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It's in 108 B.C. Ancient Josun

is lost by China. Ancient
Josun is controlled under
China. But Damul Army
whose head is Haemosu keep
stubborn resistance to China.
Geumwa is Crown Prince of Puyo.
Yuhwa is a daughter of the head of
Habeku people. Geumwa falls in love
with Yuhwa.
Haemosu falls from a cliff and flows
through a river. He reaches a shore. He
is saved by Yuhwa.
Haemosu leaves Yuhwa's house
without telling Yuhwa who he is in
order not to give Yuhwa trouble.
2. Jumong Episode 2
All Habeku people are killed and
Yuhwa is taken to Hyonto because of
hiding Haemosu.
Geumwa saves Yuhwa and brings her
to the palace in Puyo.
Haemos hears refugees of Ancient
Josun are taken to China and goes to
save them. It's a trap to catch
Haemosu is taken to Hyonto. When
Yuhwa goes to Hyonto, Haemosu has
no sight and is crucified.
Yuhwa says to Geumwa,"I have his
3. sode 3
Yuhwa gives birth to Haemosu's son in
the palace. She names him Jumong.
20 years pass. Jumong doesn't get
martial art. He is immature. He plays
with Puyon, a maid of High Priestess
At a festival, Jumong tries to play with
Puyon and two are closed in a storage.
Geumwa is outraged.
4. isode 4
Geumwa's three
sons,Daeso,Yeongpo,and Jumong go
out of the palace in order to look for
Damul Bow.
In a mountain, Daeso and Yeongpo
make Jumong drop into a swamp
without bottom. Daeso and Yeongpo
leave there. Jumong is saved by
Sosono, a daughter of Yeontabal.
Jumong says to Sosono, "I'm a prince
of Puyo",but Sosono thinks it's a lie.
Daeso and Yeongpo find Damul Bow,
but they can't draw the bow.
Jumong also finds Damul Bow. When
Jumong draws the bow,the bow is
5. pisode 5
Yuhwa says to Jumong,"I want you to
be the King of Puyo." Jumong begins
to learn martial art from Musong, a
prison guard, with hiding his real
Geumwa wants Mopalmo, a head
smith, to develop steel.
Jumong asks Musong to let him look
at a prison. One man is separated.
Jumong is interested in him. The man
is Haemosu, Jumong's father. Jumong
doesn't know the fact.

6. de 6
The head of Hyonto comes to Puyo
and orders to stop making steel
products. Geumwa closes the steel
factory. Without knowing that,
Jumong goes to the steel factory and
the factory explodes. With the
explosion,the head of Hyonto finds
out there is a steel factory in Puyo.
Geumwa deprives Jumong of the
status of Prince and kicks Jumong out
of the palace.
Jumong has his wallet stolen by
Oyi,Mari and Hyeopbo. Jumong goes
to a store. When he tries to pay, he
finds out he doesn't have a wallet. Just
then Sosono passes there and she pays
it for Jumong.
Jumong asks Sosono to work for her
merchant group. Sosono refuses that.
7. pisode 7
Jumong is attacked and fainted.
Oyi,Mari and Hyeopbo finds him.
They take Jumong to Puyon, who
works for Tochi's store.
Yeontabal knows that Tochi trades salt
illegally. Sosono goes to the spot.
Sosono is caught by Tochi. Jumong
tries to save Sosono,but Sosono is
8. Episode 8
Sosono succeeds to escape. But
Jumong is captured by Oyi, Mari and
Hyeopbo. Three know Jumong is the
Prince of Puyo. They know Musong
very well. They take Jumong to the
secret prison.
In the secret prison, Jumong and
Haemosu talk a lot.
Yuhwa and Yeongpo know Jumong is
in the prison.
9. Jumong Episode 9
Daeso and Yeongpo with soldiers
attack the prison. Jumong and
Haemosu escape from the prison and
go in a mountain.
Jumong says to Haemosu,"Princes of
Puyo, my brothers attacked us. I'm the
third son of Geumwa."
10. ode 10
Yeomieul confesses Geumwa she hid
Haemosu in the prison. Geumwa is
very surprised that Haemosu is alive.
Haemos sends Geumwa a letter and
tries to meet Geumwa. But Haemosu
can't meet Haemosu.
Geumwa tries to look for Haemosu.
11. Jumong Episode 11
Jumong learns martial arts from
Yeomieul tells Haemosu that Yuhwa is
Geumwa's concubine. Haemosu
knows Jumong is Yuhwa's son.
Haemosu asks Yeomieul to let him
meet Yuhwa only once. Yeomieul
takes Yuhwa to a mountain. From far
Haemosu is approaching Yuhwa.

12. sode 12
Haemosu and Yuhwa meet again. Two
talk. Haemosu first knows Jumong's
father is himself not Geumwa.
Haemosu tells Jumong to meet Yuhwa.
After Jumong is gone,Daeso and
Yeongpo come to attack Haemosu.
Haemosu is killed by Daeso.
Daeso says to Geumwa,"I attacked
Haemosu." But Geumwa can't do
anything to Daeso.
13. JEpisode 13
Jumong hears from Geumwa that
Yuhwa is in a critical condition. He
returns to the palace.
Geumwa announces that he decides
Crown Prince by a competition.
Jumong says to Geumwa,"I want to
study out of the palace."
China decides not to trade with Puyo.
Puyo can't get salt. That is serious
problem to lives of people.
14. Jumong Episode 14
Jumong works for the merchant group
of Yeontabal.
Yeongpo gets salt from Tochi.
Daeso digs Haemosu's grave and takes
Haemosu's head to Yanjeon in
Hyonto.Yanjeon keeps a promise to
help Daeso become Crown Prince.
Yanjeon decides to trade with Puyo
15. Jumong Episode 15
Jumong thinks it's not a perfect
solution what Daeso and Yeongpo did.
He thinks Puyo should get salt on its
Jumong calls Oyi,Mari,Hyeopbo and
Mopalmo and asks them to product
steel with high quality.
Yuhwa tells Jumong about salt
mountains in Kosan.
16. Jumong Episode 16
Jumong and Sosono head for Kosan in
order to get salt.
One night Sosono is attacked.
17. Jumong Episode 17
Jumong saves Sosono.
Sosono decides to return, but Jumong
says to Sosono,"I want two days in
order to escape a dangerous
Jumong approaches a camp of the
enemy and is captured intentionally.
Two days later, Jumong is gone.
Sosono is worried about Jumong. She
goes to the camp of the enemy. She
also is captured.
18. Jumong Episode 18
Sosono says to Peman, the head of
enemy,"We go to Kosan to get salt."
She deals with Peman.
Jumong and Sosono reach Kosan,but
they can't find salt mountains soon. At
last they find salt mountains,but they
are attacked and captured.
Sosono explains they want to get salt.
Sosono hears Habeku people own salt
mountains. Sosono remembers

Jumong is a descendant of Habeku

Jumong and Sosono return to the
palace of Puyo. They say,"We get
mountainous salt."
19. Jumong Episode 19
Oyi dislikes Jumong, because Jumong
seems to forget a promise to save
Puyon from Tochi.
Oyi hears Puyon is sold to China.Oyi
says to Tochi,"I'll do whatever you
want if you don't sell Puyon."
Tochi takes Oyi to Daeso. Oyi says to
Daeso,"Jumong wants to product
steel." Oyi betrays Jumong.
20. Jumong Episode 20
Jumong asks Ute,the head of the
merchant group of Yeontabal, to look
for Puyon.
Ute says to Jumong, "Puyon isn't
sold." Jumong threatens Tochi's man
and finds out where Puyon is. Jumong
saves Puyon and takes her to the
merchant group.
Mari, Hyeopbo and Oyi are very
surprised. Oyi confesses to Jumong
that he betrayed Jumong. But Jumong
kneels down and appologize to Oyi
that he wasn't interested in Puyon.
21. Jumong Episode 21
The martial competition by three
princes is held. Jumong hits bows in
the middle of the target with a
blindfold. Jumong and Daeso conflict
with swords. It's a tie.
Daeso's mother wants Yeomieul to
kick out of the palace. But it's
difficult. Yeongpo plans to make
Tochi's men attack Yeomieul.
Yeomieul manages to escape.
22. Jumong Episode 22
Jumong meets Yeomieul with
Yeontabal. After that Yeomieul retruns
to the palace.
Yeomieul says to Geumwa,"Why did
you punish Daeso when Daeso killed
Yeomieul leaves the palace. Yeomieul
meets Jumong and says to
Jumong,"Your father is Haemosu."
23. Jumong Episode 23
Jumong is very shocked by the fact
Haemosu is his father.
Yeongpo says to Jumong,"If you give
up the competition for Crown Prince, I
give Puyon to you." Jumong decides
to stop taking part in the competition.
Puyon leaves Puyo after writing a
letter to Jumong.
Jumong says to Sosono,"I leave Puyo
and travel for a while."
24. Jumong Episode 24
Jumong, Oyi, Mari, and Hyeopbo
trace experiences of Damul Army
Haemosu led.
Daeso says to Yanjong,"If I become
Crown Prince, I'll get married with
your daughter."

25. Jumong Episode 25

Yanjeon keeps a promise with Daeso
that he'll send swordsmiths in China to
Daeso returns to Puyo with the
swordsmiths. Daeso lies to
Geumwa,"They're refugees from
Ancient China and escaped from the
steel factory in China."
They make steel swords and give them
to Geumwa.
26. Jumong Episode 26
Jumong returns to Puyo. Jumong
sends Mopalmo, who kicked out of the
steel factory in Puyo, to the factory in
Keru in order to product steel with
high quality.
Geumwa doesn't decide who becomes
Crown Prince. Daeso is disappointed
and upset with Geumwa.
27. Jumong Episode 27
Jumong knows that swordsmiths from
Hyonto put something when they melt
steel. Jumong makes Oyi, Mari and
Hyeopbo investigate this.
Mopalmo succeeds to product steel
with high quality at last.
Jumong wants to conquer Chinbon
and Imdoon.
28. Jumong Episode 28
Sosono tells Jumong that swordsmiths
Daeso took might not be refugees.
She says to Yeontabal,"If Jumong
starts a war, I become a military
merchant and follow Jumong."
Geumwa declares to attack Chinbon
and Imdoon and save refugees of
Ancient Josun.
Sosono says to Jumong,"I become a
military merchant. I'm worried to
death."Jumong and Sosono embrace.
Daeso sees that.
29. Jumong Eposode 29
Someone sneaks into Geumwa's room.
Yanjeon sent him in order to kill
Geumwa. He is a swordsmith Daeso
took from Hyonto. Geumwa is very
upset. Daeso is locked up.
Geumwa makes Jumong investigate
the incident.
Jumong says to Geumwa, "Daeso has
nothing to do with the assassination
30. Jumong Episode 30
Geumwa appoints Jumong as the
commander of the war.
Daeso orders his attendant,Naro to
inform Yanjeon about Jumong's plan.
31. Jumong Episode 31
Jumong anticipates that Daeso informs
Yanjeon about Jumong's plan. Jumong
goes another way. Jumong succeeds to
get rid of supply.
Sosono as a military merchant is
attacked by Songyang.
32. Jumong Episode 32

Yeomieul goes to Songyang and asks

Songyang to be reconciled with
When Songyang tries to kill Sosono
and Ute, Jumong comes to save
33. Jumong Episode 33
Geumwa is shot by an arrow. He loses
consciousness. Jumong chases the
head of Imdoon.Jumong is gone.
Puyo retreats.
34. Jumong Episode 34
Daeso announces that he'll get married
with Yanjeon's daughter.
Yeomieul comes to the palace in order
to heal Geumwa.
35. Jumong Episode 35
Daeso says to Sosono,"I want you to
be my concubine."
Sosono decides to get married with
Ute in order to escape from Daeso.
36. Jumong Episode 36
Jumong was saved by the head of
Hanbeku people. His daughter,Yesoya,
took care of Jumong.
Daeso asks Geumwa for a regent.
37. Jumong Episode 37
Soltuk becomes a new head of
Hanbeku people. He tries to sell
Jumong to Yanjeon.
Daeso tells Yeontabal to get out of
When Jumong is taken to
Hyonto,Oyi,Mari and Hyeopbo save
38. Jumong Episode 38
Jumong heads for Puyo with Yesoya.
When Jumong returns to Puyo, He
hears about Sosono from Oyi,Mari
and Hyeopbo. Jumong knows that
Daeso threatens Sosono to be his
concubine and Sosono gets married to
Ute. That's why she is kicked out of
Puyo. Jumong chases Sosono. Seeing
backs of Sosono and Ute, Jumong is
Jumong makes Oyi,Mari, Hyeopbo
spread a rumor that Jumong is alive.
39. Jumong Episode 39
At midnight, Jumong sneaks into the
palace and visits Yuhwa's room.
Yuhwa sheds tears with joy.
Sosono becomes the head of Keru.
Mopalmo tells Sosono that Jumong is
alive. Sosono is very shocked.
40. Jumong Episode 40
Jumong meets Sosono. They
apologize each other that they can't
keep promises.
Yanjeon asks Daeso for a hostage of
Puyo with responsibility for the war.
Daeso's mother suggests to Daeso that
he send Jumong as a hostage.
41. Jumong Episode 41

Jumong tells Daeso that he goes to

China as a hostage.
Then Yeongpo makes Tochi attack
Daeso. Jumong finds out Yeongpo
tries to assassinate Daeso.
When Daeso is attacked, Jumong
saves Daeso.
42. Jumong Episode 42
Daeso investigates this incident and
finds out the criminal is Yeongpo.
Daeso kills Tochi. Daeso also tries to
kill Yeongpo, but Daeso and
Yeongpo's mother stops that.
Mother asks Daeso to save Yeongpo.
Yeongpo is sent to China as a hostage.
43. Jumong Episode 43
Jumong and Yesoya get married.
Sosono is present at the wedding
Yanjeon asks Daeso for refugees left
in Puyo. Daeso orders Jumong to
capture refugees.
Jumong tells Geumwa that he leaves
Puyo with refugees.
44. Jumong Episode 44
Geumwa and Yuhwa leave the palace
and go to a hotspring. Naro,Daeso's
attendant,goes with
Before Jumong leaves the palace, he
tells Yesoya to follow him with
45. Jumong Episode 45
Daeso finds out Jumong left Puyo
with refugees. Jumong tells refugees
that he'll organize Damul Army. Daeso
chases Jumong,but Jumong goes
across a river.
Jumong hears from Mopalmo that
Yesoya can't leave the palace. Jumong
heads for Bongue Mountain without
Daeso puts Yesoya in jail. Yuhwa
knows that Yesoya is pregnant.
46. Jumong Episode 46
Jumong attacks a village of Hanbeku
people. Jumong overthrows Soltuk,
the head of Hanbeku people. Hanbeku
people hope that they enter in Damul
A lot of refugees of Ancient Josun
come to the fort of Damul Army.
Jumong suffers from food shortage.
Yeomieul tells Jumong to make
refugees cultivate land.
Jumong goes to meet Chesa,Mugol
and Mukko in Modong Gorge. Three
men become Jumong's subjects.
47. Jumong Episode 47
Jumong attacks the military of Puyo
and China. Daeso is lost by Jumong.
Yeontabal's sister,Yancheryon,
becomes the head of Keru with
support of Songyang. Yancheryon
orders Sosono, who is pregnant, to
lead the merchant group.
Daeso plans to send soldiers disguised
as refugees of Ancient Josun to China
in order to lure and capture Jumong.

Yeomieul knows that and tries to stop

48. Jumong Episode 48
Jumong hears from Yeomieul that it
might be a trap, but Jumong decides to
attack soldiers disguised as refugees.
Daeso locks Yuhwa and Yesoya in the
prison. The letter that unless Junong
appears in the palace of Puyo in 15
days, Yuhwa and Yesoya are beheaded
is sent to Jumong.
At first Oyi,Mari, and Hyeopbo read
the letter. Three head for Puyo without
telling Jumong.
49. Jumong Episode 49
Yuhwa makes her maid, Musoku, get
out of the jail in order to prevent
Jumong from going to Puyo.
Sosono hears from Sayong that
Jumong is at a loss. Jumong receives a
secret map of Puyo palace from
Time has come, but Jumong doesn't
50. Jumong Episode 50
Jumong meets Yesoya in the palace.
Jumong gives Yesoya a broken sword.
Jumong says to Yesoya,"Give our
child this as a mark."
Yuhwa is ill and Yesoya has to take
care of Yuhwa. So, two can't leave the
palace. Jumong leaves the palace
without Yuhwa and Yesoya.
Yeongpo returns to Puyo.
51. Jumong Episode 51
When Yeomieul and Jumong pray for
a new country, the sky gets dark and
strong wind is blowing.
52. Jumong Episode 52
It's eclipse. There is a commotion in
Puyo. Geumwa decides to regain the
People say,"Eclipse is all Deaso's
fault." Deaso is very angry. Daeso
orders to capture people to degrade
himself. He beheads them.
Because of Daeso's tyrant, Budeukbul
decides to help Geumwa regain the
53. Jumong Episode 53
Daeso is captured and is in jail. Daeso
is angry that Budeukbul betrays him
and stands by Geumwa. Geumwa
regains the authority.
Geumwa wants Jumong to return to
Puyo. Jumong is worried about
returning, but decides to go to Puyo.
54. Jumong Episode 54
Geumwa asks Jumong to dismiss
Damul Army and to return to Puyo.
Jumong says to Geumwa,"I can't
throw away Damul Army and
Geumwa orders to put Jumong in jail.
55. Jumong Episode 55
Budeukbul thinks that Jumong doesn't
obey Geumwa is all Yeomieul's fault.

Yeomieul is taken to Puyo. Budeukbul

kills Yeomieul.
Jumong returns to Bonge Mountain
with Yuhwa and Yesoya left in Puyo.
Daeso is released,but he is demoted
and he goes out of Puyo with his wife.
56. Jumong Episode 56
Several years pass.
Sosono has two sons,Pyru and Onjo.
Ute tries to kill Songyang,but Ute is
Sosono goes to Bonge Mountain and
suggests to Jumong that he transfer the
fort to Jorbon and build up a new
57. Jumong Episode 57
Jumong reaches at Puyo and sees
people suffer from starvation.
Daeso comes to Puyo and asks
Geumwa to permit him return to Puyo.
Yuhwa asks Geumwa that Yesoya and
Yuri(Jumong and Yesoya's son) return
to Jumong. But Geumwa refuses that.
58. Jumong Episode 58
Jumong goes to meet a merchant in
order to look for documents about
Ancient Josun. Jumong is excited to
see a map of Ancient Josun.
Yangseolan tries to kill Yuri with
poison,but Yuhwa finds out that. Yuri
is safe.
Jumong decides to build up a new
country in cooperation with Keru.
59. Jumong Episode 59
Sosono sneaks into Piryu.
Sosono puts fire on munitions, but she
fails to kill Songyang. Sosono gets
Just then, Jumong reaches at Piryu and
searches Sosono all over the place.
60. Jumong Episode 60
Jumong saves Sosono.
Daeso tells Geumwa that Jumong
transferred the fort to Keru.
Yuhwa and Yesoya get out of the
palace secretly. Geumwa is very
angry. Geumwa orders to capture
Yesoya and Yuhwa.
61. Jumong Episode 61
Yuhwa and Yesoya and Yuri try to
head for Jorbon,but they are taken to
the palace by Naro.
It's food shortage in Puyo, so more
and more people in Puyo go across the
border and to Keru.
Jumong starts to think how Jorbon is
combined without wars.
Songyang sends a message that he
asks Jumong to come alone. Jumong
heads for Piryu in order to meet
Songyang by himself.

62. Jumong Episode 62

Jumong reaches at Piryu. He is
attacked by soldiers.

Songyang surrenders Jumong.Jorbon

is combined. Yeontabal and Sosono
show Jumong to a palace built without
being noticed by Songyang.
The problem occurs whether the King
of the new nation is Jumong or
Daeso orders Bubuhnno to assassinate
Jumong. Bubuhnno infiltrates Keru.
Bubuhnno takes a military exam. His
excellent martial arts catches Jumong's
Puyo makes a treaty with China.
63. Jumong Episode 63
Bubuhnno tries to kill Jumong,but he
Jumong says to Bubuhnno,"Tell Daeso
that you were successful to kill
64. Jumong Episode 64
Daeso is convinced that Jumong is
dead. So,he decides to attack Jorbon.
Jumong meets a head of pirates,and
says to him,"I want to get foods from
South of Josun."
Sosono sails to South of Josun with
the head of pirates.
65. Jumong Episode 65
A lot of people in Jorbon die from
starvation because of embargo.
Plague is prevalent in Piryu. Jumong
doesn't receive a contact from Sosono.
Jumong prays God.
66. Jumong Episode 66
Jumong knows Sosono gets foods and
medicine and wait at a safe place.
Sosono returns to Jorbon.
Foods and medicine are handed out in
Jorbon. People in Jorbon settle down.
67. Jumong Episode 67
Jumong tells Sosono that he wants to
save Puyo. Daeso tries to kill Jumong
when he negociates with Jumong.
Yuhwa knows Daeso's conspiracy, so
she decides to go out of the palace
with Yesoya and Yuri in order to tell
Jumong about that.
Only Yuhwa is taken to the palace.
Geumwa kills Yuhwa.
Yesoya and Yuri are taken to Hyonto.
Jumong hears that Yesoya and Yuri are
68. Jumong Episode 68
Jumong hears that Yuhwa's body is put
in Mountain Shijo and heads for Puyo.

Jumong meets Geumwa and asks him

for Yuhwa's body. But Jumong can't
take it.
69. Jumong Episode 69
Yeongpo looks at Yesoya and Yuri in
Hyonto by chance. He captures
Yesoya and Yuri and deals with
Yeongpo asks Jumong for Puyo's
70. Jumong Episode 70
Jumong makes Mari go to Hyonto and
confirm that Yesoya and Yuri are safe.
Yesoya and Yuri escaped.
Jumong thinks Yeongpo deceived that
Yesoya and Yuri were alive. Jumong
lets Yeongpo go.
71. Jumong Episode 71
Jumong conqures Hyonto.
Yanfeon dies in front of Jumong.
72. Jumong Episode 72
Yeongpo is considered to be
suspicious because he met Jumong.
So, Yeongpo leaves Puyo.
73. Jumong Episode 73
Jumong's attendants hope that Jumong
becomes the king of Koguryo.
Sosono's attendants hope that Sosono
becomes ghe king of Koguryo.
Jumong tells all that he doesn't have
the will to become the king of
Koguryo. So does Sosono.
Yeontabal tells Mari that the best way
is that Jumong and Sosono get
When two have a wedding
ceremony,Yesoya and Yuri reach at
Jorbon. Yesoya looks at the wedding
ceremony from afar and leaves
74. Jumong Episode 74
More than 10 years pass.
Yeongpo has become a wealthy
merchant in China.
Yuri lives to help merchants to
75. Jumong Episode 75
Daeso becomes the king of Puyo.
Jumong is present at the enthronement
ceremony. The commemorative
martial art competition is held.
Yuri and Piryu take part in the
76. Jumong Episode 76

Jumong meets Geumwa and tells that

he wants to make a treaty with Puyo.
Yuri and Piryu fight in the final
competition in front of Jumong and
Yesoya and a lot of audience. Jumong
looks at Yesoya. Jumong makes
subjects look for Yesoya,but they can't
find Yesoya. The winner of the
competition is Yuri.
77. Jumong Episode 77
Geumwa leaves Puyo Palace.
Yesoya tells Yuri to look for the mark
Jumong left and to leave Puyo.
Koguryo and Puyo make a treaty.
Yuri arrives at Koguryo Palace and
meets Jumong. Jumong sheds tears.

78. Jumong Episode 78

Jumong hears from Yuri that Yesoya is
alive. Jumong himself heads for Puyo
in order to look for Yesoya.
Yesoya and Yuri come to Koguyro
Yuri asks Mopalmo for working at an
iron factory. There is a big fire at
residences of the iron factory.
79. Jumong Episode 79
Yuri is safe. A lot of smithes die and
Koguryo can't product weapons as
they expected. Jumong takes smithes
in Puyo to Koguryo.
Yeontabal's sister tells Piryu that if
Yesoya is fine, Yuri will become
Crown Prince. Piryu decides to take
part in the treson to kill Jumong.
Sosono finds out the plan and goes on
the horse to the boundary and stops
the plan.
80. Jumong Episode 80
Sosono lets Piryu and Onjo lead the
merchant group to the South. She
wants two sons to see a wide world.
Geumwa is killed by killers of China
81. pisode 81(Final Episode)
Sosono tells Yeontabal that she leaves
Koguryo and goes to South. Sosono
wants to build a new nation.
Sosono tells Jumong about that.
Jumong wants Sosono to rethink,but
Jumong thinks that Sosono won't
change her mind. Jumong makes
Mopalmo go with Sosono.
Sosono leaves Koguryo.