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Power Struggles

Party VS Wilson
A boot stamping on a human face, forever
For the boot to feel power it is dependant on the face
Party is therefore dependant on Wilson
Paradox of struggle

Puritan Regime VS Proctor
The state/religious power was put it place to govern the puritan society
and prevent disunity
Witch-hunt, run by the state, was a result of rising individualism (shown
by Proctor)
American Beauty
Management VS Lester
The management is the manifestation of materialistic power
Struggle occurs when Lester inadvertently comes by information he uses
to negotiate his freedom
Management asks What do you want? showing that Lester has inverted
the power of the corporation

Written by George Orwell in 1949 while Orwell was suffering from

tuberculosis, shortly before he died
During this time Orwell was forming has political ideas
WW2 and Hitlers Aryan Race and Stalins Great Purges were still major
Orwell warns against the underlying fundamental element of all regimes

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller 1953

Salem, Massachusetts
Town Records 1692
Puritans emphasized majesty and sovereignty of God
o Observance of rank
o Sober demeanor
o Shunning of frivolous activities
Middle ages, church looked down on witchcraft burning of Joan of Arc
The witch-hunt was a perverse manifestation of the panic which set in among all
classes when the balance began to turn toward greater individual freedom
Miller 1953

American Beauty
Directed by Sam Mendes 1999
Drama film
Edward Guhman dazzling tale of loneliness, desire and the hollowness of conformity
Eight nominations for an Oscar

Conflict with Authority

o Winstons individual Rebellion
o Underneath he always felt as if the history (reality) of before the
part was suppressed
o Ongoing struggle, a war between the party and Winston
o To die hating them, that was freedom W

The Crucible
Conflict with Authority
o Power to control disunity that may open the community for
o Can be seen as a link to 1984 as puritan members of society act
under God, so does the Party members act under BB
o Proctor values people for their individual qualities, not for any
position in society (against puritan theory)

o When Mr. Putnam suggests that there is a faction n the church

against all authority, Proctor claims that he must join it
o I like not the smell of this authority
o Also ploughs on Sundays, the rest day.
American Beauty
Conflict with Authority
o Refuses to comply with demands of efficiency and conformity
under a business operation faade
o Power play between management (represented by Brad Dupree)
and Lester
o In a request to outline their job description, Lester's rebels against
authority, comically writing that his daily job consists of masking
his contempt for the assholes in charge

o Values freedom from reign of party as it is incessantly denied in
1984 and looks for freedom among the proles
o Values freedom, shown through writing in diary, commitment to
Emanuel Goldstein and OBrien and his visits to Mr. Charringtons
o Party limits freedom through totalitarian regime, supervision
(microphones, telescreens) and control of media and manipulation
of language
o Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your
head W

The Crucible
o Values because it is denied
o Characters do not have free will or privacy
o They are governed through puritan ideology where religious power
controls their behavior
o For example, town bursts into gossip and negative rumor when
Abigail is caught dancing in the wood

o Their thought and behavior is also governed by fear of punishment

instilled by judgment of god in heaven and by Danforth and Hale
o Shell kill me for saying that! Abbyll charge lechery on you Mr.
Proctor!...Shell ruin you with it I know she will
American Beauty
o Lester values freedom because it has been denied to him for the last
14years at his job.
o Lester has been trapped in a conformist power regime, governed by
societal expectations of management and on a larger scale, by his
wife and the suburban town they live in
o While I dream of a life that doesnt so closely resemble hell
o Lester uses the information he has inadvertently gained against
management in a way that Winston and Proctor were never able to;
to bargain his own freedom, and break free from the materialistic
bonds of the disillusioned American Dream

o Orwell uses words with connotations in a time of panic and
weakness to indicate who has power
o i.e. Rats murmured Winston
o Winstons associates rats with powerlessness
o Orwell uses imagery to show power of the party i.e. the monolithic
buildings with no windows of the ministries
o It was an enormous pyradmidical structure of glittering white concrete,
soaring up, terrace after terrace, 300meters into the air

The Crucible

Religious Phrases

o Miller uses a form of language not historically accurate for 169, but
this gives him the opportunity to show the power struggle between
o For example, god and the bible was the greatest power source in
Puritan society and so to mimic this power, Parris speaks with
words that echo the language the bible was written in
o What ever abomination have you doneI dare not be taken unaware
when I go before them
o Furthermore, the balance of the sentence s typical of the prose
found in the Psalms of the bible.
American Beauty
Executive Props
o Diplomas on wall
o Grey colors
o Computer
o Name Plate

o Brads suit is clean and fresh, black and stylish
o Lesters is older, brown and worn

o Juxtaposition, powerless vs. powerful
o Close ups on actual shift

Stage Directions
o Eye contact on main point of Lesters argument
o Brad shifts uncomfortable

Foucaults Panopticon
Refers to the idea of the panopticon (surveillance on one another for
Talks of the logic in which the panopticon becomes the model for all forms
of domination; totalitarian concept

Clearly seen in 1984 through devices such as watchful eyes of BB, his
omnipresence and telescreens
Crucible puritan society, rumors, religious omnipresence
The panopticon is a machine in which everyone is caught and no one knows F