Advertising Network System.
For information call 845-9559 or 873-6671.

#Adoption #Love #Stability #Happiness #LOL -- We
promise a beautiful like for your baby. Private adoption.
Kerri & Mike, 1-888-247-5775

Foremen to lead utility field crews. Outdoor physical

work, many positions, paid training, $20/hr plus weekly
performance bonuses after promotion, living allowance
when traveling, company truck and benefits. Must have
strong leadership skills, good driving history, and able
to travel in Wisconsin and nearby States. Email resume
to or apply online at www.
thousands on your land by leasing the hunting rights.
Free evaluation & info packet. Liability coverage
included. The experts at Base Camp Leasing have been OTR Drivers Needed Competitive Mileage Pay Including
bringing landowners & hunters together since 1999. Bonuses and Full Benefits Consistent Miles/Home time
Email: Call: 866-309-1507 100% No Touch 12 Months CDL/A Experience 1-888545-9351 Ext 13 (CNOW) (CNOW)
CDL TRUCK DRIVERS! Join our 5/2 Fleet!! WEEKLY
HOME TIME $1,100 per week average. Call 800-867ATTN: COMPUTER WORK. Work from anywhere 24/7.
8172 for details EEOE/AAP
Up to $1,500 Part Time to $7,500/mo. Full Time. Training
provided. (CNOW)
Seeking Experienced Utility Workers: Operators
applicant in over 179 Wisconsin newspapers! Only
experienced in burying utilities. Experienced aerial
$300/week. Call this paper or 800-227-7636 www.
technicians. Laborers with CDL Requirement. Excellent (CNOW)
benefits and competitive pay offered! Apply to (CNOW)

Do You Like to Meet People?

Are You Self-Motivated?
Do You Possess Computer Skills?
If youve answered yes, we are very interested in talking to you. We are
seeking candidates for a part-time opening in our front office. Hours are
9am-3pm Monday-Friday. Responsibilities for this position include but are
not limited to selling and processing classified ads, selling special projects
by phone, receptionist duties, assisting walk-in customers and processing
reports. Previous sales experience preferred. Position is located in the
Oregon office.
We are an employee-owned company offering a competitive benefits
package including 401K, ESOP, vacation, and more.
If this part-time position interests you and you have the equivalent of a
high school diploma and at least two years of office/computer experience,
apply on-line today at
Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub,
Verona Press, The Great Dane Shopping News
Unified Newspaper Group is a part of Woodward Community Media,
a division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


May 7, 2015



HORSE HAY for sale. Second crop $4.

First crop $3.50. Roger 608-516-6710
CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS Noon Friday for The Great Dane and Noon Monday for The Courier Hub unless changed
because of holiday work schedules. Call
now to place your ad, 873-6671 or 835-6677.

990 Farm: Service

& Merchandise
and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411

We are seeking compassionate & conscientious caregivers

to help our seniors on a variety of shifts. We offer competitive wages, shift & weekend differentials, as well as health,
dental & PTO to eligible staff. Paid CBRF training provided.


In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628

to download
an application:

to request an


Suite. 765/sq.ft 185 W Netherwood
Call 608-835-3426

8210 Highview Drive - Madison


QPS has multiple openings in the
Madison area for the following positions:


Resident Assistant/C.N.A

Applications can be completed at

340 Water Street in Evansville
between 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Drug Free Workplace


We are now hiring a qualied individual for a cashier

position. The position will require basic math skills,
cleaning, stocking, and customer service skills.
Qualied applicants must have cash handling and
customer service experience, as well as the ability
to lift 50 pounds. Applicants must be honest,
trustworthy, and reliable. Applicant must be able
to obtain an operators license for selling beer in
the Township of Pleasant Prairie.
Scheduled shifts for this opening will
vary. Applicants must be available to
work anytime, including weekends.
Stop in to apply at the I-90 BP
located at 2763 County Hwy. N in
Cottage Grove.

Looking for a 4 Day Work Week?

If so, please apply today at

Outside Advertising
sAles COnsultAnt
Do you have excellent communication skills?
Creative ideas? The ability
tyy to develop and maintain
client relationships? An interest in print and web
based media? We have an established account list
with growt
t potential. If you possess excellent
communication and organizational ski
i a pleasant
y and the ability
tyy to prospect for new
business we would like to speak to you. Previous
sales experience desired. Media experience a plus.

For consideration, apply online at

Oregon Observ
v Stoughton Courier Hub, Verona Press,
The Great Dane Shopping News
Unified Newspaper Group is part of Woodward Community Media,
a division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Maintenance Mechanic- 2nd Shift (Monday-Thursday)

Americas Legendary Appliance Brands

Are you a maintenance professional who thrives on working in a highlyautomated manufacturing environment utilizing state of the art equipment
(lasers, robotics, AGVs, vision systems) in a modern air conditioned facility,
with company paid training to keep your skills current?
Do you value a company that makes safety a part of their culture, not just
another graph on the wall?
Do you believe in a maintenance program that values predicting and
preventing maintenance issues as much as troubleshooting and repairs?
Would you enjoy a second shift Monday through Thursday (2pm-12am)
schedule with paid breaks?
If so, Sub-Zero, Inc. may have the perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for maintenance professionals with the following experience and knowledge to work in our Fitchburg Built-In Refrigeration facility:


Associates degree in Industrial Maintenance or 3 - 5 years of

equivalent manufacturing maintenance experience.
Knowledge of and ability to interface and troubleshoot with a variety
of PLCs including Allen Bradley PLCs, 500, 5000, Flex Drives.
Experience with manufacturing enterprise systems (MES).
Strong understanding of OSHA principles.
Experience with CMMS programs (MAXIMO preferred).
Microsoft Office Suite programs (Word, Excel, Outlook).



Do you have a passion for delivering world-class service to every

Do you enjoy tackling challenging problems and improvising to find
Do you have a knack for learning product specifications and
technical information?
Would you enjoy sharing your enthusiasm for an exciting and
innovative line of luxury appliances with prospective customers?

Full-Time (on-site) or Remote Part-Time (work from home) career opportunities!

Since 1945, Sub-Zero Group, Inc. has led the way in developing the worlds finest refrigeration and cooking appliances, made
in our own USA facilities. We are a friendly, family-owned company where people work as a team and continually strive for
excellence. We offer competitive wages and benefit package.
Visit our website for more information and instructions on how to apply:

To apply, visit the Career Page of our website at
Successful Candidates may be eligible for a sign on bonus of up to $1500!
Apply today for immediate consideration.

Sub-Zero is currently
looking for Production
Assemblers at our
Fitchburg facility

Competitive compensation, employee stock option

ownership, 401(k), paid vacations, holidays,
insurance and continuing education assistance.



Harmony Assisted Living Facility

Part-time 2nd and 3rd Shifts


Metal Culverts, Inc. - Evansville Division,

a manufacturer and distributor of corrugated
metal pipe and highway products has an opening
for an hourly truck driver. Qualified applicants
should possess Class A CDL, flatbed trailer
experience and be reliable, self starters.
Excellent benefits including health, dental,
vision, life, AFLAC insurance and 401(k) plan.

Now Hiring
Onsite Interviews
No Experience Necessary
Company Paid Training
Stop in and complete an application today!
Harmony of Stoughton
2321 Jackson Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

Zalk Josephs Fabricators, L.L.C.A heavy structural steel fabricator

is looking for 2nd shift Welders.
Please apply in person at
400 Industrial Circle, Stoughton, WI 53589

Interested in a generous benefit package?

-Data Entry
-Customer Service
-Administrative Assistant
Please apply online at
and call 608-819-4000


Resident Caregivers/CNAs

801 Office Space For Rent

THEY SAY people dont read those little

ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or

FALL-BORN RAMS; ewes w/lambs;

weaned ram and ewe lambs-Blue Face
and Fine Wools. Healthy and Hearty.
Also peacocks-India Blues. Rainbow
Fleece Farm 608-527-5311.

965 Hay, Straw & Pasture

11847 Washington Rd, Edgerton
30x52 w/electricity-$400/month
32x50 w/electricity-$400/month
24x40 gravel floor, outlet/light-$175
10% discount for 1 year lease
Other general storage available.
Call 800-382-1132 x500


Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25

975 Livestock

LOT FOR sale 10844 Blue Mountain

Avenue, Blue Mounds, WI Great View,
large lot. 608.832.4488
VERONA SCHOOLS 1.8 acre, 5 acre,
and 10 building sites with beautiful hilltop
views, easy commute to Madison, 5
minutes from the City of Verona and Epic
Systems. Prices range from $129,900
- $189,900. 70 acre parcel with hilltop
building site. Broker interest $489,900
Real Estate Preferred, Dennis Midthun

6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-206-2347

750 Storage Spaces For Rent

870 Residential Lots


BROOKLYN/OREGON COUNTRY living, 3 bedroom, 2 car garage, A/C 1 bath

$1000+ utilities $1200 Security deposit.
Credit check and references. No Smoking. 1 small cat or dog under 25lbs w/$25/
month fee. Available 5/24. 608-695-5659.


16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI


740 Houses For Rent


970 Horses


with office. $700/month. Call Bill

10x10 through 10x25
month to month lease
Call Karen Everson at
608-835-7031 or
Veronica Matt at 608-291-0316

Courier Hub



55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $695 per month. Includes
heat, water and sewer. Professionally
managed. Located at
300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI
53589 608-877-9388

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904

802 Commercial &

Industrial For Lease

Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or


OREGON 2BR 1BA apartments

available. On-site or in unit laundry,
patio, D/W, A/C. Off street parking,
garages available to rent.
From $740/mo. Details at
608-255-7100 or

May 7, 2015


24 - The Courier Hub - May 7, 2015

Quality Bloomers at
Reasonable Prices.
Come Visit Wisconsins
Premier Grower of
Quality Bedding Plants &
Hanging Baskets.

Save up to $3

50 Off

Mothers Day
Gift CertifiCates available!

At Kopkes with koupon. Limit 6 per koupon.
Limit 1 koupon per kustomer per day.
Valid 5/6/15 - 5/11/15.

1 Off


Any Plant for Mom

At Kopkes with koupon. Limit one per koupon.
Limit 1 koupon per kid per day. Age 16 or under.
Valid 5/6/15 - 5/10/15.

1 Off


Any Hanging Basket

At Kopkes with koupon. Limit one per koupon.
Limit 2 koupons per kustomer per day.
Valid 5/6/15 - 5/11/15.

When in Stoughton, visit our sales house located

in the Main Street Plaza parking lot
Koupons & sale prices honored at both locations

$200 - Lu Ann Anderson $100 - Barb Henderson

$50 - Carole Linden $50- Kathy Hanusa


4" Garden Mums
Reg. $3.99. This Week $2.99 ea.
Sale valid through Mothers Day

Monday-Friday 8:30aM-7:30pM;
saturday 8:30aM-6pM; sunday 9aM-5pM
Visit the Stoughton Area Farmers Market
on Friday mornings in front of Dollar General
Directions from Stoughton:
Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugsters Farm
Market, one mile and turn right on Sunrise Rd. Go one
more mile then turn left on Town Line Rd. Continue on
to Sand Hill Rd. (approximately one mile) and turn right.
Directions from Fitchburg:
Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood Road.
Turn left and go through Oregon past Walgreens to a
left on Sand Hill Road.
Directions from Verona:
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right and go to
Netherwood Road. Turn left at Netherwood Rd. through
Oregon past Walgreens to a left on Sand Hill Rd.


1828 Sandhill Rd. Oregon, WI 608-835-7569

Congratulations to our
Grand Opening Winners!


Support Local Agriculture. Shop Outside the Box Stores!