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Monday, February 8, 2010

Kenney Holmes Featured in The Washington Post and on National Public

Radio (NPR) for 40 Years in the Live Music Industry

Washington, DC – Kenney Holmes, a Washington Area Guitarist, Vocalist and Band Leader, came to
the Washington, DC area from Gordon Heights, a small town in Brookhaven, New York in 1976 to
pursue dreams of revolutionizing the local music industry, one bar, restaurant, night club, wedding and
inauguration at at time. At 23, he understood the niche for live music in a town with ‘so much life,’
politics and culture. He remarks about a visit to Washington “where Rolls Royces were mainstream, the
club scene was fast-paced and live music was being played throughout the area daily,” and he knew,
simply put, that he had found “home.” For 34 years his solo act ‘The World’s Greatest One Man Band,”,
as well as his 5-7 piece band ensembles, have been in demand by the Presidential Inaugural
Committee. His proudest moments included performing for the Former President William H. Clinton,
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Bennie Thompson, and most recently over five inaugural
celebrations for Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

The Washington Post reached out to Mr. Holmes for a profile story for their Wedding Edition over 6
months ago . During this time, he has been followed from gig to gig, doing what he does best, making
fans out of the masses - especially The Washington Post. The five-page spread launched Sunday,
February 7. As for NPR, after host Michel Martin saw an advance copy of the Post’s profile, she
jumped at the chance to interview Mr. Holmes. The interview can be heard live today, Monday,
February 8 at 2PM on WAMU 88.5 FM in the DC area, or your local NPR station.

The NPR Interview:

The Washington Post Article:
Photos of Kenney Holmes & Showbiz:
Website: / Twitter: @KenneyHolmes

The Music: Kenney Holmes is a highly accomplished and versatile Vocalist, Multi-Synthesist and
Guitarist. His four octave tenor voice is truly impressive, as is his command of all popular styles - From
a slow grind of a blues ballad to a high impact dance number, or the melodic rhythms of a county-
western hit, Kenney’s vocals are strikingly soulful, clear and powerful. Combined with his equally
impressive talents of the guitar synthesizer and the electric guitar, he has earned a unique and vast
following wherever he is heard. For more information about Kenney Holmes, Kenney Holmes &
Showbiz, or for press opportunities and/ or band bookings please call 202-722-0121 or visit

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