MAY 10, 2015



2 MAY 10, 2015



Danielle Troop, Lancaster, with Alyssa Troop
(Samantha Rose Photography)

Ivelisse Y. Marrero, Lancaster, with Aryana I. Sanchez,
Janiyah Y. Sanchez and Jose A. Sanchez, Jr.
(Camvia Photography)

Jandy Rivera, Lancaster, with Jet and Legend Rivera
(Bethany Green Photography)

Nga Vu, Lititz, with Ava, Zoe, Vinh and Vu Thurmond
(Dream Art Photography)

Rachel Douglas, Mount Joy, with Marlowe and
Jensen (Kylene Lynn Photography)

Angie Englerth, Reinholds, with Jackson Englerth
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Cassandra Shaak, Ephrata, with Ramona Leisey
(Hooked On Looks Photography)

Wendy Seymour, Quarryville, with Nicole, Harley
and Brianna Chapman, and Lina and Jose
Dominguez (Samantha Rose Photography)

Stacy Frey, Lancaster, with Brady Frey
(GeorJean Photography Studio)

Candi Isett, Lancaster, with Kyle and Ashlynn Isett
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Carolyn Hussar, Lancaster, with Stephanie, Carter
and Camryn Baxter (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Amber Kozell, Lancaster, with Paityn Murphy
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

In memory of Blanca I. Garcia, Lancaster, Kelly J.
Jimenez, Catylina M. Owens, Luz H. Jimenez and
Chianne I. Negron (Bethany Green Photography)

Stacie DeJesus, Millersville, with Ava DeJesus
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Stephanie Taylor, Lititz, with Andrew and Annie
Taylor (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Karlie Reifsnyder, Lancaster, with Mason Peffer
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kristin Gilhool, Elizabethtown, with Gavin, Patrick,
Matthew and Daniel (Beth Cardwell Photography)

Elizabeth Roda, Lancaster, with Oliver and Lucy
(Beth Cardwell Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Linda Bledsoe, Quarryville, with Genny and Cassidy
Cavanagh (Picture People)

Laura Long, Strasburg, with Christine Keefer, Jason
Todd, Nicole Long, Alexandra Long and Kimberly
Long (Samantha Rose Photography)

Danielle Eshleman, Lancaster, with Colton
Eshleman (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jessica Maharg, Lancaster, with Bria Booth
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Christina Reddig, Ephrata, with Elizabeth and Lillian
Reddig (Forever Faithful Photography)

Lauren Ressel, Quarryville, with Olivia Ressel
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kayla Peace, Narvon, with Jordan Lee and Copper
the Dog (GeorJean Photography Studio)

Charmaine Wingenroth, Willow Street, with Xavier,
Noelani, Kahlio and Zayden Wingenroth
(Bethany Green Photography)

Melissa Cook, Elizabethtown, with Colton
and Bryce (Kaylene Lynn Photography)

Dawn Mowery, Lancaster, with Josh Kopp and
Jared Kleinhaus (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kelly Miller, Lancaster, with Logan (Picture People)

Brittany Cornelius, Drumore, with Tristyn and
Suzannah Spangler (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Cecily Poindexter, Lancaster, with Braylen
and Baby Boy Johnson due July 2015
(Kaylene Lynn Photography)

Donna Simpson, Bird In Hand, with Dawn Snyder
Kloepfer and Derek Snyder
(Beth Cardwell Photography)

Tawnya Williammee, Elizabethtown, with Briahna
and Mason (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

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1937 Fruitville Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601




4 MAY 10, 2015



Heather Robinson, Willow Street,
with Dejalyn Lamarre
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Tiffany Darrenkamp, Lancaster,
with Cody and Emerson Darrenkamp
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Melissa Groff, Quarryville, with Gabbie
Groff (Beth Cardwell Photography)

Kate Martin, Lancaster,
with Bryce Abram and Logan McCoy
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Tia Bowers, Lancaster, with Brayden
Bowers (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jessica Sierra, Lancaster, with Jesus,
Diavyahn, Ahzhia and Jose
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Kayla Rineer, Reinholds, with Greyson
Rineer (Angie Englerth Photography)

Samara Richards, Lancaster,
with Bryson and Aliera Richards
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Melissa Doulin, Holtwood,
with Jaylynn and Parker Doulin
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jennifer Jefferson, Lancaster,
with Grace and Sara Jefferson
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Melinda Hoffman with Hunter
and Dakota Hoffman
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Brooke Vest, Lancaster, with Alexis
Stover, Brady Sample, Blake Stover
and Jax Stover
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kelly Reppert with Grace and Noah
Reppert (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Christy Mejia, Lancaster,
with Christian
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Dorothy Eshleman, Mountville,
with Coleton Burkholder, Allison
Burkholder and Patti Kleckner
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Heather Matthews, Marietta,
with Ryan, Emily and Erica
(M. Swinehart Photography)

Rebecca Haldeman, Lancaster,
with Jacob Elam Haldeman
(Beth Cardwell Photography)

Megan Ulrich, Reinholds, with Jack
Ulrich (Angie Englerth Photography)

Ashley Richter, Leola,
with Konner, Kole, Addisyn and Chase
(Picture People)

Amy Hamby, Holtwood, with Kyle,
Brooke, Brittany, Bryianna and Dylan
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Maria Quaranta-McLaughlin,
Spring City, with Zola McLaughlin
(Blissful Photographs)

Kimberleigh Boatner Craig,
Millersville, with Marleigh Claire Craig
(LVR Portraits)

Alexis Frey, Mountville, with Gage
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Shanice Johnson, Lancaster,
with Aundréa Jones
(Hooked On Looks Photography)

Ashley Ifft, Ephrata, with McKenna Ifft
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Rachel E. Metzinger, Ephrata,
with Lucas and Benjamin
(Hooked On Looks Photography)

Rachel Culp, Columbia, with Mason
M. Culp (DMH Photography)

Amanda Morley, Lancaster, with Mia
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Kali Laudermilch, Stevens, with Zayne
Laudermilch (Oh Snap Photography)

Amanda Kilgore, New Providence, with
Ashley, Mallory, Olivia, Alyssa and
Sophia (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Erin Callahan, Manheim,
with MacKenzie and MaKayla
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Rachel Sherr, New Providence, with
Kamren DelRossi and Reid Sherr
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Angilee Ramos, Lancaster,
with Mason Banks Montgomery
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Jewel Baisch, Lancaster,
with Bruszavion Darrow Baisch
(Bethany Green Photography)

Katie Buzzard, New Holland,
with Corey Buzzard
(Angie Englerth Photography)

Karie Mihan, Manheim,
with Parker and Gavyn Mihan
(Vintage Moon Photography)

Hillary Bauer, New Providence, with
Haleigh Cole and Kenneth Bauer IV
(Lasting Impressions Photography by

Joanna M. Torres, Lancaster, with
Alyvia L. and Alex A. Slaughter

Amanda Murr, Nottingham,
with Brooklyn Mendenhall
(GeorJean Photography)

Michelle Asia, Gap, with Ace Asia
(Angie Englerth Photography)

6 MAY 10, 2015



Tiffany Rupert, Ephrata, with Connor and Maddox
Rupert (Blissful Photographs)

Brittney Aguasvivas, Lancaster,
with Kieran Wright, Jr. (Precious Moments)

Amy Rineer, Drumore, with AnnaMarie Rineer
(Ideal Images)

Lori Rohrer, Mount Joy, with Tyler Rohrer
(Lu Ann Rohrer Photography)

Maria Quaranta, Lititz, with Giuseppe, Maria and
Santina Quaranta (Blissful Photographs)

Jenn Wilson, Lancaster, with Darian, Caedyn,
Jaelynn and Evan

Amie Marrero, Lancaster, with Brooklyn, Aiden and
Joseph (Krista Pelletier Photography)

Stephanie Murr, Lancaster, with Joseph and Kyle
Murr (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jody Bucher, Mount Joy, with Sarah Bucher
(Krista Pelletier Photography)

Christine Hess, East Petersburg, with McKenzie
Reneé (Krista Pelletier Photography)

Amanda Eberhart, Stevens, with Alycia, Trinity and
Tanner (Krista Pelletier Photography)

Gena Harting, Lancaster, with Ryder
(Blessed Images)

Tiffany Millay, Lancaster, with Abby, Trevor and
Nicholas (Pea Pod Photography)

Meghan Ryan-Keller, Lititz, with Ainslie Grace and
Elijah Sam Keller (Fly Away Home Photography)

Dava Kreider, Lititz, with Maddie, Mallory and
Mason not pictured (Fly Away Home Photography)

Pamela Grissinger, Manheim, with Hunter, Isabel,
Chase, Grant, Merideth and Archer
(Krista Pelletier Photography)

Melissa Schload, Marietta, with Kyan
(Photography by Barry)

Monika Glenn, Lancaster, with Jason Glenn,
Samantha Kowalczyk, Lola Kowalczyk and Olivia
Kowalczyk (Annie Sharp Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Jill Mummau, Mount Joy, with Carter Mummau
(Fly Away Home Photography)

Nicole Michael, Manheim, with Reese Manz
(Krista Pelletier Photography)

Lauren Jones, Lancaster, with Kylie and Addyson
(Follow Me Photos)

Ronice Sceski, Lebanon, with McCartney and Astra
(Ronice Kay Photography)

Kim Rodriguez, Columbia, with Fernando and
Rayana (Annie Sharp Photography)

Carley Smith, Lancaster, with Macy, Michael and
Delaney (Elliebelly Photography)

Samantha Ross, Marietta, with Brooke Ross
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Crystal Snyder, Lancaster, with Avianna Ann Stark
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Elizabeth Mindemann, Quarryville, and family
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Sally A. Devonshire, Pequea, with Tammy Forsythe,
Bubba Devonshire and Ryan Devonshire
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Lauren Hoffmaster, Lancaster, with Colton Cheek
(Krista Pelletier Photography)

Kimberly Romanowski, East Petersburg, with
mommy-to-be Jessica, Kayleigh and Trevor and
Brittney (Krista Pelletier Photography)

Andrea Castillo, East Petersburg, with Isaac Castillo
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Jean Martin, Ephrata, with Dan Martin, Diane
Hickey, Connie Kepiro and Patti Garber
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Jocelyn Hockley, Lancaster, with Maddax Hockley
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

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Danielle Abel, East Petersburg, with Hunter,
Madison and Morgan Jones, and Deja, Taylor,
Tietjen and Dayne Abel
(Fly Away Home Photography)

Lotus Studio & Spa
1997 1/2 Columbia Avenue • Lancaster, PA 17603
717.394.6581 • www.lotusstudiospa.com

8 MAY 10, 2015



Kaci Roberts, Willow Street, with Kayli
Ann Roberts (Annie Sharp Photography)

Brienne Taylor, Lancaster,
with Cortland and William
(Fly Away Home Photography)

Carmen Pino, Lancaster, with Nahjair
and Javien Cooper and Khimani and
Leani King (DB Photography)

Kayla Lawrence, Mountville,
with Hailey Lawrence
(DB Photography)

Jill Jochum, Ephrata, with Austin Good
(Blessed Images)

Jennifer Jacobs, Lancaster,
with Rosemary and Ellis
(Ronice Kay Photography)

NyKole Kuhns, Mount Joy,
with Maycee and Lyliana Kuhns
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Denise Irizarry, Lancaster,
with Brianna Negron and X’zavion
Negron (DB Photograpy)

Patricia Soto-Villard, Lancaster,
with Kashmere Aguilera and Collins J.
Villard (DB Photography)

Michelle Doster, Mountville,
with Lucas and Allison Doster
(Ronice Kay Photography)

Deb Hall, Lancaster,
with Jennifer Wilson and Erin Hall
(Photos by Rob)

Carol Wasche, Lancaster, with Kayla
Wasche (Paul Jacobs Photography)

Carol Montgomery, Holtwood,
with Karen and Colton Hensel
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Maritza Pabon, Lancaster, with Denise
Irizarry, Francisco Irizarry, Marishaliz
Padilla, Brianna Negron, X’Zavion Negron
and Zayden Soto (DB Photography)

Kelly Bell, Akron, with Reagan
(Ronice Kay Photography)

Aimee Lausch, Lititz, with Caden,
Brady and Ava (Blessed Images)

Jami Hess, Ephrata, with Cole Sieger
(M Swinehart Photography)

Meaghan Merrill with Ryan and Dylan
Phillips (Krista Pelletier Photography)

Ashley Bido, Mountville,
with Ariel Torres (DB Photography)

Joyce Campbell, New Holland,
with Amanda, Chad
and Marisa Heagy (BnC Memories)



MAY 10, 2015


Isha Henderson, Lancaster,
with LáNiysha Henderson and JáKobe
Kellum (Fly Away Home Photography)

Stacy Kleinhaus, Pequea, with Hunter,
Jaryd, Gabriel, Gavin and Verik
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Amber Wyble, New Providence,
with Mylee Wyble and Precious Bell
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Amanda Keemer, Willow Street,
with Kyle Keemer
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jessica Prange, Quarryville,
with Brooke, Brittany, Bryianna and
Brandi (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Angela Vozzella, Ephrata,
with Trinity and Elijah Vozzella
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Amber Falck, Conestoga, with Gage,
Gavin and Aubrie
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Victoria Capoferri, Conestoga,
with Joey and Adrianna Capoferri
(John Martin Photography)

Nichole Kilby, Conestoga, with Aiden
Brown (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Jaquela Robertson, Lancaster,
with Saiquone Henderson
(Fly Away Home Photography)

Lorraine Garcia, Lancaster,
with Izaiah Stewart, Lynell Garcia,
Majesty McKeither and Imanie Stewart
(DB Photography)

Rebecca Harnish, Kinzers,
with Kyleigh and Reagan Harnish
(Fly Away Home Photography)

Jennifer Flora, Manheim, with Kyla
Reese (Sheri Blondin Photography)

Sofia Williams, Conestoga, with Bruce
Williams III, Amber Wyble, Brandy Williams
McCauley, Precious Bell, Connor Derr and
Mylee Wyble (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Erin Gosik, Lancaster, with Hunter
Gosik and Baby Gosik
(John Martin Photography)

Kelley Kinard, Columbia, with Easton
and Eden (Sheri Blondin Photography)

Kara Lefever Tillinghast, Lancaster,
with Carson and Alexis Osborne
(John Martin Photography)

Kayla Doolittle (Frey), Washington
Boro, with Blake and Kasen Doolittle
(John Martin Photography)

Kellie Bingeman, Marietta,
with Wyatt Michael Bingeman
(John Martin Photography)

Randi Valentine, Lancaster,
with Jhison Whitehead
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

10 MAY 10, 2015



Shirley Spleen, Lititz, with Sue Jenkins, Brandy
Harnish and Brittney Diaz (Annie Sharp Photography)

Racheal Sanchez, Lancaster, with Mike Diaz,
Gabriellea Sanchez and Destiny Diaz
(Annie Sharp Photography)

Brandy Williams McCauley, Willow Street, with
Connor Derr (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kelly Christ, Lancaster, with Dalton and JD Christ
(Precious Image Photography)

Maria Clark, Lancaster, with Connor Clark
(John Martin Photography)

Lorraine McGill, Lancaster, with Brandi Barksdale,
Danielle Vasquez, Alyssa Burke, Breanna Barksdale
and Darius Burke (Precious Image Photography)

Jennifer Thatcher, Kinzers, with Carter, Andrew,
Audrey and Ethan Thatcher
(John Martin Photography)

Elisha Perez, Lancaster, with Jessie Perez and
Brandon Woodard, Jr. (Precious Image Photography)

Emily Stafford, Lancaster, with Gabriel and Naomi
Stafford (amm Photography)

Angel Appel, Delta, with Colton and Cali
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Megan Dishart, Lancaster, with Finley
(amm Photography)

Michelle Beck, Lancaster, with James Achorn,
Cheyanne Beam and Breianna Achorn
(Precious Image Photography)

Sarah Steele, Quarryville, with Landon Steele
(John Martin Photography)

Armine Martin, Lancaster, with Brycen Hooper
(Picture People)

Carrie Bierlein, Cochranville, with Lauren, Jack and
Emerson Bierlein (John Martin Photography)

Linda Sarley, Lancaster, with Jennifer and Kyla Flora
and Kelley, Easton and Eden Kinard
(Sheri Blondin Photography)

Jessica Pavelko, Lancaster, with Olivia and Isaac
Pavelko (John Martin Photography)

Judy Chesters, Lancaster, with Jessica Pavelko,
Carrie Bierlein, Grace Chesters, Lauren Bierlein,
Olivia Pavelko, Jack Bierlein, Isaac Pavelko and
Emerson Bierlein (John Martin Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Bioncia Hooper, Ephrata, with Brylee McGarvey
(Picture People)

Bobbie Sue Langevin, Pequea, with Makyah and
Riley Langevin (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Kirstin McKee, Lancaster, with Dashual, Kayne and
Ariana Elliot (John Martin Photography)

Dory Lutz, Landisville, with Nyah and Brendan Lutz
(John Martin Photography)

Audrey Miles, Lancaster, with Giselle Miles
(Precious Image Photography)

Amanda Heisey-Gallagher, Elizabethtown,
with Alex and Peyton (amm Photography)

Sarah Williams, Manheim, with Grant Drehoble
(JWC Portraits)

Stephanie Church, Lancaster, with Bryce Church
(amm Photography)

Jennifer Dufresne, Lititz, with Alex, Zach, Toby,
Sophie and Gracey (JZ Photography)

Marisol Montanez, Lancaster, with Ezekiel
Montanez, Jazmine Rivera, Nina Rivera and
Gadiel Rivera (Precious Image Photography)

Abigail Rodriguez, Lancaster, with Elyizer R. Ortiz,
Jaylah B. Halter, and Adrias J. Collazo
(TurtleBug Graphics Photography)

Jennifer Ziegler, Newmanstown,
with Gannon Ziegler (JZ Photography)

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Jennifer Fair, Manheim, with Brady and Bret Heisey
(Mindy Swinehart Photography)

Tina Bloom, Manheim, with Adreanna Bloom
(C What Eye C)

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Brenda Williams, Ephrata, with Adrienne Garvey,
Melissa Williams, Margaret Garvey, Nathaniel
Garvey and Eva Williams (John Martin Photography)

Cindy Landis, Willow Street, with Danielle, Desiree
and Dalton (Stacy Parmarter Photography)

717-560-0660 • Open 7 Days A Week

12 MAY 10, 2015



Kim Martin, Strasburg,
with MaKenna and Kaylee Martin
(John Martin Photography)

Meagan Andrews, Leola,
with Jacqueline Natalia Andrews
(Precious Image Photography)

Destinee Williams, New Holland,
with Madelyn Antuna (JWC Portraits)

Susan Reinhart, Lancaster,
with Gracie Ann Reinhart
(Precious Image Photography)

Melissa Metzler, Terre Hill,
with Adilynn Metzler (JWC Portraits)

Kegan Bachman, New Providence,
with Peyton and Carson Bachman
(step children), and Addison
Bachman (Precious Image Photography)

Connie Bankert, New Holland,
with Andrea, Zane, Kenley, Crystal,
Colton and Hailee Martin
(JWC Portraits)

Amy Harshbarger, Lancaster,
with Brooke Harshbarger
(Precious Image Photography)

Danielle Werntz, Leola, with Justin
(Precious Image Photography)

Florence Hainey, Millersville, with
Bonnie Burger, Alicia Burger-Shirk,
Nathan Shirk and MacKenzie Shirk
(Precious Image Photography)

Nicole Devonshire, Ephrata,
with MaKenna Houck and Sophia
Devonshire (John Martin Photography)

Heather Baney, Stevens, with Katie
and Ryan Baney (JWC Portraits)

Ashley Hitz, Mount Joy, with Anna
Hitz’Mott and Asher David Hitz’Mott
(Precious Image Photography)

Lucy Miller, Drumore, with Tina,
Owen and Olivia Daley
(Precious Image Photography)

Courtney Esbenshade, Lancaster,
with Leia Shoff (Erin Lyn Photography)

Danielle Radesky, Conestoga,
with Tyler (Erin Lyn Photography)

Carrie Hess, Mount Joy,
with Hunter and Cody Hess
(M. Swinehart Photography)

Kristin Shearer, Mount Joy, with Carter
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Julie Hoke, North Huntingdon, with
Laura, Isabelle and Violet Summerson
(TurtleBug Graphics Photography)

Kathryn Heiland, Columbia,
with Deborah Felsinger,
Melissa Finkey, and Lena Finkey
(Plum Perfect Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Lacey Sheets, Peach Bottom,
with Kayleigh (Ideal Images)

Diana McLemore, Columbia, with Tyler
Lee Jean (Erin Lyn Photography)

Michelle Herr, Pequea, with Wylan
Casey (Tin Star Moments)

Monet Chancy, Lancaster, with Isaiah
Chancy (Erin Lyn Photography)

Marquella Tuell, Columbia,
with Savohn McQueeney
(Mily Photography)

Skye McDonnell with Jerome
McDonnell (Studio 841)

Emily Larrick, Lancaster, with William
and Ryan Larrick (Becki B Photography)

Kristie Beatty, Lititz, with Lucas
(Tin Star Moments)

Heather Green, Lancaster,
with Jeremy
(Erica McBride Photography)

Kerri Martinez, Lancaster, with Nandy
Rodriguez and Isabella Rivera

Katrina Smith with Caitlin, McKenna
and Gianna (Erin Lyn Photography)

Tara Johnson, Lancaster, with Donyé,
Khalir, Kemari and Kaydence
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Lisa Thomas, Lancaster, with Fletcher
and Charlie Thomas (Tin Star Moments)

Stefanie Harnish, New Providence,
with Robbie Sauder, Jr.
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Sylvia Weaver, Mount Joy,
with Jennifer, Elliana and Hank Miller
(M. Swinehart Photography)

Lauren Arrick, Lancaster, with Natalee
and Colette Arrick (Tin Star Moments)

Christina Edsall, Mountville, with
Dorian (Erica McBride Photography)

Michelle Sensenig, Lancaster,
with Cameron, Brayden and Kayla
(Deceased) (JZ Photography)

Kelly D. Pabon, Lancaster, with
Mychaela D. Parmer (Tin Star Moments)

Christa Cole, Lancaster,
with Aj Graham and Jyden Wise
(Erin Lyn Photography)

14 MAY 10, 2015



Jenn Bender, Lancaster, with Tayler Herr
(M. Swinehart Photography)

Jan Chavez, Landisville, with Olivia Chavez
(M. Swinehart Photography)

Lakisha Woodard, Lancaster, with Londyn
and Stephon (JZ Photography)

Charlene Grove, Marietta, with Chelsea and Cali
Workman (C What Eye C)

Lou Ziegler, Lebanon, with Jason (JZ Photography)

Jeanine Bonner, Lancaster, with Theta and Jack
(TurtleBug Graphics Photography)

Linda Ealy, Peach Bottom, with Justin, Madisyn and
Avery (M. Swinehart Photography)

Carol L. Shenk, Ephrata, with Jon M. Leeking and
Jessica L. Cooper (C What Eye C)

Jennifer McDonald, Elizabethtown, with Teigan,
and Ryan McDonald (M. Swinehart Photography)

Heather Sue Kimble, Coatesville,
with Hannah Sue Kimble
(Ashlee Wells Jackson/The 4th Trimester Bodies Project)

Tess Wallace, Lancaster, with Lucas and Eliana
Wallace (Captured by Missi Photography)

Kylene Krotzer, Lancaster, with Ellery Krotzer
(Mily Photography)

Christina Tollinger, Ephrata, with Brianna, Brooke
and E. J. (Captured by Missi Photography)

Brenda Gleason, Drumore, with Bobbijean Wise,
Sara Astheimer, Brandi Astheimer and Emily

Jennifer Boyles, Marietta, with Skyla Hughes and
Madison Boyles (M. Reed Photography)

Sarah Smucker, Goodville, with Drew, John, Sam,
Dave, and Lester Smucker and Kathy Smoker

Katie Koup, Lancaster, with Anthony Koup
(Mily Photography)

Velinda (Lin) Pickel, Leola, with Robin Ramirez,
Tianna Lozada and Brayden Wilson (Huddle Images)



MAY 10, 2015

Kathy Byler, Lititz, with Victoria Byler
(V & V Photography)

Jessica Eager, Lancaster, with Elliana and Dean
Eager (Tin Star Moments)

Sarah McBee, Lititz, with Cora McBee
(V & V Photography)

Melissa Whirt, Holtwood, with Tyler, Austyn, Logan
and Micah (Captured by Missi Photography)

Tonya White, Lititz, with Jaxon and Kennedy White
(Captured by Missi Photography)

Sandra Givler, Ephrata, with Kayla Shirk
(Captured by Missi Photography)




Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 8

Father’s Day
Sunday, June 19

A special tribute section in


16 MAY 10, 2015



Justene McCullough, Lancaster, with
Jaylynn Kohler (Erin Lyn Photography)

Erin Whiskeyman, Ephrata,
with Brennan Whiskeyman
(Captured by Missi Photography)

In loving memory of Theda M. Groff
(deceased Dec. 2014), Strasburg, with
Karen Mitchell, Tina Havey, Brennan, Aidan
and Ian Havey (Hope Rapp Photography)

Mery Soto-Harner, Lancaster,
with Maya and Megan Harner
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Kiana McClymont, East Petersburg,
with Camren Randolph
(Mily Photography

Tina Carson, Lancaster, with Peyton
Carson (Erin Lyn Photography)

Christy Miller, Stevens, with Meghan
Miller (Becki B Photography)

Amanda Hilsher, Columbia,
with Sheldon and Ashlynn Hilsher
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Jenna Muzyk, Lancaster, with Tanner
(Becki B Photography)

Julia Jumbelick, Lancaster, with Blake
Newbert (Erin Lyn Photography)

Jenny Lopez, Lancaster, with Abelin
Rodriguez and Stephanie Lopez

Tina Kreiner, Mount Joy, with Turner
Kreiner (Erin Lyn Photography)

Fay Plastino with Kristi, Kerri, Gail
and Denny (Erin Lyn Photography)

Margaret Andrews, Port Carbon,
with Kelly Roberts, Erin Kinsey,
Beau Ellis and Savannah Martinez
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Tanya Barton, Lancaster, with Hannah
and Janae (Lulubelle Photography)

Nina Schall, Mountville,
with Arianna and Jon Jr.
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Jennifer Stone, Lancaster, with Clark
and Chloe Stone (Grace Photos)

Karen Rivera, Mountville, with Bradley
Rivera (Grace Photos)

Shana Hockenberry, Manheim,
with Eli Hockenberry
(Heather A Johnson Photography)

Jennifer Horn, Columbia,
with Ava and Lincoln (Grace Photos)



MAY 10, 2015


Jessica Sahd, Columbia, with Michael
Brody Sahd and McKenna Rose Sahd
(Grace Photos)

Kara Cunningham, Lancaster,
with Payton, Aven, Easton
and Giavonna (Grace Photos)

Jenna Zahm, Columbia, with Ethan
and Lilee (Grace Photos)

Kelly Wood, East Petersburg,
with Hannah and Caroline Wood
(Grace Photos)

Nancy Worrell, Lancaster, with Jessica
Wileman, Ava Wileman, Sierra
Wileman and Rebeccah Church
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Antoinette Ortiz, Lancaster,
with Jaylyn and Jason Ortiz
(Grace Photos)

Lindsey Leaf, Mount Joy,
with Caidyn and Molly Leaf
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Danielle Frederick, Lancaster,
with Joshua and Stella
(Grace Photos)

Kristi Ritter, Elizabethtown,
with Cooper and Mason Dolby
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Glenda Pacheco, Lancaster, with
Kenny Montanez, Jr. (Grace Photos)

Krista Heisey, Manheim, with Makenna Leslie Golomb, Landisville,
with Noah, Connor, Taylor and Nolan
and Baby Heisey due March 2015
(Grace Photos)
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Karen Horst, Lititz, with Parker
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Lilian Smith, Lancaster, with Briella,
Preston, Alyssa and Silvia
(Grace Photos)

Kate Tragis, Manheim, with Kassidy,
Gavin, Skyelar and Brantley
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Mandee Havrilla, Columbia,
with Olivia Symone and Joseph
Michael Havrilla (Grace Photos)

Jennifer DeSimon, Elizabethtown,
with Peyton Minnick
(Heather A Johnson Photography)

Marianne Curtis, Mountville,
with Melissa Curtis Koehler,
Mason, Weston and Violet Koehler
(Grace Photos)

Helena Seitz, Leola, with Makenzie
Jaclyn (Heather A Johnson Photography)

Nikki Walker, Lancaster, with Calvin
Thomas Walker, IV and Ronan Walker
(Grace Photos)

18 MAY 10, 2015



Tara Ney, Mountville, with Cody and Alex
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Danyelle Smucker, Ephrata, with Ellesaundra,
Maleigha, Alivia and Tylor (Becki B. Photography)

Linda Anderson, Denver, with Abby Bayley, Wyatt
Bayley and Matt Anderson (Becki B. Photography)

Christina Cruz, Lancaster, with Emilianna London,
Evianna London and Jionni Rodriguez
(K Scott Photography)

Shayne Goodman, Manheim, with Jade Eckenrod
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Melinda Thomas, Ephrata, with Owen and Cameron
Morrongiello (Sweet Memories by Melinda)

Cindy Sullivan, Ephrata, with Robert J. Rutter III
and Shannon Bedford (Becki B. Photography)

Jessica McAllister, Lancaster, with Cameron and
Chase McAllister (Becki B. Photography)

Jessica Meily, Lancaster, with Dakota and Dante
(Melissa Sue Photography)

Holly Greer, Mount Joy, with Hannah Rae Greer
(When in Rome Photography)

Nichole Gehman, Lancaster, with Brayden, Kaelyn,
Blayke and Monroe (Free Your Mind Photography)

Debbie McKinney, Lancaster, with Danielle,
Gabriella and Giovanni Vitti (Lulubelle Photography)

Erin Zohn, Washington Boro, with Madilyn and Macy
and expecting twin boys May 2015
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Steph Moyer, Lititz, with Myla and Mara
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Ashley Conrad, Lancaster, with Jackson Conrad
(Grace Photos)

Janelle Paules, Lancaster, with Milo Kerns
(Grace Photos)

April Deibert, Willow Street, with Everett and
Josephine (Lulubelle Photography)

Chanel Yingst, Lancaster, with Carrie Cadavid,
Azaiah King, Eliana Ruiz, Colin Larrabee,
Stephanie Sweitzer and Jocelynn Sweitzer
(Becki B. Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Ashlee Stoll, Lancaster, with Madisyn
and Sydnee Stoll (Erica McBride Photography)

Charlene Sensenig, Holtwood, with Olivia, Jackson
and Quinn (Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Reba Roberts, Lancaster, with Dr. Karen Roberts
(Lulubelle Photography)

Jennifer McCracken, Mountville, with Caeden
(When in Rome Photography)

Aprille Baxter, Lititz, with Camryn, Reece, Falyn
and Grizzy the dog (Free Your Mind Photography)

Teresa Sakrudkar, Lititz, with Minalli, Manish,
Madhuri and Malini (Erica McBride Photography)

Katrina McDonnell, Lancaster, with Rylin and Kody
(Lulubelle Photography)

Sharon Herman, Mountville, with Kelly, Todd and
Adriane (Grace Photos)

Jami Frank, Lititz, with Alesha Frank
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)


Presenting sponsor

Produced by

PINK highlights include:
Lancaster’s premiere showcase of the latest women’s
products and services.
Educational breakout sessions, health screenings and
wellness information from Lancaster General Health.
Cooking demos, book signings and shopping
Beauty pavilion, hair salon, rejuvenation spa, wine bar,
coffeehouse, cocktail bar, nail spa: all offering free services
& samples to attendees.
Additional giveaways, samples and more! #LancasterPINK

This year’s celebrity guest speakers
will be announced SOON!

2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

20 MAY 10, 2015



Heather Yohn, Lititz, with Dakota
Yohn (Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Stephanie Brosey, Lancaster,
with Noah and Eva (Grace Photos)

Amber Derr, Maytown,
with Peyton and Madyson
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Sue Kirchner, Willow Street, with Jill,
Allison and Maci Miller (Grace Photos)

Susan Cunningham, Lancaster,
with Brady and Baylee (Grace Photos)

Bethany Jenks, Lancaster, with Sophia
Jenks (Heather A. Johnson Photography)

In Memory of Tammy Baker
with Colby Baker
(When in Rome Photography)

Sherry McCamant, Akron,
with Shawn and Nathan Ansel
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Heather Weaver, Centerville, with
Brigham (Free Your Mind Photography)

Tammy Sensenig, Reinholds,
with Ava, Charlotte and Tiffany Hess
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Karen Brooks, Elizabethtown, with
Kaytlyn (When in Rome Photography)

Jennifer Deibler, Ephrata, with Grace
Deibler (A Reflection by Sherry)

Karissa Davis, Reinholds, with Jaden
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Pam Ruffhead, Lititz, with Chad
Rottmund and Aaralyn and Isabella
and Stephanie Gates and Blake
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Jessica Adamire, Ephrata, with Sophia
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Kim Minnich, Lancaster,
with Aniston and Easton
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Kelly Weinhold, Ephrata, with Quinn
Weinhold (A Reflection by Sherry)

Kristen Bowers, Reinholds,
with Kendall and Harper
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Kimberly DeBord, Lancaster,
with Derek DeBord
(When in Rome Photography)

Colby Baker, Columbia with Marley
(When In Rome Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Carey Bender, Lancaster, with Haven
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Eden Vasquez, Lancaster, with Sarai
Trinity and Jon Sebastian (Unborn
son) (Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Aurora Commero, Willow Street,
with Andrew and Allison Commero
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Latoria James, Lancaster, with Tyzhanaia
Henson, Shalena Talton, Passion Talton,
Ty’air Creekmur, and Shy’airah Dixon
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Celines Rodriguez, Lancaster,
with Alexis Powell and Jeremiah
Montanez (Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Lisa Craft, New Holland, with Haley
Killinger, Cameron Killinger and Faith
Craft (Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Domita Fiorentino, Lancaster,
with Leaonna and Xander Fiorentino
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Jesica Todd, Lancaster,
with Jayden Wright
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Ebony Valentino, Lancaster,
with Brayden Valentino
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Valerie Santiago, Lancaster,
with Briana Romero
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Dana Cedeno, Conestoga,
with Ashley, Caleb and Kendra Cedeno
and Kiba Guzman-Cedeno
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Esther Vega, Lancaster, with Doris
Vega (Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Carole Kenworthy, Ephrata,
with Andrea and Abigail Hehnly
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Jen Heist, New Holland, with Bradley,
Kacey, Addison, Riley and Raegan
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Helen, with Jolene, Da’Avionce,
Deizahlese and Dahmere
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Caroline Rutt, Ephrata, with Evan
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Lots of cool ways
to spend your
summer days...

ter CCoouunnttyy
de ttoo LLaannccaasste
Y ur Gu
Summer Camps and Family Fun!

A publication of

View it online at lancasteronline.com/summerkids
Vanessa Colon, Lancaster,
with Nevaiha Jones
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

22 MAY 10, 2015



Erin Smoker, Lancaster, with Megan and Lauren
(Lulubelle Photography)

Janet Baer, Lancaster, with Samantha Baer, Kaitlin
McGuire and Lucy McGuire (Grace Photos)

Emily Walker, Brownstown, with Alyssa and Jaden
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Kelly Bess, Lititz, with Matthew, Nathaniel and
Melanie (Lulubelle Photography)

Angie Cox, East Petersburg, with Lucy Nichole Cox
(When in Rome Photography)

Amy Hammer, Lancaster, with Hayden and Paige
(Erica McBride Photography)

Tiffany Adams, Millersville, with Shaylyn and
Arabella Adams, and in memory of Patti Ann
Rietschey (When in Rome Photography)

Shauna Filson, Lititz, with Seth and Ian
(Erica McBride Photography)

Arlene Steffy, Ephrata, with Sherry McCamant
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Patricia Warner, Reinholds, with Sonya Ide, Ashley
Warner, Jordan Greggs, and Ava Jeannine Elizabeth
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Beaner Hoffman, Ephrata, with Melissa and Micah
Dulimba (Lulubelle Photography)

Bonnie Jean Martin, Conestoga, with Miranda,
Samaria and Bobby Martin
(When in Rome Photography)

Stephanie Shirk, Lancaster, with Josephine and
Jameson Shirk (Erica McBride Photography)

Blu Pizzuto, Lititz, with Bentley
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Krista Fansler-Miller, Lancaster, with Lauren, Kaitlin
and Natalie Miller (When in Rome Photography)

Angela Laughman, Lititz, with Lorelai and Wesley
Laughman (When in Rome Photography)

Helen Charles, Lancaster, with Barbara Lombardo,
Cristina Bahling, Luke, Nina and Cooper
(Grace Photos)

Susan Zeigler, Mount Joy, with Kristin Zeigler and
Olivia Satterwhite (Erica McBride Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Lisa Kellish, Lititz, with Emily Kellish
(Heather A. Johnson Photography)

Nicole Kreider, Ephrata, with Julia, Lauren
and Collin (A Reflection by Sherry)

Heather Marchessault, Lancaster, with Brady

Jamie Burkholder, Ephrata, with Bria and Cali
(Lulubelle Photography)

Amy Scott, Lititz, with Conner, Landon and Peter
(Lulubelle Photography)

Heather Denlinger, Manheim, with Olivia Rae and
Emmett Robert (Lulubelle Photography)

Jen Roark, Lititz, with Maddix, Chase and Alex

Desiree Adams, Ephrata, with Jaiden Adams
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Amy Mitchell, Etters, with Brady and Dylan
(When in Rome Photography)

Get your ticket now for the
food event of the year!
5th Annual

Nov. 21 & Nov. 22
At the Lancaster
t C
County Convention Center

Two days of good food, fine wine,
craft beer and lively spirits. Cooking
demonstrations will be taking place during
each session on the main stage.

Go to: lancaster.gourmetshows.com
Produced by

24 MAY 10, 2015



Melissa Martin, Lancaster, with Alexa Miville
(Kylene Lynn Photography)

Katina Martin, Drumore, with Ari and Ava
(Ideal Images)

Lori Yost, Mount Joy, with Drake and Keaton Yost
(Stacy Parmarter Photography)

Joan McKinney, Lititz, with Kelly Fritsch
(Krista Pelletier Photography)

Aurora Quinónes, Lancaster, with John M. Angelo,
Jr. and Joevanni L. Angelo (Erin Lyn Photography)

Michele Zook, New Holland,
with Gavin and Joelle Zook (Mily Photography)

Joyce Young, Landisville, with Kristie and Kelsey
(Tin Star Moments)

Shannon Bedford, Ephrata, with Tyler, Blayne and
Caleb (Becki B. Photography)

Chanel Cotson, Andrews Air Force Base, MD, with
Cora, Josie Dee and Kiyomi (K. Scott Photography)

Noraida Munoz, Lititz, with Iris D. Rodriguez, Iris M.
Ayala, Yamayra M. Morales, Eliyana M. Morales and
Cathelina D. Morales (Erin Lyn Photography)

Lisa Plank, Blue Ball, with Connor and Carson
(Erin Lyn Photography)

Christina Fluegel, Lancaster, with Abigail Fluegel
(Becki B. Photography)

Daniella Gerard, Lancaster, with Julia and Gianna
(Images By Cheri)

Searina London, Lancaster, with Kaliym, Kyimari,
Tyrone, Dwain III and Lyric (K. Scott Photography)

Courtney Bailey, Bainbridge, with La’Rea, Elijah
and Liam (Becki B. Photography)

Danielle Upton, Pequea, with Dylan, Dakota and
Isabelle (Stacy Parmarter Photography)


Sabina Mattern, Mount Joy, with Andrew Michael,
Adrian Sabina and Alexandra Sabina
(Leslie Gilbert Photography)


Get your ballot in LNP May 31 - June 4

May 31 - June 14

MAY 10, 2015

A special tribute sectio
on in

26 MAY 10, 2015



Sarah L. Maldonado with Monica Fontanez and
Venessa Fontanez (Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Keri Herr, Lancaster, with Lucas Herr
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Shannon Canning, New Holland, with Donovan
McConnell (US Navy Photo) and Katelyn Canning
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Delicia Bolin, Washington Boro, with Noah, Braden
and Emma Bolin (Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Kristen Memmo, Lancaster, with Brennan Memmo
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Melanie Fragosa, Lancaster, with Ismael Melendez
Jr., Misael Melendez and Dominic Melendez
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

April Kreischer, Ephrata, with Lillian and Corbin
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Joy Hummer, New Holland, with Kolin Hummer
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Jayma Hower, Lancaster, with Kellen Hower
(John Martin Photography)

Amber Eastburn, Mountville, with Landon and Cole
Eastburn (Precious Image Photography)

Diane Umble, Gap, with Shayna, Cody, Casey,
Bailey and Bentley Umble
(John Martin Photography)

Jennifer Lopez-Rodriguez, Lancaster, with Janiya
Gabrielle Soto (Precious Image Photography)

Kristen Minnich, Strasburg, with Savanna, Blake
and Alaina Minnich (John Martin Photography)

Jessica Prokay, Cochranville, with Logan and Mason
Prokay (John Martin Photography)

Susan Hoffman, Lancaster, with Toby Eckman and
Melissa Kaylor (John Martin Photography)

Beth Brunozzi, Leola, with Amy Biessing,
Lisa Brunozzi, Kirsten Ebersol, Cody Ebersol,
Damon Ream and Sophia McNamara
(Precious Image Photography)

Tabatha Dembowski, Lancaster, with Ryan and
Brendan Fogle (Precious Image Photography)

Cheryl Ober, Mount Joy, with Jessica, Miranda and
Gavin Ober (John Martin Photography)



MAY 10, 2015


Lisa Humphreville, Lancaster, with Chase and
Chance (Erica McBride Photography)

Erica McBride, Lititz, with Aidan, Nolan and Ava
(Erica McBride Photography)

Stephanie George, Mountville, with Austin and
Graham George (Lulubelle Photography)

Stephanie Gates, Lancaster, with Blake Gates
(A Reflection by Sherry)

Lindsey Walter, Marietta, with Camden
(Free Your Mind Photography)

Mandy Hilgert, Lancaster, with Riley and Ayden
Hilgert (When in Rome Photography)

Delma Adams, Manheim, with Robin Griffith,
Megan Griffith, Dylan Griffith and Macy Griffith
(Grace Photos)

Yvette Danz, Lancaster, with Keaton, Kelsey and
Kellan (Erica McBride Photography)

Sharon Linnus, Columbia, with Elizabeth La
and Colin Linnus (Erica McBride Photography)

Missy Riehl, Stevens, with Carley and Michael
(Lulubelle Photography)

Kate Hughes, Lancaster, with Mya and Tyler
(Erica McBride Photography)

Abbey Neidermyer, New Holland, with Briella
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Maria A. Camacho, Lancaster, with Jaeden L. Ramos
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Thelma Sensenig, New Holland, with Vicky Ruckert,
Jeff Sensenig and Lynn Good
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Karin Woods, Lancaster, with Alisia, Kymair, Stacel
Jr. and Kaiden (Evelyn Rivera Photography)

Beth Appel, Peach Bottom, with Allison, Myla,
Nevin and Brielle
(Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Dawn Reese, Bowmansville, with Nicholas, Nevaeh
and Nadine Dennis (Sharpshooters Photography LLC)

Jo-Ann Way, Lancaster, with William Way II, Brandon
Way Sr., Brandon Way Jr., Brionne Way, Treis Way,
Luis Vazquez and Leinady Vazquez
(Evelyn Rivera Photography)

28 MAY 10, 2015




Readers love paging through these heartwarming tributes to view
the photos of proud grandparents and their grandchildren.

keepsake edition
Published on Sunday, September 13

You can be part of the 5th Grandparents Day edition by visiting
one of the photographers below, or by submitting your own photos.
A Reflection by Sherry
Akron • (717) 380-3103


Annie Sharp Photography
Strasburg • (717) 587-7432

JZ Photography
Brickerville • (717) 413-8956

Beth Cardwell Photography
Lancaster • (717) 392-4541

Krista Pelletier Photography
Lititz • (717) 627-2152

Blissful Photographs
Spring City • (267) 671-7592

Lulubelle Photography
Ephrata • (717) 682-1961

CAF Photography
Willow Street • (717) 284-0305
Cindy Frey Photography

JWC Portraits

Ephrata • (717) 537-1034

Mily Photography



Lancaster • (717) 443-5125

Captured by Missi Photography


Stevens/Ephrata • (717) 721-7728

Photography by Barry
Mount Joy • (717) 468-5452

Lancaster • (717) 808-1091


DB Photography
Lancaster • (717) 799-3317
Erin Lyn Photography
Lancaster • (717) 419-4448
Heather A. Johnson Photography
Lititz • (717) 468-0198

M. Swinehart Photography
Lancaster • (717) 989-1556

Precious Image Photography
Lancaster • (717) 940-2294
Sharpshooters Photography LLC

New Holland • (717) 629-3687

The participation fee
is $40.*
This includes your sitting
(if using a participating
professional photographer) and
insertion into the newspaper.
The sitting is for grandparents
and grandchildren only.
Additional sittings may be
charged by photographer.
Re-shoots are subject to
additional fees. Minimum
package price may apply.
*Please note that
non-professional photos may not
reproduce in the same fashion
as a photo from a professional
photographer. Obtain submission
forms and instructions
by calling 717-291-8800 or
email advertising@LNPnews.com.

For more information call
(717) 291-8800.

TurtleBug Graphics Photography


Huddle Images
Lancaster • (717) 656-2500

Honey Brook and Lancaster
(215) 519-8317

John Martin Photography
Strasburg • (717) 344-2613

When in Rome Photography
by Shelly
Landisville • (717) 799-2804

Photo submission deadline: July 24