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/ Kilju recipe (Kil`yu) \
/ by J3tn0de \

I know that everyone has been in a situation like this "where to get some booze?"
some people dont have friends old enough to buy it from store heres a solution,
make it your self!
Here's what you need.
2 milk (one gallon) cartons (or 1,5 liter "pönikkä" finnish juice bottle)
one pack Fleishmenn's (or any other brand) baking yeast
3 quarts of water (one quart is about 1.10 liter)
1/2 cup of apple juice concentrate or alternatively one pealed and sliced lemon.
5 cups of sugar
First of all you gotta wash your milk cartons very well.
Then mix two and half quarts of body temperature water and 5 cups of sugar in any
kind of clean pot or bowl. Funnel the mixture into the carton. Then add 1/2 cup of apple
juice concentrate or small lemon slices. Mix the yeast and half quarts of body temperature
water and funnel it to the carton and shake it. Then you gotta find a good place for your c
which is called Poika (the son). The place must be about 72 - 76 degrees warm (room temp) a
you should also notice that your Poika will start smell a little bit. Another good thing to
remember is that Poika will produce quite a bit CO 2 and mayby some foam too. That's why yo
have only three quarts of water in your carton, rest of the space is for the pressure and f
You gotta leave an escape for the pressure and that's why you put the cap on without screwi
so that pressure can come out. Check the pressure regularly so it doesn't explode. You shou
notice some pressure coming out in about 24-48 hours, or otherwise your yeast is dead becau
too hot water or your place for Poika is too cold. After couple days you can shake your Poi
little bit.
In 7-14 days your kilju should be ready. Kilju is ready when it doesn't produce any more
pressure. If your son doesn't show any more marks of living after couple days, don't drink
because it still has some yeast left and it will turn your stomach upsidedown. After you ar
sure that your kilju is ready, you must change the carton. Be careful when you handle your
Poika, so that you don't mix the bottom's sentiment and clear kilju. When you funnel your c
kilju leave the sentiment into the first carton. Then place your kilju into a cool place fo
day or two. Now your kilju is ready for drinking and be sure that you drink it straight fro
milk carton. The alcohol percentage of this kilju should be about 13-15%, so it's like stro
wine but tastes better.

If U dont want to bother making lots of this shit then this is for you:
1,5 liter bottle
1 liter of water
2 dl of sugar
2 teaspoonfulls of baking yeast
step 1. put 1 liter of water in the bottle (must be room temp)
step 2. crumble the yeast and throw it in bottle
step 3. add sugar, stir it 4while
step 4. flavor it with orange juice or grape or sumthin
step 5. close the cap but not too tight
put it somewhere where is normal room temperature (under your bed maybe?)
and let it ferment abou 4-8 days it will be about 6-16% Kilju

OK, and I'am not responsible of what happens after you drink it. Guys remember, don't drive
after drinking.
Kilju is very traditional drink in Finland and old as country itself nobody quite knows whe
the first home brewers started their businesses. Kilju is popular drink due the low cost of
ingredients and quaranteed effect.
U can fone me if u gotta, heres the number +358 050 3*****6, figure it out :-)
Thnx go to: SWAT team for being lihtbringer to ezines.
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