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: 90 MENIT


I. Choose the best answer!

Highway Panic
A young woman had along drive a head of her that
night. She pulled into a service station to refuel, then went
inside to pay and buy herself a gum and potato chips. As she
drove off, a huge truck pulled out beside her.
Out on the highway once again, the girl realized that the
truck was very close behind, uncomfortable close. She stepped
on the accelerator, but to her dismay, the truck driver
accelerated, too.
I must be imagining this, she thought, trying not to
panic, yet whether she slowed down, changed lanes or
speeded up, the truck stayed with her. Its big headlights
shining straight into her ear.
Unable to stand it any longer, the girl turned into the
next station she came to. The truck pulled off, the highway on
her tail, jamming on the brakes, she jumped put and raced to
the drivers side of the truck.
At the same moment, a man leapt out of the back of her
car where he had been crouching ever since the last stop. The
truck driver was too quick for him and caught him just as he
tried to make it to the open field behind the station.
Later, after the police had come, the driver went over to
the young woman. I saw him jump into your car just before you
came out of the station back there. But there was no time to
warn you before you drove off. The only thing that I could think
of was to stick to close to you with my high beams flooding
your car so that he would know. I would see him if he tried to
do anything to you.
All she could say, with a mighty sigh of relief was, and
here I was wondering how I was going to shake off a crazed
truck driver.

How did the woman act when she realized as she went
panic for being chased?
a. she kept the truck staying with her car
b. she slowed down, changed lanes and speeded up.
c. She tried to contact the police station.
d. She pulled out the highway to stop the truck
e. She tried not to imagine bed things.


What does this text belong to?

a. Spoof
b. Narrative
c. Recount
d. Report
e. analytical exposition


Which statement is true based on the text?

a. the truck driver was the robber himself
b. the truck driver was too late to catch the man
c. the woman couldnt step on her brake for it had
d. the woman didnt want to escape his car from the
e. the woman didnt aware of some one was on the car



Who was the man kept out of the woman car in the
drivers mind?
a. her friend
b. her passenger
c. a gas seller
d. a trader
e. a criminal
As the same moment, a man leap out of the back of her
The underlined word has similar meaning with

moved out
moved in of
jumped out


The big problem faced by woman in the text is

a. she couldnt control her panic
b. she couldnt deceive the bus driver
c. she couldnt think well as the driver chased her car
d. she couldnt didnt know where to stop
e. she couldnt see the bus driver in the dark night


Yasa : the sociology test was so complicated. I am not

sure I could make it. Thats too bad.
Dinda : ______________ all the topics had been in my
Yasa : thats great if you could answer all the items
The best expression to complete the dialog is
a. be patient
b. I am sorry to hear that
c. I dont think so
d. Yeah, I feel doubt of my answers too
e. I am with you in this case.


Mr. Anwar



: technical faculty is not suitable for our

son.. you can see his talent in computer is
wonderful. Majoring in computer is not a
bad choice, honey. How do you feel?
Mrs. Anwar : let him choose where he wants to go. His
future is own hands.
What does the underlined expression show?
a. asking opinion
b. giving opinion
c. certainty
d. uncertainty
e. asking feeling
: this room is very cozy. The food is not
quite bad. I like the taste of this soup.
: thats right. But the waiters services are
too slow. I am sick of waiting.
: they are slow in services for they get many
visitors to serve.
From the dialogue above, we can conclude that?
a. Fadli is not satisfied with the food
b. Fadli feels unhappy with the soup
c. Melissa are satisfied with the restaurant entirely
d. Melissa feels satisfied with the food but not with the
e. They are bored of waiting their orders.

10. Prof. Alwi : I think you compiled the book in a hurry. The
typing is bad and the sequences of the
events are randomly. How come?
: I am sorry, sir. I will correct the parts you
have mentioned. Thanks for guiding me.
The underlined sentences show that Prof Alwi
a. express his regret
b. agrees with Farizs book
c. feels shy of Farizs work
d. gets satisfied with his students work
e. feels unsatisfied with his student.
Read the text !
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
In this chance, I would like to talk about corruption. It is
the hottest discussion that becomes everybodys topic of
discussion and debates.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I believe you know the

meaning of corruption, so what is the relation between money
and corruption?. Well, corruption is common everywhere in the
world, even in the United State. Its just a matter of the intensity,
however that makes Jakarta the most corrupt place in
Indonesia. It makes me sad.
As we all know from Tanjung Priok port, smuggling is no
news at all in this town. Entrepreneurs who want to minimize
their tax payment will bribe the officials.
Right, ladies and gentlemen, let me continue my
argument. I think the measure taken so far to overcome the
problem by punishing the corruptions have been so far from
We have to prevent the younger generation from bad
Well, we must make up our mind to save young generation and
I believe we can start at the earliest stage in school.
I think everyone should be involved in the effort to
eradicate corruption without making any distinction.
Ok, ladies and gentlemen, thats all I need to discuss to
day. Thank you for your attention. Good morning.
11. The topic of the text is
a. The problem of corruption
b. Corruption in Indonesia
c. Money and corruption
d. Young generation in corruption
e. The effects of corruption
12. The statements are true based on the text, except
a. Corruption mushrooms in entirely world
b. Tanjung priok port is also contaminated with
corruption issues
c. No corruption in USA until now for its super power in
d. The police officers are not the only power to stop
e. To avoid corruption we have to teach young
generation with moral
13. How many arguments are given by the writer in the text?
a. One argument

Two arguments
Three arguments
Four arguments
Five arguments

14. By reading the text, we can conclude that the text has.
a. Orientation, complication, resolution, reorientation
b. General classification, description
c. Newsworthy, background, source
d. Thesis, arguments, reiteration (conclusion)
e. Thesis, arguments, recommendation
15. I think everyone should be involved on the effort to
eradicate corruption. The underlined word has synonym
a. Handle
b. Struggle
c. Fight
d. Destroy
e. Promote
16. Adlin

: Mom, Have you checked my report book? I

put it on my studying table
: Yes, I have
: I am feeling bad at this time, mom. I have
been disappointed you
: Thats ok, you have to study more seriously, I
The underlined expression shows
a. Anger
b. Sadness
c. Happiness
d. Unpleasant
e. Annoyance

17. Sofi

: Look, The girls under the tree are teasing us,



: Take it easy. We deserve it for our team

missed the Scores in the first half
: How poor we are
a. Lets beat them
b. It is not enjoyable
c. I am sad, my friend
d. I am fed up with their behave
e. I am not sure they are good girls
18. Nazwa : Dad, Are you still at home now? I am at the
airport. Could you pick me up now, dad?
: oh. Sorry, I forget it. I should be there before
you arrive,
Nazwa : Thats ok, I will wait for you, dad,
: I love you, too
What is the suitable expression to complete the dialog?
a. I love you, dad
b. Dont forget again, dad
c. Would you drive fastly ?
d. I am sad, for you forgetful
e. I dont want to go home by taxi
19. The type of the functional text is
a. Memo
b. Announcement
c. Banner
d. Poster
e. Advertisement
20. What is the topic of the functional
a. Selling drug
b. Drug dealers activities
c. The performance of drug
d. The treatments for drug dealer
e. Punishment for drug distributor

ne day a mother said to her son, << I must go out now

and do some shopping, I want you to look after the
house >>
<< yes mother >> the boy said, but he was not listening, he
was interested only in his book. << three people will come to
the house : first, the butcher, then my friend and lastly a beggar
>> his mother explained. << are you listening to me?>>.
<< yes mother >> the boy said, but his eyes didnt leave his
book. << very well, now, tell the butcher that his meat is too fat
and he must never come here again >>, his mother said. <<
ask my friend to come in and give her a cup of tea. Give the
pile of old clothes by the door to the beggar. Do you
understand? >>
<< yes, mother >>. The boy said, but he was reading his book.
His mother went out and soon there was a knock at the door.
The boy put his book down and went to open it, he saw the pile
of clothes by door.
<< these are for you >>, he said to the person at the door.
Then he went back to the sitting-room.
A few minutes later, there was another knock at the door. The
boy went to open it. << you are too fat >>, he said to the
person at the door. << never come here again >>, then he
closed the door and went back to his book.
A litter later there was a third knock at the door. The boy went
to open it. << come in >>, he said, << Ill make you a cup of
tea, mother will be back soon >>.
His mother came home and found the beggar in the sitting
room drinking tea. << oh >> she cried << if the beggar is
drinking tea, what did you say to my friend? >>
21. Why did the boys mother go out?
a. She had to go to work
b. She wanted to meet her friend
c. She is writing a barber
d. She didnt like looking after the house
e. She wanted to buy something
22. What was the boy doing?
a. He was listening to his mother
b. He was looking after the house
c. He was reading
d. He was sleeping
e. He was eating

23. What did the boy give to the butcher?

a. Some meat
b. A cup of tea
c. A pile of old clothes
d. His book
e. A bowl of meat
24. << oh >> she cried << if the beggar is drinking tea, what
did you say to my friend? >>. From the sentence we know
that the boy
a. The boy miss understanding with mothers order
b. The mother didnt see her friend
c. The boy saw the beggar
d. The boy angry with the mother
e. The boy hate with him
25. What do we learn from the text?
a. You have to listen your mother said
b. You didnt listen your mother said
c. You didnt care her
d. You have to understand her
e. You was understanding her
Read the text !
Many years ago, an English Family was living in China.
One evening an important Chinese officer came to visit them. It
got later and later, and still did not go, so his hostess invited
him to have dinner with them, but she had very little food in the
house, so she quickly went to the kitchen and spoke to her
Chinese cook. He said, it is all right, you will have very good
When they all sat down to eat. The lady was very
surprised because there was a lot of very good food on the
After the dinner, the hostess ran to the kitchen and said
to the cook, how did you make such a good meal in half an
I did not make it, madam , he said I sent one of the
servants to the Chinese officers house, and he brought back
the Chinese officers dinner.
26. What is the type of the text?
a. recount
b. report
c. analytical exposition
d. spoof
e. narrative

Firstly, English is an international language. It is spoken by

many people all over the world, either as a first or second
Secondly, English is also the key which open doors to
scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed for the
economic and political development of many countries in the
Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs.
Applicants who master either active or passive English are
more favorable than those who dont
From the facts above, it is obvious that every body needs
to learn English to greet the global era.
31. What is the type of the text?
a. analytical exposition
b. narrative
c. spoof
d. procedure
e. description
32. These statements are true base on the text, except
a. English is international language
b. English is the worlds most important language
c. English is habitual action
d. English is the key which opens doors to scientific and
technical knowledge
e. English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs.
33. What is the purpose of the writer in this text?
a. To persuade reader to speak English well
b. To present some points of English language
c. To describe how speak English well
d. To entertain reader with English language
e. To discuss about English
34. What tense is mostly used in the text?
a. Passive
b. Past tense
c. Present continuous tense
d. Active
e. Passive
35. Why is it so important to learn English? Because
a. English is national language
b. English is easy language
c. English is international language
d. English is difficult language
e. English is favorite language
II. Essay!

27. When did the story happen?

a. Once upon the time
b. One day
c. Many years ago
d. Yesterday
e. Tomorrow
28. What happen one evening?
a. An important Chinese officer came to visit them
b. An important Chinese officer invited them
c. An important Chinese officer order them
d. An important Chinese officer call them
e. An important Chinese officer came them
29. How did the lady feel?
a. The lady is very surprise
b. The lady was very surprise
c. The lady surprised
d. The lady had surprise
e. The lady have surprise
30. What did she say to the cook?
a. How you make such a good meal in half an hour?
b. How does you make such a good meal in half an
c. How did you make such a good meal in half an hour?
d. How do you make such a good meal in half an hour?
e. How are you make such a good meal in half an hour?

ersonally think that English is the worlds most important

language. Why do I say that?

rchid is a tropical plants. They belong to the same

group as vandal. It is a beautiful plant and commonly
used as a decorated plant. The plants have hard
leaves. They have fiber root and they have strong and flexible
branch. Some orchids live wildly and grow up in cold places
such as in England. Some orchid live on the ground. This rare
plant needs morning sun shine to grow well.
36. What does the writer describe about?
37. The generic structure of the text consists of
38. Why are orchids called tropical plants? Give one reason!

39. What is the purpose of the public notice (warning)?


April 20, 2010
Dispenda Aceh Tamiang

40. Whom does the banner try to welcome?