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I. Look at the cartoon.

What is the message

of humor in it?
By the Way:
The Pulitzer Prize is a U.S.
newspaper and online journalism,
literature and musical composition.

II. Answer the following questions:

1. Do you use social network? Why or why
2. What social network sites do you know?
What are the most popular among your
3. Is your attitude to social networking positive or negative?
cartoon from

III. Read how different people answered the question What do you think about
social network sites?' Which answer appeals to you? How would you answer the
I enjoy using it and it keeps me in
I wouldn't say that I 'Love' them but they are a
touch with relatives and friends
great way to convey information to willing
who are far away
masses. They are a good form of digital guerilla
marketing for businesses with little or no budget
This is the best way for making
and better for those that do have money and
friendship and share our ideas to
know how to use them. Adam
Causes more trouble than its worth. My opinion
additional features such as the
about this is that social networks are a bad
ability to create groups that share
thing. Users sometimes give away too much
common interests or affiliations,
personal information on them. Jenny
upload or stream live videos, and
I think they are great for their
hold discussions in forums. Social
purpose. As long as folks remember
Networking is about relationships!
that everything they post there can
Starting, building, meeting, sharing
be viewed by the whole world. Alice
relationships and so much more
makes the world go round! Social
Social Networks are
a tool. If people
is the
way to interact
I don't use
for two reasons: 1 - I don't feel
with all our friends.
Alantoo much personal information on-line,
them incorrect it is
or give it to companies which might use it in a way that I don't
their problem. I have
approve. 2 - I already spend too much time on the internet, the
uses for it and I like
I need
is one more
IV. Give
for and
it. Caroline
Did you know that:
network. Complete the table:
The average Facebook user has 130
Social NetworkPROSCONS
People spend over 500 billion minutes
per month on Facebook.
Twitter gets more than 300,000 new
users every day.
Every minute, 24 hours of video is
uploaded to YouTube.
77% of Internet users read blogs.
90% of Internet users know at least one
social network.
Two thirds of bloggers are male.

V. Combine the words with their definitions:

VI. Fill in the blanks with the words from
ex. V:
1. facilitate
a. to deceive
1. Sexual _______________ has now become a
2. be up to
b. be occupied
social issue.
3. procure
2. The plan was a masterpiece of fraud.
4. fraud
c. spiteful, evil3. Where did you procure the information?
5. dubious
4. I just want to know what ____ you ______ these
6. dupe
d. to obtain, to get
e. to make easier
5. He __________ the electorate and they were so
f. trouble,
blind all that time!
8. malicious
6. I'm __________ about claims to speak more
g. uncertain,
than five languages fluently.
VII. Read the text
and supplement the
ex. IVspreads
with the
from the
7. table
h. trickery,
8. The washing machine __________ my
Pros And Cons Of Social Networking

Social networking sites provoke extreme reactions. You either like it or hate it.
There are no in betweens. The rise of social networking sites have been phenomenal
partly due to the immense freedom it affords. While the internet made the world a
global village, the social networking sites brought the world within the four walls. You
can make friends, interact with them, get to know the various cultures and places
through them and more while sitting at the same desk. These sites facilitates you to
spread information and also to advertise and with the minimum cost. Due to such
sites, you wont find yourself lost among the billions of websites. No wonder it is one
of the fastest growing communication tool in the internet. From finding long lost
friends to meeting likeminded people, these sites offer everything to facilitate your
online life. However, under the mountain of advantages there are also a lot of
disadvantages. Knowing them will hold you in good stead as you cannot know when
this accessible-by-all tool becomes your worst nightmare.
The Pros Of Social Networking Sites
The best advantage of social networking sites is that these sites allow you to
keep in touch with your friends, classmates, and relatives. It is also the most cost
effective way to keep in touch with your people. Here geographical locations are no
barrier to stay in touch. These sites allow you to send and receive messages, upload
photos, and videos. As such, they are very interactive as you can get to see what your
friends and relatives are up to.
With social networking sites, you are not bound by any geographical and cultural
differences. You get to meet and know a variety of people whose interests are similar
to your own. These sites are a window to different cultures and places. You can build a
network of contacts and interact with a lot of people at the same time. As such, you
can spread your thoughts and interests to a large number of people.
The social networking sites also facilitate you to procure information on any
subjects from anywhere. These sites also make it easier and faster to collect the
Social networking sites can also be a tool to promote your business, services,
products, or websites. Due to the huge number of people who regularly use
networking sites it has found huge favors among advertisers.
The Cons Of Social Networking Sites
The most glaring disadvantage of social networking sites is the risk of identity
theft and fraud. The personal information of users can be used by dubious people for
illegal activities. Information like the e-mail address, name, location, and age can be
used to commit online crimes.

Also, many people pretend to be someone else and prepare their online profiles
with false information, so as to dupe unsuspecting users. So, if you do not know the
person face to face then it will be very hard for you to find the real identity.
Another cause of concern is cases of online harassment and stalking. Since the
social networking sites, are very poorly regulated so it can be a very fertile ground for
people trying to get even with you. They can spread malicious humor among your
friends and also download and morph your photos.
VIII. Find in the text words to which following are definitions:
1. (par. 1) huge, vast, without limits - _______________________________________
2. (par. 3) to act on or in close relation with each other - _______________________________
3. (par. 5) a condition of being regarded with approval - _____________________________
4. (par. 6) vivid - _______________________________
5. (par. 8) attack - ________________________________
6. (par. 8) to transform - _______________________________
IX. Say whether the following statements are true or false to the text. Correct
the false ones:
1. One can either like or hate social networks.
2. Under the mountain of advantages of social networking sites the disadvantages seem
to be few.
3. The only advantage of social networking sites is that it allows you to keep in touch with
your friends and know what they are up to.
4. These sites are very interactive as they allow to send and receive messages, upload
photos and video, etc.
5. It is not so easy to procure information from such site because most of it is fraud.
6. Such sites are a good tool to promote ones business.
7. The risk of identity theft and fraud is the most glaring disadvantage of social
networking sites.
8. Cases of online harassment and stalking are so few that theres nothing to worry about.
X. Answer the following questions:
1. Why are social networking sites so popular today?
2. Have you or someone you know ever been subject to online fraud or harassment?
What can you suggest to stop such things?
3. How can such sites be useful to promote business? Have you ever thought of making
money with the help of social network?
4. Suppose you are a social network site creator. Suggest its name and ten rules of your
site for its users.

______________________________________________s RULES:
(your sites name)

1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________
6. __________________________________________________________________
7. __________________________________________________________________
8. __________________________________________________________________
9. __________________________________________________________________
10. __________________________________________________________________

Ex. V
1 - e, 2 b, 3 d, 4 h, 5 g, 6 a, 7 f, 8 c
Ex. VI
1 harassment
2 fraud
3 procure
4 have you been up to
5 duped
6 dubious
7 malicious
8 facilitates
1. (par. 1) immense
2. (par. 3) interact
3. (par. 5) favor
4. (par. 6) glaring
5. (par. 8) stalking
6. (par. 8) morph
Ex. IX
1. true
2. false
3. false
4. true
5. false
6. true
7. true
8. false