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Atharva Educational Trust established Atharva College of Engineering in 1999 to

impart technical education in High - Tech areas like Computers, Information

Technology and Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics Engineering and Dept.
of Electrical Engineering started in 2012. Our college is affiliated to Mumbai
The Students Organisations in the college include the "Student's Council", "Ember"
(The Entrepreneurship cell), "Paradigm of Life", "CSI-Atharva Student's Chapter",
"IEEE-Atharva Student's Chapter" and "NSS-Atharva Student's Chapter"
Electrical Engineering Department-Developing Entrepreneurs
The Electrical Engineering Department is headed by Dr Anupama Deshpande . Dr
Deshpande has done her PhD from IITB. The Electrical Engineering dept has
strength of 10 Faculty members- all PG in engineering.
Dr Anupama Deshpande was Principal of Atharva College of Engg. The journey of
students of Atharva college of Engineering under the mentorship of Dr. Anupama
Deshpande from Innovation to Entrepreneurship has resulted in outcomes below.
The awards/achievements of the team are as follows:
Selected in Top 50 Innovators in IIGP by Govt of India and other
Selected in Top 25 entrepreneurs of India by Tata group.
Got Business mentoring from Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Awarded Innovation & Creativity Award in 2012 for Smart Street Light from
Exhibited at Bombay Convention Centre, NESCO; EDI-Ahmedabad, Bangalore,
Integral in getting Runners Up award twice in entrepreneurship fest.
A small technical venture was started in the campus only in the name of
'Techno-world for giving the junior students hands on practice through miniprojects & circuit designs. It contained use of electronic instruments like
Solder Gun, Bread-board, Multi-meter, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital
Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generator, PCB etching, etc.
The students were taught testing of different components in circuitry & build
interesting mini-projects. They also implemented circuitry of Smart Street
Lights project. This venture gave our team a very good experience of running
a venture on small scale as record 80 students were enthusiastic to learn. We
conducted 8 to 10 sessions over a period of 4 months.

The Technical Projects attempted as mini projects are

in Entrepreneurship - Week & Techithon fest as listed below:

Lie Detector
FM transmitter
Mobile Detector
DC Transformer
Laser + IR Transmitter & Receiver.
Earthquake proof apartments
Miniature version of NASA robot
Curiosity which was able to
travel at high speed, do drilling,
digging, etc.
Magnetic levitation train prototype
was made Bottle was made to
levitate in air using gravity
opposing force.

The team is now ready for commercial

venture for tapping solar energy after
graduation with ready designs for the
following solar applications
Solar Lantern with Mobile charger
Solar Water pumps
Solar Rooftop system
Solar Farming Grid tied system
Solar Off-grid system
Solar utility products

To help students choose their career, Electrical Department plans to conduct Industry Institute Interaction
Meet on Careers in Electrical Engineering - options and opportunities. You are requested to nominate your
right person (Either HR, senior manager, production manager, or senior technical person) to speak on
following topics related to your domain.
TOPIC: Careers in Electrical Engineering - options and opportunities

Performance and growth of industry in India

Options and Opportunities
What is the scope for an aspirant in the field of electrical engineering?
What is the salary package that one can expect out of a particular job?
Students want to know what personal aspects they should work upon to be a
successful electrical engineer.
As an electrical engineer, what will be ones tasks that I will be required to
Students want to know the various aspects of the field electrical engineering
which one can choose to go into.
Possibility of internship in your organization in vacation