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Love in Literature

Argumentative Essay
What is love? Love is a feeling that we make life more beautiful, more
interesting, almost makes us forget everything that happens around us and
makes us turn our attention to one thing, I say "Love is like a wave, it makes
Not to be master over you, you have another owner, not you. "It occurs in
different forms, not necessarily between people. And animals shows a form of
love, even if we see it only as a division and they have feelings. Love is
necessary because such literature, writers love offering more views on them,
each seeing it otherwise. It can be considered a way of knowing, exploring his
own soul.
In my opinion, love in literature is present in several instances that and it also
exists in our souls in different ways. Everyone has some feelings with a certain
depth. This depth can be achieved only in certain moments, such writers love
to capture the different ages of life. There are many types of love, but can not
explain what could be the deepest.
Love of books is pure, live it with all my heart, makes you feel really means
affection between two people, that carnal love is not only important but must
love the human soul first. You put yourself in the place character, trying to feel
what he feels. In poetry, usually unfulfilled love for poet whose melancholy
and sadness manifesting. He imagines the perfect girl, dreaming of her, but in
the end finds himself back to reality. In prose, love is lived, but fails most of
the time, being born a beautiful story between the two, being in distress.
Thus, in literary "Maitreyi" written by Mircea Eliade was surprised at
impossible love between Mircea Eliade and Maitreyi Indian. The two meet on
the sly, sending her love letters in French to not arouse suspicion Maitreyi's
family. Eliade decides to ask her to marry so her family out of their
relationship and is forced to leave, because they are not supported by religion.
He, disappointed, returns to Romania, gathering all letters and notes, deciding
to write a novel about it. (Quote from the book "Maitreyi is unbelievably
sensual, though pure as a saint. In fact, this is the miracle of Indian women: a

virgin who gets the perfect mistress on the first night." (Excerpt from the
novel "Maitreyi"). Later, girl replies by the book "Love never dies",
explaining her disappointment. (Quote from the book "Zac wondering why he
destroyed this love, a gift of God. And what if he had to leave? If we had
managed that in ten years to write one single letter would have sufficed. With
this single letter, we have crossed over continents and oceans that separate us.
Both our waste would be recovered perfection. But I Westerners really
understand all this? For them, the perfection of charity takes place in bed.
However, he knew, certainly knew. I can see myself again in his arms, the door
frame. He whispers: Not your body , Amrita. I want to touch your soul. ")"
Maitreyi "is a novel exotic and erotic at the same time, a novel that blends
authenticity several species literary journal, essay, reportage and narration in
the first person The novel is a love confession devastating, surrounded by
tragic because they do not manage to stay together, but swears his faith and
love for life. As also mentioned in the book written by her, was enough to be
able to write at least one letter demonstrates how strong was the feeling that it
contained when he was thinking.
The second opera in question is "Enigma Otiliei" written by George
Calinescu, where it is captured from a selfish love Otilia. The theme of love
does not occupy the foreground in this work, but creates this impression
because love is a defining sense every being. Otilia-Felix torque required to
cause failure of interior category. The woman, surprisingly mature, it is
considered too frivolous and lower man. She opposes marriage, although
legacies would ensure a decent living on the grounds that it would brake
Felix's career, but actually Otilia, being selfish, he knew that if he marries a
Pascalopol have a richer life than if he follows Felix, so she just defends
freedom and follow their nature. She loves Felix, but beyond egoism and this
complex human feeling that other people would have been overcome any limits
for your beloved. Felix and Otilia are present during adolescence, a period that
symbolizes purity, naturalness and fascination. Adolescence is one of the
wonderful period in one's life - then you want to know something new,
interesting, lively and you feel like everyone is yours. During this period some
teens create their own world where all things are as they want, while others
form their ideas, conceptions about life and beyond. Felix feels for pure love
Otilia, age-specific, sometimes plagued by uncertainties, Pascalopol who

knows she was a child, adopt a paternal attitude, later changed into genuine
feelings of love. But not Otilia wants to Felix lade with a premature marriage,
his career and leaves it wrong in the provincial environment is, to find success,
and, after his death mos Costache, go abroad with Pascalopol. After several
years, restores freedom Pascalopol because the age difference between the two
was too high and, in addition, he constentizeaza as Otilia not share the same
deep feelings; She finds happiness in other realms, far from the country. At the
end of the novel, Otilia will be seen in a different position, on a shore of an
island exotic, but without the charm of old: "After a few banal words, the
landlord pulled out a photograph depicting a lady very spicy, like actress
maintained and a male exotic flower in the buttonhole. The photo was taken at
Buenos Aires ".
In conclusion, the love in literature is very important, being approached from
different angles, over time there are various current ideas or ideas on love.