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Market Study

Supriya Pote
Master of fashion management

1) Customer segmentation
1.1 Demographic wise:
The store had customers aged between 20 to 45. Mostly males were the consumers. Families were in
the store. The items were bought for the male members of the family, mostly semi-formals. The
consumers belonged to upper middle class .The items bought were mostly for office or college wear.
1.2 Psychographic wise:
The costumers were shopping with family and hence lot of discussion was done on prices. Items were
liked and picked up but due to price points only the best was picked. The decision makers were the
women in the family even if the item was being bought for the male member.

2) Customer experience in the store

2.1 Product wise:
The customers looked happy with the product in the store. But most of the products were discarded
after few trials. The reason was the price, fit , quality.
The consumer was not happy with the quality it was getting for the price they were paying.
Broad guys had complained over the fits, the consumer tried 3 sizes and was still not happy.
The chinos fitting on the other hand was really good, I was a customer buy it.

3) In store experience
3.1 Customer service wise:
The salesman was too intrusive even when the consumer in kurla store denied for help, the salesman
still kept following him. It made the consumer irritated and he left the store.
3.2 Store display wise:
The stores are will decorated with proper space allocation and display. Place to sit.
But not all are aware about the story behind being human. The kid was explaining his parents the
concept of being human and justifying the high prices. The stores should be informative

Womens were not shopping at all in all the three stores I visited.
The stores resemble levis stores.

4) Competitors:
4.1 zara
Its serving on the same price points with much better quality ,design ,store atmospherics.
4.2 Ceilo
It gives the same product though the stores are not that great and does not attract the crowed ,but once
the consumer is in the will surely buy their products over being human
4.3 Westside menswear
Same quality and design at half the price

5) Recommendation
The stores should be more informative about the store of being human and its activities.
The product should look worth the price tags hanging on them. I am not suggesting that the product
price be reduced but better quality be provided , with more design.
The customer service could be improved by giving the customer more space, as the products are bought
by upper middle as occasional wear. Hence price point is the matter of discussion, the presence of sales
man makes it awkward.
Womens wear need to be highlighted better
Zero scope for repeat purchase as the same pattern is made is 2 or more colors
Big size fits could be worked upon
Inspiration could be drawn from chumbak as merely writing being human on the clothes is not enough.
If the product have to stand out, developing innovative prints is very essential