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Radio Actuality- Video Broadcast- VO/SOT Script

Can Danica Patrick get it done in the Big leagues?

Mike Berran
Can Danica get it done in the Big leagues?
TRT 4:09:33

OC- (Live: News Anchor at the Desk)Danica Patrick has certainly been in the news lately with her moving into a the top
League in NASCAR. She has improved over the last couple of races this year, lately
making her the top Female athlete to ever compete in the Sprint Cup Series. Mike is
here now live from Texas Motor Speedway with more.
OC- (Live: Mike walking on Pit Road talking to the camera) Thanks guys. Yes,
The beautiful Danica Patrick enrolled in NASCAR in the year 2012 with Earnhardt
motorsports in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Ever since her debut in that league
many Drivers felt intimidated by a female being in this sport. She struggled
because of this and faced criticism at every mistake she made.
BR/VO/SOT- (Photos and Race Footage over the several races with Danica)
NASCAR is a sport where you learn as you go; it is not something that youre born
with. Each weekend every track is different so as a driver you have to learn the
concepts of each track. Danica has felt the pressure more and more each weekend
but she has accomplished a lot so far.
VO with SB (Sound Bites mixed in with Mike VO with Live race audio) From
winning a Pole position in debut year at the Daytona 500 to 5 career top 10s in the
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Despite her being high in points many fans and drivers
do not feel she belongs in the sport because of her sex.
OC- (Not live (taped)- Mike walking in Danica garage area) I was able to ask
some fans of NASCAR whether or not she can win a race and make it into the
Championship points in the top league. Sai Mantri, a junior at Rutgers University,
feels that she has no chance to ever compete for a championship but credits her for
competing in a male dominated sport.
SOT #1-(Sai Mantri In-Cue Interview from the Grandstand):
I believe that Danica Patrick wont be able to compete in the sport of NASCAR.
(Sai Mantri Out-Cue):

and that is going to allow females to enter that sport as well.

Host Transition:
OC- (Not Live (taped): Shot of Mike on top of Danica Pit Box) Not all fans
think this way. Frank Mondella, a junior at Rowan University and a die-hard Dale
Earnhardt fan feels that Danica Patrick does have a chance since she has proven
more positive numbers since her debut nearly 4 years ago.
SOT #2- (Frank Mondella In-Cue: In front of Danicas Car Hauler)
So yeah I think Danica could compete
Frank Mondella Out-Cue:
the standings for the chase, so absolutely.

Host Close:

OC (Live: Mike Standing in Victory lane) While many fans disagree in her
potential talent, I personally believe that Danica can truly get it done. Not only is
she beautiful, but also she is a true NASCAR driver. Of course she is going to make
VO/BR (Shots of Danica Frustrated in races) Every new driver will, but Danica
has something different then everyone else. She has so much more devotion to
improve each week and never let any outside factor get to her.
VO/BR (Shots of Danica s High moments when on Track) When she is on the
track its only her and her race team. After finishing 7 th last week at Martinsville, her
best so far in 2015, she comes to Texas with another shot at a great finish and
potential win.
OC- (Live: Mike back walking on Pit Road talking to the camera) Tune into
Fox this Saturday night as NASCAR races under the lights at Texas Motor Speedway.
Can defending champion Joey Logano pull it off or will it be someone new? Get it
done Danica.
(Sound Off from Texas Motor Speedway)
Reporting Live from Texas Motor Speedway, Im Mike Berran for Kean News.
OC- (Live: News anchor live shot is back to continue with other news)

Full Script of Interview Bites:

Sai Mantri:
I believe that Danica Patrick wont be able to compete in the sport of NASCAR. but
I also believe that her being in the sport is a positive thing. So its a good thing for
her being in the sport of NASCAR because this is going to allow a lot of females to
enter into a male dominated sport. For example there is a female referee in a sport
of NFL now and that is going to allow females to enter that sport as well.
Frank Mondella:
So yeah I think Danica could compete this year for the standings. I mean were only
six races into the season and she already has a few top tens to show for it, and she
also jumped to 15th in the points. She still has some of her best tracks yet. She got
Daytona; she got Texas, where she is pretty good. If she could win at one of those,
she knock her yourself right into the standings for the chase, so absolutely.

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SOT- Sound on Tape
SB- Sound Bite

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