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History of Car Development and Innovation

An automobile or car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting.

The first working steam-powered vehicle was likely to have been designed by
Ferdinand Verbiest, a member of a Jesuit mission in China around 1672

Development of automotive technology was rapid, due in part to the hundreds

of small manufacturers competing to gain the world's attention.

Fuel Cars
In 1893 the car built by Charles and Frank Duryea, brothers, was the first
gasoline powered car in America.
Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) produced the Ford Model T (colloquially
known as the Tin Lizzie, T-Model Ford, or T).

It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile.

The Model T was the first automobile mass
produced on moving assembly lines with completely
interchangeable parts, marketed to the Middle Class.

Passenger Car
A multi-part feature on the history of automobiles starting with the first steam,
electrical, and gasoline-engine cars:

Most cars are designed to carry multiple occupants, often with four or five seats.
The differing needs for passenger capacity and their luggage has resulted in a
large variety of body styles to suit personal requirements such as the:

Chevrolet Malibu MAXX LS


Dodge Ram Van

(State Wagon/Estate)

VW Samba (Kombi)

Ford Focus

High speed Car (Sports Car)

Nowadays, high speed car was built to suite the demand typically of young
Subsequently, there is a lot of extra specification on safety was included and
created an extra creativity and innovative in car development.

Electric Car
Another vast innovation in car development is the development environmentally
friendly car.
The Nissan Leaf is a five-door hatchback electric car manufactured by Nissan and
introduced in Japan and the United States in December 2010.
The Nissan Leaf range is 117 kilometers (73 miles), with an energy consumption
of 765 kilojoules per kilometer (34 kWh/100 mi) and fuel economy at 99 miles per gallon
gasoline equivalent (2.4 L/100 km).

Style Car
It is environmentally car but with innovative and stylish design to suite the
demand of young person.
It's BMW's (manufacture of High-Speed Cars) answer to the green car
The 2010 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Car is even more cool in
person than in the photo.

Multipurpose Car (Tendencies)

Amphibious Car
Amphibious car with high speed
performance was made by Cool Amphibious
Manufacturers International in Ridgeland S.C.

Lockheed Martin and Gibbs

Technologies have develop high speed
amphibious vehicles designed specifically
for military operations.

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