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Plumber Practice Test 1

1. A three compartment sink is one example of a ____________ fixture.


2. A ____________ is used to remove excess water that has accumulated in a home's basement.
Sewage pump
Effluent pump
Sump pump

3. The minimum size of a water service is __________.


4. Polybutylene piping should never come into contact with the following:
Petroleum based materials

5. HWT is a common abbreviation for a:

Water heater
Hot water faucet
Water holding tank

6. A duel check backflow preventer should be installed:

With a strainer installed ahead of the inlet
With a union solely on the inlet
With a union on the inlet and on the outlet, and a shut off valve close to the inlet

7. A ______________ is a sacrificial rod that is installed in a water heater to protect the tank from
any possible corrosion, and to extend the tank's life.
Anti-corrosion rod
Anode rod
Hot water rod
All of the above

8. Gray water is a type of waste water that comes from:

Sinks, showers, and bathtubs
Toilets and garbage disposals

9. A negative pressure that can cause backflow is known as:

Reverse siphonage

Reverse flow
Back siphonage

10. What type of fitting is needed to join copper with galvanized piping?
Dialectric union
Solder joint

11. What sized P-Trap is needed for a kitchen sink?

1 1/2"
1 3/4"

12. What device prevents gas from entering a building?

Back flow preventer
Anti-syphon valve

13. The two plumbing systems found in a house are:

Water supply and VWD
Water supply and WDV
Water supply and DWV

14. What type of piping sends water through a hot water heater?

Hot water pipe

15. House water lines can either dump into a ___________ or ___________.
Septic system or public sewer system
Septic system or sump pump
Public sewer system or the closest river

Plumber Practice Test 2

1. Valves, piping, and fittings for oxygen service, according to plumbing code,
Should be cleaned in a warm solution of sodium carbonate
Do not need to be cleaned prior to installation
Should be cleaned thoroughly with a solution of gasoline or kerosene

2. Gas room heaters installed in hallways in homes for the elderly:

Must be the vented type
Should not have a projecting flue box
May be unvented

3. Water pipe sizing procedure is based upon:

Loss or gain in static pressure

The loss of pressure or friction through a water meter

A system of pressure losses or requirements

4. Which of the following materials is used to make a threaded joint between galvanized steel
piping and copper tubing?
Dresser coupling
Galvanized extension piece
Brass male adapter

5. This is the term for the shutoff valve found between a faucet and water pipe. The outlet creates
a 90 angle with the faucet, and the inlet hooks up to the water supply pipe in the wall.
Angle stop
Anode rod
Stop valve

6. This is the term for a decorative metal trim shield or flange located underneath a faucet handle.
It covers the hole in the wall or fixture as well as the faucet stem.
Dove tail

7. You are instructed to cut a triangular opening into a wall. Once cut, he triangular opening forms
one 30-60 right triangle. The longest side of the triangle measures 10' 0". The shortest side will
measure approximately ____ ft.


8. 135 cubic ft of water weighs _______ lbs. Choose the closest answer.

9. If there is a pressure of 30 psi at street level, how high will the pressure lift water contained in a
2 in. vertical water pipe? Choose the closest answer.

10. Calculate the pressure in water at a 150m depth.

P= 1675 Kpa
P= 1470 Kpa
P= 1575 Kpa

11. A pressure gauge on a non-pressurized holding tank reads 24.3 Kpa. Find out how many
meters of water are in the tank.
Depth= 2.48 m

Depth= 3.48 m
Depth= 1.48 m

12. The specific gravity of a certain type of oil is 0.8. What is the mass of 1 litre of the oil?
0.8 Kg
0.16 Kg
0.9 Kg

13. If 600 ft of piping weighs 900 lbs, 140 ft of like piping will weigh _____ lbs. Choose the closest

14. A 60 gallon water heater weighs 52.5 lbs when it is empty and ________ lbs when it is full.
Choose the closest answer.

15. The inner dimensions of a grease interceptor measure 9' 0" long, 4' 6" wide, 5' 0" deep, with a
20% free board. What, then, is the liquid capacity of the interceptor in gallons? Choose the
closest answer.