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Cell phones are not just distracting kids, but also distancing them from their families. Many
people tend to believe that cell phones are devices that are for keeping in touch with
families, but really are just distancing them. For example many kids have their cell phones
where ever they go; no matter where they are going or what they are doing. Kids and teens
always have to be nose deep into their cell phones. Clearly, this is how cell phones are
distancing kids from relationships and families, and is why this distance needs to be closed.
First, cell phones seem to be very useful to kids at first, but when they have all of these
things like Facebook and Instagram it seems like they are always on their phones. This is a
problem because it is bad for the child and their relationship with others. When a phone
becomes a problem for children and their relationships then there has to be someone to take
Second, when kids are on their cell phones they tend to ignore anything else that is going
on. For example,a teen can be checking Facebook, and when an adult is talking to them
they do not hear a word what they said. Because of this, children and teens start to believe









Third, children and teens will no care about if they are not paying attention to school, family,
and relationships because they can check all the other things that they have. When young
people are doing this; then parents and friends should start to care about what cell phones







Clearly, cell phones are disrupting our teens and children and we need to help them stay in
touch with families and relationships, and keep children and teens away from their phone
once in a while.


Perak Darul Ridzuan, also known as the Land Of Grace, has just about everything for
everyone, places and graces that speak of genuine warmth and charming hospitality. It is
rich with history, culture, folklore and heritage. It is the state of ageless architectural
splendor, island resorts that offer sun, sea and sand including virgin tropical jungles,
beautiful holiday hideaways, natural recreational parks and a host of specialized museums.
Discover the treasures that make Perak such a fascinating experience.


About 30 minutes drive from lpoh, it is believed that Kellie's Castle has hidden rooms and a
secret tunnel. The road which leads to the Castle follows the contours of the land in a
dizzying, maze-like fashion, adding to the mystery and romance of the place.
Lata Kinjang
is located about 18 km from Tapah. The main attraction at this waterfall is the impressive
series of cascades winding down a 100-metre drop. There are parking bays and eating stalls
for picnickers. Visitors may also visit an orchid garden and a bamboo park.
Darul Ridzuan Museum
It is located at Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, lpoh and was officially open to the
public in 1992. Among the interesting artifacts on show are the history and development of
lpoh and the mining and forestry industry of Perak. Built more than a hundred years ago and
it has a colourful history. Among others it has been home to the Malay Chieftains of Kinta
and the British rulers.
The museum is opened everyday (a half day on Thursday) except Friday from 9.00 am to
5.00 pm. Admission is free.



The fresh atmosphere and variety of flora are the main attractions of this park in lpoh.
Children can enjoy several recreational and amusement facilities such as the roller-skating
rink, a playground and a mini-train course.
Taiping Lake Gardens

This 62-hectare park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in the country. It offers
lush greenery, a beautiful lake abounding with freshwater fish, a gazebo and a colourtul
profusion of flowers.The Taiping Zoo, probably the oldest zoo in the country, is another





Visiting hours 8.30 am to 6.30 pm daily. Fares are RM3.00 for adults, RM1.50 for children,
primary student with uniform RMO.50 and secondary student with uniform RM1.00. Other
facilities available at the Gardens include a rest house, fishing and aqua biking in the area.




The pride of Teluk Intan, 84km from lpoh, is its spectacular Leaning Tower. Reminiscent of
the Leaning Tower of Pisa this pagoda-like structure was built in 1885 by a Chinese
contractor, Leong Choon Choong. The dominating 25.5m tower was once used for water
Ipoh Raiway Station
The lpoh Railway Station bears close resemblance to its Kuala Lumpur counterpart and is
affectionately known to locals as the Taj Mahal of lpoh. An impressive landmark which
combines Moorish architecture with modern embellishments, it is surrounded by a beautiful
floral garden which serves as a charming welcome for tourist.
Gua Tempurung
The Dewan Bandaraya lpoh Swimming Complex is the largest and most modern complex of
its kind in South-East Asia and boasts on Olympic size pool, a diving pool, a beginners'-pool,
a children's pool and the first ever wave pool in Malaysia. The complex is part of the Perak
Sports Complex which also houses a stadium with a velodrome and astroturf field.


About 6.5km from Lumut lies Teluk Batik, a favourite spot for campers, picnickers, swimmers
and sun-lovers. The stretches of white sandy beach are ideal for whatever activity of
inactivity you have in mind. You can rent rooms and chalets along the beach at bargain
prices. Contact the Manager of Teluk Batik Chalets. (05-6835554) for reservations.

What is your opinion about recycling

How many of us recycle? Unfortunately, the answer is simple: not nearly enough. There
plenty of excuses (yes, excuses) why you dont recycle. It doesnt make a difference, Its
too hard to do, or maybe even They dont pay me to do it. But, are any of these reasons
honestly justification not to do it? Recycle has immediate and long-term effects on our
planet, all of which are goodhow many can say that about not recycling? You dont have to
be a hippie to care about the planet or even to recycle. Here are some reasons why you
should care about recycling.
One of the most important benefits of recycling is that it saves a lot of energy. When we
recycle, manufactures dont have to go through the long process of producing something
completely new from our depleting natural resources. In using recycled materials, we directly
affect the energy consumption of production companies. In the end, this helps keep
production costs down, and when production costs and down, guess who ends up saving
money? Thats right, we do. While it not incredibly major or abrupt, over time, the savings do
add up.
The most notable benefit of recycling is the reduction in the size of landfills, and the need for
them all together. This, in turn, helps us preserve our wildlife and natural beautiful; paper
recycling alone saves millions of trees. The less resources companies need, the less treechopping and ground-digging theyre doing. Our ecosystem is a very fragile thing. Over the
years, we have made catastrophic alterations to this system and led to the extinctionor
near extinctionof hundreds of animals.
Recycling is also good for the climate. Goods made from recycled materials require less
water, use less energy, and also create considerably less population. This directly affects the
amount of carbon being produced, which then reduces the amount of unhealthy greenhouse
gases being entered into the atmosphere. These are all immediate and long-term benefits of
recycling, which not only apply to you, but your family, and their familys family down the line.
Yes, recycling may be a bit more difficult than just tossing everything in one little bag, but
when has doing the right thing ever been easy? People need to wake up and take recycling,
and its benefits, more seriously; if not for themselves, then for the future (i.e their children).