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The Key of David with Gerald Flurry.

Greetings, everyone.

Just about every week it seems like we hear about executives from banks and
corporations and politicians and scientists and religious leaders that have somehow been
involved in scandal to the point that we cannot trust them, and we trust them less and
less, according to polls, and here we are, the people who pay tax to educate those men.
They are brilliant men, very well educated, and yet they fail us time and time again. So
what is the problem? Why is that?

Scientists have said in the past, “Well, look, you give us sufficient knowledge and we
will solve all of the problems and cure all the evils,” and what a terrible, terrible
prediction that was. As a matter of fact, it’s not at all true because as the knowledge
increases, so do the evils, and so do our problems. Now, it just means that the knowledge
that is produced did not cure the existing evils, and it didn’t prevent new evils from
coming on the scene. So something is frighteningly wrong with education. It should, after
all, show us how to solve our problems. It should give us vision and a certain excitement
and wonder, but is education really doing what it’s supposed to do? Well, I think we’d all
have to say, no, it isn’t. Shouldn’t education solve our problems? And if it isn’t, well,
what’s the purpose of it if it’s not solving our problems?

Here’s what Herbert Armstrong once said. He said, “The future welfare—and even the
existence of civilization—is dependent on the educational system.” That’s quite a
statement. The future welfare—and even the existence of our civilization—is dependent
upon our educational system, so what could be more important? I mean, it’s like THE
foundation of everything on which we build everything, so what could be more
important? It’s really even about our survival.

And we hear week by week and month by month and year by year how the government
has just for years and years and years thrown money at the problem, and it has not solved
our problem, our educational problem, or the system’s problems. It simply has not, so
what is wrong with that education?

God said that “Where there’s no vision, the people perish.” So that means we’d better
have education that gives us that vision, and at the same time shows us how to really
solve our problems, and it just simply isn’t doing that.
Notice Romans 1 and verse 18. Romans 1 and verse 18, “For the wrath of God is
revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold,” or
suppress it should read, “who [suppress] the truth in unrighteousness;” That’s the way it
reads in the Revised Standard Version. Here are people in leading positions and even
those who support them that actually suppress the truth. Now, to God that’s about the
cardinal sin that we could commit is to suppress the truth because, as the Bible says, only
the truth is going to set us free, truly free, and yet we find these leaders—financial leaders
and other leaders—suppressing the truth so that we don’t get the whole picture, and they
deceive us, and they cause enormous problems in our society. And God is giving a pretty
dire message here where He says that “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven,” so
what does this tell us about their view of the human mind? Or let’s say the problem with
the human mind? Well, the problem is the human mind is flawed. But you know
something? Education doesn’t really see that dangerous flaw in the human mind or in
human reasoning. They don’t see it; they bow down and worship human reasoning. I
mean that is their god. But there’s something terribly wrong and incomplete about the
human mind, and that’s why education is not solving our problem. It ought to be helping
to change the human mind and human nature to be like God’s nature, but that’s not
happening, so educated men just continually suppress the truth, and yet God says His
wrath is REVEALED from heaven. The only problem is, the educators don’t allow God’s
revelation in the classroom, do they? And that’s not something new; they’ve been doing
that for all of man’s history. They’ve been rejecting the very revelation of God that would
show us how to solve our problems. The wrath of God is revealed from heaven, and I’m
telling you His wrath shows that there’s going to be a penalty that has to be paid for all of
this suppressing of the truth.

God is taking it personally, He does say in Matthew 13 and verse 15. “[T]heir eyes they
have closed;” These educators have just simply closed their eyes to any revelation from
God, and so they rely on themselves—flawed human beings. Flawed, and yet they think
somehow that they have the solution. I think most of them would tell you that, “Well, we
seek the truth.” But what is the truth?

Well, John 17 and verse 17 says this Word, this is the truth right here. Do men really seek
this? I don’t find that they do that in education, do you? God’s word is truth, and that’s
the end of the case right there. That says it all.

Now Jesus Christ, Himself said that man should live by every word of God. That’s the
Old and the New Testament—every word of it. And so if we’re a Christian we should be
following every word of this. This should be the foundation of our education, but is that
true? No, it isn’t. I’m telling you, that’s not what’s taught in our educational system, and
even in our religious system, or Christianity, falls way short of that. And you have all of
these different denominations and all of this confusion and people really don’t know how
to solve their problems. They don’t have vision, and God says if we don’t get that vision
we’re going to perish. I mean that’s pretty serious when you think about it. I mean what
could be more serious than that?

But you try to get the truth into the classroom and see where you get today in Britain and
America. See where you get by trying to get the truth of God in the classroom.

See, people don’t even know what truth is. I mean, educators don’t know what truth is.
Everybody has their version, but there’s really only one version and that’s God’s. We can
reason into all kinds of crazy concepts, but that doesn’t make it right, and it certainly
won’t solve our problems.

God’s wrath has been revealed from heaven. He reveals it if we’ll listen, and He’ll show
us where He’s really, really in a raging wrath against what we’re doing. As I said,
Matthew 13 and verse 15 says that they’ve closed their eyes to God and just shut Him out
of the classroom. It’s repeated in Acts 28 and verse 27, and both of those scriptures are
quoted from Isaiah 6, verses 9 and 10, so God just keeps repeating it over and over and
over that you’ve closed your minds to the solution to these problems in the world.

Now, already we’re beginning to experience some of God’s wrath. We need to be honest
about this because God is not going to be contained. His wrath is not going to be
contained. He’s going to express it, and it’s going to have intensely dangerous

See, instead of education solving our problems, do you realize that it has really become
THE problem, itself. It IS the problem. Wrong education. What is wrong with our
education? What’s wrong with it today? Well, we’d better find out soon because God
says there are dangerous consequences, and you can prove all of this. We have booklets
and books galore proving this to you.

But the problem is most people don’t want it. Now that’s the truth, because it’s all there,
and it’s frankly been there throughout the ages, but men have never wanted it. They’ve
never wanted it. God says you’d better prove all things, or you’re leading a very
disastrous kind of life.

Notice verse 19 of Romans 1. Verse 19, “Because that which may be known of God is
manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.” Well, of course He has. He’s
showed them His educational system, His education plan. He’s showed that to us. Of
course, He has. They’ve rejected it.

Verse 20. Now I’ll just say this. Here we are facing human annihilation because of
nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction. That is a statistical fact. We’re facing
human annihilation. Isn’t it time to give God’s educational system a chance to work?
Isn’t it time for us to do something, let’s say, to implement that plan? We’d better think
about this because we’re heading into some treacherous times.

Verse 20, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so
that they are without excuse:” Well, there’s no excuse, God says, no excuse whatsoever,
and God has shown this to them. He’s shown them His educational system. Samuel and
Elijah, both, in the Old Testament had colleges that they raised up and showed the world
how to solve their problems, but nobody—well, I shouldn’t say nobody, but very few
people got excited about it. Very few people were excited about those colleges and that
educational system of God. They just simply weren’t interested.

But again, God says in Matthew 24 and verse 21 that we are facing the annihilation of all
human flesh. It’s all going to be exterminated, human life is going to be exterminated
unless Jesus Christ intervened and stopped it. So even if we reject His educational plan,
He’s still going to return and He’s still going to raise up His educational plan and enforce
it because He’s going to save most of humanity alive, and that means most of humanity
who has ever lived.

But here you have an education today that they worship human reasoning. They worship
the human mind, the flawed human mind that is incomplete, instead of worshiping the
Creator of that awesome mind, and it is awesome. I mean it’s beyond magic when I can
sit here and talk to you and you can understand. What kind of a miracle is that anyhow?
What kind of a creation is that? Well, it’s a God-plane creation, frankly. And yet we’re so
used to it we don’t think anything about this awesome, splendid, wondrous mind that men
have. It is amazing that we worship the mind, not the Creator of the mind. We worship
the universe, not the Creator of the universe. And Paul says, “They're just fools.” David
said the same thing, “They’re incorrigible fools that will not learn.”

Now you see, if you go into a classroom they teach you evolution, but that is not taught in
this Book. I don’t care how many times you teach it, Christ said we ought to live by every
word of this, and from the beginning to the end it does not teach evolution, it teaches the
opposite. We didn’t evolve; we were created by the great God, the living God who’s
prophesied about all of these problems you see around us today. He prophesied every one
of the major problems you see, that wonderful God that we ought to be looking to every
day, but we don’t.

Notice verse 21 (RSV), “[F]or although they knew God they did not honor him as God or
give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds
were darkened.” See, their minds were darkened, and they rejected the most important
knowledge they could have had and a wonderful relationship with the living God. They
could have walked with Him step by step, and He would have given them success in
everything they did, and what a difference it would have made in this world. They could
have had a relationship with God.

Now they scorn and scoff at that today, but I’ll tell you, the prophets and the apostles
loved that relationship they had with God, and they walked with God, and they
established His colleges for God, and God blessed them and gave the world all kinds of
opportunities and gave them God’s message, and they kept just repeatedly rejecting it
except a tiny few whom God calls out, His very elect today that still proclaim that
message and teach about how we can have true education, and education that gives us
vision and solves our problems. We know who and what God is if we know true
education. We understand who God is and what God is, and we know what the purpose
of man is. I mean, what’s more important than those questions? Nothing, nothing. If we
know God, we know that, but this world doesn’t know that today, including religion.

Revelation 12 and verse 9 that I repeat over and over about this whole world is deceived
and we worship the devil (2 Corinthians 4 and verse 4). We worship the devil! Who
believes that? Who believes that?

Let me read you a quote. Well, let me read you one more verse first from Romans 1,
verse 28, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them
over to a reprobate mind,” meaning a mind void of judgment and a worthless mind, “to
do those things which are not convenient;” or lawful.

See, Mr. Armstrong made this statement: “Little or nothing is taught about God, but even
in the elementary grades the basic concept, the approach to knowledge is evolution. Is it
any wonder, then, that the scholarly do not know who and what God is? They believe
what they have been taught.” Are you going to understand who and what God is by
studying evolution? No! No, you’re not, because that is a theory that’s never been proved
and never will be proved, because it’s untrue. And you can disprove it, and you can prove
who and what God is, and that ought to be the foundation of our education. We ought to
know the purpose of man, that wonderful, inspiring, uplifting and stirring purpose of
man, and we would if we were properly educated. You can have a relationship with your

I’ve read this before, but let me read it to you again, and I ask you: Is this true education?
Let’s talk about the number one college in this land, as far as the prestige is concerned.
Harvard. Esquire said in September 1981, they wrote this, it was by Timothy Foote who
graduated from Harvard in 1952, and he wrote: “Many students drift through Harvard
with a nagging sense of failure and anxiety. ‘There is so much freedom here,’ says Kiyo
Morimoto, ‘the studies become extracurricular. You didn’t have to go to class because
nobody took attendance, and you could get unlimited extension on papers during the
term.’ Morimoto is worried about Harvard’s objections to using authority.” Oh, yeah,
now we’re getting to the real problem of Harvard and all educational institutions today.
Authority problems which, well, God is authority, isn’t He? God is the ultimate authority.
They don’t like that at all. They don’t like any kind of authority!

And it goes on to say, “All up and down the line it’s not insisting that students get papers
in on time, not insisting on formal meetings between students and advisors, students and
tutors, even between students and faculty. Harvard is deeply ambiguous about authority,”
he says, “about being firm and clear and unambiguous. Today all authority is seen as
negative.” All of it! Well, is that true education? And I tell you, it isn’t, and that
institution has the best label of all. But is that true education? That’s America’s most
prestigious educational institution.

But here is one more comment. “Harvard was at the forefront of change during the sexual
revolution in the 1960s. Foote quoted one professor as saying, ‘On any given night, the
odds are against finding ANYONE in his or her own bed.’” Now I could label that
something else, but that’s supposed to be an educational institution. Does it really sound
like it? It would horrify the people who established that institution, which they
established as a religious institution to proclaim the word of God and the authority of
God. And they proclaimed the authority of God when it started, but today, well, what has
it become? Do you call that education? Well, I know what I’m saying is not going to be
well received by a lot of people, but I tell you that is not true education, and it will never
solve our problems. It’s causing problems! It’s causing problems, that kind of a lifestyle.
Look around, and then pick up your Bible and see what God says about what’s happening
all around us, and I’ll tell you, education is promoting a lot of it. They’re not the cause of
all the problems, but I’ll tell you this—they’re not solving them, and they’re not keeping
us from entering into new problems all the time.

And we’re living in a dangerous world! We’re living in the most dangerous world that
men have ever even heard about. Isn’t it time that we got our educational system right?
Wouldn’t you think so? But oh, don’t teach anything about authority! “Look, if you
young people don’t want to show up for class, well, hey, there’s no authority here, that’s
okay. You don’t want to get your papers in? That’s okay.” That’s not education, that’s
not true education. That is chaos, so let people, the critics, say whatever they like.

Now I’m not saying all the classes are that way, but I’ll tell you—the very fact that it
exists shows that something is tragically wrong.

Why do these educational systems always fail us? Well, I’ll tell you. I don’t have time to
get into it but you can go back to the very beginning where God had two trees there. He
gave them a choice. He gave them a choice. He gave Adam and Eve a choice, and they
rejected the tree of life. They took the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They chose
that tree.

Yes, education is a mixture of good and evil. Yes, it is, but it ought to be all good. See,
they’re figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong themselves, and they won’t listen to
God. The tree of life told Adam and Eve how to live and be successful and happy and
joyful, and they said, “Well, no, no, I don’t like that. I want to try this other tree. I think I
can figure out a better way myself.” So God said, “Okay, go ahead. Form your own
banks, your own corporations, your own educational institutions, your own religions. Go
ahead, educate yourself and let’s see what happens.” So here we are at the end of the age
facing human annihilation! I think we ought to rethink what we’re doing, don’t you?
Don’t you think something needs to be done?

False education began in the Garden of Eden. Well, let people scoff if they want to, and
of course, the devil was right there with Adam and Eve, getting them to forsake God. But
oh, don’t you talk about the devil in education today or you’ll be laughed at, and it’ll be
just a big joke. But right there at the very beginning he got Adam and Eve away from true

And today we worship the devil (2 Corinthians 4 and verse 4). This whole world does!
Now, that’s the truth. God said that He turned them away from the tree of life, and He
went on to say, “Well, look, you’ve got to choose life.” Deuteronomy 30 and verse 19,
“Choose life, not death.” It’s death or life! Choose life that you and your children, see,
can really live and really be excited about the wonderful truth of God.

Until next week, this is Gerald Flurry. Goodbye, friends.

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