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May 2015

Hayes Happenings

Please Pray...

Dear Friends and Family,

For the end of the

kids school and
transition to summer

For our travel this

summer in the US

For our familys time

together, spiritual
growth and

Greetings from Shell, Ecuador!

It has been a long time since
weve written a newsletter.
We apologize. We can hardly
believe that we have served
here for nearly two years.
A lot has changed and we have
exciting news to share.

For Gods wisdom,

provision and peace


Last year at Casa de Fe...

We got to know 32 work
teams from all over the
We loved on 80+ children as
Casa cared for more children
than ever before.
We worked alongside
amazing missionaries, from
only a week to the whole
Our relationships with
caregivers and workers were
a daily blessing which
offered many opportunities
to show and experience
Christ's love.
Matt worked to make Casa's
finances transparent and
Christy put a safety program
for kids in place and hiring
and retention processes for
We were excited
to create new,
collaborative relationships with many
Ecuadorian government agencies.
We were blessed
to see spiritual
growth in all of our

With all of those beautiful

moments, there were difficulties and challenges. We
differed with Casas leadership
on the handling of employees
and children, finances and
multiple other concerns. In
October, Matt and I resigned
from Casa de Fe as did many
of the missionaries serving
there. We made this decision
with the help, prayers and
counsel of our mission agency,
CornerStone International, a
representative of Peacemakers
International and a counselor
from Barnabas International. In
order to make the transition as
smooth as possible, we stayed
at Casa de Fe until December
to train our replacements and
do what we could to help.
We planned to return to the
U.S. for Christmas and yet did
not feel that our calling in
Ecuador was finished. The day
after we resigned, representatives of Reach Beyond came
and asked us to pray about
staying and working with them.
After much prayer, Matt and I
applied with Reach Beyond
( and
arranged with CornerStone
International to be seconded
missionaries, under both
agencies. We began our new
roles and ministry in January.
CornerStone will continue to
receive funds for us as we work
alongside Reach Beyond in
Matt is now working in the
Community Development
Department of Reach Beyond,

helping to plan and implement

clean water systems in remote
communities throughout Ecuador. Water systems are much
needed for the health and
welfare of the people and also
provide a mechanism to share

Gods word, His saving love

and grace, and to support and
develop the local church.
Christy is serving as a Human
Resource liaison and with
missionary member care. This
new role allows her to be at
home with Libby and Loren
while Matt travels. Though
leaving Casa de Fe was sad and
hard, God has given us this
unique opportunity to use our
skills in new ways. We are
thankful and excited.
For the last two years, we have
prayed, nonstop, about what
God wants for us after we
finish our two- year service
commitment with CornerStone
International. We feel called to
serve in Shell (continued on pg 2)

Hayes Happenings

with Reach Beyond for another two years under CornerStones umbrella,
continuing to develop deeper relationships with missionaries and the communities that we serve. We would love to share this new direction and fellowship
with you this summer while we are in the United States. We want this trip to
be a time of reflection and celebration of the last two years, of sharing Gods
call for the next two years, and of gathering supporters in prayer and finance.

June 5

Fly/Ecuador to CA

June 6-July 1

Central California

July 1-4

Drop kids at Grandparents

July 5-11

Missionary Summit at
Cornerstone Intl in KY

To the right is our U.S. itinerary. We would love to see you! Please email
Christy ( to set up a time to meet personally, with your
group, your church, etc. Thank you for your faithfulness to us in prayer and
in financial support. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives and as
partners in ministry. We look forward to seeing you!

July 12- 15

Travel to CO

July 15-24

Colorado time

Jul 24-25

Travel to ID

July 26- Sept 2


Sept 3

Travel to WA

Matt, Christy, Libby and Loren Hayes

Sept 4-8

WA (Spokane area)

**For the most up to date information on our family, friend Christy to follow us on facebook.

Sept 9-11

Travel through OR

Sept 12

Travel to CA

Sept 13-21

Central California

Sept 22

Fly to Ecuador on Lorens


Sept 23-26

Stay in Quito/Visa paperwork

Sept 27

Yay! Travel to Shell!

Blessings and Love,

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