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The eboVision system is a new security platform that facilitates the

centralization of all content types like data, applications, voice and

video. It incorporates all necessary technologies and add-on modules for
multimonitoring and education purposes.The eboVision Appliance Box can
cooperate with any virtualization technology like Vmware, Hyper-V, XenServer or
The investment in eboVision is durable and the platform is evolution ready.
It is an open platform which integrates with the following non-limitative list :
Active Directory, VMware, SIP, VASCO.
The eboVision platform is a content delivery and distribution system which handles all
data and voice communications in a secured way.

Feature List

Identification with login box or hardware key

Single Sign-On
Client device authentication
LAN, WAN and Internet transparancy
Easy activation for homeworking
Reuse of client hardware and peripherals
State control on client hardware
Content brokering for Windows and Linux
on physical or virtual servers
Automated failover and fallback
Multiple environments can be assigned to one user
Handling for serial and usb peripheral devices
The usage of peripherals assigned as user rights
Parallel, usb and tcp-ip printing support
Webenabled management console
Workspace : Logging, auditing and alerting
Screen takeover and realtime monitoring
All events can be propagated via SNMP
Automatic ticket generation
Classification and grouping of tickets and reporting
VoIP Softphone available on all client hardware
Integration with all SIP enabled voip centres
Desktop and Phone As a Service
Cloud Computing

Functional Modules
Identity & Access management
Asset management
Broker & Failover
Peripheral support
Helpdesk & Ticketing

Hot desking
Single Sign-On
Advanced end-to-end security
Network & Security Simplification
Cost cutting on network & security
Zero field services
Never loss of data
Easy and fast access
Centralized management
Easy deployment and roll-out
Advanced support tools
Phone availability for every user
Free intercom and phone bill savings
Open platform





Finally data and

voice in one




Both running
eboVision Client OS

VoIP Server



e-BO Enterprises is an innovative company in secured solutions for content centralization. Not the
optimization of the content in the datacenter is the core focus of e-BO Enterprises, but all tools
and equipment for the distribution of this content towards the enduser is core functionality of the
eboVision platform.The eboVision platform starts from a user centric design : visualization of
content is a service to the enduser comparable to his phone functionality.

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