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Exegy Enterprise Market Data Systems

Seamlessly migrate to the proven solution with the lowest TCO in the industry
Replacing incumbent market data systems with Exegy can result in a 20:1 reduction in
space and power consumption. Less equipment and less complexity lowers implementation and maintenance costs and yields a more efficient and reliable infrastructure.

Exegy market data systems address the full breadth of needs

throughout the enterprise: broad coverage of direct and
consolidated data feeds, a rich set of data normalization and
enrichment features, flexible data filtering and distribution
capabilities, an easy-to-use API with fully normalized data
model, and a growing ecosystem of integration partners.
Exegy further minimizes migration effort and risk by seamlessly interoperating with existing MAMA applications and
RMDS infrastructures, as well as providing premium service
and operational support with every deployed system. The
compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits, reliable
performance, and distinguished managed service of Exegy
solutions have earned the trust of a diverse community of
market participants. Today Exegy systems service the needs
of exchanges, high-frequency traders, trading desks, order
execution management systems, risk and compliance
analysts, and buy-side analysts and asset managers.
At the heart of Exegys market data systems are purposebuilt, hardware-accelerated computing appliances that
deliver an unparalleled combination of high-capacity, lowlatency, stability, and efficiency. The same state-of-the-art
technology that revolutionized ultra-low-latency market
data in 2006 has been harnessed to deliver the highest
quality, lowest TCO enterprise market data system available.
As a result of close and responsive interaction with a growing customer base, the set of embedded features in Exegy

products includes flexible symbol management, robust

data loss prevention and mitigation mechanisms, multiple
user-defined composite data views (virtual order books,
user-defined BBOs), and Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations
on hundreds of user-defined baskets. These features deliver
increased end-to-end application performance as well as
additional TCO benefits by freeing up valuable resources,
both human and computational. Exegy relentlessly invests
in its strategic relationships with every customer in order to
deliver the maximum value to their business.

Premium Managed Service

Exegy backs up the best technology in the business with
the best service in the business, driven by a service-oriented
culture dedicated to making our partners successful every
trading day. Exegy understands the rigors of operating mission-critical market data systems and designs every product
to seamlessly integrate with its Managed Service infrastructure. Every Exegy appliance in every datacenter around the
globe is remotely monitored and managed 24 hours a day
by skilled operations staff in the Exegy Operations Center
located in the United States. With global visibility, Exegy is
uniquely positioned to quickly assess the scope of real-time
market data issues. The Exegy Managed Services team
frequently assists financial exchanges and customer network infrastructure teams in identifying and localizing
sources of data delivery and integrity issues. In addition to

Extreme Speed. Extreme Insight.

responding to real-time issues, the Exegy Managed Services

team proactively validates system correctness, performs
approved system software and firmware upgrades, and supports customer teams during scheduled off-hours testing
and system maintenance.
A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) with a deep
technical understanding of the Exegy product line and
Managed Services infrastructure works closely with each
Exegy customer to ensure operational success within each
customers unique environment and business requirements.
A TAM serves as the primary interface to the Exegy Managed
Service, providing consistent access to expert technical
knowledge and skills. In addition to enabling fast resolution
of real-time issues, TAMs also leverage their deep knowledge
of each customers environment and requirements to
proactively manage operational risk, delivering the most reliable service possible. In addition to leading regular reviews
of deployed system status, TAMs proactively review forthcoming Exegy product releases and exchange-mandated
changes in order to craft the right system update plan to
minimize operational risk and to meet customer requirements.
In addition to dedicating expert-level service personnel,
Exegy deepens its customer partnerships by crafting a
right-sized co-management relationship with customer
operations teams. Exegy provides every customer with the
same robust set of monitoring and management tools employed by the Managed Services infrastructure. Customers
have extraordinary visibility into Exegy systems within their
infrastructure and tremendous flexibility in selecting the
elements of the Exegy Managed Service to mirror within
their existing organization. Exegy recognizes the critical role
successful partnerships play in ensuring the robust production performance of its systems. Exegy prides itself on the
broad scope and premium quality of its Managed Service
and dedicates the personnel and technology to deliver it
every trading day.

subscribed-to data to applications

via a fully normalized data model.
In addition to promoting clean and
rapid application development, the
normalized data model provides
for a more resilient market data infrastructure by enabling
seamless data source failover. Applications may also blend
data from direct and consolidated sources in the flexible set
of composite data views provided by Exegy.
Comprehensive support for the full breadth of data sources
is included with every Exegy market data system at no extra
cost. As part of its premium market data service, Exegy also
adds support for new data sources upon customer request at
no extra cost. The Exegy managed service includes ongoing,
comprehensive support for Exchange-Mandated Changes
(EMCs) for all supported data sources. This support includes
tracking and reporting of scheduled changes, development
and testing of necessary product enhancements, expert-level
support and coordination by a dedicated Technical Account
Manager (TAM), early access via the Exegy Beta program,
coordinated off-hours testing, and remote system upgrades
under co-managed change control. In addition to providing
broad coverage for market data sources, Exegys premium
managed service minimizes risk and allows customers to
focus their resources on strategic efforts.

Scalable Data Distribution Options

Comprehensive Market Data Feed Coverage

At the heart of every Exegy market data system is a hardwareaccelerated Exegy appliance that provides a rich set of market
data feed normalization, caching, filtering, enrichment, and
distribution features. For latency-sensitive applications, an
Exegy appliance is capable of distributing data to up to 40
applications via ultra-low-latency Remote Direct Memory
Access (RDMA). For deployments requiring broader distribution to a diverse set of applications, an Exegy appliance is
combined with one or more Edge Cache distribution appliances. Replacing incumbent market data infrastructure with
Exegy base and distribution appliances can result in a 20:1
reduction in datacenter space and power consumption.

Exegy market data systems are capable of sourcing data

from over 200 direct feeds and major consolidated feeds,
including Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters. Market coverage spans North America, EMEA, and Asia, while asset class
coverage includes equities, options, futures, complex derivatives, indices, and foreign exchange instruments. Regardless of the data source, the Exegy Client API (XCAPI) delivers

The Exegy Edge Cache distributes normalized tick-by-tick

and conflated market data throughout their enterprise network based on the subscription requests of each application.
Understanding clients have diverse market data network topologies, the Edge Cache accommodates various distribution
options. Each Edge Cache is capable of fanning out

Extreme Speed. Extreme Insight.

over 10 million messages per second

to hundreds of separate subscribing applications via TCP/IP. Multiple
Edge Cache appliances may be used
to distribute normalized data from a
single Exegy base appliance, achieving aggregate distribution capacities
of tens of millions of messages per
second. For clients looking to leverage
the reliable messaging benefits inherent to middlewares, the Edge Cache is
capable of publishing data into multicast streams via Informaticas Ultra

Consolidated Feeds

Direct Feeds

(Equity, Option, Future, FX)

(Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters)

Feed Locus
Base Appliances

(Co-location, proximity)

Memory Fabric
Edge Caches


For applications not requiring every

market data update, the Edge Cache
is capable of performing customized
conflation on a per application basis.
Applications connecting to an Edge
Cache can pre-define the maximum
number of quote updates per second
they want to receive, on a per symbol
basis. This market data traffic shaping
feature protects the distribution network from data bursts, lowers bandwidth usage requirements, insulates
applications from slow-consumer
issues, and insures accurate information delivery to latency tolerant users.






Edge Caches

Remote Site

For clients needing to deliver normalized market data to remote locations,

Exegy Edge Caches can be cascaded
to distribute subscribed-to normalized market data over Wide Area Network (WAN) links and
to applications and users in remote locations. In remote
datacenters positioned away from a feed locus (i.e. colocation datacenter or proximity datacenter with feed
access), hundreds of applications can consume normalized
market data sourced from multiple datacenters in the same
fashion as applications deployed at a feed locus. With a
minimal 1U hardware footprint and the ability to dynamically select and conflate the normalized data stream, the
Exegy Edge Cache enables substantial cost reductions for
market data, network bandwidth, and datacenter equipment, space, and power. Cascading Edge Caches provides





a stable and robust method of distributing normalized realtime market data to multiple locations across the globe with
minimal cost.

Seamless Application Integration

The high-performance, easy-to-use Exegy Client API (XCAPI)
provides applications with a fully normalized data model
with fine-grained control over data presentation. The elegant
API delivers all the performance, feature, and TCO benefits
of hardware-acceleration while abstracting users from the
complexities of the underlying technology. Application
developers may continue to leverage familiar and refined

Extreme Speed. Extreme Insight.

Extreme Speed. Extreme Insight.

software development and test methodologies. For clients

needing to support applications across various Operating
Systems (OS) within their enterprise, Exegy supports a wide
variety of Linux, Windows, and Solaris versions. In addition
to the high-performance native C implementation of XCAPI,
a Java version of the Exegy API is available. The Exegy Java
API provides a unified object-oriented interface, focusing on
consistency and ease-of-use.
In addition to subscribing to specific instruments and
selecting the delivery mechanism (e.g., snapshot or realtime event delivery), applications may specify a variety of
filtering and presentation options to customize their user
experience. The same high-performance, feature-rich Exegy
API used for ultra-low-latency applications is now available
for applications residing throughout the enterprise. Time to
market and development costs are minimized by allowing
developers to write to a common API and to seamlessly
migrate applications from ultra-low-latency Exegy Ticker
Plant deployments to geographically distributed Exegy
enterprise systems.
Additionally, Exegy has super-charged incumbent enterprise
applications by integrating with OpenMAMA. Exegys OpenMAMA bridge allows all of the performance, scaling efficiency, and total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) advantages of Exegy
enterprise solutions to be delivered to existing applications
written to the MAMA API. Keeping the core middleware
agnostic aspect of MAMA intact, existing MAMA applications simply load a new source-compatible OpenMAMA
library, specify Exegy as the middleware bridge, and connect to an Exegy Edge Cache appliance. The availability
of OpenMAMA in addition to the Exegy Client API (XCAPI)
provides for the seamless introduction of Exegy Enterprise
products into existing market data infrastructures. Exegy
Edge Cache appliances support applications utilizing XCAPI,
Exegy Java API, and OpenMAMA, all operating in parallel.

Enterprise Ecosystem
The reach of Exegy market data
systems is further extended by a
growing ecosystem of technology
partners. These collaborations
have produced adapters that integrate normalized market
data from Exegy systems with a wide variety of popular
applications. A publishing adapter for Thomson-Reuters
RMDS allows you to leverage the TCO benefits of Exegy
market data systems while minimizing the disruption to
an installed base of applications. An adapter for Streambase allows applications to drive Complex Event Processing (CEP) using low-latency and feature-rich market data
from Exegy. Applications utilizing the suite of trading and
market access for Orc now have the ability to utilize Exegy
as their normalized market data source. An adapter also
allows Exegy market data systems to feed Kx Systems timeseries database applications. Driven by customer demand
and strategic initiatives, the suite of adapters and integration partners for Exegy market data systems continually expands. Additionally, the Exegy Professional Services Group
works with clients to provide customized integration work
to support legacy applications and bespoke functionality.

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