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Amir Irfan and Diyanah Idris 5 Alpha

Oral Presentation Script

Amir: Good morning, Ms. Katherina. Today, well be doing our oral presentation on the topic
Why Malaysians adopt other cultures

Amir: Diyanah! Diyanah! Here! Thought you wouldnt show up, how do you find this caf?
This caf gives out a very relaxed vibe dont you think?
Diyanah: I dont see the point of setting up a caf in an abandoned alley. How does this caf
attract so many people with such a horrible location.
Amir: But look around you, take notice of the people who are here. Based on what they wear, its
obvious that they are socially updated with all the latest trends in the Malaysian society.
Diyanah: 10 years ago, we were rather traditional in our lifestyle. What I have recently noticed
throughout the years that we, Malaysians are welcoming more and more foreign cultures into our
lifestyle. Were there any cafes like these back in the days? And surprisingly, the younger
generation are majorly influenced by these changes of culture.
Amir: I mean, even by looking around here we can point out some interesting examples. You see
that girl over there, observe what shes wearing around her neck9. Its what we call a choker,
very trendy nowadays amongst young girls.
Diyanah: Ive seen those around Sunway Pyramid. I do think its a fashion statement. It
originated from America and it spread like wildfire across the social media. It does look kind of
uncomfortable but girls nowadays sacrifice comfort for sake of fashion.
Amir: Surprisingly, its not just girls who are adopting more and more western cultures into their
lifestyle. Do you see that guy with the cool hat right there, look at his black sweater. Really cool
looking right? Back then, was there anyone who would even wear a sweater in Malaysia? The
weather here does not make sense at all. Like what you said, we sacrifice comfort to give a
strong impression that we are up to date.
Diyanah: Right now, more and more people associate themselves as hipsters. Even cafs like
these are booming in places like SS15.
Amir: These type of cafes induce an instagram frenzy and oozes out a satisfying ego for some

Diyanah: Its amazing to think that in a span of 10 years, we have westernized our life by being
influenced by our favourite tv series. In addition of social media, people get easily influenced or
inspired by the trendiest things.
Amir: You have a point, but Malaysians are not neglecting our own culture. We still reserve our
traditional clothes for certain important festivals.
Diyanah: Its true that we tend to buy in these cultures to look cool and modernized, I dont think
its a bad thing too. I guess our traditional culture is now tamed for tourist reasons.
Amir: Interesting view there, well I have to get going. Ive got a 2pm appointment today.
Diyanah: Well Ill see you soon! Hopefully not at an abandoned caf like this.
Amir: See you!

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