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Canadian Solars innovative and aesthetic Andes Solar
Home System (Andes SHS) is designed to provide
an economical source of electricity to homes and
communities without access to electricity or where
electricity supply is scarce.


7200 iPhone or 1500 iPad charges during battery

system lifetime of two years

Bright 3 W LED Lights up to 240 Lumin, as bright as
a 40W light bulb


12 V TV

Mobile phone

Satellite phone

12 V DC output for small electronic devices as TV, Fan

and Satellite phone
Integrate digital AM/FM radio with 3 W speaker
Salt mist corrosion resistant cover and highly portable
and easy installation

CANADIAN SOLAR INC. is committed to providing high quality

solar products, solar system solutions and services to customers
around the world. As a leading manufacturer of solar modules
and PV project developer with about 8 GW of premium quality
modules deployed around the world since 2011, Canadian Solar
Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ) is one of the most bankable solar companies worldwide.

Canadian Solar Inc.

545 Speedvale Avenue West, Guelph, Ontario N1K 1E6, Canada,,

SYSTEM / Port & configuration

PV Module

Main Unit


Cable & lamp

DC port

USB port

1 pcs


1 pcs

2 pcs

2 pcs

2 pcs

material: ABS

integrated in the
main unit

3 W LED lamps

rated output voltage: 12 V

2 ports total current: 2.5 A

rated output voltage: 5 V

rated output current: 2 A
and rated output current:

Quality / Value
The Andes Solar Home System comes with high quality,
reliability and value. Our continuous innovation, meticulous design and production techniques, combined with
rigorous quality control, in-house testing and adherence
to strict international quality standards, ensure the Andes
Solar Home System the best in class in today's off-grid
product market.

technical Data
Technical Data CSFDC
System Voltage
PV Module
Packaging (mm)

Module Packaging
Battery Capacity

12 V DC
30 Wp
11.9 kg
3.6 kg
24 Ah

12 V DC
50 Wp
15.4 kg
5.1 kg
33 Ah

System / components
PV Module
Converts sunlight into electricity
Lead Acid Battery
Stores energy generated by the PV module
System Controller
Provides battery over charge and over discharge
protection, DC output over load and short circuit
protection, solar module and battery reverse polarity
protection, reverse discharge protection form battery
to PV and temperature compensation functions
LED Display
Displays the status of battery charge and discharge,
over discharge, output short circuit and over load
USB Port
For ipad, cell phone, radio, and other electronic devices
Integrated Radio (Optional)
Receives radio channels on the FM/AM dual frequency

The above load consumptions are an estimation, based

on daily solar radiation level of 5 kWh/m/day.
Partner section
System / Load reference
3 W lamp only
38 h
Radio only (Optional)
38 h
5 W USB Charger only 23 h

62 h
62 h
32 h

Due to on-going innovation, research and product enhancement, Canadian Solar Inc. reserves the right to make any adjustment to the information described herein at any time without notice.

Canadian Solar Inc. December 2014. All rights reserved, PV Application Product Datasheet I V5.0_EN
Caution: Please read safety and installation instructions before using the product.