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TEACHER: Mary Carmen Rodrguez Del Cid

This is the supervised practice laboratory devised to test 6th Grade Bilingual
Secretaries. They must excel on each category in order to pass with a grade of 100.

Specific Objectives
Timing: One timed exercise of 32 lines during 10 minutes. (100

Technical part: Tabulation an open or closed tabulation. (25

Dictation of a commercial letter. (25 points)
Errors you have to consider during your exercise:
Wrong centering of data
Typing mistakes
Spelling mistakes
Dictation of two letters: one letter at 50 words per minute and

the other at 60 words per minute. The student has the chance
to choose the letter she will transcribe under the following
If she transcribes the letter dictated at 50 words per
minute it will be graded over 85 points.
If she transcribes the letter dictated at 60 words per
minute it will be graded over 100 points.
According to specific instructions the student must create two
documents or letters. Each one will be evaluated over 50
Aspects to be taken under consideration:

Clarity of the message.

Content (all information included)
Use of correct grammatical structures
Spelling Typing

The student must translate to Spanish a short business
paragraph and she will also be required to perform a
translation from Spanish to English. This will be evaluated
over 50 points each.
Aspects to be taken under consideration:

Clarity of the message.

Content (all information included)
Use of correct grammatical structures
Spelling Typing

Nevertheless in todays offices most of the letters are filed in a

computer system, online or using USB units, our program
requires the knowledge of the traditional filing systems. This
first laboratory will be filed under the Alphabetical System.

6to. Secretariado Bilingue

Supervised Practice
Laboratory #1
Teacher: Mary Carmen Rodrguez Del Cid

One timed exercise of 32 lines during 10 minutes. (100 points)
Tabulation an open or closed tabulation. (25 points)
Dictation of a commercial letter. (25 points)
50wpm 85 points


60wpm 100 points


Requesting Information Letter


(50 Points)

Providing information Letter (50 Points) ___________/50

Spanish-English (50 points)


English-Spanish (50 points)


Filing under the Alphabetical System (100 points)


Typing: Timing 10 minutes

If you have ever been out in a small boat, you learned that the one movement of the
craft that is sure to give you a queasy feeling is a roll. This is the motion that occurs when a
wave or swell comes up against the side of the boat, tilts and lifts the boat with a surge, and
then fades away, letting the boat rock over and lurch into the through. When the waves are
huge ones, they can capsize the boat, turning it upside down in the water. Judging where you
might be in that case makes you feel a bit anxious when the boat rolls.
Legions of stories have been told about those who fall prey to the rock and roll of the
ocean. The standard joke, for example is about a man who was so upset that he feared he
would die, then fell so ill that he feared he might not. The seas that spawn such humor are not
funny to the Navy or a steamship line. The same rolling sea that skids a target out of a gun
sight will take the pleasure out of a pleasure cruise. It is no wonder, then that all concerned
with the sea are equally concerned with means for stabilizing ships.
Well, in case what has been said has made you a little squeamish about your next
journey at sea, you will be happy to learn that ship designers recently learned how to
eliminate almost all the roll. They have found that putting two small fins on the ship one on
each side at the point where the bow flattens into the sides of the hull will stabilize the ship.
The fins, known as gyrofins not only stop the side rolls but also greatly reduce the pitching
of the ship as it rams straight through the wave crests of a heavy sea.
As they have been designed, the fins are amazing. The officer of the deck can retract
them when the ship moves up to a dock. He can each adjust the angel of each fin to equalize
exactly the flow of wind or wave. Each fin to equalize is hinged so it will fold back if a
submerged object is hit. If underwater damage occurs or if cargo shifts, one fin can tilt or
lever the ship, as required.

Technical Part

Title:southeast state birds and trees.

Subtitle: spring season.
Columns: State, Birds, Trees
Information: Alabama, Yellowhammer, Pine, Arkansas,
Mockingbird, Pine, Florida, Mocking, Sabal palm, Georgia,
Thrasher, Live Oak, Kentucky, Cardinal, Coffee Tree, Louisiana,
Pelican, Cypress, Mississippi, Mockingbird, Magnolia, North
Carolina, Cardinal, Pine, South Carolina, Wren, Palmetto,
Tennessee, Mockingbird, Poplar, Virginia, Cardinal, Dogwood,
West Virginia, Cardinal, Dogwood.


Data Processing International Training Center

Central Boulevard 45
Kansas City, MO 25706
Dear Sirs:
Our organization is glad to announce the addition of New
ideas on Computer Courses to our line of International
Courses. We now have the largest, most complete selection of
courses of any academy all over the United States.
This new courses are based on the very popular series of
books entitled with the same name. They have been among
the best-sellers for several months, and they will probably be
one of the best-sellers of the year.
We are sending you a complete list of all the titles included.
Take a few moments, Mr. Smith to let us know which particular
course you or your employees would like to take.
Cordially Yours,
John Parker
Sales Manager.

50 words per minute.


172 Madison Avenue
South Orange, New Jersey 09879


Mr. Charles Benson

400 Nelson Drive
South Orange, New Jersey 09098
Dear Charles:
Mr. Smiths memorandum notifying the staff that you had
resigned on April 1 was an absolute surprise and
disappointment to me. Your sales record for the short time you
had been with us was outstanding. I was sure that there was a
great future for you with our organization.
However, I can well understand that the health and the
welfare of your family come first. Needless to say, you have
my best wishes for success in any new activity you start.
I hope that you will write me from time to time.
Sincerely yours,

60 words per minute.

Miss Ann Field

432 North Street
South Orange, New Jersey 98439
Dear Miss Field:
On April 16 Mr. Carter will have been with our organization for
twenty-five years. His first position was as an office boy in the
advertising department. From that humble position was as an
office boy in the advertising department. From that humble
position he rose to his present job as sales manager. He had
much to do with the rapid increase of our business in the last
ten years.
We are planning a dinner in his honor on April 16, and we
would like to have you join us. The dinner will be held at the
Radisson Hotel at seven oclock in a private dining room on
the second floor. If you can be with us on April 16, please
return the enclosed self-addressed card to me as soon as
Sincerely yours,


Mr. George Williams, Personnel Manager of Quaker Oats

International Co. writes a letter to the Radisson Hotel
requesting information about the price of a dinner party for
100 people. Indicate in your letter that Quaker Oats
International Co. will be honoring a member of the staff that
will be celebrating his twenty-fifth anniversary with the
company. The date in which this event should take place is
April 16 at the evening.
Mr. Ernest Hudson, Manager of the Radisson Hotel answers Mr.
Williams letter indicating that there is enough space available
for the date they indicated. He invites him to visit the hotel
and choose any of the special locations the hotel has for the
dinner party. He encloses a pamphlet which includes
suggested prices and menus. He also suggests having this
visit as soon as possible so a reservation could be made on

Business Letter Etiquette
Business etiquette is fundamentally concerned with building
relationships founded upon courtesy and politeness between
business personnel. Etiquette, and especially business
etiquette, is a means of maximizing your potential by
presenting yourself positively.
Writing a business letter is not simply a matter of expressing
your ideas clearly. The way you write a letter and the
etiquette you employ may have a significant impact on your
success or failure in business.
Failure to observe correct business letter etiquette can result
in your adopting an inappropriate tone, causing offense or
misunderstandings, lack of clarity or purpose and hostility or
soured relations.
The foundation of good business letter etiquette is 'Think
before you write'. You should be considering to whom the
letter is addressed, how and why? This will then influence
style, content and structure.
Here we cover some of the main issues relating to good
business letter etiquette:
Addressing the Letter
Always make sure you have spelt the recipient's name
correctly. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised at
how many people fail to do so. The recipient's name should
include titles, honors or qualifications if deemed necessary.
Many people use the 'Dear Sir/Yours Faithfully' formula when
addressing the receiver. Although this is acceptable for routine
matters it is impersonal and should not be used when dealing
with those you know, queries or complaints. With these the
'Dear Mr../Yours Sincerely' formula should be adopted.
Once a certain level of familiarity is reached it is not
considered bad etiquette to use phrases such as 'Kind
Regards' or 'All the best' at the end of the letter.
If the content of the letter is sensitive, personal or confidential
it must be marked appropriately. Marking the letter
'confidential' will suffice in highlighting this fact. If you only

want the letter read by the receiver without the interception of

a secretary or PA, mark it as 'Private', 'Personal' or 'Strictly
Confidential'. If you have received such a business letter it is
good etiquette to reciprocate and ensure that all future
correspondence is kept at that level of confidentiality.

Sra. Mercy Kidman

452 Main Street
San Antonio, Texas 589403
Estimada Sra. Kidman:
Hemos podido observar que en las ltimas semanas no hemos
recibido noticias suyas y nos preguntamos cul es la razn.
Como usted probablemente sabe nuestra empresa es de
servicio y nos interesa muchsimo saber si nuestros
empleados la han atendido mal; nuestros productos ya no le
satisface; ha tenido algn problema con nuestras facilidades
de pago; o est atravesando problemas econmicos.
Si usted se encuentra en cualquiera de las situaciones
anteriores, nos interesara que nos lo cuente para encontrar la
forma de resolverlo. La seorita Brown gustosamente la
visitara el da y hora en que usted lo encuentre conveniente.

Loren Backal.
Gerente de Ventas

File each document under the Alphabetical System following
the correct procedures.