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Mb0052 strategic management

Per sem 650/-(only for Marketing Branch)

Semester 4 contact 8602695861(Devendra Kachhi)

Question 1: What is strategy? Explain some of the major reasons for lack of strategic
management in some companies?
Answer: The word strategy comes from Greek strategies, which refers to a military general and
combines stratus (the army) and ago (to lead). The concept and practice of strategy and planning
started in the military, and, over time, it entered

Question 2: explain the following:

a) Core competence
b) Value chain analysis
Answer: Core Competence:- Core competence of a company is one of its special or unique
internal competence. Core competence is not just a single strength or skill or capability of a
company; it is interwoven resources, technology and skill or synergy culminating into a special
or core competence. Core competence gives a company a clear competitive advantage over its
competitors. Sony has a core competence in miniaturization; Xeroxs core competence is in
photocopying; Canons core competence lies in optics, imaging and laser control

Question 3: Describe in brief the following environmental factors which business strategists
a) Political factors
b) Technology
Answer: Political Factors:- Political factors or political conditions can have significant impact
on industry, business and the corporates. Political stability improves business environment and
encourages economic and business activities. Political instability produces the opposite effects.
Political factors do not refer to only national political conditions

Question 4: Write a brief note on Turnaround strategy.

Answer: Turnaround Strategy:- Corporate turnaround may be defined as organizational
recovery from business decline or crisis. Business decline for a company means continuous fall
in turnover or revenue, eroding profit, or accrual or accumulation of losses. So, business or
organizational decline, like business performance, is understood in relative terms, that is,
compared with the past. But, some strategy analysts describe business decline in

Question 5: Define the term Strategic alliance. What are its characteristics and
Answer: Strategic Alliance:-Strategic alliance may be defined as cooperation between two or
more organizations with a common objective, shared control and contributions (in terms of
resources, skills and capabilities) by the

Question 6: write short notes on the following:

a) Competitive advantage
b) Porters Competitive threat model
Answer: Competitive Advantage Analysis:-Competitive advantage, also called strategic
advantage, is essentially a position of superiority of an organization in relation to its competitors.
A more formal definition of competitive advantage is: Competitive advantage exists when there
is a match between the distinctive competences of a firm and the factors critical for success
within its industry that permits the firms to outperform competitors.The