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Terrorism Case Studies: CGW4U Canadian and World Issues: 12 April 2015

September 11th

Terrorist Act


Motivation of


Lockerbie Bombing
Pan Am Flight 103

Oklahoma City

FLQ Crisis
The October Crisis

Beslan School
Hostage Crisis

Benazir Bhutto

- Multiple airplanes in
united states were
highjacked and
crashed most notably
into the world trade
center in new york
killing 2,000+ people

- Pan Am flight from

Frankfurt to Detroit
which destroyed by a
terrorist bomb on
Wednesday, 21
December 1988, killing
all 243 passengers and
16 crew on board

- The Oklahoma City

bombing was a
domestic terrorist bomb
attack on a government
building in downtown
Oklahoma City on April
19, 1995

- A series of events
triggered by two
kidnappings of
government officials by
members of the Front
de Liberation du
Quebec (FLQ) during
October 1970

- Three-day siege of a
school in southern
Russia by Chechen
- When it was over,
nearly 331 people were
murdered, many of
them children

- Assassination of
Benazir Bhutto on 27
December, 2007
- Caused the death of
her and 24+ others

- A wake up call for

Americans to stop
becoming involved in
the affairs of the Middle

- To cause extensive
damage and kill
innocent civilians
- As Pan Am was an
American company, it
was an attack on the
United States

- To cause extensive
amounts of damage to
the government
building and as many
civilians as possible

- To create an
independent MarxistLeninist Quebec state

- Recognition of the
independence of
Chechnya in the United
Nations and Russian
withdrawal from

- To assassinate
Benazir Bhutto and
cause as much harm to
the nearby area as

- Osama Bin Ladens

declaration of Holy War
on the United States
- US troops in Saudi
- Sanctions against

- Traced back to a
series of military
confrontations with the
US Navy in the 1980s
in the Gulf of Sidra
where Libya claimed as
its territorial waters

- Retaliation for the

Ruby Ridge and Waco
- McVeighs hatred of
the American

- Outrageous and
extremist political views
and opinions

- Outrageous and
extremist political views
and opinions

- Her return from selfexile after suspected

- The fact that she was
a women, in high
power in a Middle
Eastern country

- Civilian aircraft
grounding across US
- Huge increased in
airport security
- US government did
everything they could
to now find Bin Laden

- Led to increased
tension between the
United States and
Libya, as Libya was
responsible for the

- Oklahoma City put

into state of
emergency, as effects
were felt 16 blocks
- Timothy McVeigh
executed in 2001

- Canadian military was

heavily present in
Montreal during
October 1970
- FLQ members
charged with murder of
Pierre Lapporte

- Contributed to a
series of federal
government reforms
consolidating power in
the Kremlin and
strengthening of the
powers of the

- 40 days of mourning
across Pakistan
- Heavy rioting in the
streets of Karachi
- Pakistani government
retaliates by joining the
fight against Al Qaeda

President of Russia