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Kali Meyer

Wilson County









Kali Meyer Holder named

2015 Wilson County Teacher of the Year

By Jared Felkins,

If there was one word that could sum up the 2015 Wilson County
Teacher of the Year Banquet on Friday night, it would be stories.
The stories teachers, principals, former students and all gathered
at Baird Chapel on the Cumberland University campus shared were
enough to fill a bestselling series of books on the relationships between
students and their teachers.
Bob McDonald, president of CedarStone Bank, talked about a teacher
he had in high school named Mrs. Ford. It seems McDonald, a selfproclaimed jokester in high school, went to Mrs. Ford about his plans for
college during his senior year in 1978. But Mrs. Ford apparently shut the
door on McDonald, telling him he didnt take school seriously enough.
I thought about it a lot, McDonald said. I did graduate. After I
graduated college, I went to my old school. I couldnt wait to see her
and rub it in her face.
She told me, Bob, I knew you could, but I didnt know what else
to do. No one could have challenged me like Mrs. Ford did. You are
Mrs. Fords.
Both McDonald and Wilson County Motors owner W.P. Bone III introduced the past teachers of the year from the program, which is in its
17th year. The annual banquet honors the countys top teacher and the

30 nominees from each school in Wilson County.

Were here to honor teachers, Bone said. We think teaching is an extremely honorable profession. Were here to say
we appreciate what you do.
Former Southside Elementary School principal Danny Hill,
who now works as a consultant with Power of ICU a group
that works with schools to revive student engagement served
as guest speaker and introduced the 2015 Wilson County
Teacher of the Year. Prior to his introduction, Hill told stories
of his days around the Southside kindergarteners and told the
teachers in attendance to write down and remember their stories. He said those stories could be sitcom material one day.
Then Hill turned his attention to the anticipated announcement of the 2015 Wilson County Teacher of the Year, Kali
Meyer Holder, a seventh-grade math teacher at Walter J. Baird
Middle School.
This is what a parent said about the 2015 winner, said Hill
in his introduction. This teacher is especially diligent in turning the students on to learning all students who come into
our school. A co-worker said this about the 2015 winner. This
teacher creates an awesome culture for learning.
A parent said this about you. This teacher gave generously
of their valued time in teaching children beyond the school
day. This teacher soaks their children in whatever help they
need and individually looks at them and meets their needs.
A student said this. Last year I was terrible at math, but
thankfully I had you as my math teacher. Youre great. I went
from below basic in math in sixth grade to advanced in math in
seventh grade because of you.
Standing behind her chair, Hill called Holders name as the 2015
Wilson County Teacher of the Year. She hugged Lebanon Director of
Schools Scott Benson as she approached the stage to accept her award
and $1,500 check. Walter J. Baird Middle School also received $500.
Im very, very honored, Holder said. I love my profession. Ive
grown so much as a teacher in the Lebanon Special School District, and
Im very fortunate to have been hired here.
Then Holder shared a story of her own.
I sat in Scott Bensons Lebanon High School office, and I interviewed with his son in there with me. In fact, when I was introduced at
Walter J. Baird, he said when I hired you, my son told me I should.
Im very, very lucky. Im very, very fortunate. I love kids. Thats why
Im here. I want them to learn.
Holder has taught at Walter J. Baird Middle School for the past four
years. She started at the school as a seventh-grade language arts teacher, moved to eighth-grade math in 2007 and then taught sixth- and
seventh-grade math in 2011. Shes taught for 10 years, nine of those
in Wilson County. She started her career at Gra-Mar Middle School
in Nashville in 2005 as a fifth-grade math, reading, language arts and
science teacher.

Cover and page 3 photos by Al Ashworth, Creative Color

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 1

The 2015 Wilson County Teacher

of the Year nominees included:
Cathy Fraley
Byars Dowdy Elementary School.
Tammy Boothe
Carroll-Oakland Elementary School.
Mandy Pittman,
Castle Heights Elementary School.
Dawn Willis,
Coles Ferry Elementary School.
Sarah Jordan,
Elzie D. Patton Elementary School.
Sandi Smith,
Friendship Christian School.
Angela Gardner,
Gladeville Elementary School.
Lindsey McCaslin,
Lakeview Elementary School.
Lindsay Mosley,
Lebanon High School.
Brad Major, MAP Academy.
Debbie Rittenberry,
McClain Christian Academy.
Rene Inman Martin,
Mt. Juliet Christian Academy.
Dawn Adams,
Mt. Juliet Elementary School.
David Agee,
Mt. Juliet High School.
Denise Combs DeFevers,
Mt. Juliet Middle School.
Jennifer Graves,
Rutland Elementary School.
Bridgette Fisher,
Sam Houston Elementary School.
Janet Elaine Spruill,
Southside Elementary School.
Lena Boyd,
Stoner Creek Elementary School.
Angie Johnson,
Tuckers Crossroads Elementary School.
Nathan Smith,
W.A. Wright Elementary School.
Lora Stutts,
Watertown Elementary School.
Debbie Willard,
Watertown Middle School.
Cyndi Vaught,
Watertown High School.
Scarlett Chadwell,
West Elementary School.
Mary Edwards,
West Wilson Middle School.
Ann Nored,
Wilson Central High School.
Joy Shaw,
Wilson County Adult High School.
Audrey Burger,
Winfree Bryant Middle School.

Kali Meyer Holder

Cathy L. Fraley

Mandy Pittman

Seventh-grade math
Walter J. Baird Middle School
No. Years Teaching Total: 10
No. Years in Current Position: 4
No. Years in Wilson County: 9

Byars Dowdy Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 5
No. Years in Current Position: 5
No. Years in Wilson County: 6

Castle Heights Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 11
No. Years in Current Position: 9
No. Years in Wilson County: 11

What She Said:

As a teacher, it is my responsibility to ensure
that my students are provided with support
and experiences within a safe and structured
environment that lead to success and growth. I
desire to effect change and believe that every
student can succeed. Educating students is my

What She Said:

One of my favorite quotes has always been
Students do not care how much you know until
they know how much you care. I truly believe
that students will work harder for a teacher that
they love and respect. Building and creating a
family environment in our classroom where
students feel safe, loved and supported is the
most basic building block on which everything
else is achieved.

What She Said:

It is crucial that I provide a loving, organized
environment while using developmentally
appropriate practices that focus on the academic
and social-emotional growth of each of my

What They Said:

Kali facilitates an environment of learning
in her classroom where she guides students
through their individual learning process, said
Tina Clarity, seventh-grade math and science
teacher at Walter J. Baird Middle School.
The enthusiasm for teaching middle school
students that Kali demonstrates daily in her
classroom is evident. Her students know she
has high expectations for them and that she is
willing to help them at any time. Her willingness to go above and beyond to collaborate
with other teachers shows her true leadership

What They Said:

We often refer to her as The Child Whisperer at our house because not only is she an
incredible educator, but a sense of comfort for
our child, said Joy Pine, a parent. We have
seen tremendous improvement in our childs
performance, and as a parent volunteer I have
seen amazing improvement in other students
academics, as well.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 2

What They Said:

Through her innovative and reflective approach
to teaching, she manifests a teacher leadership that both reflects well on the profession
and inspires those around her, said Tiffany
McHenry, educator and trainer. I am forever
indebted to Mandy and for her ability to bring
collaboration and passion for a career to life in
the classroom.

Tammy Boothe

Dawn Willis

Sarah Jordan

What She Said:

I strive to help students learn by teaching them
what is needed to live a balanced life. In our society today, school is the only desirable, loving
and stable place some students ever experience.
It is my intent to provide an enjoyable learning
experience for Kindergarten students. With the
right leader, I believe, every child can succeed
and learn in his own time and his own way.

What She Said:

I work hard to find meaningful strategies that
work to meet each students individual needs.
Doing whatever it takes means much more
than just meeting a childs needs academically,
but physically and emotionally, as well.

What She Said:

I have always referred to my class as a family
because I want my students to know that they
arent the only ones learning and Im here to
support them. It is vital that I teach my students
how to self-reflect upon their learning experiences, strengths and weaknesses to maintain
awareness within them.

Carroll-Oakland Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 12
No. Years in Current Position: 4
No. Years in Wilson County: 5

What They Said:

Tammy is a problem solver, an innovator, a
cheerleader and a great team player, said Title
1 intervention teacher Melissa Bay. Tammy
has a passion for learning and goes above and
beyond to assure that each and every one of
her students learns to their maximum potential.
Tammy communicates accolades and needs to
her parents each day. She allows students to call
parents during the day to let them know that
are having a great day, but also sometimes calls
mom when a boost is needed during the day.

Coles Ferry Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 18
No. Years in Current Position: 12
No. Years in Wilson County: 18

What They Said:

It is one thing to get the kids to love you. It is
another thing entirely to be good at what you
do. Dawn Willis does both, Fran ORiordan
said. I consider myself incredibly blessed to
have had her usher my own children into the
often scary world of public education.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 3

Third grade
Elzie Patton Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 8
No. Years in Current Position: 4
No. Years in Wilson County: 8

What They Said:

Ive seen Ms. Jordan pull academic greatness
out of an autistic child who previous teachers
dismissed as incapable, said Katie Rozzell,
Elzie Patton school counselor. Ive seen tears
roll down her face after discovering belt-buckleshaped bruises on her students back, only to
quickly wipe them away and step back into her
lesson for the sale of the rest of her class.

Sandi Smith

Angela Gardner

Lindsey McCaslin

What She Said:

Along the way I learned that a teacher is not
something you desire to be. Its what you are.
Its in every fiber of your being. No matter
where you go, its what you end up doing.
When you have play dates with other moms
and kids, youre the one who ends up leading the kids in a game or craft. When youre
a counselor at church camp, youre asked to
use youre teacher voice to give instructions
or teach a lesson. You find teachable moments
everywhere you go, to the point that your own
children get tired of hearing you talk.

What She Said:

As an educator, I truly believe that each student has a unique voice that should be heard
and valued, so that they will be confident in using it throughout life. Every child deserves the
opportunity to self-define as successful, and I
AM an artist, is a powerful statement.

What She Said:

I am strongly committed to helping all students
reach their highest potential, and in order to
effectively stretch my students, I strive to be a
consistent, caring, fair and understanding teacher who considers the whole child throughout
the learning process.

What They Said:

I would venture to say that one can come to
the small community of Gladeville, Tenn., and
experience the same appreciation of art as one
would visiting the Frist Center in Nashville,
said Gladeville principal Monica Fox. Creating
art can be an intimidating process. But, Angela
has built such a safe environment in which all
of our students feel safe and free to express
themselves creatively.

What They Said:

Using patience, consistency, humor and highly
effective teaching strategies, Mrs. McCaslin
connects with her students as individuals and
allows them to succeed to the maximum extent
possible, Bekki Pickney said. She understands
each childs unique needs and strives to meet

Friendship Christian School
No. Years Teaching Total: 12
No. Years in Current Position: 10
No. Years in Wilson County: 10

What They Said:

Sandi works collaboratively with all her colleagues at our school. She has been a mentor to
me during my time at Friendship, said, Ashley
Broomfield, second-grade teacher. I have always found her to be such a professional by listening to others opinions with interest, offering
suggestions and demonstrating a willingness to
try new strategies. She is always researching
the newest and most effective practices to help
reach each student in her class.

Gladeville Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 8
No. Years in Current Position: 5
No. Years in Wilson County: 5

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 4

Fifth-grade math
Lakeview Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 6
No. Years in Current Position: 5
No. Years in Wilson County: 5

11th and 12th-grade English and journalism

Lebanon High School
No. Years Teaching Total: 14
No. Years in Current Position: 12
No. Years in Wilson County: 14
What She Said:
It is a beautiful time for me to see them apply
what I have taught them. I allow them to see
me have fun as well. It is important for students
to see us intellectuals who respect and support
one another. It is also important for them to see
us have fun and enjoy the whole experience of
school and work.
What They Said:
To me, the biggest testament to Lindsays
fabulous teaching is that she is the teacher that
I would want my own kids to have one day,
Kate Plumlee said. Students fill her class every
year, not because shes the cool teacher, but
because they know that they will ne pushed and
more importantly, that she cares for them.

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Lindsay Mosley

Brad Major

Deborah A. Rittenberry

What He Said:
I find it important to not only be an effective
teacher, but to never graduate from being a
student. I attend conferences yearly and use my
summers to travel and interact with the language
and participate in conferences, workshops and
seminars for educators. I have found that participating in workshops for teachers outside of
foreign languages also helps me borrow and
implement effective methodology for my classes.

What She Said:

I want to say that teaching is an important
field, and I wish that all the teachers could be
recognized for their hard work. Each day in the
classroom brings so many new and exciting
learning opportunities, and if I can help the students connect that learning and make it relevant
to their lives, then I have accomplished a very
important job. Learning never stops. And that
is apparent each day that I am in the classroom.
Not only am I striving to create an environment
where all students feel successful and confident
in their learning, but, I too, learn something new
each day.

Middle School/High School; primarily

MAP Academy
No. Years Teaching Total: 9
No. Years in Current Position: 1
No. Years in Wilson County: 6

What They Said:

During his tenure at Wilson Central, he taught a
variety of Spanish classes and assisted with the
boys basketball program, said Wilson Central
assistant principal, Jason Franklin. Mr. Major
was a great role model for his students and athletes...During my 14 years here as an assistant
principal Mr. Major is one of the best teachers I
have ever witnessed at demonstrating care and
concern for all of his students.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 5

Reading/Language Arts for multiple grade

McClain Christian Academy
No. Years Teaching Total: 8
No. Years in Current Position: 2
No. Years in Wilson County: 7

What They Said:

During the years we have taught together, said
Tonya Sacci. Debbie has always worked above
and beyond what was required to ensure that
her students are successful. She takes a personal
interest in each student and truly teaches him
or her. She shows love and acceptance to each
child, which in return helps them be successful.

2014-2015 Teachers of the Year Ceremony

Teachers play an enormously important role.

They teach and inspire, guiding our kids toward
bright, successful futures. They act as educators
and role models, broadening minds and
encouraging achievement. We recognize
teachers for their dedication to helping our
children succeed.

Lebanon Special School District

Committed to a Community of Excellence

All Teachers of
Wilson County
241 West Main Street Lebanon, TN (615) 444-2142
2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 6

Renee Martin

Dawn N. Adams

Third grade
Mt. Juliet Christian Academy
No. Years Teaching Total: 18
No. Years in Current Position: 1
No. Years in Wilson County: 18

Second grade
Mt. Juliet Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 15
No. Years in Current Position: 12
No. Years in Wilson County: 15

What She Said:

In short, my journey to teaching is simply
stated in one word: passion. From the examples
of my past teachers to my colleagues I learn
from today, this has been the most foundational
of all ingredients. It drew me in and pushed me
to pursue my own classroom.

What She Said:

I want students to develop a love of learning
and the stamina to keep working when concepts
are difficult to grasp. Students are often prompted to help each other by guiding their peer to
discover an answer, not telling him an answer. I
encourage students to view their classmates as
valued resources for their academic learning and
as friends. I want them to take ownership of their
learningWhen students view their school tasks
as fun and not laborious work more true learning
takes place.

What They Said:

Quality that is a word that describes Mrs.
Martin in preparation, in teaching, in professionalism, in relationships, in working with
others and in character, said Mt. Juliet Christian principal Amanda Van Vactor. These are
vitally important within the educational profession. It is a joy to work alongside Mrs. Martin.

What They Said:

The environment she provides is both loving and nurturingShe lovingly educates her
students on a daily basisIt is obvious from the
moment you walk into her classroom that she
has created an atmosphere of caring and respect
between herself and her students, said Mt. Juliet
Elementary School principal Ginger Ash. She
offers her students much more than a simple
education; she offers them guidance in character
building skills and real life experiences.
2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 7

David Agee

Grades 9-12. English; Speech; Introduction

to Film
Mt. Juliet High School
No. Years Teaching Total: 35
No. Years in Current Position: 15
No. Years in Wilson County: 33
What He Said:
Students need direction. In class we talk about
being proactive, managing time and developing
a strong work ethic. Academics is the reason for
school, and of course, is extremely important,
but equally important is a sense of purpose.
What They Said:
Mr. Agee has an exceptionally broad understanding of and models effective teaching
strategies every day, said Mt. Juliet High
School principal Mel Brown. He has high
positive expectations for his students and does
an exceptional job of differentiating his instruction to see that they learn at the highest levels

Denise Combs DeFevers

Jennifer Graves

Bridgette Fisher

What She Said:

My goal as an educator is to engage my students everyday in orderto motivate them to want
to learn more. I love teaching and coaching and
working with childrenI teach more than games
in my classes. As a middle school physical
education teacher, one of my jobs is to encourage students to achieve a more active lifestyle. I
need for them to understand the benefits of being
active and develop a lifelong desire to continue
to be active. In order to accomplish this I have
to incorporate a variety of activities hoping to
find at least one, and hopefully more, for each of
them to find enjoyable and stimulating.

What She Said:

I am passionate about my job and realize the
huge responsibility I have daily to meet each
childs educational, emotional and social needs.
I want every child in my class to have fun,
be challenged, be excited to learn and to feel

What She Said:

Being creative in the deliverance of subject
matter is crucial to student learning and success. Its important for students to make reallife connections in learning so the learning is
meaningful and relevant. Students today live in
a technical world so its so important for their
learning to include technology... Im thankful to
be living my lifelong dream of teaching. Sure
it has its challenges with each year, month and
day; however, I know Im living my calling.

Physical education
Mt. Juliet Middle School
No. Years Teaching Total: 13
No. Years in Current Position: 12
No. Years in Wilson County: 13

What They Said:

Each day I see her work tirelessly to ensure that
each child reaches his own best potential for that
day, said Debra Martin, school counselor. She
is one of the most tireless educators I know. Denise is not only planning, preparing and instructing her students that she is charged with, but also
takes the reign on any school wide projects to
ensure that her school and students receive the
best quality of education they can receive.

Rutland Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 13
No. Years in Current Position: 13
No. Years in Wilson County: 13

What They Said:

The students want to please her and do their
best, Rutland principal Stephanie Hines said.
Her classroom is a happy place with a focus
on enhancing each childs self-esteem. She has
served students of every level of academic ability and those with great physical challenges.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 8

Second grade
Sam Houston Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 16
No. Years in Current Position: 7
No. Years in Wilson County: 16

What They Said:

Bridgette is a highly skilled, dedicated and
professional educator, said Sam Houston Elementary School principal Julie Beasley. She
works diligently to design her classroom instruction to meet the developmental and diverse
needs of her studentsHer passion for teaching
and love for her students is evident in who she
is as a person and in the job that she does each
and every day.

Janet Elaine Spruill

Lena Boyd

Angela Lee Johnson

What She Said:

I wake up every morning eager to greet my
22 first graders and make a difference in their
lives. The challenge of shaping young minds,
although daunting, is still exciting, and teaching
is not just my job, but my God-given calling.

What She Said:

I often find myself questioning my purpose.
Why do I continue to teach? It seems teaching
has become all about data and test scores. Why
do I spend hours preparing lessons, choosing
music and scripts for the students to perform?
Why? My answer is simple and always the
same. I love my students and I know music can
help them learn about themselves and the world
around them.

What She Said:

I place a heavy emphasis on reading in my
classroom. My shelves are filled with books.
My students will see me reading, talking about
books and I constantly encourage them to read.
I believe that reading is the key to success in all
academic areas.

First grade
Southside Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 37
No. Years in Current Position: 11
No. Years in Wilson County: 37

What They Said:

It has been a great privilege to watch Mrs.
Spruill doing what she loves teaching students, said former parent, Jenny Simms. She
doesnt look at students as a grade or a test.
Each student is an individual with great potential. She doesnt allow the students to say, I
cant, and she doesnt give them permission to
quit. I know this firsthand, she taught both of
my children.

Stoner Creek Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 18
No. Years in Current Position: 14
No. Years in Wilson County: 14

What They Said:

If you walk into her music lesson, students are
moving and making music, said Stoner Creek
principal Christine Miller. They are constantly
engaged. Once you walk into Mrs. Boyds
classroom, it is difficult to leave.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 9

First grade
Tuckers Crossroads School
No. Years Teaching Total: 21
No. Years in Current Position: 17
No. Years in Wilson County: 17

What They Said:

She has been a positive role model, not only
for students, but also for the staff, Tuckers
Crossroads principal Susan Breedwell said.
She doesnt let life get in her way and she
doesnt let the students experience that either.
She continually motivates them to try again
until they are successful.

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Nathan Smith

Fifth-grade math and science

W.A. Wright Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 9
No. Years in Current Position: 8
No. Years in Wilson County: 9
What He Said:
Every day I go to school with a single goal in
mind: I want my students to reach their potential. While I realize that wont happen every
day, I believe its a worthwhile, achievable goal
to move towards. I realize not all students learn
in the same way. For students to succeed, they
must be kept on their toes through the implementation of various teaching methods and
What They Said:
During my time working as a colleague to Mr.
Smith, he continually found ways to engage
students, help them develop a love of science
and routinely raised students science achievement and growth scores, said Lakeview assistant principal Tiffany Brown. Mr. Smith can
often be found jumping on a table in the middle
of a lesson to grab students attention as well as
other ways to show passion for his subject.

Lora Stutts

Debbie Willard

What She Said:

I believe school should be fun. 180 days is
way too long to be trapped with a boring person. I strive daily to help kids enjoy school. My
style of teaching is comfortable, where students
know they can laugh, they can make mistakes
and they can be human.

What She Said:

I believe all students possess the power to
succeed. I want my students to be successful in
the classroom. Therefore, I create a classroom
environment that is both safe and comfortable.
My students know that they can comment or
ask questions without having to worry about
what someone might say.

What They Said:

Mrs. Stutts uses her hands-on approach in the
classroom as the students are actively engaged
in the learning. She plans her lessons so her
students will enjoy math and science, said
Watertown Elementary principal Anita Christian. She cares about her students, believes in
them, and therefore her students work hard in
her classes.

What They Said:

Debbie Willards classroom is a very positive
learning environment, said Amy Upchurch.
Mrs. Willard has a caring, welcoming manner
that makes even shy students feel comfortable
when asking questions about math. She encourages students to work each math problem thoroughly to ensure understanding of the concepts
being taught.

Fifth-grade math
and science
Watertown Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 13
No. Years in Current Position: 1
No. Years in Wilson County: 13

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 10

Seventh-grade math
Watertown Middle School
No. Years Teaching Total: 13
No. Years in Current Position: 13
No. Years in Wilson County: 13

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Cyndi Vaught

Scarlett Chadwell

Mary Edwards

What She Said:

I, also, am passionate about my students.
They are not just people in my class; they are
my kids. I love seeing former students outside
of school and catching up on where they are
now. My current students know I care about
them personally, not just about how they are
doing in my class.

What She Said:

A central theme of my teaching philosophy is
to fill my class with real world activities. Each
day is spent relating the current math concept
we are learning to how it can be used in life.
We cook shop, prepare budgets, plan trips and
learn about debits and credits. I make it my
mission to emphasized how much math is used
everyday and in every profession.

What She Said:

I make use of community resources, including
people, in my classroom. I try to tie everyday
life to their learning, which in turn amplifies
the relationship of history, today. I also seek out
collaboration with my fellow subject teachers
and other cross curricular teachers to try and
emphasize a well-rounded student.

English and Journalism

Watertown High School
No. Years Teaching Total: 18
No. Years in Current Position: 4
No. Years in Wilson County: 18

What They Said:

I have personally witnessed her go beyond the
call to ensure that a student or group of students
have a pleasant experience at Watertown High
School, said Jeff Luttrell, Watertown High
principal. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm
and passion for teaching her students are reflected on a daily basis by our students, as well
as her colleagues.

Fifth-grade math
West Elementary School
No. Years Teaching Total: 6
No. Years in Current Position: 6
No. Years in Wilson County: 6

What They Said:

Mrs. Chadwell is a servant leader in our
school, said Becky Siever, West Elementary
School principal. She is our go-to person for
all school dances. She began a school dance
several years ago as a fundraising event for her
students to be able to attend Biz Town. She saw
the need was there for financial help for many
students who could not afford this wonderful,
unique opportunity.

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 11

Eighth-grade history
West Wilson Middle School
No. Years Teaching Total: 26
No. Years in Current Position: 22
No. Years in Wilson County: 23

What They Said:

She works well with her fellow teachers
to continually strengthen her class and our
school, said David Akins, West Wilson assistant principal. Her pleasant demeanor and
caring attitude extends to those around her who
call her their colleague as her professional side
much reflects her personal character.

Wilson Central High School
No. Years Teaching Total: 10
No. Years in Current Position: 13
No. Years in Wilson County: 10
What She Said:
Being a teacher/library media specialist is
a challenging and rewarding career. I get the
opportunity to interact with potentially all the
students in the school. My goal is to instill a
love of lifelong learning in the students in my
What They Said:
Our library at Wilson Central is a vital part of
the school, and Ann Nored is one of the main
reasons for that. She is always welcoming to
students and faculty alike, said Lanita Harris,
Wilson Central English teacher. Several time
Ive asked her to work with me and my students
on specific research skills, and she has taught
lessons willingly and thoroughly.

Barbara Joy Shaw

Adult Business Education/Information

Technology and Social Studies
Wilson County Adult High School
No. Years Teaching Total: 25
No. Years in Current Position: 6
No. Years in Wilson County: 6
What She Said:
At the Wilson County Adult High School I
have the enjoyment of beginning each new
student on the computerMany students do
not have the computer skills required for the
business or post-secondary institution. In this
initial effort, I hope I am instituting a skill they
will continue to grow.
What They Said:
As a 2015 graduate of the Adult High School
and a mother of three children, I sometimes
found it hard to concentrate on the task at hand,
but Ms. Shaw worked with me individually
on numerous occasions and helped me focus
so I could graduate, said Staci Rose, former

2015 Wilson County Teachers of the Year 12

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Al Ashworth, Creative Color

Ann Nored

Audrey A. Burger

Eighth-grade inclusion
Winfree Bryant Middle School
No. Years Teaching Total: 40
No. Years in Current Position: 4
No. Years in Wilson County: 39
What She Said:
Special education teachers are a rare breed.
This is my 40th year as oneI rarely miss a
day of school. I can count on one hand the days
Ive missed in the last 15 years. It is extremely
difficult to express my love of children and my
What They Said:
When she is in our classrooms, she is a constant source of positivity and encouragement
to ourselves and our studentsOur students
respond well to her instruction, feedback and
nurturing, said Winfree Bryant teachers Evie
Haddock and Jackie Hoffman. With the help
of Mrs. Burger, our students reach their learning goals more efficiently, thus increasing their

Congratulations to Kali Meyer Holder, the 2015 Wilson County


Mrs. Holder is a 2005 graduate of CU with
a Bachelor of Science in Child Growth and
Learning. She is a 7th grade math teacher
at Walter J. Baird Middle School.

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