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FLIGHT, 23 May 1952


high-pressure piping from the pilot's cockpit to
numerous hydraulic jacks can be eliminated if the aircraft

hydraulic system is made subject to electric remote control.

Known as the Hydel, an electro-hydraulic selector valve has
recently been added to the Dowty range of products. Basically,
it consists of a hydraulic valve operated by two solenoids which are
controllable from the cockpit by any suitable switch. Although
light and compact, the valve has been designed to permit a high
flow-rate with a minimum pressure-drop. Various types are in
production, including four-way, three-way, and two-way units,
with twin or single solenoids; a neutral position can be provided
and the selected service can be arranged to remain either open
or closed after de-energizing.
Considering the type 4600-Y four-way, three-selection (blind

The Dowty Hydel

valve model 4600- Y
(left) employs two
solenoids which are
numbered 1 and 1 in
the sectional view
(upper right). A service -to-return head
loss of less than
100 Ibjsq in is recorded with a flow
rate of 10 gal/min.

neutral) valve as being typical, the operating sequence is as

follows : In circuit, the valve is supplied with hydraulic fluid under
pump pressure at P (see accompanying drawing) and is connected
to the operating jacks (or similar actuators) at C and D ; the return
line enters at R. With both solenoids de-energized the pump
pressure is contained within the servo cylinders and the housing


LARGE new factory at Gorseinon, near Swansea, will shortly
be opened further to increase the productive capacity of the
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Durex
Abrasives, Ltd.), the makers of an enormous range of
abrasive papers and cloths, adhesives and coatings, pressuresensitive adhesive tapes, magnetic recording tapes, and non-slip
surfacing. There can, indeed, be few industries in this country
which do not employ "3M" products of one kind or another.
With the new factorya well-designed, light and airy building
in full production not only will industry benefit from the increased
output of the company's products, but the employment factor
of what is now known as a "development area" will receive a fillip.






of the spring-loaded piston. The servo pistons are held against

their inner stops, thus centralizing the slide-valve to close both
service ports C and D.
When, for example, solenoid 1 is energized, it moves a pilot
valve off its upper seat and on to its lower seat, cutting off the
pressure to the related servo cylinder and reducing the contained
pressure. The other servo piston then moves forward unopposed,
pushing the central slide-valve port over the outlet C and thus
placing the pump in direct communication with the actuator
served by this outlet pipe. The passage on the right-hand of the
slide-valve, now located over the open port D, permits the return
flow along R.
When the solenoid is de-energized, the pilot valve returns to
its upper seat and restores pressure equilibrium. Operating
times are very rapid; a service can be selected in 0.12 sec and
return to neutral made in 0.03 sec.
The solenoids are rated for voltages of between 22 and 28.5;
in the event of electrical failure the slide-valve automatically
returns to the central (off) position and thus contains operating
pressure in the selected circuit. For test purposes, the valve can
be operated by depressing the flexible protecting caps over the
The Hydel valve series can be used in any hydraulic system
with an operating pressure of 4,000 lb/sq in or less; the temperature
limits are 54 deg C and +70 deg C, and the normal flow
capacity 20 gal/min. The twin solenoid unit type 4600-Y weighs
2.5 lb and the single solenoid pattern 1.9 lb.
light-alloy base plate with a special lacquer. Such is the construction of the signs, it is claimed, that they meet all B.S.S.
requirements in respect of real-light colour both by day and by
night, are impervious to weather, require no maintenance, and
are exceedingly difficult to damage. They are available in
virtually any required design and size.



VERY compact design of aircraft hydraulic pump is announced
by the Hamilton Standard division of United Aircraft.
Operating on an "unusual" (but unstated) system, the pump is
claimed to deliver up to 25 gal/min at 3,000 lb/sq in. The driving
speed of 8,250 r.p.m. would appear to render the pump suitable
for direct drive from a gas turbine. Already in limited production,
the unit has been chosen for use in the Chance Vought F7U-3.


UBLIC attention of late having been directed with increasing
emphasis towards the subject of road safety, it is of topical
interest to record that the Royal Air Force has under consideration
the question of equipping all Service long-chassis vehicles with
rear and side light-reflectors of a new and outstandingly effective
Known by the name "Webslight," and manufactured by the
Cheshire Engineering Co., Ltd. (Webslight Division), Burwood
House; Caxton Street, London S.W.i, the reflector signs take the
form of a coating of minute glass beads (45,000/sq in) bonded to a

This pocket computor can be used to solve a remarkable number of

navigational problems as well as being a handy circular slide-rule and
several other things. Known as the Swissair Navigator, it is beautifully
finished in anodized aluminium and has a diameter of four inches.
It is now available in this country, price 4 4s. from Hudes Merchandising Corporation, Ltd., 52, Gloucester Place, London W.1.