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G S Churye

Caste - Varna system , Indology , RELCSH

Class - None
Village - None
Tribe - Backward Hindus
Religion - sacred texts give GOD based on climate age.
Hierarchy - Endogamy
Work - None
Social Change - None
Criticism - No British or Medieval point of view , ideology based not facts , no
insights on inequality...poverty...exploitation

M N Srinivas
Caste - Coorg - Brahamin..Kaniyas..Bannas...Panikas , Dominant Caste , Five Pre
conditions like Ghurye in addition to some other too
Class - None
Village - micro empirical setting , traditional composition of Indias tradition ,
Tribe - None
Religion - Coorgs - Brahaminization
Hierarchy - Purity and Impurity
Work - Division of Labour based on Caste...caste like Lohar even drives its name
from them.
Social Change - Brahaminization , sanskritization , Westernisation , Secularizat
Criticism - alienation of lower segments of socities and minorities through sans
kritization , Hindu Ideology , Upper Caste
A R Desai
Caste - Caste will disintegrate with industrilization
Class - bourgeoisie is dominant class
Village - agrarian conflicts
Tribe - None

Religion - No Tradition , ritual only economic mechanism is there

Hierarchy - None
Work - Like Marx
Social Change - historical materalism
Criticism - not empirical based , economy angle not that effective
Caste - Homo Hierarchicus , Because of indology , Diaelectic , Based on Ideolog
y , Ritual status is greater than economic and political status
Class - None
Village - study villages through indological and structurist approach.
Tribe - None
Religion - religious texts
Hierarchy - Purity vs Impurity
Work - None
Social Change - systems of ideational or value patterns or cognitive structures
, the reaction of Indian minds to the revelation of Western culture, and on how un
der the impact of the cognitive elements of western culture such as individualis
m, freedom, democracy etc., the cognitive system of Indian tradition is reacting
with rejection or acceptance.
Criticism - consider caste system as stagnant , no agrarian or class connection
, heavily indology based
Andre Beteille
Caste - (1) it
l relations are

is based on ideas and not on the actual behaviour of the people

these ideas are found in the classical texts
the system is based on rules of the game
different castes fulfil complementary functions, and their mutua

Class - (i) the types of ownership and control

(ii) the types of services contributed to the process of production.
Village - Thanjor
Tribe Religion Hierarchy -

Work Social Change - Caste , Class and power

Criticism - weber not valid in india