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This is a Multi- Chat Project developed with Android SDK and Beem-Asmack library
android c2dm chat demo
my portfolio project for my study at Swinburne course "software development for
mobile devices".
Android ChatBubbles
Sample project how to display chat bubbles.
android demo app
Basic Chat Demo Application for Android.
android messenger
A device-to-device messenger app for Android that enables you to chat with your
nearby buddies without being connected to the internet.
Android app to chat with people on the same router as you.
An robot chat android application.
Android Chat application sources.
Chat .ly
Messenger Android App for 2.3(Gingerbread) - 4.2 (Jellybean).
Chat Agent Android
A example that using Jade Android.
Chat Android
chat application using android.
Chat Android Web
The main feature of this application is the ability to connect via PC using the
web browser to chat with your contacts on Android or web browser too.
Chat App WebApp
Chat -App-WebApp is an Android App for chat.
Chat Messenger
Simple Chat application for android (only text).
android chat , lol.
Android app. Chat with using Pusher.
ChatSecure Android
AKA "GIBBERBOT" Off-the-Record Encrypted Chat App.
Chatter Box
An android application for the use of chat. It uses TCP Sockets to communicate w
ith one another.
Chit Chat
An Android messaging app using php webservices.
Dev Chat
Android management app for capturing conversations with developers.
down to chat
Android application to dissern near by app users' receptiveness to conversation
with a stranger.
firebase android demo
Simple chat app to test drive the Firebase Android SDK.
Map-based demo application ( Android ) which shows current positions of friends
on a map with the ability to chat.
Android Google Cloud Messaging Push Notification Chat App.
BETA: Encrypted chat app for Android , uses gentianlib,spongycastle,zxing - REVI
EW PLEASE... Description is in Wiki.
Give Me Ltc Android App

An app that allows GMLTC miners to monitor their account and chat with other use
Group Chat
Group chat application developed for Android workshop session. Everyone comments
on the same thread.
A chat application written in Android.
HackedIO Android App
An Android app for use at 2013 to help people see what and when things
are happening, share their projects and chat.
Insta Chat
CVTC Android Dev Final Project.
A chat bot for Android based on an old C++ program I wrote as a kid.
Keep Chat
A mod for Snapchat for Android , built using the Xposed Framework.
Kol Chatter
Android chat app for Kingdom of Loathing.
kouchat android
Kou Chat for Android.
lan voice chat
an android lan voice chat ,refer to sipdroid.
Loko Chat
Android app for NFC triggered Chat rooms. Built for TappedNFC Hackathon in Bosto
MI Chat
Macinsiders native Android chat app.